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Sentence Prompts

1. “I don’t hate you.”
2. “Maybe there’s more to me than what meets the eye.”
3. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
4. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”
5. “Anything for science.”
6. “Some say I have mixed morals… when, in reality, I just follow logic.”
7. “Why are you stealing my clothes?”
8. “It’s nothing personal.”
9. “The blood’s just from a nosebleed; don’t worry about it.”
10. “Give me the computer, I need to look up cute penguins.”
11. “I hope you die in a hole filled with spiders.”
12. “Don’t touch my food.”
13. “You’ve got that whole drunken-sway thing going on.”
14. “You think this shit is simple?”
15. “Tell me what you want me to say.”
16. “There was a time I thought I loved you.”
17. “No matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.”
18. “I’m just as fucked up as you are.”
19. “This is bad, right?”
20. “You may think your secrets are well kept, but I know everything.
21. "Why isn’t anyone listening to me?”
22. “This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.”
23. “I am here to grace you with my presence.”
24. “You’ve gone too far when the other one can’t walk away.”
25. “I honestly don’t think you’re like me at all.”
26. “Sometimes I feel like I’m tearing myself apart and I can’t stop.”
27. “I never knew you could bend like that.”
28. “You’re like a giant cinnamon role.”
29. “I don’t want to ruin you.”
30. “Aww, who knew you were such a cute kid. I always assumed you would’ve resembled a donkey.”
31. “I just want a hug.”
32. “You should be very, very scared of me.”
33. “It’s funny; I used to think anything was possible when I was a kid.”
34. “My entire universe is/used to be you.”
35. “I’m sick of feeling so useless all the time.”
36. “You won’t scare me away.”
37. “I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I believe in hate at first sight.”
38. “Get your hands off of my stuff.”
39. “When I was told I was going on a blind date, I never thought it’d be you.”
40. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”
41. “We need to talk.”
42. “I don’t understand why you feel like you have to keep stuff from me.”
43. “I never knew you were a cat person.”
44. “Did you seriously get a tattoo?”
45. “How’d you get so good at first aid?”
46. “You’ve never seen Lion King?”
47. “Are your nails painted?”
48. “I really don’t care what you think.”
49. “Because that’s not weird at all.”
50. “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship.”

Until My Last Moment

Summary: Thanks to Bucky, during a game of truth or dare the reader is put into a compromising position..which may or may not lead to more fun positions with a certain super soldier later on. 

Word Count:  6028

Author’s note: Guys…SMUTT SO MUCH SMUTT! The reader also has a past with Wade this is kinda a dead pool imagine too? ( but not in the way you guys will think;)~ the reader also has powers!!)

Sam laughed, “ And that was how I lost my virginity..but if that story leaves this room y’all are cold”. The entire room laughed along with him, even though there was only five other people in it.

You all had been bored in between missions and decided to play a game of truth or dare. When alcohol was thrown into the equation, things got dirty real fast. Steve laughed, “ God after hearing that story I don’t think being a virgin is too bad”.

Bucky and Natasha threw you knowing glances, but the blush on your cheeks made things pretty obvious anyways. How could you not have a crush on the most well liked man in all of America?

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i don’t like sym/rat romantically but i do sorta like the idea of them being weird friends.

it’s mostly based on my hc that junkrat is autistic, and he’s undiagnosed bc where’s he gonna find someone to diagnose him in the irradiated outback? everyone who knows junkrat just thinks he’s weird. roadhog knows that sometimes junkrat will freak out and get overwhelmed, and he knows that junkrat’s thought processes are clearly different, but he hasn’t really thought about it much beyond that.

but then junkrat joins overwatch, and at first symmetra is just Disgusted with this smelly rat man. unfortunately for her, they’re both techie-types, so they end up working in the same area when not on missions. and she notices that he does a lot of things the same way she does. like one day he’s explaining something and he starts flapping his hands and she’s just like “!!!”, or something makes a horrible sound and both of them freak out.

so symmetra swallows her distaste and goes, “mr fawkes, do you know what autism is?” “nah. that some kinda fancy vishkar stuff?” “no, it’s… i think you should talk to dr ziegler about it.”

and then junkrat gets diagnosed and suddenly everything makes sense. he keeps asking symmetra questions like “is THIS an autistic thing?” and he starts being more understanding of her sensory issues because now he understands, and they start this weird friendship that no one saw coming.

a weird, innovative friendship. “oi satya, what if we stuck your turrets on my tire and sent it at a buncha talon guys?” “i am willing to test it.” “what if we specifically drove it at reaper?” [much later] [ANGUISHED EDGELORD SCREAMING]

Truth or Dare... Choose carefully.. (Part 2)

Anonymous Request: could you do an imagine where the lost boys play truth or dare and someone dares you to sleep with pan.

A/N: OMG GUYS! I WASN’T REALLY EXPECTING THAT THIS IMAGINE WILL GET A LOT OF ATTENTION, BUT OMG! YOU GUYS REALLY SURPRISED ME! Well since the first part of TOD got lots and lots of notes… This is it! the second part of TOD! hope you guys love it! and to all my followers, my requests are open so request away boo c:

Warnings: Cursing, the thing ” ;), slight harassing

P. S ( the gifs are not mine c: )


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“The game’s about to change (Y/N), and this game is about to start. I hope you choose to play it carefully. This game is between you and me only, and nobody, not even Baelfire……. or Felix is going to stand in my way.” Peter said with an evil smirk while looking at the direction you ran.

“Let’s play.”

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You were running through the forest, away from Peter. You didn’t want to see any of the lost boys either. What happened tonight was just too much for you to handle.

While you were running there was a strong force that made you fall from a high ground and a sharp rock scarred your skin and you screamed in pain.

Your body was aching from the pain and it was unbearable.

“What the hell.” You groaned, your body weak and panting from the run. You tried to get up but it was no use. Your body’s tired and fragile and you feel like you’re about to break at any moment.

“Shit.” You cursed to yourself then you suddenly heard noises around the forest. You tried to pick yourself up again but you can’t, so you decided to just give up and accept whatever is going to happen to you.

“Show yourself!” You yelled trying to be brave and brushing off the fear inside you. But all you were was terrified about Peter or whatever is out there with you.

But all you can do now is hope that whatever it is, it wouldn’t harm you.

“Go on and show yourself!” You yelled again but there was no answer instead there were only footsteps. You then saw a tall figure coming out of the forest and heading towards you.

You searched your pockets trying to find any weapon you can use to protect yourself. Your body was shaking, heart pounding, mind racing.

“(Y/N)? What the hell are you doing here?” Felix said his face full of surprise. “Felix!” You said trying to stand up and reach him but you failed, instead Felix rushed towards your weak figure.

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“What the hell happened to you?“ Felix said his eyes wide in surprise. ”(Y/N), Y-you’re bleeding.“ Felix said immediately as he lowered himself to your level while looking for something inside his satchel to help you clean your wounds.

You stared at Felix while he was cleaning your wound. Felix then looked at you for a second then went back to continuing to tend your wound.

“Felix,” You said reaching one of your hands to hold his face “Can you tell me what happened to you back at camp?” You asked, your voice calm and sympathetic.

Felix just ignored your question and with a sigh you held his face to look at you, this time you held his face with both of your hands “You can tell me anything Felix.” You said as you stared deeply into his eyes.

“Just tell me.” You said continuing to look into his eyes. Felix sighed and removed both of your hands from his face, He quickly looked back at your wound wrapping a cloth around to cover your scar.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Pan?” Felix said trying to avoid your question earlier but before you can say anything someone replied.

“She is.”

You and Felix quickly looked at the direction of where the voice went from. And that voice was Peter Pan’s. Not exactly the person you want to see right now.

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“Pan.” Felix said quickly getting up and away from you. Peter gave him a stern look and with a nod Felix left. Now you were both alone. Just you and Peter. In the middle of the forest.

“Shit, shit, shit.. I need to get out of here… Shit..” You thought to yourself looking at everything around you except Peter.

“What’s the matter (Y/N).” Peter said a smirk on his face while kneeling down to your level. You looked at him, his eyes full of darkness in them and you aren’t even sure if this is the Peter you used to like.

This Peter is different. 

“You can’t keep running away from me (Y/N),” Peter said making your face drop to the ground.

“You know you can’t. Just come with me.” Peter said reaching his hand out for you to take, his smirk becoming darker. You looked up to him violently your face full anger and you pushed his hand away.

“No! I won’t. I’ll keep running away from you if it’s the last thing I do.” You said, your voice full of determination.

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“Very well then,” Peter said standing up from his position his face becoming darker every second.

“You’ll regret ever saying that (Y/N).” He looked down at your position with an evil frown on his face.

“Come out boys!” Peter yelled and in an instant a group of lost boys came out of their hiding spots.

You looked around.You were helpless. You didn’t know what to do. You were clearly outnumbered.

“Take her to the cages.” Peter ordered the lost boys. They immediately went to take you and you tried to escape from their grip. Peter just looked at you with an evil grin.

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“Get away from me! Get off of me!” You yelled while the lost boys dragged you to the cages, Peter following behind.

“Let go of me!” You yelled trying to take your chances of getting away “Just let me go!” You trashed your body back and forth and sideways.

“You can try all you want (Y/N),” Peter said a smug grin still on his face “But you’ll never escape.” Peter said and you looked at him with pure anger. The boys then came to a stop and with a swift movement they pushed you inside the caged locked you in.

“Let me out of here!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. Peter then went to your cage and knelt down to look at you.

“I told you (Y/N), you’ll regret it.” Peter said raising a brow with an evil smirk. You looked at Peter with sad eyes covered in anger and with that he left you there without another word.

It’s been five days and you’re still inside the cage. You can’t escape. But you did try to get out. But it didn’t work out.You tried to escape out of the cage but then a lost boy saw you and everything eent south since he immediately reported it to Peter and well, Peter then ordered some of the lost boys to look after you while you’re still in the cage.

So here you are now. Still inside the cage and just staring through the bars of it. Your face with pure boredom and sadness. Neither Felix or Baelfire came to visit you and you wondered why. They were the only friends you had but then they started acting weird since Peter got in the way of your friendship with them.

“Miss me darling?” A voice you recognized as Peter’s cut you out of your thoughts.

“Why would I?” You said as you looked at him kneeling and looking at you through the cage.

“Well I thought you learned your lesson.” Peter said a smug grin on his face as usual and you end up just ignoring what he said and looked to the other way.

You heard the chains of your cage rattling and you saw Peter unlocking it. “What on earth are you doing? Not that I’m complaining.” You said making Peter chuckle and he looked at you while you raised a brow at him.

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“Just because i locked you inside a cage, doesn’t mean you can’t come out and play.” Peter said with an evil smile and finally unlocking the cage letting you come out of it.

You gave him a what-do you-mean look and with that he took your wrist and Peter started to walk pulling you closely behind his back and you, trying to keep your pace up with Peter’s walk.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” You said with a curious yet aggressive tone on your voice “You’ll see..” He said without looking at you and continued on walking with you being pulled by him behind his back

After a few minutes of walking and tolerating the pain of Peter’s hand tightly wrapped around your wrist. You both finally reached your destination.

Peter let go of your wrist and pushed you inside of his hut and casting out whatever spell and it made you anxious but you just shrugged it off.

“Peter, what are we doing in your hut?” You said giving him a stern look and as soon as he was finished casting a spell around the hut, he immediately rushed onto you and started kissing you.

The kiss was rough and passionate. You tried to pull away from the kiss but you can’t because Peter held a hand at the back of your head pushing you to kiss him back.

He soon bit your lip causing it to bleed and then he started on giving you light kisses to soothe your now bleeding lip down.

It was painful, and you can taste the blood on your lip.

You can feel that Peter wants you. But you didn’t want this. You didn’t want to be treated like a doll.

You tried to push him away but he was much stronger than you and you tried again but this time you let all your strength out and in one swift movement you and Peter were apart from each other.

“What in the fucking hell Peter?!” You yelled at him full of rage. “You don’t understand (Y/N). I want you. I want you more than anything.” Peter said full of passion as he went to come close to you again.

“No! Don’t you fucking touch me Peter!” You said getting away from him and you rushed through the door and were thrown away by a strong force making you hit your back on the wall and falling to the floor.

You groaned out in pain and you try to sit yourself up.

Peter chuckled, his face becoming darker and evil “You can’t get out of here (Y/N). You have no choice.” Peter said walking down to you with an evil look on his face.

“You see, I casted out a protection spell in my hut (Y/N), and that means nobody is getting in or out without my permission.” Peter said lifting your face to look at his while raising his brows.

A tear rolled down on your cheek and Peter tried to wipe it off only for you to push his hand away from your face.

“Don’t you ever come fucking near me or touch me again.” You said as another tear rolled down from your face again.

“Well it looks like we’re going to do this the hard way then.” Peter said standing up and took the protection spell back from his hut and went out without another word.

As soon as Peter left you were all alone inside his hut and started crying your heart out.

“Why did i have to like him.” You whispered to yourself as you continued to cry.

It’s been six days since the time You and Peter were in his hut, and you both never talked to each other after that.

You were on your own now. Felix never went or talked to you but when you try he just manages to leave you behind. And Baelfire, something strange must’ve happened to him.

You haven’t seen him for the past six days and you usually see him around camp but now he wasn’t there and it made you curious.

You were strolling around the woods, hunting for food rather, and you heard some footsteps and you prepared your bow and arrow ready to strike on someone or something.

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As soon as you saw a figure you aimed your arrow ready to kill.

“(Y/N) it’s me, don’t shoot.” Felix said in surprise and dropped his weapon to the ground and raising both of his arms in defeat.

“What are you doing here.” You said as you brought your bow and arrow down “I came here to talk.” Felix said taking his weapon from the ground and walked up to you.

“Talk? Are you serious Felix?! You haven’t talked to me to me in days! You just completely forgot about me! And now that’s what you first tell me?! You haven’t even apologized about your rude actions towards me!” You yelled in anger and looked at Felix with sadness in your eyes.

“I know (Y/N), and I’m really sorry. I know what I did was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that to you. Now can you please forgive me?” Felix said his voice sad and melancholic.

You looked at him with a blank face shaking your head, while tears are starting to form in you eyes and you turned back to walk away but before you can leave Felix behind he said something you’ve been wanting to know for the past few days.

“(Y/N), Baelfire is in trouble. He was taken away from the camp.” Felix said with nervousness. You stopped from your steps and turned back to Felix.

“What?” You said raising a brow “Bealfire. He was taken away. I-i don’t know who took him, but I know where he is.” Felix said looking at you.

“W-where? Why didn’t you after him?” You said your voice trembling from Felix’s news.

“I tried but someone knocked me out and woke up by the ocean. I didn’t have a chance to go back to the caves cause it’s far away. I’m sorry (Y/N).” Felix said looking down to the ground and now you can see the prominent scar on Felix’s face and you felt sorry for him.

“Is that why you got that scar on your face?” You said about to touch the scar on Felix’s face but he stepped back and you sighed.

“Where d-did they took Baelfire?” You said, your voice was shaking and you were scared of what might happen to Bae.

“The… The Echo caves.” Felix said hesitantly while looking into your eyes. And with that you immediately rushed out of the forest to go and save Baelfire.

You ran through the forest to find your way to the echo cave but where you’re at right now is much farther from the caves but you can’t stop, not that you know Baelfire, your friend is in trouble.

And you’re about to save him even if it costs your life.

“Quite a good act Felix.” Peter said coming out of his hiding spot with an evil smile on his face.

“Never thought you’d do a good job on it.” Felix looked at Peter with a sad face while Peter placed an arm on his shoulder.

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“Shall I go after (Y/N)?” Felix said looking down on the ground “Now, now Felix,” Peter said removing his hand from Felix, and moved to look at your footsteps

“We can’t end the party when the real fun is about to begin.” Peter said smirking while looking back at Felix.

I have been ranting with my lovely friend about tree bros and I thought of this and now I’m emotional and need to think out a beginning, middle and end.

so this is loosely based o the chatroom portion of ‘a cinderella story’

TW: suicidal thoughts and almost actions?



-Connor and Evan met through an online forum for teens suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. usernames had to be anonymous so they both went for names relating to why they were using the site. Evan lovingly going by ‘anxious-tree-lover’ and Connor going for the angsty early 2000s usernames, xXdarklikemysoulXx. 
-they first start talking because Evan posted something about the kids at school being mean and shoving him against lockers, and Connor popped up in my private inbox, saying how he knew what it was like to be a target, despite the fact that he mostly got verbal abuse for being a freak. 
-they spoke about unrequited crushes, Evan on Zoe (and Connor) murphy, but only referring to them as the girl and the boy. Connor on ‘some adorable quiet kid’ aka Evan.
-once they started to get to know each other more, they started talking about family, Evan telling how it’s just his mum and him, his dad left when he was younger, Connor in return telling about his rocky relationship with his parents. 
-”I love my parents but each day’s another fight. maybe if I stop smoking pot then everything will be alright.” 
-Evan, being the tree nerd he is, obviously says “take deep breaths and go on walks. I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees.” “wow you nerd”
-bonus if Evan replied “you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise ;)” and Connor gets weirdly flustered when receiving that message
-Evan shares with Connor that his therapist has said for him to start writing letters to himself. Connor told him that as weird as that sounds, he thinks it’ll really help him if he keeps at it and doesn’t give up. 
-eventually, they both learn that they go to the same school, but both were terrified that if they found out who the other was, it would ruin what they have. on Evan's side, it’s also to do with the fact he has started getting butterflies with every message he receives and is really scared that if xXdarklikemysoulXx found out who he really was, he wouldn’t like what he sees. despite the fact that he had already seen the worst of him.
-when at school, Evan kept an eye out for his mysterious messenger, not quite trying to figure out who he is, but more to theorise about who it could be, making up cute scenarios in his head. but, one day, at the start of senior year, a couple of months after he started talking to xXdarklikemysoulXx, Evan came into contact with Connor murphy properly for the first time since elementary. after a rather bad encounter with him when Jared made a badly timed joke, he was in the computer lab with him, Connor asked to sign his cast. he then asked how he broke it, and when Evan told him that he had fallen out of a tree, he told him that was possibly the saddest thing he had ever heard, chuckling. 
-as he was about to leave, Connor told him he found something at the printer written ‘dear Evan Hansen’, so being a good soul he decided to give it to him. until Connor saw something about his sister. he flipped out, running out of the room, Evan desperately trying to get his letter back, as later in the letter there was a lot of gushing about xXdarklikemysoulXx which he did not want Connor seeing and making fun of him for. 
-when he got home, he messaged xXdarklikemysoulXx, who normally replied almost immediately, five minutes after at most. it was almost an hour later that he kept sending him messages hoping to get a reply. yet nothing came through. 
-it was like that for three days, and it didn’t help that for those three days, Connor wasn’t at school either. probably plotting how to kill him with that beautiful head of his. 
-on the third day (he didn’t get called into the principal’s office by Connor’s parents because Connor is still alive), when he got home, he opened his computer to a message. from xXdarklikemysoulXx. saying “the park, by the huge oak tree. 4.30pm.” Evan looked at the clock to find it 4, so he practically sprinted out the house, shouting to his mum that he was going to Jared’s. 
-as he got to the park, he saw a figure sitting by the tree, it wasn’t until he got closer that he realised it was Connor murphy. with his letter. did he hack into xXdarklikemysoulXx to get him here? was he xXdarklikemysoulXx? He wasn’t sure which was better at this particular moment. as he approached the tree, Connor didn’t acknowledge him, simply held up the letter in front of him and started to read aloud. “all of my hope is pinned on Zoe. well, to be completely honest, that’s a lie. I thought I had been in love with her for years until I started speaking to xXdarklikemysoulXx. I have no idea who he is, but he is probably the most important part of my life other than my mum.” Connor let out a dry chuckle before folding up the letter and putting it in his pocket. “while I was signing your cast, all I could think is that I would go home, message anxious_tree_lover and tell him all about how I signed the cute, quiet boy’s cast, and maybe I would start an unlikely friendship, get over my weird pining thing and fully dedicate myself to finding anxious_tree_lover’s identity” the air was sucked from his lungs. Connor stood up, taking several steps toward Evan, hands in his pockets. he looked Evan straight in the eye. “I should have guessed it was you, from both the fact that you fell out a tree, and that you wrote a letter to yourself. dear Evan Hansen, today wasn’t a good day, because why would it be?” 
-Evan was frozen still, the only thing he could get out was a stuttered ‘i-i’m s-sorry.” Connor let the edge of his mouth turn up slightly, before his eyes darted between Evan’s eyes and lips, and back up to his eyes to look for a sign of ‘ew no’, and when he found none, he leant down placing his lips upon Evan’s. when he pulled away, he ran a hand through his hair before motioning for Evan to sit next to him at the bottom of the tree. after sitting there a while, Evan tentatively laid his head on Connor’s shoulder, Evan wrapping an arm around his shoulders. 

Just a Pretty Face

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Steamy kissing? So much fluff you’ve been warned

Word Count: 12, 175

Summary: Reader is Peter Parker’s best friend and realizes they are hopelessly in love with him while sifting through all the milestones in the relationship.


A/N: This is my very first fic! I know it’s really long; I may or may not have gotten carried away. It’s mostly a series of memories leading to the point I guess? I read this over before posting it and cringed for my life but here goes nothing! I am a science student, not a writer so please forgive its crappiness. I hope you enjoy it!

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I learned early on in life that being a female I’d have to face many more challenges than any male whether it was in a school setting, career or even buying a god-damned car. My mother told me that even something so mundane like buying car would be another challenge to face with sexist stereotypes. When a man walks into a dealership he is asked what kind of car he is looking for; the specs and all. When a woman walks into a dealership she is asked what color she’s looking for.

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medieval-fantasy au?!?! i t hink????? idk i just wanted to draw kirigiri in a dress + a hand smoochy thing so this happened! (click for higher resolution please!)

So you know how Ravenclaws would probably bond over their weird interests and sharing stuff about them? Well, I think a lot about strange, deep, wonderful things but when I tell them to my normal friends they just give that look of “yeah okay I’ll let you be you” But I just want you to know how I made one of my best friends- So I was it was the first day of 7th grade and the teacher was assigning seats I get seated next to this guy who is one of those “friends with my friends but not my friend” For some reason I thought a great way to introduce myself would be some random comment (I really don’t know why I could have made the whole year awkward) But I just said: You know, fingers are like tiny arms. And he goes: I know right! With genuine enthusiasm. And thus a beautifully weird friendship was born Filled with staying up to all hours of the night discussing weird theories and thoughts Sharing weird but good music Starting a “band” Honestly the most ‘Ravenclaw’ friendship I’ve ever had and it’s great

Espresso Shot - miloredboy

SO!!! I am so deeply sorry @miloredboy for this taking SO LONG to come out. And because of that, I spent even /more/ time trying to make sure that this turned out as great as it could and I’m sorry it took so long!!!

SO after much waiting, here it is!! My second espresso shot commissioned by the lovely miloredboy for our favorite Edgelord Werewolf Dad: Gabriel Reyes

Gabriel Reyes was the most ridiculous man you knew, besides the obvious fact that, well, he wasn’t human. You had met him at a costume party a few years back, dazzled by the obvious work he had put into his headless horseman costume, and honestly? You were amazed. So much so, you spent most of the night just talking with him. After that, he couldn’t get rid of you. Or, you couldn’t get rid of him? You weren’t really sure. But you grew close. And closer still over the last year, until it reached the point that you weren’t just looking forward to spending time with him, but you were having small day dreams about him kissing you.

“Gabriel?” you asked softly, watching as his back tensed a smidge. He was cooking dinner, something he insisted on doing for you at least once a week. His knife slowed just a bit as he hummed in recognition. “Do you wanna go on a date, maybe?” you asked hesitantly.

This time, his knife stopped. He looked over his shoulder at you, arching an eyebrow. “A date? 

“What? Is that out of the question?” You sank into your chair, pouting. “If you don’t wanna go, fine, we don’t have to go on a date.”

“No, no,” he said as he lowered his knife. He turned to you, wiping his hands clean on a towel. “I’m trying to clarify. You’re asking me on a date? Right?” He sported a teasing grin. You pursed your lips and turned away. “No, you can’t run away!” he declared. He took two large steps across the kitchen and placed a hand on either side of your chair. “Now tell me,” he said, adding your name for emphasis, “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Not if you’re gonna be a complete smart ass about it,” you mumbled. Gabriel leaned in closed, bumping his forehead against yours. You squeezed your eyes shut to avoid looking at him. “Yes,” you sighed, “Yes, I’m trying to ask you out on a date, Gabe. Are you happy now? Are you happy that you’ve made me admit this to you?”

He chuckled and the sound was right in your ear. You couldn’t help but blush. “I am, actually,” he finally answered. He leaned away from your seat to resume working on dinner. “I was thinking about asking you out myself, actually. But you beat me to the punch.”

You couldn’t have turned fast enough. “Excuse me?”

“I was planning on asking you out,” he repeated. He grinned as he twirled the knife between his fingers. “What? Is that so hard to imagine?”

“Only a little,” you said after a long moment. He returned to cooking, to focusing on something other than you at that moment, and you got a chance to stare at him. It made you think of the little things that had happened between the two of you that stood out.

There was one thing that wasn’t history. You remembered it had occurred almost a year into your friendship with the man. Weird things had started happening around town, things that made you question whether or not you wanted to leave your house after dark any more. But this night, you had an emergency, and you needed to trek down to the corner store for toilet tissue. No, it couldn’t wait until morning.

So you bundled up and set out into the winter night, commenting to yourself how bright it was. As you looked up, you realized why. The moon was high and almost full in the sky, the clouds stretching from one horizon to the other, but just thin enough to let the light of the moon travel down. The way the clouds were spread out? You thought the whole sky was the damn moon.

There was a howl, and you paused. Maybe someone was out walking their dog?

Still, you pulled your coat closer and picked up the pace. It was too late for you to be out by yourself, you knew that. So you tried to jog and cursed as your lungs started to burn. The corner store soon appeared and you ducked inside.

“What are ya doin’ out so late?” the clerk asked. He was a kid, about seventeen, that lived in the apartment below yours. You smiled at him and picked up the closest stock of toilet paper you could find. He shook his head. “Right. Duty calls, huh?” He snickered as his own joke. You rolled your eyes. As you fished some cash from your pocket, a hideous snarl cut through the silence. You both turned to the front door.

There was a dog. No, not a dog. Something much larger, almost past your waist, standing there, just watching the two of you. It paced to one end of the sidewalk, then the other, its eyes constantly flickering between yourself and the store clerk.

Speaking of, he swore, “The fuck is that?”

“Maybe it’s someone’s dog,” you offered. You clutched your toilet paper to your chest. You just wanted to get home now. All those reports started to flash through your mind. Wild animal attacks with no idea what kind of animal could have caused such damage; ripping people limb to limb, leaving little behind. This wasn’t good. This was the complete opposite of good, this was very, very bad.

“Look, I’ll call like…animal control. Or the cops. Or something,” the clerk said. He started to reach for the phone. The dog shot up, huge paws slamming so hard against the glass door that it shook. You jumped and backed up against the counter.

“Maybe you shouldn’t move,” you suggested.

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the clerk lift his hands, like he was placating the dog. Well, it worked. The dog lowered its front paws to the ground and resumed its pacing.

“The fuck should we do?” the clerk asked.

You swallowed a lump in your throat. What could you do? Sit in the store until dawn? You had work in the morning, and this poor kid’s dad would be worried if his son wasn’t home after closing hours. Maybe book it? But that was out of the question, that dog was huge, it could probably catch you in about three or four paces. Wouldn’t even break a sweat. You were about to turn to ask the clerk if he had any ideas of his own when the door to the back of the store swung open.

Gabriel stood there, shoving the hood of his thick sweatshirt off his head. “What the ever loving fuck is that?” he asked.

The dog responded like you feared it would. It slammed its head into the door, then its paws, snarling and barking and scratching as if it wanted to tear through to you three. The glass cracked under the pressure.

“Bruh,” the clerk breathed, “I don’t think it likes you.”

“What else is new?” Gabriel asked. He looked up at the kid behind the elevated desk. “Look, easiest way is to get to the back and just kinda wait this out. It didn’t seem to know I was here until it saw me. Maybe it can’t smell us.” He seemed to hesitate. “Or something,” he added.

The clerk stared at him in disbelief. Gabe’s shoulders dropped. “Seriously, why would I lie to you about safety from a nasty fuckin’ dog?” he asked. The dog’s barking grew louder. You watched as it barred its teeth and slammed into the door again. Gabe turned away from the door, showing the dog his back. This just seemed to make the beast angrier. “Look will you just go? I’ll be right behind you, hand to God.” He even raised his hand for good measure. The clerk inched around the counter, watching as the dog lowered itself to the ground, snout now pulled in a permanent snarl.

He placed his raised hand on your hip and turned you towards the door. “Go. Right now,” he whispered in your ear. You were quick to follow the clerk to the door. When you looked back, Gabe was watch the dog, unmoving, as if testing it.

It was weird.

Gabriel set a plate of steaming food in front of you and brought you back to the present. “Where’d you go?” he asked softly. You watched him sink into the chair next to you before you shrugged.

“I dunno, honestly. I was just…do you remember that big dog? The one from the store?”

His shoulders tensed. “Yeah?”

“That’s what I was thinking about,” you said. You picked up your silverware with a shrug, “I dunno why. It just kinda came back to me.”

Gabriel shoveled a large bite in his mouth.

The rest of dinner went smoothly, albeit a bit awkward on your end, as you found yourself stuttering and blushing around the man more than you usually did. He helped you with dishes and, with a chaste kiss on the cheek, agreed to pick you up the following evening for something a little more romantic.

You couldn’t wait.

You spent the following day picking up the house, just in case. “Just in case what?” you kept asking, as if denying the urges you felt for the man, denying the situation you hoped the date would end in. You shook your head as you emptied a load of whites into the washer and pressed on. There was a knock on your apartment door. You frowned. “Just a second!” you called. You made sure to close the top of the washer before leaving it behind, just in case the load started and made a mess of the laundry room. Again. You hated the first time you cleaned it up and you did not want a repeat.

Standing on your toes, you struggled to look through the peep hole of your door. Strange, you thought, you couldn’t see anyone standing there. As you pulled away, the knock came again. You scrunched your mouth up in confusion. Hesitantly, you unlocked the door.

It swung inward. Before you could scream, something hit you hard in the face. You were out.

It was quiet when you came to, and dark. You couldn’t pinpoint exactly where you were but, well, you knew you weren’t where you should have been. There was a rot in the humid air that made you gag. You rolled onto your side, regret shooting through you in the form of a few broken ribs. Someone appeared in your peripheral.

“Looks like they’re awake.” The voice was distant. You thought – hoped – you were slipping back into unconsciousness. It couldn’t possibly be coming from so far away, right? Instead, a boot stomped on the ground in front of your face and made you jump. Someone dragged you to your feet.

“Well it’s about time,” he drawled. This was a different voice, a man, who spoke through a mangled set of teeth in a crooked jaw. You swallowed the bile that had climbed up your throat from the smell of the building. “So what are you to him, eh? Pack mate?” he asked. “Lover?” he dragged the word out like a tease. It earned some amused chuckles from various dark corners of the room. The word physically rolled over your face with the stench of his breath. The bile threatened to bring what little you had had to eat that day with it.

You swallowed it down and released a gasping breath. "What?” you croaked. What were they talking about? Pack mate? Your head spun with more than confusion and a possible concussion. How hard had you fit the floor? The man holding you leaned down until his nose - could you even call it a nose because, honestly, it looked more like a snout - was right in your face. His breath smelled even worse up close and personal, to the point that you imagined your nose hairs wilting away.

“Pack mate,” he growled out, “Or lover?” He was not amused with the silence that followed.

You struggled to think. Who could he be talking about that ‘pack mate’ actually made sense? “What do you mean by pack mate?” you whispered. Your head throbbed, your nose hurt. All of the pain that you hadn’t been aware before was starting to seep into your body. Gods, couldn’t they just knock you out again? At least you weren’t feeling any pain when you were unconscious. Or fielding really weird questions from an equally weird looking man and his band of merry misfits. “What do you mean by pack mate?” you asked again. Your voice was stronger this time, albeit a little hoarse. It felt like someone had stuffed cotton down your throat.

The man that had picked you up dropped you just as quickly. You crumbled to the floor, head spinning as pinpricks of light started to shoot across your vision. Great. Just what you needed. A migraine on top of all this nonsense.

“What do you mean by pack mate?” the man parroted. Someone made a confused sound. “Are they for real?” he asked the room. There was a hint of incredulous laughter to his voice. Someone snorted further in the room and the sound echoed.

Someone else stepped up, someone lighter, whose footsteps you couldn’t hear until they were right behind you. They kneeled down over your body and took a deep, long breath in. “Yeah, I’m not smellin’ him on them,” they said.

“We’re not fuckin’ nose blind, ya moron,” the first man said. He rolled you onto your back with his foot and roughly took your chin between his fingers. “Just means he hasn’t taken them to bed yet. But they could be pack mate.”

“But they don’t smell—”

“Do you smell like me, shit stain?!” the first man snapped. The lighter one clicked his jaw together. Your teeth hurt just from the sound. “That’s what I fuckin’ thought.” He looked away from you and dropped your chin.

Your head bounced against the ground. You squeezed your eyes shut. “Can someone just knock me the fuck out again? Please and thank you?” you muttered. The one who had stood above you snickered.

“Hey, they’re pretty funny boss,” he said, “Can we keep ‘em if Reyes don’t come for them?”

It was like the engine in your mind finally turned over. You opened your eyes, squinting up at the lanky man above you. Reyes? As in Gabriel Reyes? What did these guys have to do with him?

“Reyes is gonna fuckin’ come for them, you taint fuck,” Boss Man swore. He patted his pockets and pulled out a beat up carton of cigarettes, one of which he placed between his lips. He didn’t light it. “I ‘member seein’ them together at that store. Reyes couldn’t do shit witha coupla mundane shit stains there, but he was sure scentin’ up the place real good. Markin’ his territory, so to speak,” He nudged your shoulder again, grinning as you locked eyes with him. “And this nice piecea ass was right by his side. They gotta mean somethin’ to him. ‘Specially if he went all that way to pluck them out a fuckin’ corner store.”

You ran your dry tongue over your lips. “What are you talking about?” you asked. It wasn’t the best you could do, but your voice was sounding more like yourself and less like a desert ghost.

Boss Man crouched in front of you, knees cracking at the adjustment, until he planted his butt on the ground. The other men followed suit. Counting the boss, you heard about three others sit down. “We’re talkin’,” he said, a nasty grin splitting his snout in two. You felt the blood drain from your face. There was one set of human teeth in the front of his mouth, and another set of sharper, more ferocious teeth hanging down from his gums above them. “Bonafide shape shifting werewolves,” he answered, “And that mother fuckin’ Alpha piece of shit Gabriel Reyes, that’s what.”

The incredulous laughter that burst from your lips couldn’t be helped. Boss Man’s grin fell and he glared at you.

“Werewolves?” you asked. The giggles started again. “Are you high? This isn’t Twilight o-o-or fucking True Blood okay? Werewolves don’t exist.”

The flat of his boot slammed into your stomach. You felt bile rise in your throat and turned away from him to spit it up. Well, he didn’t appreciate those comments.

“How about you respect yer betters?” he growled. He stood and motioned for the rest to follow. “It’s been a few hours. Thought you said he’d be here by now.”

Shit, your date with Gabe…

“Well, yeah, that’s what we thought—”

He had to realize you were missing by now.

“Then where the fuck is he?!”

Maybe they really are just out of their minds and he went to get the cops.

“Someone, go check outside. That blood shoulda led ‘im here by now.”

Almost as if on cue, the lights went out. You groaned. You did not want to be in a horror movie right now, honestly, you just wanted to go on a date with your attractive friend, was that too much to ask? Well, yeah, the universe didn’t even want you to be unconscious anymore so having a normal date for today must have been out of the question.

¡Apagando las luces!” The voice echoed, smug, through the building. Someone else made a noise of disgust.

“Was that necessary? Honestly?” This voice had a bit of a drawl to it, not enough to say Deep South, but enough to say southern.

“What? Did I not just turn the lights off? Literally?” the first voice shot back.

“But a quip?”

“You two got us noticed,” said a third voice. This one had a thicker accent you couldn’t place, but you knew it wasn’t from the New Mexico region. None of the voices were Gabe.

The men stood and looked around, two using flash lights they had pulled from their jackets, the rest using their phones. Across the building was the strangest trio you had ever seen. One was a young Asian man, bright green hair styled back out of his face. Another was a shorter Mexican girl, her two toned hair braided over one shoulder. The third had the gaudiest belt buckle you had ever seen. You’d seen a picture of them together in Gabriel’s living room. His adopted kids. Jesse, Sombra, and Genji.

Holy shit.

Was he here?

“Who the fuck are you?” Boss Man drawled.

Sombra hooked her thumbs into the pockets of her light jacket. “We’re the first wave,” she answered.

Boss Man growled. His grip on the flashlight tightened. “Ta what?” he snapped.

Jesse tipped the brim of his cowboy hat down and motioned to the opposite side of the building. “To him,” he answered.

All of the men whirled. You twisted around to see Gabriel filling the doorway. Someone whistled for your attention. You looked back to the trio. They had crossed the room to kneel by your side. Genji had whistled. “You might want to look away for this,” he said. There was a snarl. You would have looked back to see what it was if Sombra hadn’t hauled you to your feet. Jesse scooped you onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

“And we’re outta here,” he cheered. Sombra led the way, weaving between boxes you hadn’t noticed, to a window high up in the wall. There were more snarls and the ripping of flesh. You tried to look, to see what was happening, but the angle that Jesse was carrying you at made it impossible.

Then there was the screaming.

Somba and Genji had climbed through the window first. Jesse set your feet on the ground. You took the chance to turn. Through the dark you were able to make out the faintest of shapes. Or, shape. A vaguely human and terrifyingly large shape. One that was ripping apart other vaguely human and terrifyingly large shapes as easily as one would rip clay apart. Jesse placed a hand on your head to help you through the window, gently telling you to ‘mind your head’ as you ducked under a broken pane. They steadied you as Jesse followed you out.

“Are you okay?!”

You were able to turn this time. Gabriel was rounding the corner of the building, a little worse for wear, but at least in one piece. Sombra clicked her tongue next to you. “You showed them what for, ‘ey, jefe?”

“You still have not explained to me what ‘heh-feh’ is, Sombra,” Genji said quietly. She patted his arm, mumbling about how they’d have to teach him some Spanish.

As they spoke, Gabriel had stalked towards you, hands reaching for you, but he stopped. Hesitated. Then, he rubbed his shoulder. “Let’s get you home,” he said softly.  He held out an arm and you stepped into him.

It was like your energy drained out of you in that one step. Everything that had happened in the last twenty minutes zoomed through your head and formed into the solid, very real word of ‘werewolf’. Your vision tunneled. Gabriel was quick to scoop you into his arms. He smelled like sweat and trash rot. He must have fallen into it.

“I’ve got you,” he whispered in your ear. He nudged his chin against your cheek. You closed your eyes.

You weren’t? Appreciating? How much you time you were spending unconscious today? Of course, you didn’t know how much time you were actually out, only that you had been out of it twice and you couldn’t stand the thought of it? You opened your eyes to find yourself staring at your living room ceiling. Someone was cooking, and there was a conversation happening in your kitchen. It fell silent and, as quietly as they could, some people left your apartment. You sat up. Gabriel was hesitating by the door.

“Gabe?” you asked. He turned to you, a nervous smile on his face.

“Glad to see you’re up,” he stated. He padded over to you. “I’ve got somethin’ cookin’ for you, if you’re hungry.”

You mumbled a thank you and rubbed your face with a heavy sigh. “What time is it?” you asked.

“Just after midnight.”

Gods, at least six hours of your day were gone. What had happened during that time? You looked up at Gabe through your fingers. He had perched on the edge of your coffee table, running his hands through his hair. “There’s some explainin’ I gotta do,” he admitted.

You nodded in agreement. “A lot,” you emphasized.

His shoulders sagged. “Where should I start?” Gabe mumbled, more to himself than to you. He decided the beginning worked, after a sarcastic, mildly scalding comment from you. He told you had been born into a pack, that Jesse, Sombra, and Genji were strays from packs that had pushed them out. That, no, it doesn’t work by bites or scratches like the movies. At least, not that he’s ever seen or heard of. That he can control when he turns most of the time, but during the period of the full moon, it gets a little harder. It at least explained why he would be so scarce during those times. He even took a moment to explain that he was hesitant about asking you to dinner all because of what he was.

You stayed quiet.

He whispered your name. You looked up. “Ya gonna say anything?” he tried. You looked down at your hands. “I’m gonna take that as a no,” he mumbled. Gabriel relaxed back on your couch. You pulled your knees to your chest. “I’m sure you probably don’t want much to do with me at the moment.”

“I don’t really know what to say, actually,” you replied, “But I don’t know what I would do if you just left right now. Especially after all that.” He didn’t have to ask what ‘all that’ entailed. He lifted an arm from his side, motioning for you to come closer. You crawled along the couch to press into his side.

“Look,” he breathed, “I’m not…gonna ask you to take this all in one sitting. It’s a lot if you don’t know what’s going on.”

“That’s an understatement,” you commented. Gabriel looked down at you in amusement, a smile forming when he met your gaze. “But…”

He squeezed you against his side and pressed a soft kiss to your head. “But nothing,” he whispered. “I appreciate you even taking the time to listen to me. And not freak out.”

You slid your arms around his waist as comfortably as you could. “I think it helped that I didn’t see anything that happened,” you said into his chest. He squeezed you again. “Are you okay with staying the night?”

“You would have to kill me and drag my dead ass out to get me to leave this couch right now,” he declared. You laughed. He was being sweet. It was nice. “What, I’m serious,” Gabriel added. He looked down at you, his hand sliding up and down your back. “Are you doing okay?” he asked again.

You weren’t really sure how to answer. What was ‘okay’ at the moment? “I’m not sure,” you said after a long paused, “I’m not really sure I feel anything right now.”

Gabriel relaxed back into the arm of the couch, pulling you with him. “Yeah, I know the feeling,” he sighed. You looked up at him. “Okay, maybe not exactly.”


“But, I know something similar…ish,” he said. He continued to rub your back. He started to tell you about old stories from his pack, one his mom had told him when he was a pup, but you couldn’t say that you heard them all. As his voice started to rumble in his chest, you started to drift off to sleep. You didn’t wake up until the late morning when someone knocked on your door. Both Gabriel and you jumped, but he was quicker to untangle himself from you and get to the door. He didn’t even look through the peep hole, just pulled it open.

“Why am I not surprised you stayed the night?” It was Jesse. He was dressed differently, more casually actually, and both Genji and Sombra stood behind him. Sombra was holding a bag, and Genji had one of those cardboard cup carriers that was filled with drinks. Gabriel rolled his eyes and stepped back.

“How about everyone stops bothering the old man, yeah?” Gabriel grumbled. Jesse led the way inside.

“But that’s not fun,” Sombra pointed out.

Genji held the cup carrier out to you, motioning to one that had your initials scribbled across the top. “Did he ask you to dinner yet?” he asked as you took the drink, “He was supposed to do that a while ago. I have a bet that he isn’t going to, but if he did, that’s okay too.”

You flushed at the statement and smiled around your straw. It was nice to have a conversation that was somewhat normal. It helped to get your mind off of what had happened.

Sombra cut in before you could answer, “They asked him out first. The other day.”

“How do you know?” Genji asked with a pout.

Sombra shrugged. “I’m good with my fingers,” she said as she wiggled them.

Behind you, Jesse groaned, “Reyes can’t keep good news off his twitter. Like some weird teenager or somethin.”

You laughed. Sombra and Genji joined you. Gabriel snagged the bag from Sombra, grumbling, “Didn’t I just say to stop bothering me?”

As they talked, Sombra nudged you. “I’m guessing you took it well enough,” she murmured, crossing her arms. Your smile fell and you stared at the top of your cup. “Maybe,” she added. She watched your face.

“It’s all just a little confusing to me,” you finally answered, “I just can’t believe that all of this was existing right under my nose.”

That got her to snort and look away, as if amused. “You’d be surprised at what all can exist under your nose,” she said. When she looked back at you, however, her expression fell. Those were not the right words to say. “I mean, there’s a lot out there,” she tried, “So you can’t know everything.”

“I know,” you mumbled. You sat back with your drink, sighing to yourself. It was a hard thing to process, the whole werewolf thing. But it made sense, in a way. If you thought back, Gabriel was never really available during the full moon (though, it was hard to really remember when the full moon was), and there were times during the month that you thought he was a little more aggressive and sensitive than normal. You had teased him about it more than a few times, but that never really got the reaction you were hoping for.

The thing you most thought about was that dog at the corner store, the huge one that was trying to force its way into the building. It was fine until Gabriel showed up. As fine as a huge dog trying to headbutt its way into a building can be. It must have had to do with the whole werewolf thing…maybe…

“He was scared, you know,” Sombra interrupted your thoughts, taking the seat next to you. “He showed up here and saw your door open. Called us for help. He was on the brink of tearing this place apart because he was frantic.” She took a long drink from her cup and turned to you. “Even if you’re just his friend? You mean a lot to him.” She gave you a grin that was all teeth and a little intimidating. “Don’t worry if you can’t deal with this. The supernatural? It ain’t for everyone.” She stood then, leaving you without letting you speak.

You watched Gabriel then. He was struggling to get the three of them out of your apartment, or at least towards the door so they could take the hint and leave. Jesse was being stubborn about it, but Genji was already waiting out in the hall with Sombra. When he got close enough, the two grabbed Jesse and hauled him out. Gabriel slammed the door shut behind them.

“That was more of an ordeal that I wanted,” he mumbled. He looked over at you and his shoulders hunched around his ears. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay,” you replied. You patted the seat next to you. “Come on. Tell me more about this whole thing. I wanna make sure I’m not missing any information about it.” He padded over and lowered himself to the couch with a soft ‘are you sure’ in your ear. You smiled up at him. “I’m sure.”

So he started. He carefully showed you the smallest things he could do, once you promised not to cringe. Though, that promise didn’t do much when his jaw popped to accommodate another set of teeth. You had shuddered, looked away, and covered your mouth.

“Ugh, it’s like when double jointed people do that thing with their arms!” you exclaimed. Gabe laughed at the comment. You felt sharper nails creep up and down your back in an attempt at comfort. You peeked over at him. The same old kissable face had returned. “No more doing that thing with your mouth,” you said. His eyebrows shot up and down at the suggestive implications of your words. Moving your cup into your other hand, you gently slugged his shoulder. “And don’t be dirty!” you cried.

Gabe howled with laughter. You couldn’t help the pout that followed. He tried to speak, wheezed, and tried again, “I’ll keep the innuendos to a minimum tonight.” The words sobered you up.


“Yeah, I mean…if it’s okay if I stay again,” he said. His laughter subsided. “I dunno whose pack those guys belonged to. But, it’d just make me feel better to know you’re okay. For sure.”

You leaned back into your couch, absently thinking about how you were wearing a spot into it, and sighed. “Generally, dinner comes before sleeping over,” you commented.

“Technically, this would be the second night I’ve slept over, so that ship has sailed,” he pointed out. He watched as your face contorted in frustration. Hesitantly, he reached out to brush his fingers over your cheek. “I’ll make an exception, though. Take you out tomorrow.”

“Oh you’ll make the exception, huh?” you teased. Your hands were tense around your cup as Gabriel moved closer to you. “It’s my place you’re staying at. Maybe I should be making the exception?”

He snorted and removed his hand.

You swore to yourself. Moment ruined. Way to go.

“Fine.” Clearing his throat, he placed his hand over his heart and closed his eyes. “Are you in agreement with the terms I have set out before you, my liege?” His voice had taken on an accent you couldn’t place but made you laugh. He lifted his hand to you, palm up, and you couldn’t help but notice that the sharp nails that had been there were now gone. He wanted to be human for you. Normal. All to make you more comfortable.

You placed your hand in his. “I believe I am, good sir,” you replied. He tugged you close.

Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite

Chapter Summary: You try to dissuade Dain from attacking the elves and the battle begins

Previous Chapter: Chapter 17

Next Chapter: Chapter 19

“Are you alright, y/n?” Bilbo asks as he ushers you away from the gate.

You hated how much this journey had changed. Had you known that things would end like this, you wouldn’t have joined. You would never put yourself through this misery again.

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hey don’t kill me for this but y'all if klance actually happens it ain’t gonna be anytime soon. in s3 lance still snaps at keith for no reason, keith still takes the bait, they still have pointless arguments. yes, they had their moments. they had admittedly a shit ton of little moments that drastically changed their dynamic and chemistry, but listen y'all, their relationship isn’t gonna slide that quickly from a petty rivalry into flirting and love confessions just because they weren’t at each other’s throats for five seconds. no, in s3 we were set up for the two finally learning and showing some respect for each other. in s4, i think that respect going to continue and grow and start to bud into a weird reluctant (yet beautiful) friendship. because in my opinion, klance is gonna definitely be canon, but it’s not gonna be quick. it’s gonna play out like the world’s longest slowburn enemies to friends to lovers fic and tbh, i think this is the best way it could possibly be done. 

Queen of Strong Style? Pt.1

You had just been signed to the WWE, and they had a questionable plan for you. Well, not just for you. They want you to become the Queen of Strong Style for Shinsuke. You guys had similar styles, but had never met. What do you do?

Originally posted by totaldivasepisodes

A/n: Thank you to everyone that answered my question about this. I have decided to post it, for there is a lack of Shinsuke fics in my opinion. Let me know if you would like to be tagged. Gif is not mine. Pt.2 to come soon. I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

You walked into the performance center, not sure of where to go. You were suppose to be having a meeting with Triple H and you were already late. You pulled out your phone to call him, when you bumped into something. Or… make that someone, as arms wrapped around your waist before you could fall. You looked up from your phone and regained your balance before he let you go. You gave a nervous expression as you explained

“Um, I really sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was going, but I really need to find his office.” Trying to walk passed him, only here him respond.

“Whose office?” He asked and you realized he probably worked here. 

“Hunter’s, I was suppose to be there 9 minutes, make that 10 minutes ago.” You told him with a look of worry. He nodded and motioned for you to follow him. You smiled at his willingness to help you and started to follow him. 

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nightsilver/peterkurt AU where Apocalypse doesn’t happen

but Raven still takes Kurt to the School, cause honestly she doesn’t trust the kid not to land back into trouble, and Xavier can handle him better than anyone

Hank manages to whip up a watch that makes a hologram version of Kurt, kinda like in X-men Evolution, because, yea he doesn’t need to be ashamed, Hank understands how hard it is to look different, to be treated different, and he wants Kurt to be comfortable where ever he goes.

And Kurt doesn’t exactly mean to wear it almost constantly, he just….he likes the feeling of people looking at him, and not staring. People not being shocked when they first see him, just being a regular person.

Which isn’t a big deal at first, cause some people know what he looks like under the watch, the Professor and Hank obviously, and then Jean, Scott, and Jubilee, who always ask if he wants to take it off, they like the way he looks, its badass.

And that’s fine with him, being seen as a normal guy, with normal teleporting powers, until he tries to poof into a hallway one day and runs- literally- right into a certain speedster.

and peter’s just like “woah! hey didn’t see ya, kinda appeared out of no where, you know that??”

And Kurt still trying to make sure his watch is okay before Peter grabs his arm and “wait, are you that teleporter? from germany??” and Kurt just kinda nods like ?????? “Cool! hey, you know, I always wanted to learn german, we should hang out, teach me a few phrases” cause Pete just wants to know okay?? not like he came to the school to find out about a certain parent, and hey! maybe even learn some german so maybe he could connect with him, nooooooo, besides this poofing guy seems cool!

So this starts the weird friendship between the two, movie marathons, sneaking out past curfew, culture clashes, just generally running havoc around the school

and Kurt’s happy, Peter is the best friend he’s ever had, and maybe developing a small feeling or two towards him doesn’t do any harm except….

Except Peter doesn’t know what Kurt looks like, and its been forever since they started being friends, and now if feels like a big dirty secret, Kurt knows its not but he can’t help being scared.

Until it all comes to a head one day, Kurt has his watch off for one reason or another, alone in his room, when Peter bursts in, excited about something and just about to tell Kurt when he stops, cause there’s just something big, and blue, and is that a tail???

and Kurt just freaks out and poofs away, maybe towards the roof, but of course it doesn’t take Peter very long to find him, c’mon he has the speed man

and they just stare at each other til Peter blurts out “I once got really scare at a haunted house during halloween when I was a kid, like really, wet your pants scare, and I started running, and I kinda was half way across the state when I stopped, so my mom didn’t let me do very Halloweeny things til I was like, 13″

and Kurt’’s just “????what???”

“Okay, yea, didn’t come out right, what I’m trying to say is that, I’m weird, you’re weird, we’re all kinda weird, but that’s sorta the point to this place right?? And if you got a but more weird to you, than hell yes” 

and than Kurt just poofs over and hugs the crap outta Peter and they just hug it out for a bit til Peter can’t stay quiet anymore and it just

“And you know what?” I really dig the color blue”

“really? I guess I started liking the color silver myself”

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Cute relationship headcanons about smol damian and wonder woman's daughter!reader, please ♡ ♡

this is so cute?? and diana would be such a good mom tbh???? I love this idea so much @ dc hire skorii as a writer because obviously their ideas are top notch

I actually don’t write romantic fic for characters under 14 (see my rules), so what I’m gonna do here is stick with canon!age damian (so 13) having his first crush on (diana’s daughter) amazon!reader. (assuming reader is also in the 12-14 range.) very cute and platonic and pg-rated. if you want you can request a continuation of this with aged up!damain and aged up!reader though!

  • Okay, so first of all, being Diana’s daughter would actually be the coolest childhood ever? I actually think that Diana is either infertile or can’t have children for some other reason in certain continuities (I can’t remember what comic it was but I remember her talking about how she Couldn’t Have Kids), so I think her child would be conceived the same way she was. Brought to life by Hera and all that.
  • And she’d be such a good mom?? She loves her daughter so much and would be the perfect balance of responsible + protective mom and cool mom who trusts her kid to make their own choices. And you’d win all of the “my mom can beat up your mom” contests. 
  • And you’d grow up in Themyscira, with all of the Amazons basically being your cool aunts. You’d grow up with the best combat training and a really good education. Diana trains you herself when she’s in Themyscira, but the only downside is that she’s away on Superhero Business™ a lot. 
  • Once you got a little older, she’d start taking you with her sometimes (when she’s fairly sure you won’t be in Immediate Danger), helping you get used to the outside world, introducing you to some of the Justice League members, ect. 
  • You occasionally see the Robins at these Justice League meetings, when Batman brings them along. The first one you meet is a boy who is several years older than you, who always smiles and waves when he sees you. But then something happens. No one will give you the specifics, but you don’t see Batman or Robin around for a long time. When they do come back, Batman seems different, almost like it’s a new man under the cowl, and he has a new Robin with him. This one is much closer to your age, and he never smiles.
  • Diana is a diplomat and hopes that you’ll follow in her footsteps, so she encourages you to make friends, especially with the other sidekicks. You approach the new Robin, but he’s unfriendly and shrugs you off. 
  • Not long after, Diana and Dick are working a long mission together and bring the two of you along. There’s a lot of waiting involved, and you’re determined to get the new Robin out of his shell.
  • Eventually he snaps and hits you with the old, “Who do you think you are? I’m the grandson of Ra’s al Ghul, Heir of the Demon, groomed from birth to lead the League of Assassins.” (He’s hoping that mentioning his grandfather will scare you off and then maybe, just maybe you’ll leave him alone.)
  • You just roll your eyes at him. “So what? You think you’re special? I’m the daughter of Princess Diana of Themyscira, brought to life by Hera and raised by the Amazons. And I’m willing to bet I could take you in a fight.”
  • And for once in his life Damian is speechless, because what can he even say to that?
  • After that, the two of you have this weird competitive friendship/rivalry going on. You start making an effort to train together, just to see who can one-up the other. Who can take out more bad guys on a bust. You even spar each other when you have the time, and you seem to be perfectly matched, much to Damian’s annoyance.
  • He doesn’t realize he feels anything for you other than a good-natured rivalry until Dick comments on how often he talks about you and teasingly asks if Baby Bat has his first crush.
  • English is not Damian’s first language, and he’s never heard the term “crush” before. He has to ask what it means, and when Dick explains it to him he’s horrified.
  • The next time he sees you he can’t even look at you, much less speak to you. Every time he sees you out of the corner of his eye, he thinks about what Dick said. But that’s ridiculous, because Damian Wayne doesn’t get crushes.
  • This means that he inevitably ends up avoiding you because Damian’s method for dealing with unwanted emotions is to Ignore Them.
  • You feel a little hurt, because you’d thought the two of you were friends. You mention it to Diana one day, and she responds with an eyeroll and a smile. “He’s clearly infatuated with you, but he’s been raised to see such feelings as a weakness. You’re going to have to make the first move.”
  • Cue an awkward confrontation in the middle of a mission. Maybe trying to talk about feelings in the middle of a fist fight wasn’t the best idea, but it was literally the only time that Damian is unable to take off on you.
  • “It’s okay for you to like me, you know.”
  • “Don’t flatter yourself.”
  • “It doesn’t have to change anything if you don’t want it to. We can still be friends. It’s okay to care about people.”
  • “Just don’t tell Batman. He’d never stop teasing me about it.” 

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Ok but au I thought of bc of that other anon hc that Richie sent a nude to Eddie by accident: Richie getting a fake number and it’s Eddie’s and he sends him a nude and eddie’s like “hi, idk who you are but uhhhh that’s hot”

i was actually thinking about richie sending his nude to the wrong number (eddies) and thats how they start their weird friendship/fwb/fuck buddy dynamic. (they so happen to have mutual friends) and theyre like uhhhhh fuck when they first meet in person 

im still working out details!! if you have ideas for it let me know!!

False Images

Dedicated to ghostfiish for her Danny Phantom space au. Long fic with angsty sci-fi and fluffly alien friendship flirting.  

Danny had spent a great deal of his life in front of mirrors.

Sitting in front of the mirror as little boy,dutifully keeping still as his mom applied the makeup, watching the electric-green shade of his skin be wiped away to pale, human pink.Learning how to put it on himself, how not to scratch so the little dermal nanites wouldn’t flake away. They were supposed to last for weeks, but there’d been one too many close calls. He’d taught himself to vigilantly maintain his disguise. The consequences of discovery were a constant, childhood dread.

It became a compulsion to check whenever he could. Mirrors, windows, viewscreens, polished metal. For thinning patches, uneven coloring, white starting to bleed through the roots of his hair. A few people might have thought it was pure vanity if it wasn’t common knowledge how painfully shy and uncomfortable the Fentons’ youngest was when people paid him any attention.

“You look fine,” his sister chided. “Stop fussing so much.”

“I can’t help it,” Danny tugged at the black metal band around his neck. “This thing feels like it’s trying to strangle me.”

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A chipmunked version of the Haikyuu ending song that sorta made it sound like Hinata was singing had me craving a kagehina pop star au and it’s super embarrassing and I already talked @silencedmoment’s ear off (lots of these ideas are hers) but just in case anyone else would enjoy this idea as much as I do I’m sharing—

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I’ve briefly touched up on the subject of ‘How would Ardyn react should he find out he was beginning to develop feelings for Cephy/ an s/o and I decided I dive a bit deeper into it? Most of the headcanon ties together with my OC Cephy’s backstory, with her being from ‘our’ universe and end up in the FFXV universe and some other paradox wibbly wobbly times wimey stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Like, she knows she is from planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy but when waking up in Niflheim she wasn’t a ghost really, she has a social security number, a place to live and a job etc and I guess if I”d ever decide to write a full fledged story it’d centering around why tf she was there and what was happening and how her friendship / relationship slowly evolves with Ardyn and some other ppl.

If I’d put a timeline, I’d set it to somewhere few years before the main story line happens.

((Part 01, Part 02, Part 03))

  • Generally speaking Ardyn is a very charming man and he knows how to sweet talk and manipulate his way to get what he wants, and he does not shy away from doing it.
  • The way I see Cephy and Ardyns coughfriendshipcough unfold is that when Ardyn first spotted Cephy, there was something awfully familiar about her, but he couldn’t really place his finger on what exactly. It certainly did peak his interest enough to do a quick background search on her (he’s the chancellor of Niflheim pretty sure he can do that and if not it’s Ardyn, he’ll find a morally questionable way to do it).
  • Background check says she is ‘just a girl’ working as a pianist in a fancy ass restaurant to pay for her bills and university but mhmmm no no that can’t be right there is just something very different about her and Ardyn would know that because mah dude been alive for more than 2000 years he can read people.
  • Cue he’d try to approach her outside of work and strike up conversation at which she ofc isn’t really comfortable with because momma taught her not to talk to strangers especially one who is a fashion disaster on two legs. Well too bad once something had caught Ardyn’s attention he ain’t gonna rest until he is satisfied with the answer.
  • So essentially Ardyn would also pop up in the weirdest and random-est time, claiming ‘what a coincidence!’ It is and then proceed to engage Cephy into a small talk. At some Cephy just gave up and decided to go with the flow and entertain him, secretly hoping sooner or later he’d just get bored of her. She is also low key worried that he might be onto her that she was basically an ‘alien’ here and worst case scenario him bing the chancellor and shit might come up with the idea to lock up her up and then the government will conduct experiments on her
  • And Ardyn of course can tel that he is visibly making her uncomfortable and he high key takes pleasure in it because ya he gotta establish dominance here but I think over the time his curiosity turns into genuine interest, like obviously she looks and talks like any other human being her age and there was absolutely nothing special about her, she didn’t have any powers.
  • It’s the small things in conversations that makes Ardyn perk up, stuff Cephy says. Why does she mutter Jesus fucking Christ under her breath whenever she is frustrated? Why was never watched or even heard about Star Wars such a bad thing? Why does she keep asking about a place called Midgard and Asgard just because this empire is called Niflheim? How come she doesn’t know about the Six???
  • Naturally Cephy would try her best to ignore Ardyn’s existence as good as she can, but there will be times where she would snap back a very sassy mic-drop burn, that would sometimes even stun the chancellor himself into silence, but only for a brief millisecond before he recovers and fires something playfully back.
  • I think Ardyn is also used to people being wary of him, or getting annoyed by his eccentric-ness, or try to not interact and work with him as much as possible. He’s awfully lonely, so he’d do anything humanly possible to stand out and attract some attention if that makes sense??? So yeah I headcanon Ardyn likes it when  Cephy is being blunt and throws an half-hearted insult at him, because whenever she does that, she wearing a half smile half smirk on her face and cranking up her neck to stare at him with those blue eyes, as if they were just waiting for Ardyn to retort something back.
  • Given both circumstances, I do believe that in some super weird and twisted way, they understand each other? Like they are both echoes from another place and another time and stuck somewhere they don’t really belong to and can’t call home, they find comfort in each other in the most platonic way. Well, platonic as in there is no sexual and romantic feelings (yet), but that doesn’t mean Ardyn won’t get all touchy touchy sometimes. It’s usually things just like resting a hand on Cephy’s back or patting her head or flicking her nose.
  • That being said, I also see Ardyn as the kind of person that after all those centuries of living I do believe that the need for sex has died down at some point??? Ardyn still enjoys the occasional flirting and game of cat-and-mouse though.
  • And of course over the years he has become used to being lonely and/or alone, and don’t really see the point in committing himself into a romantic relationship as he’ll either outlive that person or the time to set his plan in motion has come and he is essentially going to die sooner or later.
  • So yeah basically, the two would start some kind of really really really weird friendship that would get strange sideway looks from people. Although Ardyn wouldn’t even be sure if he can call it friendship and/or call Cephy his friend because goddammit it has been so long since he had a real friend he doesn’t even know how to do friends and friendship
  • Honestly I can see that being friends with Ardyn is going to be a lot of time and effort and energy because sometimes that overdramatic man child is just impossible
  • Even though Cephy is your average ordinary girl, She does suspect there is something out of place with Ardyn too (she’s watched enough movies, tv shows and comics to make up her own thesis) but she can’t place her finger on what, but then again she also doesn’t actively seek out to find an answer, believing there was a reason why Ardyn hasn’t told her anything yet.

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