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Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

medieval-fantasy au?!?! i t hink????? idk i just wanted to draw kirigiri in a dress + a hand smoochy thing so this happened! (click for higher resolution please!)

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Leo and Otabek at some point hooked up and Yuri desperately wants to know how it happened (before they start dating) so he texts Guang Hong "Your boyfriend and my best friend hooked up two years ago and we need to find out what happened" and they play detectives and end up with JJ saying "I brought alcohol and they got horny" and Yeah when Yuri tells Otabek he knows, he exidently confesses and that's how they start dating (weird but unique and beautiful) ~Kitten


i get behind this in the weird way where i want them to be each other’s firsts, but yuuri and pichit we’re definitely fucking in detroit.

So it turns out that around a year ago (give or take a day or two), @zacscottysnl and I started this wonderful and weird friendship. Due to the fact we are 6571 miles apart (according to “”) my originally planned gift and extremely sappy writing has yet to arrive in the land of the United States of America, so @zacscottysnl you’re just gonna have to deal with this slightly more edited, less personal version of what I have to say. 

You made a stop motion video so I’ll ramble and do some drawing. I’ll leave it below “keep reading”, but first off I gotta’ thank Tumblr. It feels as if this site deserves a long, heartfelt post because really - how else would we have found each other?!

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it’s just weird to get out of a toxic friendship bc i start thinking ‘was it actually as toxic as i think? am i overreacting? am i wrong?’ and im questioning things and wondering how valid my feelings actually are… it’s not a nice experience /:

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I'm new to the shadowhunters/malec fandom and I would love to make friends with everyone. Problem is I'm extremely shy and have the slightest idea of how to start up a friendship with seeming weird. I sometimes like posts of people and sometimes leave replies or asks but I never seem to be able to form a friendship that everyone else in the fandom has.

first off, welcome to the fandom!
second, forming friendships on here can seem hard and intimidating, i’ve gone through it as well, being an introvert and a generally shy person. but honestly, most people here are so nice and wonderful, i don’t think anyone would mind if you just popped into their inbox and asked about their day or anything.
my advice would be to participate in the ask games people post, continue replying to text posts, just message people and see where it goes!
and trust me, most of us are really shy and have no idea what we’re doing which somehow ends up being a solid foundation for friendships.
so good luck and if you want to ever talk, feel free to come into my ask box, you’re now officially a friend 🌻

"Swan maiden rp"


“Ever since Regina & Robin had been spending time together Emma saw how it affected Marian so Emma started spending time with her, it started because the whole situation was Emma’s fault to begin with, soon it grew into a strange friendship but lately Emma started having weird feelings & thoughts & just wanted to make Marian smile & laugh & realized she’d do anything for Marian & Roland, she’d even started pulling away from Hook until she finally broke down & told him what was going on.”

Okay I know I said I’d disappear and I will but in the middle of looking for a fic, I thought:

What if Leonard and Iris meet somewhere. Maybe Iris is having a bad day and she goes to a bar. Maybe Len is restocking the safe house and they meet in the grocery store. Maybe he meets her at Jitters. The point is, they meet somewhere. They end up having a pleasant conversation.

But then it keeps happening. Len doesn’t have a lot of friends and he thinks that maybe Iris is starting to become his friend? They keep meeting up accidentally and talking about their problems?

When she introduces herself as “Iris”, Len has no idea she is Barry Allen’s best friend. When she meets him, maybe he uses a fake name. But she doesn’t know what Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold looks like. So they just start this really weird but nice friendship.

Iris never uses exact names when she talks. It’s always “My dad”, “my fiancé”, or “my best friend”. Which is only fair seeing as Len is using a fake name.

And then Barry is getting jealous. Iris is always going on and on about the new friend she maybe and how they talk about everything and how funny he is. Barry listens, but he still feels like he’s being replaced.

Then, one day, Iris asks if Barry wants to meet her new friend. Barry accepts immediately. He should at least who he’s up against.

When she reaches a table in the back of Jitters, she introduces them.

“Barry, this is my friend Anthony. Anthony, this is Barry.”

Barry has no idea what’s going on. Standing in front of him – Iris’ new friend – is actually Leonard Snart. Leonard is looking at him smugly, but all Barry can do is stare. What the hell is going on?

Does he expose who Len really is? Does he watch Len and Iris interact and love it because his not-so-secret-crush/enemy is getting along with his best friend? I DONT KNOW BUT IRIS AND LEN AS BESTIES IS EVERYTHING