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Humans Are Weird: Sports

I think aliens would be so confused by our methods of entertainment. Like if we just look at sports, we have Soccer, Basketball, Football/Rugby, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming, track, cross country, volleyball and so many more. Lets break a couple down.

Soccer: objective is to get the ball into the goal without using your hands. Equipment includes shoes with teeth on them and hard plating to protect our shins.

Basketball: the reverse of soccer, the goal is to get the harder ball into the net that is suspended in the air by bouncing it with your hands. No equipment.

Football: I’ll be honest I hate football with a passion and I don’t know a lot about it. But what I do know for sure is that getting tackle don’t just because you have the ball HURTS.

Volleyball: objective is to keep the ball going in the air over a net with out touching the ground, you use the vulnerable part of your forearms to do this. Special equipment includes knee pads to prevent skinning your knees.

These are only four of earths favorite sports and they HURT. Now imagine an alien learning about them and being horrified, like I play soccer and I have witnessed people have their hip messed up because of a nasty fall, then get annoyed because they have to miss the next couple games. Aliens would be so confused and concerned like, you already hurt yourselves enough. But now you are willingly submitting your self to more pain for the sake of not being bored!?

And they would be even more confused by the miniature games we play to keep our selves entertained. For example, my brother and I have our own version of wall ball we play. It includes a lot of diving to the ground. Or the games we play to warm up to play our other games, hand ball for example, where I have witnessed people vault of other people because they would jump off a cliff before they let the other team have the ball. 

Just imagine human starting a game of hockey of something in the corridors of their ship or something because they all where on break and had nothing else to do. Like the puck goes flying and knocks out a light (which I have also witnessed) and the aliens screaming and ducking for cover).

Feel free to add on. :)

Submitted by @ihavenotfallenyet 

If swimmers scare aliens what about rowers holy shit like we literally carry our boats above our heads, some teams are at such an even height they can just set it on their shoulders and not have to hold it or anything. Plus the rowing machines, man. Those are killer, we’re basically told that we really did a good job if we puke at the end of practice or even a race. Plus sometimes we do relays just for fun and that’s honestly really difficult since you gotta get off the machine, try not to die, and the other person has to scramble to get on and pick up where you left off and then like 1000 meters later it’s your turn again. And in those cases if someone can’t finish their portion the next person in line finishes that portion and their own without hesitation.

And oh my god aliens would FREAK if they saw a rower catch a crab like. There are 3 kinds of crabs. The first is one easily righted and doesn’t disturb the rhythm much at all. The second is an overhead crab, that’s when your oar goes over your head and you’re forced to lie back or get your face smacked by the handle (but don’t you dare let go of your oar that is a huge No No). And the third is my favorite to watch. We call them ejector crabs. As you can probably guess, they’re when you’re literally knocked out of the boat by your oar. Go look some up on YouTube you won’t regret it. Rowers are hardcore.

sports as high school musical songs
  • When a player signs for a new club; The start of something new 
  • When a player leaves a club; gotta go my own way
  • When a team needs extra motivation; Getcha head in the game
  • When your team fucks up and needs to get back on track; Stick to the status quo
  • When your team wins; Fabulous 
  • Hearing the clubs anthem before a game; You are the music in me
  • How many times a week do i miss my team; Everyday
  • Making bids for players; Bet on it
  • When your team wins a game and gets more points; Bop to the top
  • When your team signs a new player and they’re exceptional; What i’ve been looking for 
  • When your team concedes; Work this out 
  • When your team works together to come back from a loss; All for one 
  • When the ref wont blow his whistle to end the damn game; What time is it 
  • When the goalie leaves the net; I’m breaking free
  • When your team has one minute left to win; Now or never 
  • When your team cannot stop scoring; I want it all 
  • When your team scores after just conceding; The boys are back 
  • When your team wins a trophy; We’re all in this together 
  • When your team wins an important game in a big competition; A night to remember 
  • My team are winning; Right here right now
  • Me when my dumbass team ruins my life; Walk away 
  • Me when i crush on the players; I wanna be with you 
  • Players taking penalties; Can i have this dance 
  • When a players misses a pen; I don’t dance 
  • When your team cant get their shit together and concede as many goals as they can, while the defence falls apart and life loses all meaning; SCREAM


Russia has so many accidents due to icy roads that a car insurance agent turned it into a sport. ‘Car curling’ is just like Olympic curling except cars are used instead of stones. Each team has a group that pushes the cars toward the target (often biting it on the ice as soon as they let go) and a driver who either steers to the center, or smashes the other team’s cars out of the way. Source Source 2


I wanted to make some monster ocs for Halloween so here’s an extremely shy and nerdy werewolf and his punk rock/jock vampire boyfriend. They both live in the human world and are trying to pass as normal humans but they don’t even pass as normal regular monsters so it’s hard, but at least they’re in love and have supportive friends so life could be worse.

one of the things i love about the tjlc gang, and maybe this is me just noticing this because we happen to be part of such a large fandom, is how we all have kind of different interests beyond sherlock. people talk about wholock a lot but not everyone i know is also into dr who. i feel like a lot of us have come from and continued onto a pretty large array of different interests which to me feels like theres this sort of universalness to johnlock that makes me really happy (’: