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When We Collide (Part 12)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

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“Y/N, you threw up in her Marc Jacobs bag? That must be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week!” 

“Trust me, it wasn’t as funny as it sounds.” You mumbled with your phone resting between your shoulder and ear, eyes glancing up to look for when the elevator would arrive.

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Genre: smut, kinda fluffy maybe? Warnings: blackmail, daddy kink, uh I think that’s it REBOUND

“c'mon, dan, you haven’t gotten laid in months, you need to get over Jason, and moving on begins with having sex with strangers. Safe sex of course” I stare blankly at pj from my place in the crevice of my couch. “Are you done now?” He sighs, “yes,” “good” I turn back to my computer only to have it snatched away from me. Looking up, I see pj running down the hallway into my bathroom, shutting and locking the door. I run after him, stopping to knock at the door, “I’m already over him! What are you gonna do with my computer anyway?” “Yeah ok and that’s why you haven’t even gotten out of this damned apartment after the hour of 7? Sure. And my dear dear Danny, remember that video you accidentally sent me that you meant to send to Jason? You know, the one of you fingering yourself? No?” My hands clam up and my jaw tightens, he wouldn’t. “Well I do, and it just so happens that I kept it cause I knew I’d need to black mail you sooner or later, and you see, the only thing I don’t have is your mom’s email, which is conveniently on this computer. So what do you say Danny? Mom watches a video of you with your fingers up your ass moaning ‘daddy’ or you go out and have someone put their fingers up your ass while you moan ‘daddy’?” My fists clenched, throat tight with anxiety, I knew what the clear choice was, “ok, asshole, come pick out what I’m wearing, I’m not putting in any extra work” I hear a grunt of joy and then the door flings open to reveal a smiling pj.


I nervously walk into the vibrantly colored gay club, my jeans are too tight and my dick feels like it’s suffocating in its confines. I turn towards pj only to find that he is no longer next to me, or even around me for that matter. Whatever, I’ll just sit at the bar and wait until he’s had his fun. Walking up to bar, I take a seat and my eyes catch with the most vibrant blue I’ve ever seen. Wow, ok this guy is so hot, Jesus, he comes up to me and I don’t know what I was expecting but “what can I get you to drink, sir?” was not it, until I realized, to my embarrassment, that he was behind the bar because he’s a bartender. Obviously. And now I’d been staring at him for a solid 10 seconds and he was giving me a weird look, “uh sorry, I’ll just have a sprite please” he nodded and then handed my drink over to me, “anything else?” ‘Your number??? A good fuck??’ He laughs and it’s only then that I realize I had spoken out loud, “oh god that’s so embarrassing I’m sorry that wasn’t supposed to come out of my mouth” “hm. Well my break is in five minutes and I figure I can find something else to put in your mouth. How’s that sound, baby boy?” A whimper makes it way past my lips and I nod, watching him smirk and quickly turn away. I tap at the counter and bounce my foot nervously for what feels like an hour before I feel a possessive dominant hand on my lower back, pushing me off the bar stool and sending a shiver down my spine. “C'mon, darling” I let him lead me out a door and into a hallway, past several other doors until we finally stopped at one and he pushed it open to reveal a bedroom, and I turn to him curiously, “it’s a strip club baby, they’re called private rooms” I nod and he comes closer to me, and I’m lost in his eyes again, before he pushes me up against the wall and kisses at my neck. “Oh god” I moan, “so easy to get worked up, look at you, already hard in your pants” I nod feverishly into his shoulder, hands gripping his shirt in tight fists. “I’m d-dan” I gasp out through moans as he continues to mark my neck, “phil, you’ll have that name memorized by the time we’re done here, angel” I tug at his shirt and before I know it we’re on the bed, naked bodies slick with sweat, pressed together and I’m begging him, “please , please phil please touch me” he reaches over to grab a bottle of lube and a condom from the bed side table and I hear the cap popping open before I feel a cool, smooth finger probing my entrance, “yes god, yes daddy please put it in” it takes a moment for me to register what I’d said before I’m blushing and phil is letting out a loud moan, “god call me that again that’s so hot baby, daddy loves when you beg for his fingers in your hot, tight hole” the first finger burns but I’m quickly asking for another and another and we’re both moaning and then he hits my prostate, and I’m screaming “DADDY! Daddy daddy please im ready please please fill me up with your nice cock daddy I need it please” burying his face in my neck, I whimper when his fingers leave me to prep himself and then I feel his tip at my entrance, “you ready?” His whispers in my ear and it’s so soft and caring I almost forget that I don’t know anything about him, almost forget that all he wants is my body “yes, phil please” he enters me slowly, carefully, gently and it’s uncomfortable but once he’s bottomed out, he stops and the burn subsides, leaving a flaming pleasure. “Move move please I can take it” his first thrust is soft and slow but I’m begging and eventually the pace is quick and unrelenting, his hand grips tight enough for his knuckles to turn white around the headboard and I’m clinging to him and pushing back on his every thrust “god baby doing so well for me, taking my cock so well, you’re so tight baby doll” the praise sends shocks through me, bringing me to the edge, “I’m close so close daddy phil please can I cum please let me cum I’ll be so good” he moans, raw and untamed, “god you’re perfect. cum, cum for me without even touching yourself, such a perfectly good little boy cumming from just my cock, I’m close” I cum all over our stomachs, my muscles tensing and hole clenching around his cock, sending him over the edge with me, until his shallowly moving inside me, our breaths still out of control, and then he’s rolling off me “god you were perfect” I blush at his statement, “you were too” with a sigh, he pulls me back into his chest, effectively squishing my face into his neck. And I think, maybe, just maybe, this wasn’t such a bad idea. I’ll have to thank pj later.

Creepypasta #1097: It's Watching Me Write This

Length: Short

Yeah, I’m being looked at right now. And hey, be happy that you aren’t being looked at. I’m here to spite it. It doesn’t like being known about, but it’s not strong enough to kill me yet. So here it is you fucking monster. I’M LETTING THE FUCKING WORLD KNOW.

Anyway, you might want some back story. For the past 12 years I’ve lived in this house. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual life that we all tick away at. But two weeks ago, things changed. It all started with my door knob.

It turned it, every night for three days. It would sit outside and just play with it, almost mocking me. It had me shitting myself. I could see it through the peep hole. This fucking thing… It’s a scrawny little humanoid on all fours, but it’s the skin that is weird. All over its back are mouths. They whisper so softly it’s hard to make it out, but it almost sounds like pleading.

What does it eat? Not me, if that’s what you’re wondering. It feeds off sanity. It thought I was vulnerable to that! IT THOUGHT IT COULD FUCK WITH ME. I like to mock it now. Sometimes when I come home I’ll say hi to it, maybe leave it out something to eat. Just to let it know that I KNOW IT’S THERE. And there is nothing it can feed off from me.

It’s smart too. It knows my language, knows how to use various tech, and can even read/write. That’s how I’m getting to it right now. I’ll keep going until it’s real mad.

It wants to kill me. It really really wants to kill me but it can’t. Nothing to eat, no strength. No strength, no kill. It knows I can hurt it. I’m already starving it. The fucker might as well give up now, but he’s a persistent little bastard if anything. I don’t even think he knnhrybtgevrcfs

You know I’m really not as bad as he says, really. Everyone has their ways and your normal and my normal are different, but does that make them any less normal than each other? We’re not so different you and I. But trust me, he didn’t have as much correct as he had thought. You all jump to conclusions so quickly.

But I mean hey, if you really want to piss off the monsters in the closet then go ahead. Most of them are happy just being there. Sure they get bored, but fuck, you turn a few door knobs and all of a sudden you’re trying to feed off sanity? It’s almost funny to me. 

But I’ll key you in on a little secret, from one “monster” to a friend. Those noises in the night might be us - they might not - but just try not to think about it. Unless you want to end up like your story teller over here. I’ve made quite a mess after all, and no one likes a messy home.

Stay safe out there, readers.

Credits to: Random_Imgur_User

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Prompt: Maya took a deep breath as she climbed into the bay window. Yesterday was Saturday. Saturday was her eighteenth birthday. And Riley didn't know everything that happened. She climbed into Rileys bed and laid her head on her shoulder. "I went to the courthouse and got married. " she said softly.

thank you for the amazing prompt!!! like i loved this so much omg. 

The freezing January wind nips at Maya’s skin as she climbs up the fire escape to her best friend’s apartment. It’s early. Or very late. She’s not too sure, to be honest.

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So, what do you think of Andromeda?

Well, I’m still pretty early on. I’ve only just met Jaal. (I like Jaal.)

So far, I’m enjoying the characters. I like all the little interactions that happen both on and off screen (like in emails or that crew messaging board). I do feel like it’s an interesting cast with a lot of possibilities. I haven’t felt the pull of any romance yet, but like I said, early on. (Is it just me or do a lot of the people around Ryder seem to be a lot older than her? I miss Shepard. Anyway. Not there yet.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So far, the characters are the reason I’m playing the game. I’m just not sure yet if I include Ryder in the list of interesting characters (as presented; headcanon will come eventually.

The jet pack is aces.

I’m interested in the story? But it hasn’t immediately consumed me. This is hard to quantify, I guess, but back when I played the original series (and even the Dragon Age games, esp. 1 and 2), I needed to play. I’m enjoying Andromeda, but I don’t feel compelled yet. It hasn’t sucked me in? I feel a bit like it’s holding me (or I’m holding it?) at arm’s length. I guess… I don’t feel emotionally connected to it yet. Either the conflicts or the need for those conflicts to be resolved.

The Tempest is pretty and I like her.

A lot of the scenery is very lovely.

I’m enjoying a lot of the ambient dialogue, and the sense of life happening outside of Ryder’s experience.

Have I mentioned the jet pack?

I like SisRyder’s voice acting quite a lot. Really, I like the voice acting. That’s a big thing.

Things that I haven’t warmed to (yet?):

The crafting thing. I just… don’t care enough about it. It’s too much and too overwhelming and I’m just kinda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ way too much effort and such an impossible time suck for something I’m so meh about. Way too many options. I’m also not a real fan of the way they’re doing loadouts and stuff now. I do not like how little control we have (or sometimes need?) for squadmates. And there are SO MANY KINDS OF CRAFTING AND CRAFTING-LIKE THINGS. The APEX/Elite stuff. The R&D stuff. The Andromeda and Nexus and whatever else points. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Like the crafting thing, I find the leveling up interface overwhelming. Also, not a fan of the powers set-up. Can we really only use three at a time, even though there are like 100000 different powers to choose from/build up?

I wish we’d been able to craft (ha ha) more of a sense of Ryder before starting the game. I feel like I, as the player, should have a better understanding of who they were before joining the Initiative. I wish [Character Death] had happened after a bit more of a relationship had been formed. For me, I mean. For the player’s benefit. I feel like I’m missing history. (I mean, even aside from the memory fragment stuff. I feel like I am missing experience my own character should have.)

I get what they’re trying to do with the way they’ve set up replies/conversations, but I’m not totally sold on it yet. I’m finding it hard to set a tone. Maybe that says more about me and my Ryder than anything else.

Why are Ryder’s pupils so ridiculously large? I constantly feel like she’s just come out of an optometrist’s appointment where they do the weird dilating thing. The less said about the speech animations the better. This is the first time I’ve left a helmet on my character. 

I need a lot less extremely detailed flying between planets, complete with animations. Like, would to God some of that time had been spent on character mouths.

…I think this sounds very critical. I don’t really mean for it to sound so critical. When I sit down to play, I enjoy it. It just hasn’t reached out and grabbed me yet and I want it to. So I can’t help comparing it to the series that I adored beyond measure and finding it lesser.

But, like I said, I’m still very early on. I’m sure I’ll have different thoughts as I progress.

Admitting it

One shot : You’re Harry’s best friend who happens to be hopelessly in love with him. He doesn’t know, though and is dating Kendall Jenner. Until he shows up at your door. 

I hope you guys will like this one shot! I feel a little bad because it’s again Kendall’s name I’m using, but it really is simply because of her’s and Harry’s past relationship.
As always, requests and feedback are welcome. 

Picture is not mine. It’s a gift from tumblr. 

A loud sigh escaped  my mouth and I hung my head low in exhaustion, my face hidden behind my sweaty palms. I felt as if all the responsibilities I had been trying to somehow balance on my shoulders over the past weeks came crumbling down like a wall of bricks, burying me. The familiar sound of my ringtone interrupted my thoughts and seeing the name flashing on the screen stopped any tears from spilling over.  My shaking fingers hastily slid over the phone screen and I eagerly pressed the device to my ear, desperate to hear the warmth of his voice.

“Harry! You have no idea how relieved I am that you’re calling.”

“M'glad to hear your voice, too, babe,” Harry answered, no hint of  a smile in his voice. He sounded oddly quiet and collected, not at all like the cheerful best friend he normally was.

“Are you alright?” I asked and pushed some of the books sprawled out in front of me away. There wasn’t much I would finish today anyway, especially not if Harry was unwell.

Ever since we had first bumped into each other it hadn’t taken more than one coffee to forge a strong bond between us. I always had his back and he had mine, protecting and supporting each other without questioning it. We often stayed at each other’s places for several days at once, trying to make the most of it given that the hectics of our daily lives didn’t allow us to spend too much time together. All of this remained merely platonic to him. I however, foolish as I was, had to fall so deeply in love with him I couldn’t even see the surface anymore.

“M'fine,” Harry hummed.

I didn’t quite buy his promise by the still rather void tone in his voice.

“You don’t sound like it, love,” I murmured, “what’s bugging you?”

I heard him take in a deep breath on the other side of the line, as if he needed to prepare for what he wanted to say next. When he spoke again his voice was much more tense.

“You know how Kendall and I have been going out and stuff, right?”  

I coughed as a lump crawled up my throat and swallowed hard before forcing out a small, “Yes.” My mind was already racing and torturing me with endless scenarios of what exactly he was implying by saying “stuff”.

When Harry had first brought Kendall around, I had already built a biased opinion on her. Her family’s public oriented life wasn’t something I could understand and never would it have come to my mind that Harry somehow could. Privacy was one of his top priorities. Meeting Kendall in person however had been different than expected and after two drinks with her I had to admit that she and Harry did fit together. She knew when to laugh, asked me questions about my much less eventful life than hers was and even hugged me when saying goodbye. And of course, she was of striking beauty. One look at her and it was clear how she was Harry’s match in every sense of the word.
After leaving them to climb into their taxi together and to head to his place I was overcome by sadness. Never had I confessed my feelings for Harry to him and now came the regret. I had noticed him observe me throughout the night, proving further how important it was to him that his friends liked her. A clear sign that their relationship was to be taken serious.

“I hope everything’s fine between the two of you,” I mumbled, hoping he’d believe the small lie.

“Not quite,” Harry replied, “we aren’t working out like I thought we would. And I feel so confused.” he broke off and I just knew he was shaking his head in lack of understanding.

“Is it because you’re apart too much?”

“No, I don’t think so,” he answered quickly, “Our houses aren’t too far apart from each other’s and now that I’m on my break I often fly out to see her. I’d say we spend 4 out of 7 days per week with each other.”

I tried to ignore the sting in my chest upon that information.

“If time isn’t the problem, then what is?” I asked.

So far in the year of us being close we’d only had two arguments and in both situations it was about me being upset because he wasn’t around.
Harry didn’t answer my question but paused to think of his next words, picking them carefully like he always did.

“She’s just not been acting the way the way she did when I met her. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t question me about my whereabouts or who it is that I am texting or calling. Kendall complains about everything I do and claims I’m distracted. Sometimes she even says she thinks it’s because of you. That you and I are dating. Can you believe that?”

“Crazy,” I laughed dryly. “What does she say when you ask her about her doubts?”

“Either that it’s nothing, she doesn’t want to talk about it or she refuses to answer me altogether. Shit like ‘you know exactly what this is about’, too.”

Harry cleared his throat and took a deep breath, “Aside from missing you like crazy, I called to ask for advice on what I should do.”

“I couldn’t possibly tell you. I only know half about your relationship or how your feelings for her are,” I protested.
I knew full well I could never stay objective and so any advice I would give him wouldn’t be an honest one.
“All I could do is tell you to listen to your instincts. As they’re usually pretty good.”

“So you wouldn’t advise me to break up with her?” he asked me, sounding almost shy.
I cleared my throat, searching for words. He was unbelievable. Why did he have to ask me, the girl who loved him more than his girlfriend ever could, whether or not he should be single again?

“No, I wouldn’t,” I whispered timidly, choosing to push my selfishness aside.

“Hm. Alright.”

“Would you break up with her had just told you that I think it would be for the best?”

“Probably, yeah,” he answered. “But I’ll think it through one more time then.”

I wanted to die.

“You should do that,” I encouraged, mentally slapping myself. “You have to take care of yourself, though. I don’t want you to let it get too close to your heart.”

Harry sighed and I grinned when he mumbled something under his breath.

“What was that, H?”

“I miss you,” he repeated quietly.

“I miss you, too, Harry,” I admitted, “A lot.”

The faint noise of his laugh was enough to make my stomach flutter. My breathing picked up and I pictured him sitting there with a smile on his face because he had me advising him. After years of supporting his career I was glad to be able to be there for him privately as well.  

“You should come visit me,” I spoke abruptly.


“Think about it. You’ve never met my family before and it would give you a break from everything! Here in my hometown you would be safe from media attention and you could think about what to do next with Kendall,” I rambled, unable to contain what I truly wanted any longer. Him by my side and away from his model to maybe, finally, see me the way I saw him.

“Visit?” he asked, surprise evident in his tone, “I-I can’t- Y/N, I miss you. I do, really, but I don’t think I can leave just like that. Kendall would throw a fit and I can’t just leave in the middle of all this without talking properly to her. I’m sorry-”

I swallowed hard and tried to breath through the stinging feeling in my chest.

“I understand that,” I interrupted him quickly. “Figuring out your relationship comes first. As it should.”

“No,” Harry disagreed, his voice sounded urgent, “Don’t say it like that. You know I would never put anyone or anything before you.”

The corner of my mouth twitched into a smile.

“Are you in LA?” I asked.

“I am. Why?”

“I just want you to know that there’s a door to my house that is always wide open for you. Metaphorically speaking, not literally. That’d be weird otherwise.”

He exhaled loudly and cleared his throat.


“Yes, H?”

“You really are the best friend I have.”

My heart swelled and I felt glad that he couldn’t see my burning cheeks.  

“Right back at you. Please take good care of yourself, okay?”

“I’ll try. You do too, yeah?”

“Always do.”

And with that we ended the phone call. That Harry hadn’t jumped onto my offer of him to come here began to hurt a little, but it wasn’t like I had expected anything else. The fact that he still wanted to be a good boyfriend to a woman he knew didn’t appreciate it, made me love him even more.


It had been little over two weeks since I’d spoked to Harry and there had been absolute radio silence since. My family left town for the weekend and I had decided to use the quiet home to catch up on some of the work I had still left to do. On one evening however I didn’t feel like it at all.
Although the story I was reading had me clinging to every word, I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at the phone to check for a message from Harry every once in a while. The hope hadn’t died down yet.
The sound of the doorbell straddled me. It was 10:30 pm and the sky outside had turned dark hours ago. A nervous feeling settled in the pit of my stomach. I’ve definitely watched too many horror films. Hesitantly I got up and walked to the door where I peeked through the window next to it. A movement in the dark made me jump but my heart instantly squeezed when I recognized the person waiting outside. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped out. The breath was knocked right out of me. The surprise of seeing him and how beautiful he was didn’t didn’t distract me from how exhausted he looked.


“Hi,” he murmured, a faint smile on his face.

Within a second I had thrown myself at him and secured my arms around his neck while his wrapped tightly around my waist, holding me close to his chest.

“I can’t believe you came! I missed you so much,” I gushed.

After three months of being apart, I finally had him in front of me. Finally held him again. His body was warm and his shoulders strong under my touch. My hands found his hair and I exhaled happily upon finally being able to play with his soft curls again. I couldn’t swipe the smile off my face and enjoyed being able to breath him in again. Three months apart and he felt as familiar as if he’d never been gone.

“I hope it’s okay,” Harry mumbled into my hair. “You said I could visit and I…I just-” he broke off and pulled away from me before coughing heavily.

I gently patted his back in an effort to calm him. “Did your flannels not protect you from the threat that is the common cold? You should know better given how much time you spent in the oh so cold LA.”

A faint smile danced on his lips at my jokingly cooing voice, as he shook his head and with a final cough relaxed again.

“More likely in Ireland. I was visiting Niall last week.”

He came closer again and widen his arms to me. My heart jumped at the cocky half smile he had dancing on his cheeks and I gladly stepped into his arms, attaching mine once more around his shoulders. He squeezed my waist and I in return pressed a kiss to his warm cheek.

“That’s lovely,” I mumbled, “And it’s more than okay that you’re here, Harry. You’re always welcome.”

Harry hummed and nuzzled his face into my neck. I giggled quietly and shrieked when he bit down.

“I’ve missed this.”

“Me too,” he whispered and exhaled a long breath.

Though I loved having Harry this close, it was this exact kind of behavior that had me close to loosing my mind. Having him embrace and holding on to me like this felt as if he needed me as desperately as I did him. And that wasn’t the case. He had Kendall.

Humming upon feeling his lips against the skin of my neck, I whispered gently: “How did everything go?”

He shrugged and released me slowly only leaving his hands to rest on my shoulders. From this close I could see the glossiness of his eyes and how sore the skin around his eyes and his cheeks was. I carefully brushed the back of my hand over the redness, hissing at how tender it felt.


“It went fine,” he muttered. “Kendall and I are over.”

Relief, mixed with worry for my friend flooded me and I felt like crying when he looked at me with what I interpreted as sadness in his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. “I know how much she meant to you.”

Though I didn’t. Selfish as I was I had never asked him a lot about Kendall and was a little taken aback by the emotion in his eyes.

He shook his head, smiling a little. “That’s not what’s going on right now, Y/N.”

“Then what is?” I asked, confused by his words.

Harry shrugged and took my hand. “I’ll tell you later.”

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. “You seem so upset. This isn’t fair. No one as kind and good as you should feel like this.”

Harry shook his head once more and leaned forward to press a quick kiss to my cheek. “I’m alright, love. You worry more than you have to.”

My eyes narrowed as I observed his face. “I still don’t buy it, but let’s go inside, okay? I don’t want you to actually get sick.”

Ten minutes later Harry sat in my kitchen and watched me make tea for us both while he recollected the invents of the past weeks. He told me that Kendall hadn’t been surprised when he told her that he thought a break up would be for the best and that they were on good terms still.

“But I figured I’m gonna give her some space before calling or texting her again. To cool off a bit.”

“So it was you who ended things and not her?” I asked, a frown forming on my forehead.

Harry smiled when he noticed and tilted his head. “Does that surprise you?”

“I mean,” I began carefully, “if you’re happier like this I’m all for it of course, but I just didn’t expect it. Over the phone you sounded like you were sad about her creating distance between the two of you. I thought you loved her.”

At that he shook his head and cleared his throat.

“Absolutely not. I liked her, but I could have never been in love with her. And neither did she love me. We were friends feeling like we somehow owed it to each other to at least try to be more, but she mistrusted me so quickly and always jumped on every article of me cheating on her. She read the worst shit about me and always believed every prejudice.”

I snorted at that. “Well that’s rich coming from her. God knows how much crap is being said about her on a daily basis and you never let that change a thing about how you felt for her. She couldn’t even give the same to you? That’s plain shitty of her.”

I shook my head, anger flooding through my body. Harry was so much more than what people made him out to be over the media and to know that his girlfriend didn’t appreciate him enough to see that, disappointed me. I was in the middle of turning to get mugs for our tea when I felt two arms wrap around me from behind. A small gasp escaped my lips when Harry stepped closer to press his chest against my back.

“Don’t frown, darling,” he mumbled and pressed his lips against my temple, “It’s all good now.”

I reached down and gently caressed his hands that were resting against my stomach.

“I just hate it when people treat you like that. You’re the kindest man I know and I wish you’d get some of what you give back sometimes. Especially from people you care about a lot.”

He only hummed and nuzzled his head into my neck where he kissed my skin. His hold on me tightened and I leaned my head further back so I could feel his short hair against my cheek.



“Is it true that you love me?”

My entire body froze and my heart beat so fast I could’ve sworn it would burst at any second.

“W-what?” I whispered. My body twisted and I tried to shrug his hold off but he only tightened his arms.

“Niall told me,” Harry murmured quietly, pulling me back closer against his chest. “He said you have for ages. You told him that you were too afraid to tell me. Is that true?”

“Niall he-” I cleared my throat, my mind desperate to catch up on what was going on. I shrugged again and this time Harry loosened his hold and allowed me to move away. My mind tried to think of a story I could sell him that would somehow keep me from loosing my best friend. All because I couldn’t keep my emotions at bay.

“You’re why I broke up with Kendall,” Harry said calmly.

I looked up to meet his shy gaze. When he knew he had my attention he continued:

“Y/N, I couldn’t force myself to try to fix this relationship. It wasn’t working out and it really began to mess with my head.”

I shook my head and willed myself not to cry in front of him.  

“So you travled to Ireland where Niall gave you the perfect solution.”

I took a deep breath and Harry frowned at my words.

“Go get the girl who’s easy and wouldn’t mind being your rebound,” I spat, anger replacing my hurt and betrayal. I couldn’t even decide at whom I was more angry. Niall or Harry.
“Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I am not a rebound for you and how even dare you think that! Using my feelings for you against me like this?!”

Harry moved quickly when the first sob shook me and took my hands in his. His sincere eyes met my teary ones and he reached his hands up to brush my cheeks.
“That’s not what’s going on here, Y/N. Calm breaths, darling and let me explain.”

I nodded, still slightly dazed and he smiled in relief.

“You are the most important person in my life, Y/N. You have been for what feels like forever now. But I didn’t think you felt the same so I didn’t say anything and threw myself into this relationship with Kendall, because honestly, I got lonely.”

He breathed heavily and moved his hands to my waist, holding me less than an arms reach away.

“And I was so unhappy in this relationship with her, because all I wanted is you. You never left my mind, not once and every minute I was with her, I wished it was you instead.”

I pulled a face at that. The situations he might have been in with her while thinking of me came to my mind. Reading my thoughts he chuckled a bit.

“Yeah, in those situations, too.”

“Oh, good god Harry!” I scolded and he laughed, grasping my hands when I tried to push him away. He cleared his throat and coughed.

“When I called you, I hoped you’d say something to indicate that you felt the same. When you didn’t, I decided to travel to Niall for advise and to clear my head. But before that I broke off with her. Niall didn’t tell me anything about your feelings for me while I was still with Kendall, I swear. I broke up because I felt too guilty for lying to Kendall like this and not because I knew there was a possibility that you’d let me have you.”

I swallowed hard, my heart pounding in my chest.

“This is…” I began, taking a deep breath, “a lot.”

“I know,” Harry replied, a cocky smile playing on his lips.

I shoved him back. “Don’t grin at me like that!”

“Why?” he laughed and took hold of my waist again. The warmth of his hands instantly relaxed me as he moved his hands to rest beneath my shirt so he could touch my skin. “I feel such a relief now. Having this out in the open, you know?”

My kitchen felt awfully small though I knew this conversation wouldn’t be half as bearable if it was with anyone else. I pried Harry’s hands from me and moved a few steps away again. His worried gaze followed me.

“Aren’t you happy?”

“I am,” I reassured him, not liking the scared undertone his words had, “But I’m a little overwhelmed, Harry. It wasn’t like I chose to tell you about how I feel. I wasn’t ready. You basically forced it out of me.”

“Just tell me what you feel,” he proposed.

When I didn’t answer he sighed and slowly stepped closer to me.  "Y/N, I love you.“
His voice was soft and his eyes were almost pleading. "Please. You do too, just say it.”

I looked up at him, searching for words before deciding to follow his lead and to just put everything out in the open. After all, he claimed it felt good.

“Of course, I do, Harry. I’ve loved you for longer than I’ll ever admit. Do you need me to spell it out each day for you now?”

He shrugged. “Wouldn’t complain.”

“Stop being cheeky, Harry, you really caught me completely off guard here. My mind is having trouble wrapping my head around all of what you just told me.”

“Okay, I’m sorry,” Harry said and held up his hands, “I shouldn’t have pushed you like this.”

I fiddled with my fingers and hesitated before speaking up again. Having Harry confess his feelings for me had been everything I ever wanted, but now that it had happened I didn’t feel as happy as I had expected to be. Seeing Harry with Kendall had somehow changed the way I saw him. I never saw him as a celebrity, but watching him show off his model girlfriend had shifted my view and now I saw how awfully different we were. He was an attractive and rich artist while I looked terrible plain and boring by his side.

“I just don’t know what we should do now,” I confessed, “Our lives are so different, Harry. Where would I fit in?”

“Right here with me, by my side. Like you always did,” Harry assured and I didn’t fight him when his hands reached for my hips. “Y/N, I love you. I’ll make sure that whatever it is that worries you, won’t ever be a threat to us, alright? M'gonna make you happy, Y/N. Please let me.”

His warm fingers gently massaged mine and his green eyes searched for some sign of consent to what he was proposing. I knew that I wanted this. He was who I wanted for years now and I knew that my need for him would never lessen or disappear.

“Y/N,” Harry begged softly, “Trust me on this.”

I sighed, moved forward and touched my hand to his cheek. I gently scratched the skin before reaching up to comb his soft hair. My lips moved to his, hesitantly at first but eager when I felt him kiss me back. I whined when he pulled away and he chuckled.

“S'that mean you wanna be my girlfriend?”

I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Yes.”

Hope you enjoyed this! Requests and Feedback are welcome! 


The Contest-Part 3

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Gen are divorced.  NO HATE please, Gen’s a sweetheart!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I went back to my life, and promptly forgot about the whole Supernatural thing.  Things were weird between Nikki and me when we first got back from New York, but eventually we got back into our old rhythm.

I even agreed to watch a few episodes of Supernatural with her on her birthday as a special present to her.  I had to admit, Tom… Jared was a pretty good actor.  I couldn’t not look at him when he was on screen.

It was about a month later when there was a knock at my door and the mailman was there with a certified letter for me.  I signed my name and he handed me the letter.   My eyes widened as I scanned the contents.  “Holy Shit!” I whispered.  I grabbed my cell from the kitchen counter and dialed Nikki’s number with shaking hands.

“Nik? It’s me. Can I come over? I need to talk to you.”

“Are you okay, Y/N? You sound weird.  What’s going on?”

“I’m on my way over.” I whispered, hanging up the phone.

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Eren Figures Out "Netflix and Chill" (part smut)

Eren’s eyes widened, his face feeling hot. His PROFESSOR naked on his lap, making out with him. Eren seriously didn’t know what to do. He’s just an oblivious 19 year old lacking any knowledge of sex, kissing, etc. so what is he to do in this situation?

Armin told him to follow his instincts. Eren slowly wrapped his arms around Levi’s waist, moaning softly against his lips. The professor smirked as he ran his hands through Eren’s chocolate-y hair. Levi rolled his hips against Eren’s, causing him to gasp and open his mouth a little. Levi slid his tongue inside Eren’s hot mouth. Eren couldn’t possibly blush more than right now. Eren closed his eyes and sucked on the professor’s pink tongue. Levi’s body shivered in delight as he gripped Eren’s shoulders, letting Eren sucking Levi’s tongue dry.

Eren slowly slid his mouth from Levi’s tongue, some of his own saliva coating Levi’s as his tongue stuck from his mouth like a puppy. Eren looked into his professor’s eyes and all he could see is lust.

Levi wiped his mouth, “for a young man who doesn’t even know most of today’s slang, you’re pretty good at ‘Netflix and chilling.” Eren blushed,

“T-thank you sir. This is … My first time actually.” Eren said nervously. Levi rolled his eyes,

“Well no shit Sherlock, I figured it would be.” Levi said, pushing Eren’s back on the couch, “how about I give you more insight on sex education?” Levi said seductively, unbuttoning Eren’s shirt and revealing his well-toned chest, and a trace of abs. Levi had a small blush on his face, biting his lip, muttering “not bad” as he leaned down and kissed his neck, kissing his way down to his chest, and then goes on to his nipples. He gave his left nipple the slightest lick. Eren gasped, and immediately his nipple turned hard. Levi smirked and tweaked his other nipple with his finger,

“You’re so sensitive… I have to admit it’s quite adorable.” Levi whispered as he then latched his mouth onto Eren’s nipple and started to suck gently, while squeezing the other with his fingers.
Eren’s eyes widened and arched his back a little from the couch, moaning softly,

“A-ah professor- AH!” Eren pleasurably yelped, as his sentence was suddenly interrupted by Levi biting down on his nipple, grinding it in between his teeth, and sucking hard. Eren’s hand slid down to Levi’s ass, squeezing it. Levi let out a small moan as he pulled on Eren’s nipple with his teeth, looking up at him and then letting it snap back. Eren gasped as his left nipple was now a bright red. Levi looked at his chest, and then gave the same treatment to Eren’s right nipple, Eren’s mouth open slightly, letting out cute moans whenever Levi’s hot, wet tongue swirled around his nipple. It just felt so good to Eren, he couldn’t believe this was happening to him.

After Levi snapped back Eren’s right nipple: he looked at his chest again, and both nipples were a bright red. Levi smirked,
“Now they’re symmetrical.” Eren blushed,
“Now I can’t go swimming for a while …” He muttered. Levi rolled his eyes as he moved his body downward in between Eren’s legs. He unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down, seeing an enormous tent in Eren’s black boxers.

“Oh~ look who decided to show up ~” Levi said, smirking as he pulled down his boxers and threw them aside, Eren’s dick springing up, throbbing hard, the top already leaking precum. “Someone’s excited~” Levi teased as he gripped Eren’s dick with one hand and leaned his head forward to lick his tip. Eren gasped as gripped Levi’s hair.

Levi took in Eren’s tip in his mouth, sucking gently, swirling his tongue around the tip. Eren rolled his head back and let out a low moan. Levi sucked, gradually putting more of his length into his mouth, until he finally took it all in, bobbing his head up and down, sucking harder and harder, his hand sneaking down to his ballsacks and starts to play with them. Eren squirmed at his actions,

“A-Ah~ Levi !~ t-this feels weird- OH!~” Eren was interrupted by Levi deep throating him, making slight choking noises. Eren thrusted his hips upward, his dick meeting the back of Levi’s throat. Eren was panting, moaning Levi’s name while Levi gave him the best god damn blow job he ever had.

Eren gasped and couldn’t take it anymore, shooting his hot load of cum inside Levi’s mouth. Levi’s eyes widened on how much he came, and swallowed it all, not leaving a drop behind.

“So good …” Levi muttered as he leaned up and kissed Eren, letting him taste himself. Eren moaned as Levi barged his tongue inside Eren’s mouth again, their tongues battling as Eren took in all the flavor from Levi’s mouth. They pulled away, a string of saliva connecting them, both of them blushing and panting.

Levi then leaned down and started to suck on Eren’s collarbone, as he took his finger and proceeded to stick it up Eren’s ass. Eren yelped in pleasure, not used to being filled up. Levi was leaving marks all over Eren’s neck and chest, while fingering him, gradually adding more fingers; preparing him on what’s to come next. Until Levi reached 4 fingers, he felt that Eren was ready. Levi slowly slid out his fingers, coated in Eren’s sticky precum, sexily licking it off in front of Eren’s eyes. Eren leaned forward for another kiss, but Levi pushed him down on his stomach making his ass stick up high.
Levi sat up and positioned himself behind Eren, his large erect dick finally getting some action.

Levi leaned down and gave Eren’s hole a long, hot lick, lubing him up with his saliva.
“A-Ah, Levi what are you going to do no- AH!!~” Eren was cut off by Levi slowly sliding his long, hard cock inside him, filling Eren’s hole. Eren clawed at the couch, not used to the feeling, “s-shit Levi this … WHY DOES YOUR DICK HAVE TO BE SO GOD DAMN BIG? AH!” Levi shut him up with a spank to the rear, leaving a bright hand print on Eren’s right ass cheek,
“Shut up, you’re ruining the moment.” Levi growled as he began to thrust slowly. Eren trembled, whimpering in slight pain. Levi rubbed his back as he thrusted in and out of Eren.
Eren’s body began to feel hot, sweat forming on his body, moaning, “F-faster … Go faster I-I need it!”

Levi happily obliged as he gripped Eren’s hips and picks up the pace. His thrusts getting deeper and harder, Eren’s mouth open, drool coming out from the side of his mouth, moaning his professor’s name as he clawed on the couch,

“Yes Levi yes! More! I-I want to feel your Netflix deep in my chill!~” holy shit that sounded weird, but Eren didn’t care, and he wanted Levi’s dick to pound him into submission. Levi grunted and thrusted deep enough, finally hitting Eren’s prostate. Eren’s eyes widened, his throat dry, letting out a scream of pleasure,
“FUCK!~ R-RIGHT THERE LEVI- FUCK ME!~ MY ASS NEEDS MORE!!~” Levi smirked as he pounded hard against Eren’s prostate, the sound of skin slapping, and wet grinding can be heard from his next door neighbors.

Eren whined and begged Levi to go harder, his breathing going faster and harder, sweat coating his marked body. Levi was panting hard, gripping Eren’s hips tight as Eren’s ass clenched tight around Levi’s giant dick.

“S-shit I’m close…” Levi muttered as he picked up the pace, Eren screaming loud, his lower half coated with his own precum and sweat. It felt so damn good. To be fucked in the ass by your hot professor, him being the one to take your virginity.
One final slam by Levi sent Eren over the edge as he came all over Levi’s dick, some dripping from his asshole. Levi slammed into Eren’s prostate again, yelping in pleasure as he shot a thick, hot, sticky load of cum inside Eren. Their cum mixing as Levi slowly pulled out, the sound of sticky filling the ears.
Eren panted and collapsed on the couch, his legs numb and can barely feel his ass. Levi’s dick was coated with cum, as did Eren’s asshole. What a hot mess. Levi layer on top of Eren, panting as he kissed the back of his neck. Eren whispered,
“I g-guess you can say this Netflix and chill was … On fleek.“

“Shut up Eren.”
The Coffin in the Hills.

(warning: very long story)

I moved to a new house a few weeks ago. It was a simple two story house in the hills of West Virginia down a fairly residential road nestled between a cluster of looming trees. It had been on the market for a long time apparently, so I purchased it at an almost criminal price. I couldn’t figure out, why, the foundation solid and the interior in amazing condition.

It was at the end of the street, my neighboring residents scattered before me like an audience in a throne room. It was just outside of a small town, a quaint, fairly poor stretch of the state.

I was pleased with the move. I was away from the noise of DC and more importantly, away from the bad memories I left behind. A broken marriage, the loss of a beautiful apartment, and an inevitable divorce. Thanks God I didn’t have any kids.

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Ohhhhh my Goddddddd.

You guys don’t even gfucking kno how fckin long it took me to get this to post with all the italics and the bolded words and I just Jesus Christ it was way simpler than I though t and I’ve been over shooting this whole time and I am just…… overwhelmed. 

This is the fic I was telling you guys about earlier, the one where Dean and Cas are in high school and they sext for the first time. It didn’t come out exactly how I wanted but hey, at least it got written.

There’s an illusion (lmao is that the right word) to bottom!Dean and top!Cas which is just totally crazy since I usually write Cas as the bottom but you know what they say about switching stuff up!!!!!! (I have no idea what they say.)

There’s some humor and fluff and it’s not crazy sexual so don’t be intimidated. It’s about 2.9k words (I had no idea it would end up that long???) and please appreciate it since I took twenty years of my life away to make sure everything was bolded and italicized. Dean’s texts are in bold, Cas’ are italics. I only went over it like once so there are definitely mistakes. Don’t sue me.

@dirtymish, @envydean, @fvckingcastiel, @snowangelcas, @jazz-winchester and undoubtedly someone else who I am forgetting (if I am I am so sorry) ya’ll all wanted to be tagged so here you are!!!

Side Note: It’s literally fucking four A.M. so if I sound drunk or if this fic is just all over the place then that is why I promise.

ao3 link

It had been about a week since Cas had seen Dean and he was totally and utterly done with the fact of it.

Cas’ family had rented a cabin somewhere completely obsolete in hopes of some time together for the winter season, that space between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cas, being a normal teenage boy, had been quite begrudging about the trip, especially since his boyfriend, Dean, would be miles away from him for the duration of the trip.

They had kissed goodbye and Cas had promised Dean it wasn’t the end of the world, even though Cas wasn’t so sure about that. They had both promised to keep in touch, and for the most part they have been, Dean texting Cas or Cas texting Dean sometimes during the day, sometimes at night to say goodnight. So, it’s no surprise when Cas has just finished dinner and is heading off to his room to try and relax alone when his phone buzzes in his pocket. It’s a miracle that he even gets reception, but he’s definitely not going to question it.

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine

hi! so here it is. the storyline is basically that the reader is like a maid at the Joker’s house, mainly she cooks for him. she’s really insecure about her cooking skills, pretty much an awkward girl in general. what she doesn’t know is that Joker’s got an eye on her ever since she started working for him (which is only 2 weeks). it’s short and idk how i feel about it, but i like the story. maybe not the way i wrote, idk man. sorry there’s no gif :(((((

Characters: Jared Leto!Joker, Reader

Warnings: awkward!reader (if that’s a warning), kissing, implied smut 

Don’t drop the plates, don’t drop the plates, don’t drop the plates.

I repeat the same four words in my head as I carry the plates full of food into the huge dining hall. Oh, God, there he is. Sitting right at the end of the long, empty table. Guards in each corner of the room, protecting him. The Crime Prince of the city. His crimson red lips erupt in a grin once he sees me walking towards him. I smile back shyly. Although I have grown quite used to his psychotic behavior in these few weeks, Mr. J is still terrifying me in many ways. His icy blue orbs are always so unreadable and seductive, his laugh so menacing and the tone of his voice so intimidating. God, was I afraid but charmed. 

“My dear Y/N, what have you made this time?” He says as I am now very close to him.

“Something special, Mr. J.” I say as I put the food on the table in front of the man with shaking hands. God, this dish was really something special. I had put all my will and energy to make it edible. I really hope it doesn’t taste like  horse shit or I am probably gonna be fired. Or killed. I was putting so much effort into everything and anything I did in this place.

“And all for me?” Mr. J asks, looking up at me from his seat. I smile.

“Yes, Mr. J.” I say, my voice a bit shaky. His pale hand raises up to my face and he caresses my cheek with the back of it. I try to breath as steadily as I can as he is looking me right in the eyes.

“Sit down, sweet cheeks.” Mr. J says. What? He’s asking me to sit down? Don’t get me wrong, he is quite a nice person, but for my working time here this is the first nice gesture coming directly from him.

“O-okay, sir.” I say, taking a seat not far from him at the table. I put my hands in my lap as he takes the fork and knife in hand. I can’t help but steal quick glances of him eating the food to see what he thinks. Mr. J’s face remains the same and he doesn’t say a thing. That could mean either it’s horrible or wonderful. Oh my. “Is it bad, Mr. J?” I ask, nervousness audible in my voice. God, I probably messed up the sauce. He stops eating and looks at me with a totally unreadable expression. Shit, it’s bad. “It’s bad, oh God, I’m sorry, Mr. J, I-”

“Sweets.” He says, putting down the fork and knife. “Boys, dismiss us.” OH. SHIT. I’M IN TROUBLE. He rises from his seat once all the guards are out the door and stands in front of me. “Stand up, doll.” Mr. J speaks and I obey him, rising from my seat. We are standing so close to each other.

“Mr. J, I apologize if the food is horrible, although I really-” I started to rumble again, an annoying habit of mine, but Mr. J stops me when he pushes his body harsh against mine.

“Shh, sweets, you talk too much.” He says, putting his hand over my mouth and I think by now the fear in my eyes is pretty evident to anyone who looked. “Are you…” Mr. J starts, pushing me onto the table, so now he’s standing between my legs. His face is so close to mine that I can feel his breath on my nose. Mr. J’s eyes are looking right into mine as he says, “… Afraid of me, doll?” Well I can’t just tell him, then he’ll think I’m weak. I stay silent and he grabs me by my hips so roughly I’m afraid it will leave bruises. “Please obey Daddy, doll.” Oh my God, what? That’s a bit disturbing, but.. also sounds really hot when he says it. I’m so weird.

“I’m not, Mr. J.” I speak.

“Oh really?” Joker says, his lips right by my ear, sending shivers all over my body. “Then why are you shivering like a tree leaf, my dear?” His metal teeth bite onto my ear and I can’t help the moan that comes out of my mouth. I instantly cover my mouth with my hand and the Joker chuckles. Chuckles. “Don’t be ashamed, sweets. I want to hear you.”

“Mr. J, w-why are you doing this?” I finally get the courage to ask him. Joker laughs, but not maniacally, and faces me.

“Well, my darling… You see, this doesn’t happen often, but I’ve taken liking in you.” Mr. J says with raised eyebrows. Oh. “And I love to see you in this uniform.” 

I can’t say anything. It is just… Wow. This attractive and intimidating man, the king of crime, takes a liking in me? Me? What could be so special about me? 

All the while I am basically questioning my life, I am staring into the Joker’s eyes. And he is staring back at me.

“Don’t just look at me, sweets. Say something, do something.” Joker urges.

“Mr. J, I-”

“Oh, God, I love it when you call me that.” Joker whispers huskily and leans down to connect our lips. Yes. He’s kissing me. He, Mr. J. 

Takes me by surprise and I writhe around in his grip, but he’s too strong. The kiss is rough, but meaningful. God, this is so wrong. He’s my boss. There shouldn’t be such feelings between us. But I love it.

“Now, doll.” He speaks, disconnecting our lips and leaving me longing for his. “Let’s take things to a more serious level, shall we?”

anonymous asked:

Is t ok for me to ask when she says those those things? I'm not saying it ain't true I've just listen to very little of her music (the weird "big/cry baby X daddy" vibe makes me uncomfortable)

ofcccc yes!!!!

(tw for ableism, slurs, appropriation of mental illness, mention of rape/sexual assault/csa/pedophilia, misogyny, slut shaming, mention of food, death/murder, abuse, mention of suicide under cut)

(sorry @ mobile users)

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You try and leave him

Hey there, I just got things idea like 10 min ago, so let’s see what’ll happen.

Written in first person point of view.

A/N: It’s very long wehey.

As I walk from my car to the restaurant, I’m swarmed by paparazzi. Being with Harry for six years makes it seem normal, but still just as unsettling as the first time it happened. I put my sunglasses on my nose, and keep my head down, as one of them yell:

“Hey Y/N, are you pregnant?” another one continues: “Does Harry know about the baby?” I press my lips against each other, to stop myself from yelling: “I’m not fucking pregnant, mind your own fucking business.”

“What does Harry say about you cheating on him? And with you being an alcoholic?” another one yells in your ear. You couldn’t keep up with the rumours, but apparently you’re both a cheater and an alcoholic if you’re a married woman and seen leaving a club with a male friend. Harry knows and trusts you and Zach, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks on a Saturday night.

“Harry used to date hot girls, what made him change his mind?” one yells while shoving his camera in front of me. I tighten my fist, and bite my lip.

I finally reach the door to the restaurant, and hurry inside. Harry’s sitting with his phone at our usual table in the back corner. I feel my stomach clench, as I make my way to the table, seeing his long curls, and soft lips curl into a delicate smile, a smile that I could easily break. 

I know him all too well, I know all his flaws, mistakes, insecurities and soft spots. If I wanted to, I could break his heart before it finished with it’s next beat.

I know it by heart, but the thought of meeting his eyes with mine, make my hands grab for the menu when I sit down across from him.

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Smoking Buddies

“We’re never gonna quit it.”

A yawn escaped from my lips. I was in my roof; on one hand there was a joint, on the other, a bottle of vodka. I couldn’t feel anything, it was all numb. I tried to feel the burn sensation that vodka used to cause me, but nothing. I tried everything that came into my mind, but not even the pot was helping. 

For a few more minutes I didn’t move. I kept sat down, watching the sky as I exhaled the smoke. I couldn’t see almost any of the stars; all I could see up there were the city lights. Somehow, I hated that. I had always loved laying down to see the stars, it made me feel so small but so big. They were small but I was even smaller so I could see a lot of them. I know, it just makes no sense.

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You’re his older girlfriend and one day you call him oppa (GOT7)

“JB: -he looked kind of confused- “why did you call me Oppa? You’re my Noona”

Mark: -he found it cute he guessed you didn’t mean it but you called him oppa- “I wish I was. I like the way it sounds coming out of your mouth”

Jackson: -he found it adorable because most people thought he was older anyways- “Noona I like it but that’s not proper”

Jr: -he was weirded out by it he never wanted you to call him that- “no please don’t say that. You’re my noona keep it that way”

Youngjae: -it was weird but he liked it and he didn’t mind it if it became a common thing- “you can keep saying it you’d like noona”

BamBam: -he was inlove with it the way ‘oppa’ flew from your lips was amazing to him- “say it again please noona. Oppa likes it”

Yugyeom: -he knew you were joking but was surprised you said it- “noona don’t call me that”

anonymous asked:

Can I request a Dean scenario? Like the morning after a one Night stand with him and you have a small crush on him. But he don't know what his feelings are towards you. With a bit fluff please ;-;(why does it sound like I'm ordering ice cream?)

DEAN: Fluff Scenario

The Morning After

           If you had told yourself a year ago that you’d be waking up naked in Kwon Hyuk’s bed, you would have asked your friend to smack some sense into you. Kwon Hyuk was every dream girls’ guy. He had ungodly handsome features along with the most gentlemanly personality. He put the sweet in sweetheart and the throb in heartthrob. But Kwon Hyuk was also inaccessible. In the past year that you had the honor of knowing him, you had yet to even hear a whisper of him having a girlfriend. Some even thought he could be gay.

           But as you wrestled around in your sleep, slowly waking up while the memories of last night came flooding back to you, you remembered that Kwon Hyuk was far from gay. He knew his way around a woman’s body and god! You were blushing in your sleep by just thinking about it. Before you awoke fully, you relished the feeling of him against you one last time, knowing that those sensations would likely never occur again.

           A soft humming finally pulled you from your slumber. Peeking your eyes open one by one, you subtly lifted your head to check your surroundings. He was the first thing you saw. With his back to you, his bare back for that matter, you watched in adoration as he hummed to himself, a mug of coffee in his hand while he stood by his window, watching the sun rise. Could he be any more majestic? Seriously, he was like something out of a romance novel.

           As if he felt you stir and wake, Kwon Hyuk glanced over his shoulder at you. Every worst case scenario popped into your head at that moment. Now he knows you’re awake, what if he throws you out? What if he glares at you in disgust? What if he lets you down easily by saying what happened last night was mistake? Okay, so that last scenario would be preferred but was it so wrong to hope that he’d ask you to stay?

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TSK: Hiccups x 1 year

Saw a 10 year old kid today. Young fella has seen multiple doctors for “hiccups” (Urgent Care, Pediatrician, ER), has been prescribed antacids and antihistamines, has been referred to GI (no appointment for another 4 months) Mom and dad are frustrated: “It’s NOT hiccups, we keep trying to explain, his tummy muscles jerk and a sound come out of his mouth and his jaw flops opened and closed, but it’s just NOT hiccups.”

And I agreed with them. The kid (rather obviously) has a motor/vocal tic disorder, possibly Tourette’s (if the workup through neurology and psychiatry doesn’t turn up any organic causes for his tics). But if I had agreed with the previous doctors’ notes, agreed in my head before entering the exam room, I would have interpreted his mannerisms and vocalizations as a (kinda-weird  and uncoordinated) hiccup.

Today, in my Urgent Care, the best thing I could do for this boy was to avoid automatically jumping to the same diagnosis everyone else has made. The only thing he and his parents needed (for now) was for someone to observe, keep the differential broad, ask questions from a different angle, think outside of the “box” created by his previous doctor visits.

I didn’t write him a prescription, I didn’t scope him or lab him or admit him. I just looked and listened and thought and recognized and recommended. And his mom left my Urgent Care so happy to have a name for it and a plan to pursue.

They left, and I started writing up his note with a trace of smug satisfaction… and I got the hiccups.

altheaknorka  asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman and remembering her from their missions together for Hydra.

“We sure could have used your help in the battle of New York too!” Tony exclaims as both the Avengers and the Carol Corps enter the Quinjet.  

“Oh. Yeah. We had to decline.” Col. Monica Rambeau says, barely looking at him. Col. Carol Danvers explains: “Yeah, sorry. Busy cancelling an Incursion.” Bruce and Tony blink. Carol pauses, then rubs her forehead: “I can’t remember the technical term, sorry. That thing when Planet Earth from an alternative universe is obliterated, and the Earths of two adjacent universes collide with each other, destroy their respective universes and threaten our dimension, know what I mean?”  

Tony and Bruce exchange confused looks: “Er… no?”

“Well, that’s because we did our jobs.” Monica smirks and fist bumps Carol.  

“Wow.” Tony grabs Fury’s sleeve as he passes by: “Hey, Nick, why didn’t you ask these ladies to be part of the Avengers Initiative?”

“I did.”

"Aw, you mean, we weren’t your first choice?”

“Tony.” Nick Fury pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs. “You barely even made the list.”

Carol and Monica turn their attention to Rhodey and gently tease him. Their youngest ally, Kamala Khan - who is dressed from head to toe in the colors of Captain Marvel - fires questions at Bruce and Tony.

Jessica Drew ignores all of them and walks straight to the very end of the Quinjet, where Bucky is sitting, hands deep in his pockets, eyeing the Avengers and their new allies with equal wariness. Jessica croaks something unintelligible at Bucky. He nods. She sits down next to him. She crosses her legs and stares at him expectantly. He lowers his head but keeps his eyes fixed on her. Her hands are shaking. She has this weird, hesitant smile of her face.

Suddenly, Bucky yelps and springs up. Rhodey has his gun out of the holster. Monica and Carol go in combat mode, their hands sparkling with energy. Tiny, protective Kamala throws herself in front of Tony and Bruce.  

Bucky presses his hand over his mouth and tears start running down his face.

Jessica wants to say something, anything, but no sound comes out of her mouth, so she eventually opens her arms and to everyone’s surprise, Bucky steps in her embrace, lets her cradle him as she shakes her head and murmurs: “For years, I thought you were my imaginary friend.”

“I remember you”, Bucky says. He smiles through his tears. “I know you. You…”

He looks at her teary eyes and beaming face, and it all comes back to him: Dr Drew’s baby daughter, Dr Drew’s twisted take on the Black Widow, Hydra’s very own spider, Hydra’s princess… the toddler babbling to him, parroting Hydra songs, and falling asleep under the Winter Soldier’s chair, her first wobbly steps around his cryogenic chamber, her light taps on the frozen glass as her father described to her the marvel of eugenics, needles as thick as her arm, the day she first crawled up the wall and the smell of electricity that hasn’t anything to do with the wipes…

“You…” Bucky gulps. He remembers it all and yet she is standing before him, a SHIELD jacket on her red and gold suit, a wide grin across her face, her eyes glittering with pure joy and relief. “You found a way out.”

“I did.” She extends her arm towards his face, refrains from touching him, but curves her hand in an affectionate gesture above his cheek.  "I sure did.“ Her smile grows even wider, "We both did.”

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Hey you! I really enjoyed win it all - thank u for that advice about that free month Netflix 😘 I also love to watch that movie over and over again cause my name is Eva too and its unreal for me hearing Jake saying my name + it makes me feel many emotions- is that weird? :D anyway, thank u!

Yayyyy I’m so glad you liked it!! You’re more than welcome 😙

And no worries, I completely understand! Not to be that kind of person (I totally am, shhh), but anything that comes out of his mouth sounds hella sexy to me, so yeah, I can imagine the feeling hahah