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Matt on Team Voltron

Part 2 for the Matt and Shiro/Matt headcanons @faerybound and I came up with! Part 1 is here

After Matt is rescued

  • Shiro and Matt just spending time together in Shiro’s room, talking and just kind of relearning everything about each other since they’re both different people now so both are going to have to come to terms things are different and can’t be exactly like it used to be
    • Matt has changed from his time in the labor camps and likely having to find ways to survive possibly on his own if Mr. Holt died or he couldn’t find him  
    • Matt also walks with a limp, has a streak of white in his hair and his hair is longer
    • Shiro is different from his imprisonment, being a gladiator and now from leading team Voltron
  • Hurt/comfort between Shiro, Matt and Pidge if Mr. Holt didn’t survive
  • The team would also do their best to be supportive but they didn’t know Mr. Holt like the three of them did
  • Team Voltron is very welcoming of Matt
    • Hunk makes him a nice proper meal and is supportive teddy bear big brother
    • Pidge tells him about all the adventures they were on to get to him
    • Shiro watches nearby protectively but happy everyone is welcoming Matt and would also be a person who offers some place when everything is too overwhelming
    • Lance just bombards him with puns and embarrassing things about Pidge. He also catches him up on all the pop culture references he’s missed
    • Keith is probably quiet and watching like Shiro until Pidge brings him up in a story and encourages him to say something about what happened eventually it turns into him making fun of Lance and the two would reenact battles for Matt
      • Bonus: Keith worries for Matt and teaches him a few basics to help keep him safe
  • Coran practically adopts Matt, taking him under his wing and wants him to feel at home and a part of the team, he gives him a space uniform similar to his own but in orange for Matt to wear
    • Matt once asked Pidge to give him a haircut since he assumed Pidge knew what they were doing: “You did a good job with your hair! You can help me cut mine.” “…If you say so Matt.
    • This ends with Coran finding them and having to cut Matt’s hair short to salvage it from what Pidge had done
    • Matt also loves working with Coran and loves to listen to his stories and learning about Alteans because any information he would know of them would be other aliens saying they were a myth or negative things from the Galra
  • Allura is just as enthusiastic with Matt, she is space mom  she would be supportive and want to make sure Matt is adjusting well to his new room and with everyone, she’d make sure he knows where everything is and to avoid the cryochamber because that place is kinda creepy and could unsettle Matt
    • Bonus: Allura would also be like: “Okay so if you want to laugh at stuff, watch Keith and Lance in the maze” and if you want good food to to Hunk and if you’re looking for an intelligent conversation obviously go to Pidge and Hunk and sometimes Pidge is really sassy to Lance so if you want to listen to that, that usually happens around dinner
    • Also she tells Matt if you ever needs reassurance or if the rest of space squad is too much go to her or Shiro space parents can handle it
    • Allura is just really good at knowing all this stuff
  • Before Matt gets a haircut Lance would get him and Pidge confused all the time especially if he sees them from a distance since they look so much alike
    • As revenge Pidge and Matt mess with him and answer by each other’s names
    • They still do that after Matt gets a haircut

Matt on Team Voltron

  • Matt is likely a tech advisor, he could have a similar skill set to Pidge in engineering, though he could very well have learned in the fields of science as well since he and Mr. Holt were supposed to study the ice sample for signs of life I assume from the first episode
    • Because of this he often says: “For science!” this may or may be done right before he does something silly involving new tech or experiments he’s working on
  • Matt also learns to help with the Castle’s security system
  • Team bonding now includes Matt
    • Getting him to eat while attached to everyone else
    • He and Pidge just spending time together on top of Green, Pidge is telling him about all the stuff at the garrison and their trip to find the lions and the weird sloth thing they encountered
    • “I’m a pilot now, too”
    • Big brother Matt so proud of Pidge
  • At first Matt is the only one Pidge allows to call her Katie
    • Regardless of Pidge’s orientation Pidge prefers to be call Pidge and likes to be called Katie by Matt because it reminds her of good times when their family was together
    • Once Matt starts to feel comfortable on the team he calls her Pidge
    • He likes the name thinks it suits Pidge nicely
  • Matt sneezes really loudly, once Matt sneezed in the room with the crystal and the noise traveled through the vents and he startled Shiro all the way in the training room

Language/Culture Lessons

  • Coran teaches Matt how to read and write the Altean language so he can operate the ship with ease though Allura and Coran decide to give everyone a crash course of Alteans
    • Shiro is model student
    • Lance and Keith occasionally disrupt the class because Lance keeps throwing stuff at Keith
    • Hunk does his best to take notes but is slowly losing his sanity due to Lance and Keith’s antics
    • Allura just facepalms while Coran is talking away not noticing a thing
    • Matt and Pidge take notes and listen well (Pidge also doodles Voltron) though both end up getting distracted, asking lot of questions to the point they were veer the lecture off topic because they’re just so curious they want to learn so much, they also pass notes and doodles during the lesson

And done! I just really love Matt so much and want him to reunite with Pidge. I WANT MATT TO BE HAPPY.

  • Mahiru: You're right, Kuro.
  • Kuro: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?

you know I always fucking hated the Fade in Dragon Age: Origins and wondered why it was there

then I realized

It’s not supposed to be there.

The Fade is a seemingly pointless 2 hour dungeon in the middle of another dungeon that advances no plot elements and is literally there for seemingly no reason. Everyone hates it cause it has entirely new mechanics from the base game and is in the middle of an already long dungeon.

Upon encountering a Sloth Demon the party is trapped in a dream and has to escape, with the Grey Warden breaking everyone from perfect dream-like worlds (with some exceptions)

Which seems weird for a Sloth demon.

Meanwhile, to save the Arl’s son from the demon possessing him (which is usually why you’re in the Mage’s Tower, the dungeon the Fade dungeon is in, in the first place), you have to enter the Fade and kill the demon possessing him.

Said demon is a Desire Demon, but there really isn’t anything to the sequence beyond parlaying with the demon and maybe fighting it


this sequence is optional

you can always choose to kill the Arl’s son rather than do the thing where you go into the fade to fight the demon

The Fade was originally that sequence and they realized people might skip a 2-3 hour section of unique game they made, so they moved it to the mage’s tower and force you to do it

and how successful was it? Well, in addition to being the number one quoted area in  “When you want to play a game but then remember that one area and don’t want to play it anymore” threads on 4chan

One of the most popular mods for DA:O, which hit the week of release for the PC version, was to let you skip the Fade.

Bravo Bioware.

Title: To Sleep in Your Arms
Fandom: Servamp
Characters: Mahiru, Kuro
Summary: Kuro, unable to sleep, just wants Mahiru to go to bed with him. He doesn’t see what the big deal is, it’s just time to sleep. Right? KuroMahi-ish.
Notes: Something fluffy and silly tonight since I broke too many hearts yesterday.

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