weird shit on the internet

plan a: punch it plan b: blow it up plan c: panic

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the signs as pop punk songs

aries: flagpole sitta, harvey danger

taurus: fat lip, sum 41 

gemini: longview, greenday

cancer: my happy ending, avril lavigne

leo: i write sins not tragedies, panic! at the disco

virgo: decode, paramore

libra: sugar we’re going down swinging, fall out boy

scorpio: helena, my chemical romance

sagittarius: the middle, jimmy eat world

capricorn: cute without the e, taking back sunday

aquarius: flavor of the weak, american hi-fi

pisces: ocean avenue, yellowcard

every time i read a post on here about some weird shit going on with internet subcultures and i have no clue what you’re talking about i get a little more powerful

anonymous asked:

Do you have any suggestions for podcasts?

A general list in no particular order:

  • Welcome to Night Vale [you probs know what this is]
  • Sawbones [weird medical history i.e. drilling holes in skulls, a mcelroy production]
  • I Don’t Even Own A Television [two dudes read shitty books, START WITH THE WILD ANIMUS EPISODE OKAY]
  • Oh No Ross and Carrie [two people try out weird shit like aromatherapy and soylent and scientology]
  • The F Plus [nerds read weird internet shit like sonic fanfic forums, can be VERY hit or miss, if you are a sensitive soul you should probs avoid]
  • Throwing Shade [straight lady and gay dude discuss the news and also mailchimp]
  • Stuff You Should Know [see title]
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class [see title, again]
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me [the mcelroy brothers give bad advice]
  • 99% Invisible [it’s about design? and stuff? IT’S REAL FASCINATING]
  • Lore [spoopy shit, sometimes hella debunked but w/e]
  • The Truth [radio drama, no continuity, IT FUCKS WITH ME BAD]
  • The Thrilling Adventure Hour [old timey radio drama, different shows, extensive continuity]
  • Judge John Hodgman [john hodgman judges dumb friend/family fights]
  • Limetown [radio drama, continuity, short, SPOOP AS HELL]
  • The Message [radio drama, continuity, short, shitty ending imho but good overall]
  • Mystery Show [lady solves weird little mysteries, only six eps ever, the belt buckle one is the best]
  • You Must Remember This [old time hollywood gossip]
  • Whistlestop [politics, history, you might be sick of this shit by now]
  • The Adventure Zone [mcelroy family plays DnD
i never thought people can get weirder antic than this

can i express how i am getting on the wild side of this world for a moment? i mean–

1. this looks okay until i saw the whole page

is this for kemomimi for children with handsome animal? hmm nope

okai a handsome horse… wait what?

*in handsome senpai voice* “do you… want a carrot?”

girl: …’re handsome boi but i’m not a vegan nor horse

what kind of carrot do you mean really? im not sure…

2. even in your wildest fantasy do you ever think you will get kabedon by a horse while he propose you as his owner?

*bad boi horse dents the wall*

girl: “o m g  i’m getting kabedon by a horse kyaaah~!”


3. your horse is the smartest animal that ever known, you never know if your animal can talk in human language and play a band set right?

girl: “mai kokoro is beating so fast im in love with my horse boi he is so hot im getting on his saddle hump hump kiddie yap ahh~!”

they made clear exclamation about the game: 

weird wonder of a human-faced horse 

So please guys tell me why I’m on the weird side of the internet ever again?

Holy shit

A trans woman with whom i’m friends on facebook posted a picture of herself wearing a necklace that says cunt. I was immediately appalled and was relieved that someone else commented to say that they were offended/it was insensitive. Cue a tpn or people piling on and calling this woman a terf, a cunt, etc, while also saying at various points that she clearly didnt suffer like the trans woman did and that the trans woman probably got called cunt way more often. Then “cw: terfs in the comments” was added to the picture. The trans woman btw has only begun transistion in the past year and most days has a beard..she also told me one when we were hanging out that she was only “doing this” (transitioning) because “gender is bullshit”. Sure, gender is bullshit. So is using your trans status to tell women that they cant talk about or be offended by slurs specifically targeted at women..with vulvas, or “cunts”. Im not going to post the whole comment thread because it is extremely long and headache inducing. While the woman who spoke up is trying to be overly respectful and nice, there are like five people repeatedly calling her a terf, telling her to fuck off or shut up, etc etc. It is really gross, especially the comment the op left about how she totally gets harassed more for being a woman than the “cis” woman. It’s especially frustrating because i used to hang out with this person and had to stop hanging out with her because shit got weird fast. Now she’s just another internet bully using her perceived oppression as an excuse to shit on any woman that doesnt coddle or worship her no matter what.

Every Moment Of My Life Is Waking Agony ; a list of tumblr onceler roleplay blogs

some of you might remember back when the lorax was released, there was a flurry of attention around the onceler, the films vague antagonist.

as a purveyor of weird internet shit, i soon noticed that there were roleplay blogs popping up based around the onceler. however, they wanted to interact, and so each individual onceler gave themselves some sort of different feature. they started off normal enough, but soon turned into some of the weirdest shit i’ve ever seen.

in the height of this bizarre fever, i compiled a list of nearly 150 specifically unique and often weird onceler roleplay blogs, and promptly forgot about it for a good amount of time. today i’m releasing this list.

i regret nothing.

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why do people talk to about weird internet politics shit? are people supposed to care about anita or sargon? maybe im just a contrarian butthole

It’s a ripe laughing zone and they want to know if I have laughed about it yet. They are offering gifts.

i’m glad i’m living in the year 2017 as still a relatively young person.  there’s an undercurrent of panic to everyday life, the world being the way it is (media, politics, weird internet shit, all of it), but i can’t imagine how much worse it would be to be an old person trying to figure out what the fuck is happening

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Can we please talk about how i have no air cause i laughed my ass off and cause they look fine as hell and how weird and gross they are but how much i love them and that they're not afraid to be weird and shit on the internet!!!

let’s talk about all those things!!!

just reminded myself of jon rafman’s shit ass music video for oneohtrix point never and how he basically did just “oh am i weirding you out?” by grabbing whatever ‘weird net’ shit he could from fmtownsmarty, fucking gurochan,and a hodge podge of other’s people’s videos and acting like he’s on the bleeding edge for jumping into other people’s net communities and waving shit around like he discovered fursuiters in bondage. just fucking trying to waltz his ass over to the moma or some shit waving around a deviantart animaniacs OC or the like, doing absolutely nothing interesting with his recontextualization, just popping out some boring ass “are you weirded out yet? huh?! there’s weird people out there!” like it’s 2005 and we’re still boggled by the thought of inflation fetishism

like roy lichtenstein for internet folx, just as hollow, just as unwilling to have his own ideas, and just as dismissive and condescending of the very material he cribs from, refusing to engage with the material he finds or the cultures cultivating it as if they’re actual folx of their own or are artists of their own and aiming for celebration for being a guy who basically functions as a living reblog of a “weird internet” blog shit to a video installation

i get heated about this tired ass hollowness, this engaging with the strange from a “oh aren’t they fascinating, but my showing this to everyone else is much more fascinating than they are” angle, this voyeurism with no sincerity and absolutely no creativity, a barton fink motherfucker who’s looking but not really listening

i can’t stand the lack of engagement, the inability to appreciate strangeness as it is and people as people, the inability to be sincere and see the strangeness in yourself, existing wholly as a voyeur who Knows Better, Somehow; the idea that being Awfully Smart And Important and showing off someone else’s work makes it more valuable than the person doing the work in the first place, as if it wasn’t art or creation before it touched your hands

2032 some motherfucker gonna be getting applauded in an art museum for taking someone else’s Biker Mice From Mars foot fetish fanart and putting it in a frame - “he saw this weird shit, and he showed it to us! brilliant!”

as if the person making it wasn’t communicating something themselves, even in a format like fucking Biker Mice From Mars foot fetish fanart posted to the internet, which shows more baring of the self than so many, even if it’s in a “low art” fashion

i can’t stand that attitude, that condescension, that idea that because you engage with the weird without “being” weird (a lie, often, told to the self), it makes how you present it inherently better than how it originally was

this probably wasn’t a necessary post at all, but i get heated. i just know some motherfucker soon enough gonna trace some furry art from 1999, slam it in a frame, and call themselves brilliant

roy lichtenstein ass motherfuckers who don’t appreciate anything but themselves