weird shit going on here

Hey, uh. Don’t demand stuff from me. Especially from my own au’s. Thanks.


Skip Muck (feat. That one thing we all pretend didn’t happen) + text posts (4/?)

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

i’m just gonna say this, then i’m going to sleep: i’m tired of people treating kara like a kid in fanfic. sleeping in her sisters bed, between said sister and her girlfriend? it’s weird. maggie and alex in fic treat kara like she’s 12, not 26

people can write whatever they want, i know i don’t have to read it etc. but it’s just, why do people do it? i genuinely want to know because i really don’t get it

Imagine Emily Prentiss, living in Paris, having access to some of the nicest coffee in the world, and instead repeatedly dragging herself to a hole in the wall bar in the afternoons on some back street because their coffee is so so bad it reminds her of the coffee pots in those out of the way police stations back in the US, and sometimes when she closes her eyes and inhales, the smell it feels like home. 

Something shady is going on around my house over here guys. Weird shit’s been going for 2 nights straight now. Idk what it is but it’s odd. If it happens again tomorrow, I’m going to investigate because someone is trying to be sneaky. =~=


Things we learned about Lapis in Kindergarten Kid:
1) She likes reading
2) She likes reading Manga, I guess
3) She knows how to read Earth writing somehow???? How??? She hasn’t had time to learn??? Did Peridot teach her while they’ve been together on the barn?? If so, I want that scene ASAP. Answer me damn it!
4) She’s so used to the weird shit going on around here that she didn’t even react to Peridot’s bubble.