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i was laughing with someone recently about “tumblr user unpr*tty” and this seems like a good time to remind people that there is literally no point in censoring yourself if you wanna talk shit because i can’t vanity search, if i try it’s nothing but tlc lyrics and a k-pop competition of some kind. this is also why you have to @ me if you wanna show me something and we’re not mutuals.

1. “holy shit, you’re real.”

Grocery shopping in the middle of the night was your favorite thing to do. No long lines. No screaming kids. It was peaceful and you managed to get everything that you needed to without stressing out.

You only needed a few items. Yogurt, milk, eggs, your favorite poptarts along with some other things.

They were playing a song from the 80s on the overhead speaker. You hummed along as you pushed your cart towards the cereal aisle. You needed your Lucky Charms.

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Friend Things
  • whispering inside jokes/memes during a time when you’re supposed to be Serious™
  • driving nowhere in particular while you try to figure out what to do
  • the “Default Hangout”
  • differing ideas of acceptable movie theater behavior lead to threats
  • ordering from the appetizer menu at 11pm
  • “can we please have separate checks?”
  • borrowed sweatpants
  • the likelihood of sharing food is either 100% or 0% there is no in between
  • “did I leave ______ at your house?”
  • texting each other your weird dreams (capslock optional)
  • using parents’ first names (is it a joke? who the fuck knows)
  • tag-team storytelling 
  • only the shittiest finest jokes 
  • it’s anyone’s guess what fuckery is gonna happen if you make eye contact in public
  • passing the phone
  • aux cord fights
  • why get up if you can just throw the thing to whoever needs it
  • putting on a movie to appreciate while you talk over it

It’s weird. Every time I meet an internet-friend in real life, my mind keeps their online persona and their human form somewhat separated. It feels like they’re separate entities with the same memories. Like their human form is a diplomatic envoy sent from a conscious web-based nation-state. I always like both versions of the person. But they feel different. It’s like re-meeting a childhood friend after years of remote contact and careful remembrance, or meeting a friend’s parents’ and seeing the resemblance, learning where they got their nose of facial tics or tone of voice from. You recognize the person, you do. It’s just also a little uncanny. 

Just a nice reminder

That internet friends are real friends.
You met them on Facebook?
You met them on Tumblr?
You met them on Wattpad?
Even Roblox?
A random game on internet?
No matter where you met them, they are real friends. It’s not because you can’t hold them that they are not real.
Your parents don’t agree?
Your real life friends think it’s weird?
We don’t care. If she’s making you happy, we don’t fucking care about opinions.
Internet friends are real friends. Even better friends than real life ones.

the most Me thing about Me is that it’s two months until my birthday and i’m like “25!!!! GOTTA BE HUGE!!!!!!” and the other half is like “who’s got time to plan? not me. someone just send me a plant, that’s fine. i’ll eat an extra roll of cookie dough and call it a victory when i’m gripping my stomach in gastronomical agony.”

This is Super Silly but someone (EDIT: It was the Absolutely Amazing kaiyaru!) in Cherry’s stream made a joke about us being our own Mystery Trio and I just had to doodle smth for it!

SO cherryviolets, crispystar, and I, ready to investigate!

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I'm trying to learn more about ethics when it comes to culture, so will you answer my question? I understand the deal with the older brother/older sister thing, but do you think it's annoying when we use it in different context? For example, when there are subs and they use x hyung or x-ah. Or in English sentences such as "The hyungs really take care of their maknae really well" where "older brothers" and "youngest" don't flow well in the sentence. Sorry if this question sounds insensitive.

I mean in sub things for dramas and TV shows it makes sense but when you use it in real life it’s weird, I’ve had friends call me Kai-ah or stuff like that and first off they aren’t using it right and it’s weird cus they aren’t Korean? It’s more understandable for subs because that’s what they are actually saying but when people use it in real life… It’s weird.

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spooky prompt: clarke is big huge pregnant and bellamy paints her belly like a pumpkin and octavia's babies are fascinated

the SPOOKIEST aka the FLUFFIEST. Thanks Kels!!

[AO3] [FFN]

Summer is clinging on with a death grip, which means it’s nearing Halloween and the temperature is in the nineties.

Clarke is due in a week and a half, and she’s already suffered through June, July, August, September, sweating through day after day of excessive heat while she gets slower, bigger, rounder. She feels like it is not too much to ask for autumn to act like autumn, damn it, and cool the hell down. 

Little shrieks of delight reach her ears, and she cracks an eye open to watch Eli and Nora run around the backyard as Bellamy joins her on the porch swing. 

“I tried convincing them we could play pirates and mermaids in the bathtub if they came in for bath time,” Bellamy says, draping his arm around her shoulders. She leans her head against him, even though he’s too warm and the air is sticky and hot as it heads toward sundown, and the baby turns in her womb.

“Which would you be?” Clarke asks idly, tracing patterns on his thigh. 

“Mermaid, obviously.” 

Clarke smiles into his chest. “Obviously. Did it work?”

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You and Dylan were dating, he’s an actor for the extremely well known show, teen wolf. You are also an actress, you played Riley (the main character) on the show Baby Daddy. Dylan and you really liked to keep the relationship on the down low because we all know how messy celebrity relationships can get. He would pick you up at the airport whenever you flew back to LA where you two lived together after a movie or press conference and you did the exact same to him, it was always hard to see him walk away from you but you always knew he’d be back soon. Pictures were always taken of you two, hugging and kissing hello or goodbye. You two were literally too cute to be true. Everyone in both show’s fandoms adored you two as a couple.

One night after your tiring day of shooting, one of your friend Lucy Hale decided they could drive you home tonight since she worked at the same set loft as you, you were getting back to the home you and dylan shared, you decided to check on twitter and instagram and all that jazz as your friend drove you home. You scrolled for a couple minuets when one of your best friends texted you, Holland Roden. She plays Lydia Martin on Teen Wolf. Even though it’s a bit weird shipping your real life boyfriend’s alter fictional ego with your best friends character you did it will all your soul and mind, you were a hardcore stydia shipper, you smiled as her named popped up onto the screen. You slide to the message on your iphone. 

She texted , “Hey my lovely, I just needed to tell you something really important, can you call me what you get this babe ?xo ”
You quickly called her as soon as you could, hoping it’d be more good news rather than bad/serious news. It rung for a little and she picked up soon after, 

“Hey holland, are you okay?” you asked worried.
“Yeah, hey, yes I’m alright but I mean I just needed to tell you something, I just don’t know how, I can’t…(y/n)..I’m sorry.” She stuttered.
“babe, what’s the matter ?” You started to get even more worried. 
“…(y/n)..i’m so sorry to tell you this but i believed you deserved to know, the other night we had a season final wrap party, I know you couldn’t go because you had to film for BD and that’s totally fine…I mean like..I wish you could have went but…I just think that maybe…” she tried to choke out some words you didn’t really understand what she was saying, 
“holls, are you alright? You’re starting to scare me?” Lucy looked to you with a raised eyebrow and you shook your head to assure her that everything’s okay. 
“(y/n) at the wrap party the other week, Dylan…Dylan was really sad that you wouldn’t go…so he had a bit more to drink than usual and he might have, accidentally…i’m not sure, okay. He…he kissed this girl, the girl who plays Malia on the show now, you know…Shelley Henning…it’s been bothering me all week and I would have thought he told you by now and–” tears started to drop down your cheeks as the streetlights passed by through the dark car. 
You stopped her from continuing, you couldn’t take it any longer,
“Holls, I know..he already told me, it’s alright, everything’s alright.”
You lied with a raspy voice,
“oh thank God, okay love…I hope you’re okay…It didn’t mean anything I promise you.” She assured you,  
“yeah i know thanks i need to go now, bye love.“   you quickly hung up and threw your phone in your bag, you tried to re-assure to yourself that you weren’t mad because obviously Dylan was drunk and he didn’t know what he was doing but the more you thought about it, the more angry you got, they more pain you felt. 

You finally got home and you got out of the car and said thanks and goodbye to Lucy, hoping that she didn’t see your tears in the darkness of the night.
You lid your keys into the keyhole, turning it gently, and knowing that you’ll have to confront him right here right now after you walk through that door. 
You get into the house and you find Dylan passed out on the couch, with the Mets game still on TV and two coffees on the table with a dinner that you must have missed by coming home late from work. You stared at his adorable face, you couldn’t lose this, all because of one drunken kiss. 

He woke up and got up from the couch to make his way to you and greeting you with lots of kisses, once he heard the door close, "Hey babe, you’re finally home?” he perks up and looking alive and happy to see you. You give him a small smile as he kissed you on the lips. He notices that your eyes have been a bit wet and a little red, and wipes away your tear stains that remain on your cheeks. “What’s the matter? Are you alright (y/n) ?” He grabs your hands tightly, with a worried look on his face. “Yeah…” you whisper, “I just needed to ask you something…” you held his hand an took him to sit on the couch with you. 

“So…tonight…I…someone…told me that” You tried to speak but tears just started to spew down your face, you were always an ugly crier. Dylan pulled you in to his chest and held you close, still extremely confused about what’s going on. You caught your breathe and you spoke once again with confidence, “dylan…i need you to be honest with me…did you…cheat on me…the other day, at the wrap party? ” you looked straight into his eyes, knowing this boy is hell of a good actor but never a good lair. 
He looked to the ground, and you knew the answer right away. Your heart strings tore as your heart broke (theoretically speaking). He nodded in shame, his eyes grew with tears. “Y-y-yes, I did cheat, and, ” he tried to speak as his tears grew into larger amounts, as you see his eyes water over and over,
“–I’m so sorry (y/n)…I should have told you…I just…I didn’t want to lose you…or lose us…I didn’t mean to hurt you like this…I would never hurt you like I am right now…I’m sorry.” he let go of your hands and buried his face into the palms of his hands, knowing that he quite possibly in a couple of seconds could be losing his world, you. You surprisingly weren’t as angry as you were before, you were upset that he had been unfaithful to you but you know that he never meant to hurt you. never ever.  He looked up at you, now you were sitting at the farthest place away from him you could on the couch with your feet tucked in close to you and your eyes blood shot by now. 
He choked out with the gentlest whisper, “please…please (y/n), don’t leave me."  he cried. You scoched closer to him and rubbed his back gently, 
"babe ” you sighed, “ I’m not going anywhere.” He looked up, finally giving you some eye contact, with his sorry puppydog eyes, and embraced you so tightly you swore you felt that he hugged you tight enough to ensemble your heart pieces back together. You laughed, “babe, i know you didn’t mean it but please i don’t think my heart can ever take the pain you just put me through for the past 50 minuets of my life.” He chuckled, and tackled you with a billion kisses, “ I’m not going anywhere, we’ll get through this.” you whispered to him. “I’m really sorry (y/n), never again I promise, the only girls i’ll be kissing from now on are you, and in the future, if we get a baby girl, you know…” he winked. 

You laughed as you sipped your cold coffee, you weren’t going anywhere.

I’ve seen people doing these so I thought I’d give it a try! I’ve hardly had anytime to do any art recently and it’s been driving me insane, but looking at my progression this year actually made me quite proud. Thanks for all the support, you’ve all inspired me so much and kept me going, from getting my art seen by Dan and Phil to meeting my great friend Meg ( @lestericalphan ) in real life!

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I think your kind of a try hard, like Oh I love travelling and I'm Weird, you probably don't have any friends in real life and like most people you act popular and cool on tumblr sorry but it's true

honestly I don’t give 2 shits what you say about me because you don’t know me, so think what you want. Yes I love traveling, i’ve been to all 50 states in the USA, and 8 different countries. Yes I am also weird. and finally yes I have real friends outside this website, how can you judge me if you don’t know me whatsoever. Also when do I ever act popular and cool on tumblr? Really? Tell me when because clearly you know everything about me. 

If you don’t like me, don’t follow me. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how standing up for what we believe in has probably destroyed some of our friendships and caused weirdness between friends we see in real life, or we aren’t even comfortable discussing it with them.  I just want to say I’m really thankful to have such an intelligent, lovely, and loving community here. Thank you all for being my friends that I can actually talk to about the things I care about and will fight for. <3

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I've always had a hard time making and keeping friends and now I only have one who will even message me for more than five minutes and it gets tough because I know she's too busy since she has school and whatnot so I've been alone a lot lately and I doesn't help that I'm home alone more often than not. I guess what I'm trying to ask is how can I make some new friends that I can talk to so I don't feel so alone all the time and don't bother her so much.

Maybe you can make some new friends here :) just start talking to someone :) I know it sounds maybe weird but sometimes are people here better than ‘friends’ in real life because they understand us better