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Maya Headcanons
  • During her younger years back in The Abbey the Monk always kept her locked up in her room in fear of her getting curious and wanting to leave, but to make it seem like less of a prison, they’d have special servants give her food and books to read when she’s bored.
  • Maya wasn’t allowed to wear colorful clothes or have hair, because they thought they were “uncivil” for a siren. They gave her the same robes all monks wear and made sure to shave off every inch of hair on her head.
  • When Maya came to Pandora her hair grew pretty fast. At times she’d cut it herself, which is why it’s so spiky on the backside.
  • Maya hates being thanked/praised for her siren powers because it reminds her of The Abbey. There’s times where she wishes she didn’t have them at all.
  • Maya is fluent in three different languages.
  • Maya is left-handed.
  • Maya absolutely does not understand the concept of romance or why people make such a big deal out of it. She believes a relationship is when two people feel completely safe around one another and can be themselves without judgement, and that’s all there is to it.
  • Maya gets slightly annoyed by Zer0′s silence, Salvador’s sloppiness, and Axton’s narcissism, but she never lets them know.
  • Maya has never had a real birthday party, or knows what a birthday party is.
  • As for Gaige, Maya makes sure she doesn’t get too cocky during tough missions, but her eagerness to take on Pandora reminds her of how she was when she was 18.
  • She may not look like it, but Maya can eat 20 times her body weight.
  • There’s been times Maya would engage in arm wrestling contests with the guys. She always wins.

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