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Episode IV: The Temple of Boom

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In today’s episode your intrepid hosts talk archery, furniture shopping, the merits of arson versus just wearing a scarf, the politics of bed-sharing and why you should always write down your ideas.

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When they were defusing the bombs I couldn't help but visualize them working for the government dressed in srss bssnss suits saving the world from utter destruction

mmmmmm dan and phil as secret agents….my kink………a weird plug but here is the best fic in the world…..with dan and phil as secret agents………food for thought…


So I found this really embarrassing picture of me on my Facebook today, so I thought I would share it as a throw back Thursday type thing lol
Me on the left 110 pounds and a lot of hair ago my senior year of high school
Me on the right about 2 minutes ago and almost 4 years later

So I got that USB Krillin...

And I guess they fixed their mistake from the website because he is in normal-ish clothing. I guess it is supposed to be his Orin Temple gi? It’s still way off! 

He splits right at the neck. Weird, I know but….

PLUGGING HIM IN THE SIDE OF THE PC WAS A MISTAKE, LMFAO. Look at that stupid smug little grin he sports just hanging there. 


 @uglydbzmerch, check it out! :P


here, have a weird game….

Bored now so I’m going to try listing off some of my fandoms but in the crappiest way possible
  • Unemployed 20-something goes around punching people, gets a Roomba.
  • Seven criminals at large and a princess walk into a bar.
  • Mecha Space Furries.
  • Two French furries can’t recognize each other in plug suits.
  • Catch weird animals, force them to fight, have balls.
  • Boy goes around hugging rocks and sings.
  • Twins go on a camping trip and get harassed by imaginary Dorito.
  • DC but more overrated popular.
  • People of Color(s) have guns.
  • Superhero nerd accosts his idol, takes his job, cries.

I listed them in the tags in case any of them weren’t clear.

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komahina where hinata catches komaeda preparing the setup for his own death in chapter 5 pleaseee i'd really love to see your take on that!!

Sure thing! I’m just gonna warn you guys, those, this is both graphic, and I’m also not 100% satisfied with it. I tried really hard to write this, but it was also really really hard for me to do, both because of the subject matter and because I’m unsure of characterization in this scenario. I might rewrite it someday, but I did try very hard, and I hope that shows and comes through.

Obvious CWs for #Suicide, #Self Harm #Gore & Blood

He was running around, just like everyone else, looking for those fucking bombs…! Fucking Komaeda, he couldn’t believe he was doing this. He’d known he was crazy, he’d known he was a jerk, he knew he looked down on him because of his reserve course status…but he hadn’t expected him to do this of all things. Bomb everyone, just to eliminate the traitor…! Maybe he had really lost it, though, from all the stress of all of this. He had mentioned deceit, distrust, and death in his motives for setting up the bombs. Admittedly, if all of the things he had said happened to him really did happen…well, maybe he couldn’t blame him for losing his sanity.

That didn’t mean that threatening to blow up everyone was fucking reasonable, though.

As he was running along the fifth island, he spotted Kuzuryuu rushing in the other direction, looking as though he was looking for the other students, not bombs. He was about to call out to him, to ask what was up, but he was already too far away. He glanced at the warehouse, and ran up to one of the doors.

Komaeda wouldn’t hide his bombs in that big factory…that’s too obvious. So instead, he checked the door off to the side…but to his surprise, it seemed locked. Had Kuzuryuu not checked here, then…? Well, he decided to. Someone had to, after all.

He banged into it, and it gave way after two tries. He could hear music playing, weirdly enough, but it was when he looked in that he got really surprised. He saw a bunch of those ugly Monokuma Panels falling. Instinctively, he grabbed one, stopping it from knocking into the next one. He looked throughout the room, but he didn’t see any bombs, or anything that looked like a bomb. He did see an MP3 Player, though, and he quickly turned off that music that was honestly a contestant for the most painful thing he’d ever heard, next to Monokuma’s voice. As he looked around more, he saw a thick black curtain that just screamed ominous as he looked at it. Is it behind there?

Carefully, he stepped up to it. If it was a motion sensitive bomb…he could make it go off by flapping open the curtain. That thought stalled him for a few moments…but then he heard something from behind that curtain, something that sounded like…muffled screams?

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