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“There’s no way I’m ever going to end a movie on a negative note.” 

ㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ — John Hughes (1950 - 2009)

the first season of the attack on titan anime makes it seem so straightforward like, okay, creepy naked giants, kill them, find the basement, find out where these giants came from

but then im readin the manga like? the king wants to eat eren? assassination?? the true heir to the throne wants to FUCK a titan??? if IM a titan and UR a titan then who’s flying the plane???? weird psychic mind control bullshit????? cult conspiracies????????? far future alternate universe?????? THE WALLS???????? overthrowing the government and monarchy????? if IM an ackerman and UR an ackerman then who’s watching eren???????? no one is watching eren. why did we let eren out of our sight

Have you ever noticed how every fantasy setting gets weirder as you find more obscure lore about ancient history of the world, the deities, the fabric of the cosmos. That wholesome adventure of fighting goblins and dragons with a magic sword is actually taking place on planet in a galaxy of weirdness on the material plane adjacent to realm of shadow and nightmare fuel and fabric of reality hangs on the edge of destruction every other decade, but somewhere there’s a guy selling vegetables and is none the wiser.

love, rosie sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “take a deep breath. start at the beginning.”
  • “well, you’re at a disadvantage being a, you know, a virgin.”
  • “god, you’re so fucked up.”
  • {text}: your face is annoying me.
  • “i know we’re not officially talking but i need help with my tie.”
  • “boy-girl friendships can be very complicated sometimes.”
  • “that was one the most embarrassing moments of my entire pathetic existence.”
  • “is it crazy to think like that?”
  • “what about _____? have you told her?”
  • “keep in touch, okay?”
  • “you’re turning out to be more interesting than you look!”
  • “it’s a girl, if you must know.”
  • “being a girl sucks.”
  • “i’ve been sent to play fairy godmother.”
  • “it’s time to realize that you’re here with us.”
  • “you dreamt you were an inanimate object?”
  • {text}: i miss you, _____. please come visit, ok?”
  • “why can’t you drink? if that’s not a rude question.”
  • “i’m glad you’re fine because i’m not!”
  • “you thought i was jealous of you? no, i pity you!”
  • “i wanna meet her. i’m her dad.”
  • “has anyone ever told you that you have the most amazing eyes?”
  • “you should see her little face light up when he walks in the room!”
  • “i just want to belong to someone.”
  • “is that lipstick you’re wearing?”
  • “that’s how fucked up your life is.”
  • “i never got to say goodbye.”
  • “so keep chasing those dreams, darling. for my sake.”
  • “how can someone just…not be there anymore?”
  • “i just need to know one thing. are you happy with him?”
  • “you deserve someone who loves you with every beat of his heart.”
  • “every time something goes on in my life, all i have to do is look at yours and it puts everything into perspective.”
  • “maybe we’re just not meant to be.”
  • “your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life.”
  • “_____ kissed me.”
  • “if you reject him now, he’s gonna make his life’s mission to meet the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world just to try and get over you and end up marrying this other woman and spending the rest of his life with her. and, you know, tell himself that she’s perfect, he really must be happy. but she won’t be you.”
  • “your father would be so proud of you.”
  • “so i had this weird dream on the plane over…”

IL-28 Nigerian air force

Irony- IAF ME-109

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter. (I guess it really does fight freedom now).

Kraut B-17

Luftwaffe P-38

Swiss captured B-17

Israeli Mig-23, from Iraq.

Luftwaffe spitfire.

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter.

Soviet F-5 Freedom Fighter.

Swede P-51

US Su-22

Irony- IAF pz 4

Vietnam peoples air force captured and operated F-5, with I think a sky-raider in the background.

Jap cap b-17

Yank Mig-15

Yugoslav P-80

Yank Me-262

US fishbed. I think

Turboprop equipped B26 AEWAC in Communist Chinese Markings

Tu-4 (B-29 copy)

Captured BF109, used by Polish 318th squadron.

G4m, USAF markings

DPRK 500E.

- This is a post of captured, unusual, or just little known aircraft used throughout history.

All is captioned to the best of my ability.


A/N: Whoa. I still exist. Sorry about the season-long writer’s block guys, yikes. Ok anyways you can thank dear Kumi ( @mellifluous-melodramas ) for getting me inspired enough to start writing again. She wrote this badass Unseelie!Seb fic and it brought me back to my Iron Fey days and I was so impelled to write something of my own that here I am. Writing nearly 2.5 thousand words in an hour. A personal record. (It usually takes me four-five hours to crank out that many)

Song Inspo: Across the Stars by John Williams

Pairing: Bucky/Reader

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Bad writing? 2.5 words is a lot in an hour my friends…

My prompt: You are a kid’s imaginary friend. He’s growing up. You’re fading away.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a fluffy Joshua scenario? Thank you so much for writing all of these and for your wonderful blog ^~^

- you and joshua are neighbors
- you both live right next to each other, but surprisingly….. you’re not close at all
- you acknowledge each other from time to time of course, whether it’s saying hi when you catch one another outside the house or nodding at each other in the school hallways
- but aside from that…. you just know him as your cute next door neighbor or your classmate joshua hong
- one morning, your friend asks you if you could get her one of those club application papers
- she can’t do it herself because she’s already running late that morning, like she’s running to school that very moment
- you successfully grab a paper for her, and you wait patiently for her to get to class
- she rushes into the room five seconds before the teacher enters, and you hold up the piece of paper and give her a thumbs up
- she mouths “thank you” and you’re about to get out of your seat to give it to her when the homeroom teacher enters the room and says “everyone, in your seat”
- you gesture to her that you’ll give it after, but the teacher suddenly says “okay, i’ve been instructed to pick up the club applications today. i’ll be picking them up at the end of class, and i’ve been told i can’t accept any after that”
- your friend just looks at you with wide eyes, while you try to figure out how to get it to her since you’re on opposite ends of the classroom
- any normal person would pass it around and tell them to get it to your friend but no, you know what you do instead?
- you turn the club application form into a paper plane and launch it towards your friend while the teacher isn’t looking
- you watch it fly across the room and instead of reaching your friend
- it hits joshua on the head
- startled, he jumps in his seat and looks down to see the paper plane on the floor
- he picks it up and looks around the classroom with confusion written on his face, stopping when he sees your surprised expression
- your mouth stays wide open in shock even when he points at the paper plane, and you mouth “sorry!!” while pointing over to your friend sitting next to him
- joshua just smiles and nods his head, and then he passes the paper plane to your friend who thanks him for it
- at the end of class, your friend successfully gives in the paper and they apologize for all the trouble like this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t decide on their club last minute
- but you just shake your head and tell them it’s completely fine
- later that night, you’re doing homework in your room with the window open because the night breeze feels so nice
- halfway through doing your math homework, something hits you on the forehead and you let out a yelp of surprise
- while rubbing the painful spot on your forehead, you look down to find a paper plane lying on your desk
- you pick it up with confusion on your face, and then you look out the window to find your neighbor joshua laughing from his room across from yours
- he gestures for you to unfold the paper plane, and when you do, in neat hand-writing says, “that’s for earlier”
- you gape at the paper, and after quickly jotting down a response, you send it flying back
- joshua catches the plane and laughs at your response, which is “i’m so sorry again!!! i didn’t mean to, are you all right??”
- he writes something down, and sends it back with “i’m fine, there’s not much a paper plane can do to me :) is your forehead all right though?? sorry for hitting it!!”
- and for the next few minutes, you both communicate via paper planes
- the conversation goes from school to actual introductions, and you realize that this is your first real conversation with joshua
- “i’m joshua, but i’m sure you already know that lol. you’re (name), right?”
- “that’s me! so tell me, is math keeping you up too?”
- “nah, i managed to finish the work in class. the english essay’s a bit of a pain though”
- you both exchange paper planes, until joshua tells you he’s going to head to bed since he has to prepare for a long day considering club activities start tomorrow
- you tell him it’s fine, and after sending him the “good night” message, he smiles at you and closes his window
- you go back to doing your math homework, but during quick breaks, you can’t help but read through the paper planes again
- you thought that the paper plane thing was only a one-time thing, but no
- the next night, joshua sends another one over to you right when you’ve just entered your room after eating dinner
- “hello, neighbor :) how was your day today?”
- you smile as you grab a pen and write “joshua!! my day went fine. the cooking club wasn’t all too bad actually. which club did you join?
- “cooking club sounds fun!! i joined the music club. i met really cool people there, our class’ vice president jihoon is actually in that club too, did you know?”
- the planes fly from one room to the other (save for some that unfortunately missed the window and crashed to the ground), and you actually feel sad when you realize how late it’s gotten
- you tell joshua you have to do your homework, and he says it’s fine since he should probably get started on his too
- you say good night to each other, and you get to work, but your mind is clearly elsewhere
- the funny thing about this whole paper plane thing is that neither of you ever brought up phone numbers or social media accounts
- neither of you talk to each other in class either
- there’s the occasional good morning and hello, but aside from that, not really
- it’s like the only way for you both to actually get a conversation going is to send paper planes, and weird as it is….. you’re fine with it this way
- you guys will of course have talk to each other in person one day, but for now, paper planes will do
- the conversations eventually turn into a 20-questions type of game, and learning so much about joshua…. it feels nice….. he’s not just “that cute boy next door” or “model student joshua hong” or “mr. nice guy”
- he’s a friend
- “so joshua, any dreams?”
- “this might sound weird but…. i’ve already kind of dreamed of becoming an idol?? to be able to share my music with everyone, to be able to make others happy with my singing…. it’s just a dream though ^^ you?”
- “it’s a wonderful dream!!! hmm well….. i really just want a happy life, like we all do. a life where i’m always surrounded by my friends and family. that’s all i could hope for. it’s simple hahah”
- “but it’s a good dream nonetheless :) now it’s my turn to ask, isn’t it? how about we get to the smaller stuff? what’s your favorite color?”
- “really, joshua? LOL”
- it’s become a habit, really—your day is incomplete if you don’t send or receive at least one paper plane
- and you both may or may not have grown interested in the things the other likes
- never mind that you cried during each of the anime movies joshua recommended to you, or that you started listening to 2bic, or that you suddenly started craving kiwi ice cream
- and it’s not like you saw a bag of your favorite candy in joshua’s backpack, or that one time he came to class with your favorite kind of tea, or that one time you saw the album cover of your favorite artist on his phone
- you’re both just trying new things, right?
- your friends have been telling you how much happier you look these days, how livelier you’ve become
- and somehow, you’ve convinced them and yourself that the reason is “summer’s here!! how can i not be happy?”
- but after days of denying it, you FINALLY admit to yourself
- that you’ve fallen for joshua
- maybe it’s because he always sends over a paper plane with kind words on it when you’re feeling down
- or that he doesn’t mind staying by the window to help you with your math homework
- or that he’s just so kind and thoughtful and funny and….. he just….. makes your rainy days a little better
- you’re shaking with nervousness while writing on your paper plane to joshua, and he definitely noticed this because he sent you one before you could send yours
- you unfold the paper and read “(name), are you all right? you look a bit uneasy”
- you look up to see joshua standing by his window with a worried look on his face, pointing down at the paper plane you’re working on to let him know he’ll be getting a response soon
- you’ve only written a sentence, but it’s a sentence that could make or break your entire relationship
- you gently fold your paper plane, take a deep breath, and send it flying over to joshua
- you watch nervously as he unfolds it, and you know it’s over when you see him freeze
- “joshua… this might sound weird since we’ve hardly ever talked in person, but… i think i like you”
- he probably read it about ten times in his head before looking up at you, and you tense up when you have eye contact
- but then
- he looks down, closes the windows, pulls the curtains, and
- that’s it
- you walk over to your bed and sit on the edge, burying your face in your hands because what have you done
- your relationship was perfectly fine, and now it’s ruined, all because you let your feelings get in the way
- you leave your window open, not even caring if bugs crawled inside the room because MAYBE you’d wake up to a paper plane on the floor
- but the next morning, you find nothing
- you look out the window to find joshua’s windows and curtains in the same position as the night before, and your heart aches a little
- you frown the entire walk to school, and you take a deep breath before walking into your classroom because you know you’re going to see joshua
- the second you step into the room, you both have eye contact
- but he’s the first one to turn away
- this ruins your mood for the rest of the day, and you haven’t regretted something this bad in a while
- the day goes by painfully slow, and when it’s finally over, you’re so glad you don’t have club activities that day because you just want to go home and die in your room
- but while you’re walking, something suddenly hits the back of your head
- you turn around to see joshua standing a few feet away
- you say “joshua? don’t you have music club—?”
- he cuts you off and says “that doesn’t matter right now”
- he then walks over to the paper plane lying on the ground, picks it up, and holds it out to you
- you take it from him, slowly unfold the plane, and you break out into a smile when you read the words written on it
- “i think… i like you too, (name).”
- you look up to see joshua smiling shyly, and his cheeks are tinted pink as he says “i’m sorry for not replying last night….”
- you jokingly say “you should be. i hardly slept because of you!!”
- joshua laughs at your response and says “i guess i owe you something then, don’t i? there’s this new restaurant down the street we could try out if you’re not busy this weekend…”
- you nod your head, smiling, “it’s a date.”

thank you for your request!! ^^

  “Oh sorry Anti, I forgot you can’t see any color but green.”

Fuck off Mr. I can’t smell anything even if it’s right under my nose!”