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For the first time, I’ve found someone I hate leaving. I’ve found someone that I can’t get enough of. I’ve found someone that accepts me for who I am and doesn’t tell me I need to change. I think I’ve found someone who I can fall madly in love with.

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would it be weird asking for your pinterest? i rlly want to see that mcgenji board! :v

OH, sure! here it is

im really bad at pinterest and i had no idea u could delete captions/descriptions and its too much effort to clear them out so, sorry for those ,

Reasons to get out of bed

1) you can take a shower and ooo aaa that’ll feel so good
2) you can eat some food
3) you can change into clean fluffy socks and cute hoodies
4) you can use that bath bomb in the back of your closet
5) you can brush your teeth and then not be gag when you smell your breath
6) you can FaceTime with a friend/significant other
7) you can cook some weird Pinterest treat
8) you can play with your pet, I bet they miss you
9) you can paint your nails or even just clean them
10) c'mon Jared Padalecki just wants you to be happy

Lazy Days/Days Off (Marvel Preferences)

orange is the new black will be the death of me


Warnings - none

*GIF’s aren’t mine*

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Days off with Steve were rare - If you weren’t working, he was. If he wasn’t working, you were. So, every so often you would both call in sick with a mysterious illness, stick on Netflix and curl up on the sofa with blankets. Usually, you’d managed to convince him to watch one of your favourite shows, but sometime he would protest against the usual episodes of Gossip Girl or Breaking Bad, and you’d end up watching something completely random like a weird British comedy or a documentary about how badgers build homes. 

Tony Stark/Ironman

Tony wouldn’t let you go a week without having a day off. Even if you had an important meeting on said day, he would go all I could buy your entire office and build a theme park on it just because I can on your boss’ ass. So, usually on a Monday, you’d end up sat in front of the huge TV with pop corn and a content boyfriend, watching Transformers.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Some days you would wake up and Bucky would refuse to let you get out of bed. He gets into moods where he just wants to stay in bed and hug you all day, and sometimes you just gotta let him do that. You’re not complaining, because he’s like a giant hot water bottle, and if you get overheated, he has a damn freezing metal arm.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

When Bruce spends nights and nights in the lab, he’ll go for ages and ages without sleep. When he finally crashes and passes out, you’ll go with him. When he wakes up, you’ll just lay about and watch episodes of Big Bang Theory and order Chinese food.

Thor Odinson

Thor gets tired from constantly going between Asgard and Midgard. Sometimes, he’ll turn up at your apartment and will literally just crash into bed next to you. You’ll give him a few days to rest, but will spend time together. He’ll tell you stories from his latest battles with weird extra-terrestrial creatures, and you’ll talk about the latest stupid thing that Tony has done.

Loki Laufeyson 

Loki pretends that he doesn’t need days off in an attempt to prove his worthiness. But, every so often, he’ll just stop giving a shite and will ignore any responsibilities. He’ll silently pick you up from whatever it is your doing and will carry you to the sofa, flicking on the TV, without a single word.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

You and Clint are the damn gods of stereotypical Tumblr lazy days. You’ll do everything from making pillow forts to trying weird ass Pinterest projects. Your kitchen is filled with unusual items such as DIY chandeliers and Sharpie-decorated china. You have quite a few days off, as evidenced by your vast collection of Pinterest fails.

Sam Wilson/Falcon

You and Sam don’t really do much on days off. Why? Because you sleep through the whole damn day. You’ll wake up at 11pm, wandering why it’s dark out. You’ll wake Sam up and have something to eat, before passing out again.

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Days off are the one day you can get Pietro to slow his ass down and settle for a bit. As long as you’re next to him on the sofa where he can hug you and curl up next to you, he’ll gladly sit anywhere and watch whatever film.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Honestly, everyday with Wanda is a lazy day. She’ll refuse to get out of bed before midday, and will do everything groggily until she has coffee. After work, you almost always watch Netflix for hours on end, until the ungodly hours of the morning. You’ll then go to sleep, and repeat the process the next day.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

A day off for you and Natasha is usually spent around the city. You’ll sure as hell have a lie in, but sometimes you just need to get out the house. You’ll go for coffee in Central Park or go shopping, or maybe see a film.

My friend ( @happyjasmineflowersuggested that I try using a gif making website because our squad was having a lot of fun making gifs, so I kinda drew these small sketches to test out the website:

I think if you paint khezu yellow, and stick some pine cone bits on it, it somewhat looks like a seregios. I don’t know what I’m drawing… It’s 2am now…

I don’t even like khezu, but I kinda like drawing it. 

This looks like some kind of weird pinterest DIY project to make a seregios from a khezu.

Consider III

•totty making fun of atsushi for barely ever being online but really like half of atsushi’s account is just pictures of todo
•atsushi sometimes feeling nervous before a Big Presentation so totty either calls him and talks to him or sends cute pictures so that atsu can feel a bit better
•when todo goes running alone atsushi always asks him to message before and after so that he knows todo is okay
•atsushi doing weird projects from pinterest when he procrastinates work
•totty being messaged every one of atsushi’s new project turnouts
•"that’s nice atsushi-kun but why would you need a mason jar chandelier"
“Well now i can store my jellies in a colorful arrangement atop the ceiling”
“Just do the damn report”
•totty not wanting to ask atsushi for a ride too often in case atsushi thinks he’s taking advantage or smth meanwhile atsushi looks forward to their car rides and would call off work in a heartbeat and fight his boss for a road trip
•atsushi having some phase in his life that he regrets (like a ‘rawr xD’ level cringe) and finally, years later, when he least expects it, totty finds an old facebook photo
•the apartment or w/e that atsushi lives in having like some cool inherited shit like some old samurai swords or paintings by an esteemed artist worth thousands of dollars but no, totty is instead enchanted by the instant coffee maker and the mini fridge under atsushi’s work desk
•atsushi sometimes gets the urge to write sappy poetry abt todo and a couple times he’s gotten pencil to paper but he’d never have the courage to actually show it
•on the other hand, totty has literally always been like “eeeh? but atsushi-kun you’re handsome and smart, you can do whatever you want” “its so amazing how you can keep on task at work for so long… so dedicated” “haha i dont see how the ladies at work dont all fall in love with you, youre such a charmer” just off-handedly while atsushi internally combusts
•todomatsu sometimes laughing so hard when theyre together that he snorts and gets embarrassed
•throwback to the bad poetry, sometimes in normal conversation atsushi says sappy things and totty mocks him, but totty actually loves it
•"atsushi-kun, do you like sunrises or sunsets better"
“hmm… well, even though the sunrise represents new beginnings, i think sunset is life in and of itself. with darkness comes light, and the realisation that beyond illusion we are still as safe as we were before. it isnt a sunrise that renews or protects us- rather, love”
“you realize that you could’ve answered in like 5 words, right”
“but i like to sound thorough”
“no you like to sound like a hallmark card”

Favorite Matriarch

Is it cheating if I say all the women in Reply 1988? Because that’s exactly what I’m going to say.

pic source: pinterest (weird source this time…thanks Google)

Add on the fourth mom in the series, and they’re a set. These ladies were all AMAZING, and the episode focused on motherhood was so so so touching. All of them are unique, but what ties them together is their love for their children and their families. They work so hard, but also aren’t afraid to have fun; they look out for each other and are always there to listen and lend a helping hand; and their gossip is so much fun. The writer fully fleshed out each and every one of them, and that’s what makes this Reply installment so amazing. They felt real, and constantly reminded me of my own mom and how thankful I am for her. 

So while I could totally pick a single mom to focus on, I wanted to give special attention to this show for having more than one awesome mom character. Because that’s how it should be. And because they are all absolutely hilarious.