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twilighteclipse20  asked:

What would be the Mercs' reactions to modern-day internet and memes and the likes.


Soldier: orders 500 MREs and all day watches videos in the weird part of youtube. doesnt even know what a meme is but keeps making them.

Heavy: Skype nearly makes him cry. he can actually SEE his family and talk to them to. has a little lap top way to small for his hands and carries it around showing his family to everyone and introducing them,

Demo: SO many phone calls from the FBI because he keeps googling ‘how to make a stronger bomb’ and the like.

Spy: old man trying to use a fancy computer. types with his index fingers. 

Scout: shit poster. his facebook profile pic is a cannabis leaf unironically decorated with Blingee.

Sniper: gets really into nature videos and Netflix. has the best wifi so he can watch blue planet in a tent. 

Engie: has one of those youtube channels where he puts stuff in a compressor just to see it break.

Pyro: Edge lord, keeps flipping bottles, vine star, becomes god of youngest generation


It’s very important that everyone should be reminded of this video’s existence every five or six months.

You know, somehow knowing the lyrics actually makes it even more deranged. That’s actually kind of fascinating.

what your favorite dont starve character says about you
  • Wilson: makes too many dad jokes and laughs before the punchline
  • Willow: likes really hot showers and eats spicy food to prove their dominance
  • Wolfgang: watches wrestlemania for the sweaty men in skimpy clothes
  • Wendy: jokes about their own emotional problems through shitposts
  • WX-78: sends memes to their friends at 3:07am and surfs the weird part of youtube
  • Mrs. Wickerbottom: drinks hot tea when stressed and loves scented lotion
  • Woodie: actually enjoys going outside and has breakfast food for dinner
  • Wes: has no soul
  • Wigfrid: eats too much and fantasizes about being punched in the face
  • Webber: never kills the spider and wants their friends to be happy
  • Walani: listens to chill music and laughs at weed jokes
  • Warly: is someone just trying to get by and stay positive in this terrible world
  • Wilbur: can never watch movies where the dog dies
  • Woodlegs: wants the old spongebob episodes back
  • Maxwell: reads nsfw fanfiction in crowded places
  • Charlie: loves movies that have sad endings and generally loves to cry



Director AU

Your Siblings Are Friends



Punk Edits

Birthday Date



Dan Doodling On Your Arm

Cute Babysitting moment

There’s Only One You 

Domestic Discussions

Surprise Vacation


Book Signing

Christmas Eve Surprise 

His Warmth

The Delivery Boy


Christmas With The Family

First Laugh

Halloween With Young Phil

This Is working for you


Flower Shop

Song Imagine


Tree Decorating 


I Love You


After The Hard Part

Sexy Halloween 

He Has A Panic Attack

Sweet Shower

He Admits He’s Bi

Fanfiction “When’s the last time you kissed someone?” Chapters - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Grumpy Neighbor

Rebuilding Civilization 

No Shoes


Magical Healing

Tumblr Treatment

“Is That Weird?”

Cute Pregnancy Announcement 

He Admits He’s Bi


May The Best House Win

All Four-

I Got The Part - Youtuber Preference

Drunk Calls - Youtuber Preference 


Louis Tomlinson-

I Don’t Fucking Care

Engagement Announcement

Water Gun Fight


Childhood Halloween 

He’ll Never Notice

Maybe You’re Not So Bad Afterall


Harry Styles- 

School Dance

Baby/Valentines Day 

The Bassist

Christmas Cookies

Toy Store 

School Trip

Liam Payne- 

If You Wanted A Kiss You Should’ve Just Said So

When I Look At You

New Dog, New Guy



Sick On Christmas 

Niall Horan- 

Snowy Night

Christmas Engagement

Just Say You Miss Me

The Caddy 

I Love You Too

Christmas Dinner 

1D Preferences - 

“I Can’t Believe You Talked Me Into This” - 1D Preference

Kids - 1D Preference 

His Favorite Thing That You Hate

Body Parts

You Get One of The Other Boys Excited


Zayn Malik - 

Anything But You


I Can Relate

Justin Bieber- 

First Dance

I Only Care About You

Baby Surprise

I Was Lying…. I Knew You’d Be At This Party, That’s Why I Came 

Kid’s Stuff


Together Forever

Stress Relief, Part 1 Part 2 

Christmas Rules 

Tropical Christmas Party

Poem for Dan and Phil    


What could possibly go wrong?


holy crap what have I found

Youtube Related Asks
  • The beginning:
  • 1: Do you remember the first video you ever watched?
  • 2: When did you get into Youtube? What were you doing when you discovered Youtube?
  • 3: First 5 youtubers you ever subscribed to?
  • 4: If you were on youtube before 2009, how different was youtube culture back then?
  • 5: Your source of entertainment before Youtube
  • 6: Any old school youtubers you wished still made videos?
  • Basic youtube asks:
  • 7: Favourite viral video
  • 8: Who are your current favourite youtubers?
  • 9: Do you watch any small youtubers?
  • 10: Any youtubers you watch who don't speak in your native language? Any who do?
  • 11: What type of videos do you typically watch?
  • 12: Any specific type of video you suddenly binge-watched at some point in your lifre?
  • 13: How do you prefer to watch videos (ie. Laptop, Tablet, Phone etc)?
  • 14: Have you gone to the weird part of youtube? What did you find?
  • 15: What sort of thing would be on youtube if it existed 30 years ago?
  • Fandom-y stuff:
  • 16: Have you attended a Youtube convention before(ie. Vidcon/Playlist/Sitc)?
  • 17: Do you ship any youtubers together?
  • 18: Fandoms you're in?
  • 19: Do you contribute to your fandom in anyway (ie. gif making, art, video edits, fics)?
  • 20: Do you know any youtube fans irl?
  • 21: A pair of youtubers that NEED to collab?
  • 22: Strangest tag/challenge you've seen so far
  • 23: Best tag/challenge you've seen so far
  • 24: Did you start making videos? Would you ever consider making videos?
  • Opinions yikes:
  • 25: Opinions on the sexual harassment drama and youtubers manipulating their underage fans?
  • 26: A youtuber you think shouldn't be on Youtube
  • 27: Opinions on Youtube culture and how healthy people idolising youtubers really is?
  • 28: Opinions on projects youtubers do outside of vlogging/videomaking (ie. books, tv shows, tours etc)?
  • 29: Opinions on companies trying to become more 'youtube-friendly' (basically those companies that contact youtubers to incorporate their products/ads in videos)
  • 30: Opinions on Youtube's role in political and cultural movements or human right campaigns (ie. LBGTQ+, 2011 Arab Spring, Feminism etc)