weird oh


“So… when do we start?”
“I dunno, when do you wanna start?”
“Dammit, Steve–”

Anime North 2017, Day 1:
@thesteppinrazor​ (Steve Rogers / Captain America) and me (Sam Wilson / Falcon.) 

Magical Girl Sam Wilson at the end there inspired by @nicoise-salad​‘s Magical Falcon

Hopefully I don’t accidentally weird anyone out. And there are more people but the number limit.
First person is @therapist-anon. And the reason why is because, well, they seem so nice? I’ve talked to them once and that’s it. But from the way that Ortensia and TA interact makes me wish that we talked too. I would strike up conversation but I feel like they’re better than me and I am way to timid to do social shit.
Second person is @mickey-and-the-disney-rejects. We’ve talked times before but not to much. They just seem like a cool, nice person. The kind that would make a great friendship with you, you know?
Third person is @thinner-monster. I have NEVER talked to them (I think. Maybe a side blog of someone I know but idk.) and their muse is just amazing. Thinner Mickey is such a cool muse to have, and they play them to a way I never expected. They made the muse look good, like in a good guy way, because in the games thinner is bad and holy shit they made it look great.

My contribution to the humans are space orcs, it’s probably been seen before but oh well.

So, You guys know about pursuit/persistence hunting right? Where we just follow the prey without stopping until it slows down or drops dead from fear and exhaustion? 

What if when aliens first discover earth, the thoughts of these bipedal predatory omnivores are bad enough but we seem pretty obsessed with farming our food so maybe we aren’t much of a threat.

Once humans are zipping about in space, that’s when they realise that these harmless bipedal omnivorous farmers are actually hunters who just never give up.

If someone hurts their crew, they just follow it for days before killing it. These soft fleshy things are terrifying. These soft fleshy things may not be the strongest or fastest but we are some of the hardest damn things to kill because we just won’t die and if we survive we won’t stop until we get you

We farm things because we can and because it’s easy. Not because we have to in order to survive.

We farm things because we’re too busy fighting each other to hunt for everything.

We stake out areas, we mimic its noises, we stalk it, we put ourselves in danger to kill a food source for fun. 

Everyone who reblogs this will get a pic of Gerard Way in their submissions

I’m not even joking, I have so many.


i draw joseph and caesar casually a lot when i’m bored 

“So what is your role?”

“Oh uh. I’m trained to be a biologist, but am currently a poison merchant.”
“Ah. You humans do not manufacture any biologically, so that makes sense. Is it for defence?”
“Uhm. Not really.”
“For… pest control?”
“Haha, nah. More for <<excrement and amusement>>”
“I think there was a translator issue there. What was that?”
I take it your species doesn’t do the recreational ethanol thing, eh?”
Look bys, its a big thing here. Fancy meals are expected to have a poison accompaniment. We brew poisons to try winning world poison competitions. We mix poisons to try and make them taste as much as fruit as possible, or as strong as possible. There’s Expensive Poisons that have smoked ingredients to taste both toxic AND burning. A bit of an acquired taste, that one.”
“….humans are weird.”