weird oc for weird year!

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Requests? TH!Palette if it is okay! (And I still love your art X3)

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believe it er not…..i actually have ocs sumtimes 

So last year i drew a picture around 3am the night before the first day of school so I thought I’d do it again,, i know y’all don’t know like anything about mitsuko but idk i really love her.

It’s been a little over a year since I’ve had this blog and I know I’m not really active a lot but i just wanted to say thank you to everyone I’ve met on here and everyone who’s followed me this long. I was just getting out of a really shit time in my life when I made this blog and it’s helped immensely and I’m so grateful for everyone on here.

Ellis Trevelyan’s character sheet. This is my main inquisitor and my favorite oc, so I decided to make one of these for him (I had a blast while doing so). There are all of the shitty decisions he makes while being in charge with his sister (who will be getting a sheet as well).

My Miitopia game is very, very progressive

@bookinganimelady, stop stealing my woman!

I married my wife through a series of confusing events, and than gained two more husbands through another series of confusing events! I found myself imposed on a favorite OT3 of mine! We are not making this worse; we are not being bound in holy matrimony!

Our level 21 relationship stays as a friendship. This goes for all my spouses! Even my wanted spouse-who-I’m-still-not-married-to.