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Alyanette date for alyanette april!!!

It’s their first date and they’re having a good time!!

(shh i know alya isn’t wearing the miraculous… it’s probably… like in her pocket or something… also i took the bg from a webisode concept art… so its not mine)

In case you were wondering, here’s my vintage, one of a kind copy of FWN. Complete with sticky goo on the cover. Yes, everyone this is what we did in the early 00s. We made cds for each other, decorated them and gave them out as presents. Totally a lost art today. I recommend it.

Imagine Person A kissing Person B on the neck for the first time. Person B wasn’t expecting it and starts giggling because it tickles.

Someone commissioned a DC villain called Mister Mind. He’s a caterpillar with an old radio necklace. Weird but cool. #heroescon #dc #caterpillar 🐛

Kids, let’s sit down and talk about the worst thing ever.






(Also the edgy arm warmers thingys, sandals, and a weird “cool” necklace? Really? Are we in Hot Topic?)


Dorian Pavus and Yvad Trevelyan, Pirate AU

This is gotta be the picture that I took the most effort..  I am so happy with it!!! :) Time to change the phone background… 

just fUCKING IMAGINE if percy was like jason when he woke up and was in a relationship with someone else and annabeth came on the argo II so excited and nervous to finally see him and she gets to camp jupiter to find him holding hands with a girl no one knows and everything in annabeth just shatters as percy introduces his new girlfriend. and piper feels so bad for annabeth bc annabeth told piper all of her and percy’s adventures and all the near death moments they’ve experienced together and annabeth never thought in a million years she would find someone as right for her as percy only for him to be taken from her against her will. and she finally thinks she has him back after 8 agonizingly long months only to find him taken with nothing but questions about what the weird beads on his necklace mean and what camp halfblood is. and annabeth looks at percy with so much hurt in her eyes but tells him anyways about what each bead symbolizes and she tells him about their home but she doesn’t call it their home anymore, she just calls it a safe place for demigods. and percy just nods along before his new gf comes over and kisses him and annabeth has to hold back the urge to punch her in the face and cry and runaway all at the same time. and the days go by on the argo II and percy is wondering what on earth could’ve possibly happened to this girl that has made her so sad all the time. and finally percy asks annabeth, “Were we friends?” and she has to take a lot of deep breaths that eventually turn into sobs because she looks at percy and it’s true confusion on his face and she can’t put into words that they were so much more, how he looks so much like home but now his eyes aren’t as bright anymore and annabeth can’t stand it. sometimes i get SAD

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So I went to my first rave tonight!  I was expecting to see lots of weird things - candy necklaces, grown adults using pacifiers, the dropping of crazy sick beats.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw in that warehouse - A TEENAGER SPLIT APART INTO TWO KIDS!!!

There’s only one explanation - Steven and his friend were hiding in a specially fabricated bodysuit built by the Illuminati for the purposes of international espionage!

You might have heard of it before under the official name: Project L.I.L. R.A.S.C.A.L. 

Local Illuminati's Latest Really Attractive Spy Concealing Approximated Life-form

It’s a shame because I was totally gonna go ask them to dance… you know, until I learned it was Steven and his friend.

The Price (or Cinder-stiles)

So I went and saw Cinderella yesterday.

And then, because I’m me, I stereked it. With sciles bromance. And then it became almost 11k. I have a problem.




As always on his trips to town, his first stop is the blacksmith.

Not because he ever needs a blacksmith but because Deaton opened his own shop when he was fired from the Stilinski estate and Scott is now apprenticed there.

“He’s just finishing up something,” Deaton tells him as he enters. He doesn’t quite look up from his work but his face flickers into a smile. “Go wait in the back.”

Stiles nods agreeably and heads to the back room. The one time he’d tried to talk to Scott while he was working, they had both ended up with pretty horrific burns. And there may have been a small fire. Granted, they had both been twelve at the time, but five years later, Deaton still doesn’t risk it.

Stiles doesn’t blame him. The small fire had been fairly large.

“Jeez,” Scott says, swinging into the room a few minutes later. He’s already frowning. “Stiles, you look terrible.”

“C’mon,” Stiles replies. “Is that really how to greet your dear friend who you’ve not seen for almost a month?”

Scott pulls him into a rough hug but when they break away, he is still frowning.

“Has she been feeding you at all?” Scott demands and Stiles shrugs one shoulder but doesn’t stop Scott from reaching up to where he keeps his lunch on the top shelf.

“Technically, yes,” Stiles offers. His stepmother always makes sure to leave him enough food so that he won’t technically starve. Just not enough that he hasn’t dropped a considerable amount of weight in the eight months since his father had died. Not enough that he doesn’t dig into the half of a sandwich the instant Scott waves it in front of his face.

“I still don’t think you should stay there,” Scott grumbles, eating his own half at a much slower pace. “You know that you could stay with me and my mom. She worries about you.”

“You know I have to,” Stiles replies. He doesn’t bother to elaborate. They’ve had this conversation before. First, when his ever-so-lovely stepmother fired the entire staff (which at that point, had already whittled down to Scott, his mother and Deaton) and then every time Stiles manages to sneak away for half a day or his chores actually gave him a valid excuse to be in town.

Today it is to collect new parasols for his stepsisters. They apparently don’t have enough money to pay for any repairs to the house or to buy a sufficient amount of food so that he can eat properly three times a day but clothing and accessories, they can afford. His stepmother has a very selective idea of poverty.

“It’s my house,” Stiles finishes, as he does every time. “If she wants to stay there, she’s going to pay a price.”

“And the price is you,” Scott says and he’s smiling a little bit now. Stiles grins.


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Boyf Riends CisSwap: Jeremy in the Bathroom (With Michael)

Jeremy was struck by a sudden pain in his sides causing him to wake up. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he saw that Michael had fallen asleep in his lap during the movie. His legs hung off the side of the couch making Jeremy wonder what else this change had done. Was Michael taller? Was he shorter? He felt shorter but that could just be the pain.
“Hey, hey Michael,” Jeremy said shaking Michael’s head.
“I, uh, I need to use the bathroom again.”
“Can you just stand outside of the door? In case I need…help.”
“Oh, yeah sure. Jus give me a sec…” He rolled off the couch onto the floor before getting up and dragging behind Jeremy who grabbed the Walmart bag before making a b-line to the bathroom.
Michael stood outside the door when he felt himself step on something. Cursing he held his foot in pain before picking the thing off the ground. It was a weird looking necklace with a tiny green stone in the middle. Shrugging he put it in his pocket deciding to give it to back to Jeremy later when he heard a knock on the door.
“I need help.” He cracked the door open slightly allowing Michael to slip in before shutting it behind him. The bloody tissues from earlier now laid in the bin as Jeremy held a pad confused. “How am I supposed to put this on boxers?”
Mr.Heere stumbled in the general direction of the bathroom. He was about to open the door when he heard two voices.
“-I can’t get it on!”
“Well maybe if we try it this way?”
“No that feels weird.”
“Jer, it’s going to feel weird regardless.”
‘Oh, I can come back later…’ Recalling the last time he walked in on his son and Michael he backed away. ‘They better hurry up, I really need to go.’


FEMALE AWESOME MEME → [2/5] females in a movie » Yvaine (Stardust)

“Yeah, this where it fell. It is, or if you want to be really specific, up there is where this weird bloody necklace came out of nowhere and knocked it out of the heavens where it was minding its own business. And over there is where it landed. And right here, this is where it got hit by a magical flying moron!”