weird movie in a great great way

power rangers movie thoughts *spoilers*

-i feel so fulfilled after seeing the movie holy fuck
-i was smiling the whole time beside lile the emotional parts. Felt good to hear their names and angel grove again
-so nostalgic and at the same time such a modern amazing take on it
-why is everyone hot like gotdamn dacre montgomery is daddy couldnt stop thinking about how fucking sexy he is
-they all hot tho and wow ugh billy was on the spectrum!! wow that respresentation! They did that!
-tbh when billy was telling jason he was on the spectrum i thought he meant he was gay or something lmao but then i realized he was talking about the other spectrum
-trini being gay!?! What! Like bitch that’s dope
-lowkey thought it was kinda cute when zack kept calling her crazy girl like his lil nickname for bae
-ludi lin was also fine too! damn hot rangers fuck me up
-hes a wild child i loved zack i loved all of them
-my heart when sexy ass jason stood up for billy and bitch slapped that bully at the beginning LMFAO man “weird right!?”
-ugh and his american accent holy fuck im in love w him and when he was shirtless that sealed the deal. big heart beautiful face and body lawd yes red ranger bless me
-ugh the comedic elements were so great
-i loved the cursing like yeah it was little things like hell shit bullshit but like that still makes me a little giddy bc its the fuckin power rangers man! childs play but still a step up from the campy series
-i would hardly call it dark i guess it’s a little grittier but its just more REAL with their stories and how they go about everything. LOVED IT
-billy is the heart of this movie tbh what a sweet angel I also own one of the same shirts
-tons of cgi but like its power rangers what do u expect? At least it was pretty well done IMO
-man rita repulsa was actually kinda fucking scary lmao like straight out of a horror movie deadass but then she got her gold and was like rejuvenated and she looked bomb
-so funny how the fucking zeo crystal was at a fucking krispy kreme everytime they mentioned protecting it i geeked
-ugh i just love how it was just so fucking age appropriate and not campy and it was as realistic as it could be for power rangers
-the masturbation joke ahah when zordon asked if theyve ever morphed before and zack said “only in the shower” lmao shook this is not the campy shit we grew up with!!! I LOVE IT
-the diversity, the sexuality, the language, zacks mom being sick, kimberlys sexting fiasco, billys autism and bullies, jasons all star career down the drain, trini and her family/ sexuality etc.
-all these kids were so fuckin ready to die breaks my heart but also so realistic
-some real breakfast club shit but i loved it wow dont really remember the show being like that but maybe im wrong
-yea just checked lmao and ugh i love how they didnt start off as friends like in the show bc we really got to see their bonds develop from the start
-we didnt just jump right into everything like the show
-killing Billy I was SHOOK i cried a little and then they were all like id trade my life for you guys etc i was really feeling the love and unity and man I fucking love them!!!
-and fitz and the tantrums during the training montage. GREAT FUCKING SOUNDTRACK BBS
-wow zordon the real mvp for saving him i knew he wasnt like frfr dead but wow hell yea
-their relationships just worked on so many levels
-even if i wasnt a long time power ranger fan i wouldve loved this movie
-this movie has helped me come full circle ive waited for this for so fucking long u have no idea i grew up with the og!!! And most of the cheesy spinoffs
-it did the series and franchise justice. for me it was exactly the movie i had hoped would get made someday and it finally did and i didnt even have to wait that long i mean yea its been forever but im only 23!!! SUCH A BLESSING
-legit have always wanted to be a power ranger and after the movie i was so hype i felt like i could fight everyone rn like i had the power within me
-billy telling jason he didnt get humor like “normal people” do at the beginning and then at the end when jason made the same “weird, right?!” joke after bitch slapping rita into oblivion BILLY UNDERSTOOD IT AND IT WAS SO CUTE!!! GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT OK
-great beautiful diverse characters, excellent backstory. Enough to get a feel of who they were and why they were that way
-was confused when kim and jason didnt kiss but also wasnt a big deal the romance was hardly even being developed so that trailer was bait but whatever I was gonna see it regardless
-their suits and zords!!! Fuck ya and billy calling it a megazord yes baby
-bitch slapping rita was fucking hilarious. SHE THOUGHTTT
-zordon and alpha were played well too thank the lord
-i just idk what im missing or if i covered anything all i know is that i need to see it again
-that credits scene searching for tommy oliver!!! Omfg who is gonna play him
-this movie really made me feel some type of way
-the fucking cast!!!! So phenomenal like i want to be their fucking best friends IN THE MOVIE AND IRL they mesh so well together im shook i love them so much i didnt know i could love them this much
-also i hope bulk and skull are in the sequel with tommy
-ill get back if i think of more i guess im back to my i wanna be a ranger phase bye

my house headcanons
  • gryffindor: bonfires with friends, heart pounding and sweaty palms, being terrified but just going for it, leather jackets, combat boots, flannel shirts, holey jeans, cutting holes in old tees, tees w/bands or things you like, baseball caps + beanies, beat up converse, tank tops when it’s too cold out, weird outfits that end up looking great or terrible (but usually great), weeds (esp. the flowery ones), four leaf clovers, going apple picking, corn mazes + scarecrows, laughing at scary movies/haunted houses, goosebumps books, going all-out for halloween, stepping on crunchy leaves, the way everything looks when all the trees are different colors in fall, really intense/fast-paced relationships, abrupt endings, angry tears, not calling first, pride, songs that pump you up + make you think you can do anything, making everything a contest, skinned knees + bloody knuckles, raw emotion, really graphic/detailed tattoos, finger/foot tattoos, not giving a shit that everyone hates something if you like it, others’ dislike making you do it more, making a ton of plans but never following them + winging it, spontaneous road trips, long night drives, jumping in a lake in the middle of winter, walking on a frozen pond, short hair/pixie cuts or always keeping it back, borrowing chapstick (and always needing it), coffee w/lots of sugar half the time and black the other, only thinking in extremes, not thinking + just doing, always knocking shit over but managing to catch it/never breaking it, reading summaries of everything for class, journals half-finished, super chocolatey ice cream, not having a plan for life but taking a chance
  • ravenclaw: passing notes in class, love letters, astronomy, sweaters, anything knitted, poor patching jobs, mismatched buttons, ironed button shirts w/the sleeves rolled perfectly, dozens of cross-outs in handwritten work, paper painted w/tea, typewriter font, forget-me-nots, rainy/gloomy days, dresses w/tights, twirling in dresses, wearing stuff with pockets just so you don’t have to carry a purse, sunhats, mary janes, knee socks, shorthand notes from writing so much, telling jokes with your friends that make no sense to others, tons of blankets, singing really loud when you think you’re alone, indie/piano music, metaphors, a bunch of small random tattoos, one or two really deep loves, either going everywhere alone or with two best friends, braids, purposely messy hair, light brown hair, hair dyed bright colors, biting/picking your nails when you’re nervous, hot tea, overthinking/worrying + regretting, ballet, either really graceful or really clumsy, tripping but acting like you didn’t, classic literature, diaries, mint chocolate chip ice cream, being born into affluent families
  • slytherin: whispering and laughing with your friends, hair always looking perfect, black lace dresses, leather boots, studded clothes, thigh-highs, wearing heels even when it’s impractical but refusing to complain, wearing stuff without pockets + then keeping stuff in your bra/boots, organized desks w/nothing out of place, cursive handwriting, ivy, pine trees, black/white roses, white candles, upside-down crosses, one whole day spent in bed + overworking the next, locking yourself away for long periods, the calm as snow falls, falling asleep not touching but waking up wrapped around each other, vultures, angry songs, either no tattoos or a lot (of words/sayings), rolling your eyes but secretly identifying with things, being the dumper, short relationships, breaking up w/someone because you’re scared when it gets serious, black hair, blonde hair that’s almost white, purple/black lipstick, black coffee, always poised/collected on the outside, breaking down for .2 seconds in front of someone and berating yourself for it, acting like an asshole because you’re insecure/uncomfortable, feeling terrible for betraying someone years after + going to them in the middle of the night to apologize, edgar allan poe stories, russian poetry, everything typed, italian ice/gelato, working your way to the top no matter what it takes
  • hufflepuff: laughing so hard you can’t breathe and your sides ache, daisies + wishy flowers, sunflower seeds, watermelon, sundresses, polka dots, bright colors, jean jackets/shorts, rompers, patterned tights, snapbacks, taking the fall for someone, underdogs, smiling when you want to cry, not complaining because someone else is having a worse day, breezy spring days, hot summer beach trips, seed-spitting contests, guilt over something that’s not your fault, hugging stuffed animals/pillows, canaries, always humming + dancing around, upbeat pop/cute acoustic, one or two really meaningful tattoos/matching tattoos with someone, trying to walk barefoot outside but regretting it (then walking carefully on your toes), messy + super curly hair, golden blonde hair, freckles, dimples, a small gap in your teeth, fruity flavored lipgloss/light pink lipstick, cold drinks, being the first to text, grouptexts, twister, reading to little kids, shel silverstein, making scrapbooks/photo albums, vanilla ice cream w/rainbow sprinkles + whipped cream, sherbet ice cream, settling for the middle if being the best means cheating

Mysterious Skin (2004) - Gregg Araki 

5 bullet on this film:

  • This is one of those great movies that you kind of want to unsee, because it’s really disturbing. The theme, that is child abuse, is very real and present in the film, and I think this is great to warn people about pedophilia. I think the director captured in a great way how abuse changes people and how it ruins their lives. This movie makes you very uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt should have won an Oscar for this, honestly. I don’t even have words to describe how awesome he was. Brady Corbet was very good as well. They had to do those super weird scenes, and it must have been very difficult.
  • I love how it has a little bit of comedy, even though it’s the darkest shit I have ever seen. 
  • The scenes are so beautiful an delicate an uuugh, the colors that match the mood of the film, I just love this so much.
  • Let’s appreciate the director for doing a movie about something people refuse to talk about. I mean, the film is based on a book, but it mustn’t be easy to make a movie about child abuse, you know?

How awkward it would be to watch it with your parents: A LOT. REALLY. JUST DON’T.

anonymous asked:

Though I am a horror fan, I am curious of your answer: where would you advise a person trying to get into horror to start? I say Halloween but that may too thoroughly represent horror as the slasher cycle and nothing else, though I'm not sure it's possible to find a totally representative work

There’s definitely no totally representative work. Horror’s far too broad and wide a genre for that. And that’s one of the things to focus on when trying to get someone into it. People tend to think of horror as only one thing, and it’s always something different. More often than not, even more than one sub-genre, the people I talk to will always have one movie that’s representative of the whole genre for them. 

So I’ll ask people what they think of horror and when they usually say they hate it, it’s some variation of “Oh, it’s all movies like Saw” or “movies like Insidious” or “movies like Friday the 13th.” It’s amazing how many don’t even think of the fact that there even are sub-genres. 

If you’ve got a friend you’re trying to get into the genre, it’s always best to start with the things they’re into and then find the horror equivalent of that. If they love sci-fi, turn them toward The Thing, The Fly and Event Horizon. If they love fantasy, try something like Lord of Illusions, Nightbreed or Pan’s Labyrinth. 

Horror comedy is, more often than not, a terrific gateway. That’s what usually works best for me. Things like Shaun of the Dead, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Idle Hands and even Night of the Creeps work great for people who are new to it, because they’re engrossing, fun movies that want you to have a good time. 

It can be difficult to start people out on the classics. Unless they’re already a huge film buff, most people tend to be alienated by the likes of Halloween, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Psycho and especially The Exorcist. It’s a needle in a haystack to find someone who likes The Exorcist if they see it for the first time in 2017. 

After they’ve gotten a feel for horror and have found a few favorites, that’s a great point to start leading them backward toward some of those foundation movies. 

It can be a weird thing to show someone Scream and then start showing them some of the ‘80s slashers that it’s commenting on, but it can actually be great to show someone something that introduces that style and structure in a (more) contemporary way so that they’re used to it when they go back and see the original thing. 

zur-en-arrhbatman  asked:

Since you're not the biggest fan of the Batfamily, I'm wondering what your thoughts on their latest ideas for the DCEU (dumping the whole league in favor of Batfamily) titles. Especially in the wake of WW's success I'm betting they can finally expand to other characters - which ones would you like to see a movie for? Legion of Superheroes? Teen Titans? (sorry for the long ask)

What are you talking about?  The movies aren’t dumping Justice League movies for Batfamily movies.  Like the next movies are Justice League, Aquaman, Shazam, Cyborg, and Green Lantern Corps.  The two Batfam movies (Batgirl and Nightwing) just have directors.  No release dates nor have they been casted.  I’m not mad or anything, if you’re right please send me a link to the news.  I mean they’re in the middle of filming Aquaman right now so I’m sure one of us has suffered a miscommunication.

I would love a Legion of Superheroes movie.  The just random DC things I want a movie made out of are as follows:  Lobo (it’d be like a grindhouse film)  Adam Strange (it’s essentially John Carter of Mars that disney dropped the ball on this way hollywood gets another chance without a reboot)  Animal Man (this would be a great opportunity for a serious superhero movie that focuses on Buddy Baker’s family but still gets to be weird and scifi)  Red Hood and the Outlaws (fucken fite me, I usually hate Lobdell but with the whole “dark trinity” thing its been great.  Just imagine Jason Todd alongside ANNE WOLFE as Artemis and Henry Cavill playing Bizarro it’d be great)  Shade the Changing Man (While I love Shade the Changing Girl one thing bad thing about it is that it relies on you being familiar on Loma Shade’s predecessor Rac Shade.  So a movie focusing on the first Changing Man would be cool.  Dude it’d be trippy as balls)  Mister Miracle and Big Barda (there would be all these death traps straight out of a horror film but he’d escape before the villain can get done monologueing) 

kaijuguy19  asked:

Do you think it's a bit unfair that people are comparing Kong Skull Island to Peter Jackson's King Kong movie as a way to point out how Jackson's Kong is an overall better movie or vice versa since both movies are obviously going for two different directions with each other like how Legendary's Godzilla 2014 movie is on a different direction then what Shin Godzilla took?

I’ve been getting the opposite - most folks I’ve spoken to find Skull Island to be the superior film, and their reasoning is that PJ’s Kong is either too long, takes itself too seriously, etc.
I think that both films are flawed, but Jackson’s is considerably more flawed, but largely because it takes more risks, and therefore, has further to fall when something doesn’t work. And in a way, that’s quite admirable.
Comparing Kong movies has always been tricky because each Kong film is so wildly different in tone and execution from the others. 

The original is a fun adventure film and a milestone of cinema, but also suffers from underwritten characters and ages somewhat poorly (mostly in gender and racial representation), so it requires a lot of historical context to appreciate fully.

Son of Kong is considerably poorer than its predecessor, but makes up for it a bit by being more lighthearted and by giving Denham a surprisingly complex character arc.

King Kong vs Godzilla, in its original form, is an outright comedy. Some have tried arguing this with me by claiming its comedic elements are purely a result of its age and campiness, and in doing so, are indirectly stating that Japanese filmmakers from the 1960s were somehow incapable or incompetent at making intentional comedy (these people are also scientifically categorized as pricks or horseshit melon-fuckers). True, the film slows down a bit when it’s trying to be perilous or anything other than self-referential and silly.

King Kong Escapes is, quite literally, a live-action cartoon, and contains elements of James Bond, Godzilla movies, and Saturday Morning Kids Show logic. If one can embrace these elements and work past that fucking hideous Kong suit (that grows on you over time), then it’s damn entertaining.

King Kong ‘76 is…not a great film. Like PJ’s, it was ambitious, but in the wrong ways. No dinosaurs, no real fantasy, and not much in the way of fun, the main reason to see it is for the production value and that incredibly awkward Jessica Lange scene.

King Kong Lives is……………………………………………well, it sure is a film. Like other offshoot Kongs before it, seeing it for the sheer spectacle may be reason enough. Otherwise it’s kind dopey and the acting is….weird. Maybe would make a great future MST3K.

PJ’s King Kong is, again, overly ambitious and, while overall a decent film, is still too goddamn long and indulgent in ways that don’t really pay off or are interesting to watch. There’s a good movie in there, with lots of emotion and pathos, not to mention great effects and wonderfully realized production design. But its reputation for being a little *too* loving of the source material, and itself, precedes it to the point where a critical re-evaluation should be in order. It’s a film that only fails because it had too much of itself to give.

Skull Island is a raucous, indulgent (in a good way), explosively fun monster movie that knows what it is, what it’s audience wants, and delivers on both fronts. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll have some more unkind words for it, like a few superfluous characters and some kinda cringe-worthy ADR/voiceover to water down the onscreen action a bit too much, but for the moment, it’s the overall best Kong movie since the original, being nearly edged out by KKvsG for its comedic value and PJ’s Kong for its ambition and quality filmmaking.

Furries, I owe you an apology

You’re alright!

Zootopia was absolutely marvelous. Great detective story through line, great economy of story, nothing wasted. The world of animals in clothes was well thought through and creative, like the waterways hippos use to swim to work in business suits, and the ethnic neighborhoods for rats and mice where everything is doll sized.

Between this movie, and that that time fursuit guys cheered up Syrian refugee children when a furry convention was placed in the same hotel as refugee kids, I’ve realized something:

We are all weird pervs in some way or another, every one of us on this earth, so what defines us is…what can we give back to the world? What’s your contribution? In art, in compassion. Every superhero movie is about a bunch of circus freaks who team up to save mankind. Now there’s some truth.

the climbing class vampire au part 2: the sequel that was actually asked for. part 1 is over here. pretty nsfw, possessive!josh and fluff under the cut. you have mynxalicious to thank for this. sin sunday is a thing now.


When the bite marks get noticed, Chris nearly has a heart attack.

Ashley is the first one to do so, staring curiously at the two little puncture holes on his neck that haven’t healed up yet. She can’t quite make out what they are and before she can ask Chris is already covering them with a hand, laughing nervously about “mosquito bites”. 

The next one to see them is Sam, but Josh trusts her and so she already knows. She’s worried, but Chris brushes her off–if she could see how much healthier Josh is getting, how he’s now able to endure the sunlight for a little over an hour, she wouldn’t complain as much as she does.

Chris is certainly convinced that the risks outweigh the benefits–but he’s not being entirely honest, not to himself and not to others. 

As great as it is that his blood is slowly starting to enable Josh to return to a more regular life, the fact of the matter is that every time those fangs sink into his skin it feels like pure sex, and Chris is addicted.

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Hearing vs Deaf

Now, I have nothing wrong with hanging out with both crowds. But they are two different set of groups.

Hanging out with Hearing:

-They talk, a lot and fast.

- They can talk over one another, amazingly well. 

- They can talk away from one another and still hear each other, even across the room.

- They can whisper without having much problem. Even talk quietly.

- Watch movies without CC, can watch movies whenever they want. 

- Lip reading Hearing person is hard … sometimes beards have… which is difficult to understand. Especially when one mumbles, barely moves their lips, bad lighting…

Hanging out with Deaf/HOH:

- We don’t interrupt, and when we do we wait until one finishes their conversation.

- Sign language!

- Very accommodative, if one has a specific method, we will adapt to that persons needs.

- Patient, we are REALLY patient.

- No boundaries… we still need to be careful with our signing space ;)

- Lots of laughter, deaf hanging out with deaf, don’t get tired easily. More relaxed.

- Lots of memories and good times.

- Will ALWAYS have CC on their tv/movies, we make sure it’s accessible for all.

- The way we get ones attention is not “weird” because for us, it’s usual. (stomping, waving hands, lights).

- Everyone gets included.

Now I’m not saying that Hearing are exclusive or whatever but it’s harder for someone who is Deaf/HoH to be apart of the group. It’s GREAT when a Hearing friend/family/group IS accommodative. I mean my friends are but it’s still very exhausting to try and lipread them. It’s also great to know when a Hearing person knows ASL - makes communication less stressful for us. Every time I come back from hanging out with my hearing friends I’m soo tired and drained. But when I am with my Deaf friends, I’m happy and energized every single time , after I come back.

I mean I’m glad I have both groups to hangout with. But when I’m with my Deaf Friends, I’m more relax. When I’m with my Hearing I have to be on ALERT! 24/7, straining my ears and eye to understand what one is saying. There are the pro and cons of everything right? 

Sebastian Stan On ‘The Martian’ And How He Wasn’t Sure He’d Be A Part Of ‘Captain America: Civil War’

BY MIKE RYAN • for    Source (X)

In The Martian (which we reviewed here) Sebastian Stan plays Chris Beck, an astronaut who’s part of the team that mistakenly leaves fellow astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) behind on Mars after thinking Watney has died. The Martian is a delightfully light movie, especially considering it’s about a guy stranded on a desolate world with very little hope. But as Stan explains, the film has gone through a few changes.

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anonymous asked:

hi :) so um like do you think there might be a chance that you could make like... a summary of what happened at itatube? with tyler and troye? because im so so curious and so sad i couldnt go, and i just really want to know everything that happened?

Sorry if I’m answering only now but yesterday I was destroyed and I had to realize what happened lol

At midday, as soon as me and my friend entered the building, Tyler came on stage and started signing autographs to people who had his poster and taking pictures with them and I think that was really lovely. At one point the crowd started shouting “TROYLER TROYLER” and that was amazing. Then every youtuber came on stage for a few minutes to see the crowd and they were waving at us and they took many pics or videos, they were so cute and lovely. (Zoe was wearing a beautiful hat)

So the TFIOS panel with Troye was amazing because there wasn’t a lot of people so no one screamed or something, it was very quiet and he talked about his feelings about the book and how he was inspired by it to write a song. He said it only took half an hour because he read the book in like three days and immediately he sat down at the piano and started writing the music and the lyrics. He said he was really happy that the song reached platinum disc in Australia because all the profits go to the local hospital which he visited to make the video. When he was asked to describe his experience about the hospital in one word he said: “I know this might sound weird but I would say happy because we had a great time and people there had lots of joy and hope despite their illness and that is great”. He is sad about the fact that his song is not going to be in the ost of the movie but he’s sure that the ost will be amazing. Then he said that is fav character might be Isaac because he is such a cool guy and the way he faces his blindness is something he could never be able to do. A girl from Canada asked him how would he behave if he lost his sight and he said he wouldn’t know but music would be really helpful because he really loves it. He said that he thinks the cast of the movie is great and that playing Gus might be pretty difficult because he is a very complex character. He didn’t expect the ending of the book and he cried a lot when he read it, but when he was asked which part of the book he would change, he said: “Nothing because it’s so realistic that there’s nothing you can change”. He said he has seen the trailer of the movie lots of times but he never cried because he was just to excited, but he will probably watch the movie on his own because “it could be very embarrassing”. He was asked what he thinks about Vah Houten and he said: “He’s an asshole” then one of the staff members told him the Italian word for “asshole” and he shouted it out loud. One of his fav quotes from the book is: “You fall in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” He was also asked to say the title of the book in Italian and he did it pretty well. He was very nice and lovely and he said “I love you too” to everyone who said they loved him and when a girl said: “You’re very pretty” he blushed and thanked her. He was constantly smiling and we were dying because of his cuteness. He appreciated every single flower crown he saw during the convention and when the panel ended he sent us lots of hugs.

After this there was the M&G with Troye, Tyler and Hannah so the lucky ones who managed to meet them took a picture with the three of them and I can’t imagine how amazing that would have been. They stayed 40 minutes longer to meet as many people as possible but then they had to do the LGBT panel so they couldn’t meet everyone. But they were very nice because they came closer to the people under the stage to greet them and took pictures and video so I suppose I’m somewhere in Troye’s phone lol

The LGBT panel was great because Troye was sitting next to Tyler and they said very important things about LGBT issues especially for us Italians, because unfortunately here we have a great influence from the Church and the only family socially accepted is the traditional one with a man, a woman and their children. They talked about their coming outs and how their families reacted to that and gave some advices about that. You have to come out when you’re really ready for that, not because someone tells you to do it and also you have to think that you had many years (14, 15 or more) to think about being gay, while your parents have got a few seconds to realize that, so you have to be patient and be sure that nothing changes with people when you admit you’re gay, it’s just that you’re being fully honest with them because from that moment you can be 100% yourself. Hannah said something really important about stereotypes because she grew up in a very religious family, so she was pretty homophobic when she was younger and she couldn’t accept the fact of being gay because she thought that gay girls had short hair and dressed very manly and she wasn’t like that, so it wasn’t possible for her to be gay. Then she understood that gay people aren’t different from straight ones, it’s not something about hairstyle or clothes or something like that. Appearance doesn’t count. So also saying “oh, that’s so gay” it’s not fair because even if someone says it without being rude or without offense, a gay person could hear it and feel bad about it. Then about gay families she said that it’s something really stupid that they’re not accepted: two women or two boys can’t have babies so also a straight sterile couple shouldn’t be allowed to have kids? And what about single dads or single moms? There are so many children that don’t have a family, why would they grow up alone if there are so many people who would really love them? That’s insane.

And now something about Troyler ;)

During the LGBT panel Troye said something like: “During my “straight” life, when I was just a boy watching youtube videos I was really impressed by all those coming out videos.” And Hannah said: “But then you looked very deep in Tyler’s eyes” so the crowd screamed and went out like “UH!” so Hannah said: “Troyler” and everyone shouted “TROYLER” for a few minutes.

While talking about gay families both Tyler and Troye said they were going to become dads when older and we were all very happy about that.

So I think that’s all, sorry if there are errors or something, if you’ve got other questions feel free to ask :)

finally got to see cacw!  LOVE-LOVE-LOVED black panther, ant-man, spider-man, and the little touches of humor.  silent-screamed my way through most of the fight scenes.  emotionally devastated by 50% of the movie.  I had trouble not looking and bucky or tony and just feeling really bad no matter the context.  like, “ooh hahah that was a great gag but also remember how bad they’re suffering??” it’s weird.  but then again I’ve been kinda fuzzy and anxious for a couple days now so maybe I’m just emotionally messy.  overall, great movie!

Immediate Mockingjay pt 2 Reaction (spoilers)

-overall a really great movie
-the deaths weren’t as sad as I was expecting….like seriously we needed more for each.
-Katniss was not as crazy in grief as she was in the books after prim dies which was weird because Jennifer definitely could have easily acted that way
-j laws nephews are adorable
-the only part that made me cry (just like in the book) was the scene with Katniss and Buttercup
-j law is a fucking great actress

Chocolate (2008)

I’m starting to feel better, so i’ll go back to my usual posts and keep holding on. Thanks for your support, by the way, it means a lot to me.

So, i’ve recently watched the movie Chocolate, a Thaï movie featuring an autistic girl, Zen, whose major special interest is martial arts, that will use her abilities to help her mother to get enough money for her treatment against cancer. 

And i can’t determine if this movie is awesome or just… weird. Zen is really cool. It’s rare to see an autistic girl as a major character and it’s even rarer that this character is portrayed in a badass way. But Zen is. Watching tons and tons of Bruce Lee movies and kickboxing practices, she imitates what she’s seeing and, years later, she’s a great fighter, helped by her acute auditory sense.

This same sense is also a cause of great stress for her, since she can’t handle certain sounds and has to rely on her best friend to get rid of these sounds (an ordinary boy, who really likes Zen, and has with her a cute friendship). But during the film, she confronts her fear, to be able to help her mother, that she loves dearly.

Autism is portrayed quite accurately and i was surprised. Zen stims, is non-verbal (she can say few words here and there, but not much), she’s alive, she’s joyful, she’s loving, she’s sad, she’s angry… And the fact that she’s autistic doesn’t mean that she has no perception of the rest of the world or that she’s “in her own little world” during the movie.

In fact, she’s really perceptive of what’s going on around her and she takes action on her own, for the sake of her family and her friend.

Her relationship with her mother is quite touching too. At first, her mother is tormented and she’s certain that “Zen can be cured”, but year after year, she accepts her daughter like she is, loves her dearly and she does everything to make sure that Zen is happy. In return, Zen is doing her best to make sure that her mother can be cured from her cancer and it’s just beautiful.

Zen is awesome, cute and would have been a great heroine of mine when i was younger, i think.

And after all this good stuff, there’s a fight scene with…  a Tourette teenager (is it the right way to say it ? I assume it’s like “autistic girl”, but i could be wrong, so don’t hesitate to correct me on this). And it’s just weird. I wasn’t feeling good while watching it, i didn’t know what to think of it. I still don’t know, in fact.

Also, almost every “bad guy” is a transmisogynyst depiction of trans women, so it can be triggering for some people, i think (it’s sad because i love to see diversity in movies and tv shows, but here… I’m not sure that it’s a good representation).

So, yeah… Probably not the best movie i have seen, but still a surprisingly good one, with its flaws.

Edit : Edited because i used an ableist word without knowing it. Thank you for your remark @purpleweredragon , my English is far from perfect and i don’t want to offend anyone or to say something mean.