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Muse members and their blogs
  • Honoka: It's a jumbled mess of things Honoka thinks are fun, including a lot of posts that she doesn't actually understand but thinks are cute. URL: hohohonoka
  • Umi: Is a grandma, has no idea how to make a blog and is too proud to let Kotori fix it. She has the default theme and blogs about her life in very dull but short passages, say in that talking about oneself too much is 'shameless'. URL: sonoda-umis-blog
  • Kotori: The cutest blog tbh. Every thing is pastel and adorable, she mainly reblogs fashion, flowers, and sometimes desserts! She posts outfit of the days when she goes out with the rest of muse as an excuse to get group pictures as often as she can! URL: spicaterrible
  • Hanayo: It's food. That's it. Okay well mostly! She often reblogs stuff from the rest of the members to show encouragement and affection, mostly from Rin's. Her blog is pretty decent but she's never on it long enough to make it better, she gets hungry after seeing all the pictures of rice! She does of course reblog tons of idol stuff! URL: ricethingsarerice
  • Rin: As you've probably guessed it's mostly cats. She also follows sports blogs and sometimes reblogs pictures of athletes or workout routines. She posts a lot without much of a filter, but despite this she has more likes than posts! URL: rinrinrinya
  • Maki: Wanna-be cool blog, she posts a lot of edgy out of focus photography and small samples of music she's written. She doesn't have her likes public because they're almost all of different idol groups that's she's liked so she didn't have to search for them every time she watches them. URL: angelonearth
  • Eli: Another aesthetic blog, but not a very successful one! She reblogs pictures of ballet shoes and accessories but somehow shitty memes keep popping up between those posts? URL: eliayase
  • Nozomi: Hacks Eli's blog a lot. It's weird that Eli hasn't figured it out yet since all Nozomi posts are memes and bad jokes. She follows a lot of astrology and Wiccan blogs. If you send her an ask she'll predict your fortune. URL: Ohspiritwattup
  • Nico: Her entire blog is about her, it's pink and cute and way narcissistic. She sends herself anons. URL: niconiconii
  • Nico: Has a secret blog where she shit posts and trolls people. She starts wild rumors and sends her main blog adoring asks filled with compliments, which are always posted public. URL niconumberone