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For those who are able to go back to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition after May 10th, they’ve added new exhibits now featuring the props and sets from Winners and Losers, which has just finished touring!  

signs as '80s movies

Aries: the lost boys

Taurus: weird science

Gemini: the outsiders

Cancer: the goonies

Leo: sixteen candles

Virgo: weekend at bernie’s

Libra: st. Elmo’s fire

Scorpio: ferris buellers day off

Sagittarius: heathers

Capricorn: mannequin

Aquarius: pretty in pink

Pisces: stand by me

HamilSquad™ - Chapter 3

Tags: College AU, Hamilton Musical, Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan/Lafayette

Story Summary: Alexander Hamilton is a freshman in college, and when his roommates Thomas, James, and Burr kick him out within the first month of him living in New York, Alexander needs a new home, and new roommates. Luckily, John Laurens is a dork and hangs flyers around school stating that he and his two other roommates (Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan) are in need of a fourth person to pay rent, and Alexander hits them up. They’re all hilarious and click really quickly, the triplet easily becoming a quartet. Plus, Alexander would get to live with three attractive guys, including one REALLY cute John Laurens. Definitely a welcome bonus.

Words in Chapter 2: 2553

Story Rating: T (Teen and Up) for the reason of curse words, terrible innuendos, and alcohol mentions in much later chapters. All TW listed at start of chapter.

TW for Chapter 2: Twister??? Alexander continues to use “the boys” when referring to the three of them even though Lafayette goes by they/them pronouns but like completely accidental and isn’t confronted cause it’s internal. Lastly I use the male p word once I’m sorry i hAD TO. 

Chapter 3: I’ve Never Had a Group of Friends Before

“Welcome to our humble abode Alexander!” said Hercules, gesturing dramatically as they walked through the door. John let out a snort from behind Alexander somewhere, but he wasn’t paying attention anymore. No, how nice this ‘apartment’ was so much more important. The living room was huge. Ok maybe not huge, but bigger than Alexander could ever think to live in. Much bigger than the college dorm, or his cousin’s shack, or his family’s house in St. Croix.

“You didn’t say it was this big!” Alex exclaimed, turning to look at the three friends behind him. John and Lafayette laughed good-naturedly, but Hercules, never one to let the chance to make a joke go, muttered, “That’s what she said.” Lafayette doubled over in laughter at their friend’s awful joke, clutching their stomach as they tried to catch their breath. Alexander was laughing too, not as hard as Lafayette, but even Alexander couldn’t deny his funny choice of words. The only one not laughing was John. John was as red as a ripe tomato as he glanced uncomfortably at Alexander. “Hercules! You can’t just say that!” For some reason unbeknownst to Alexander, this made Hercules and Lafayette laugh even harder, and John turn impossibly redder. “What? You suddenly don’t like my jokes, John? You’ve never had a problem with them before.” Hercules said in between left over laughter. Alexander let out a giggle saying, “Good to know you make those jokes frequently. I think we’ll make great friends.” John loosened up a little at this, finally letting out a small chuckle. I wonder what made him blush so hard. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to be bothered by ‘that’s what she said’ jokes.

“Anyways!” John said, clearly hoping to change the subject and stop the questioning. “Let’s show you around!” The quartet walked past a nice kitchen (apparently Hercules was the house mom and made dinner every night for anyone who wanted it, Alex told him that he would be abusing that offer), a large storage ‘closet’ (more like room, Alexander had thought) which was apparently filled with 50% half of Lafayette’s wardrobe and 50% other things, and the three others’ rooms. Lafayette’s was painted a calming lilac and was taken up mostly by a queen-sized bed, looking like it came straight out of Pinterest, fairy lights and everything. The other 50% of their wardrobe was shoved into the small closet in their room. Hercules’ room was connected to Lafayette’s via a modern and decent-sized bathroom, and upon exiting the bathroom, Alexander found himself feeling like the door was actually a portal. Hercules’ room was completely different. It was wallpapered top to bottom in a modern light blue, grey, and white print, and had queen sized mattress standing upright against the wall with a navy sheet hanging over it to keep the room looking nice. Every other space in the room was occupied by fashion design related objects: a sowing machine, four racks on wheels holding hanging clothing pieces, two of those weird mannequin forms designers use, and a giant plastic dresser that looked like it held mostly fabrics. “Where do you fit your bed when you lay it down?!” Alexander had asked. Hercules just laughed back, waving his hands through the air and saying, “Magic.”

John ran to his room before anyone could get there, locking the door with a screech of “Let me throw everything under the bed!”, only emerging after about a full minute of three outside the room singing the Jeopardy theme. “All safe!” he had said with a laugh. When they went in, it wasn’t anything like what Alexander had expected. He had what looked like a slightly larger than twin sized bed made with a simple dark green sheet, white pillows, and a huge stuffed-animal turtle in the middle. The walls were a pastel shade of green, and all of the furniture was made of light colored wood. In the corner on top of his desk was a large tank with two turtles in it. “Oh my gosh!” Alexander had exclaimed when he saw them, immediately inviting himself into the room to see the cute animals. “What are their names?” “James and Mary, after my siblings who bought them for me when I left for college.” Alexander giggled, crouching down to put a finger on the glass next to one of them. It slowly turned its head to look directly at Alexander, unmoving otherwise. “Aw it likes you,” Lafayette cooed with a laugh, and in the reflection of the glass Alexander saw John give them a small shove.

They didn’t go into John’s bathroom, John claiming with red cheeks that it was too dirty and just looked like a smaller version of the other one anyways. Hercules had peeked in and immediately pulled his head out laughing and red in the face, agreeing with John that it was best if they didn’t go in. Weird, Alex had thought, but he let it slide.

When they finally made it to Alexander’s new room, he didn’t know what to expect. Had someone lived in it before him? Was it going to be bare, or decorated personally like the others? Was it going to be just as big? Is the reason no one’s in it is because something’s wrong with it? When Hercules opened the door, all of Alexander’s questions washed away with a sense of relief. It was the same size as the others, the walls a pale grey/blue, and had a few necessary pieces of furniture in dark mahogany wood. The bed already had a mattress and all white bed-set. The only thing missing was what Alexander found himself first commenting on about the room. “I’m going to need a desk.”

Alexander’s three new roommates had left him in his new room after that, saying that they’d give him a couple minutes to get settled in. Alex didn’t have much to do. He placed his clothes in the dresser, all of them fitting in one drawer. He placed all of his books, his laptop, and old journal in the next drawer until he got a desk, running his fingers over the cover of the journal with a sad smile. Alex ripped himself away from the journal, closing the drawer and pulling out the last of his stuff, just toiletries, placing them in the clean, simple bathroom that was attached to his room.

When Alexander made his way to the living room, he walked in on just about the last thing he had expected to see. Ok, well, maybe not the last thing, but close to it. John, Lafayette, and Hercules were stood in the middle room, having pushed the couch aside slightly, and were setting up out some kind of colorful mat. “What are you guys doing?”  All three of them whipped their heads around, previously unaware of his approach. “Setting up Twister, obviously!” Lafayette replied. Alexander was still confused. “Um, ok, but one: what’s Twister, and two: why are you setting it up?” At his remark, the other three’s eyes grew wide as saucers simultaneously. “You don’t know what Twister is?!” John screeched. Alexander looked at them all meekly, “no…”. Hercules shook his head in a doting mother way. “Well, one: Twister is basically a full body board game, and two: because it’s Wednesday! Didn’t your read our flyer?” “It’s board game night!” Lafayette interjected, “Plus we figured this would be a funny way to get to know each other and… what was the word you used?” Lafayette asked turning to John. “Roommate initiation.” “Ah yes! That!” Lafayette said, turning back to Alexander.

That’s how Alexander ended up with three other college students on a kids sized mat and his personal space being very much so violated. Not that he entirely minded, per say. The others were right, it was certainly a funny way to get to know each other, if not a little too well, but it was laughter filled and silly. Lafayette spent the whole of the first game picking the worst positions on purpose. If it said right hand red, they refused to put it on the one right in front of them. No, instead, they’d reach over another person to put their hand, and the rest of themself, as far away as possible in compromising positions; only made possible by how incredibly flexible they were. John wasn’t taking anyone’s crap though. He was competitive, straining only when necessary and holding himself up in hard positions with purpose. John’s cut off and tight jeans gave Alexander a thorough understanding of John’s muscles, likely gained from football. John reminded Alex of a buff hamster, and he loved it. Hercules was all annoyed grumbles and laughs, not flexible enough to take too many risks and was the first to lose when he had to put his hand over John and Alex to reach the circle he needed but didn’t quite get there, collapsing on top of them both. Large amounts of laughter and Alexander complaining about “crazy American games” brought about the decision of a round two.

Halfway into the game things were already going much different than Alexander had thought they would. He had figured it would go similar to the last, but everyone seemed to be less competitive now that Herc had already lost once, and were picking more and more difficult positions. Lafayette somehow ended up with one limb near every corner of the mat. Hercules was over top of him in an easy position. But John, oh poor John, John made the decision to go tummy up and hold himself up in a not-quite backbend position. Alex was in a fairly easy spot waiting for the electronic speaker to tell him his next move. He was already planning his options. Left hand green would be the easiest since my feet are on yellow and red next to each other and my other hand o- “~Right hand blue.~” The recorder interrupted Alex’s thoughts. Hmm… How am I going to… Oh… Oh god no WHY ME?! There was only one blue spot for Alexander’s hand to go, and it was underneath John’s butt, which wouldn’t have been too bad if it didn’t also mean that Alexander’s face had one place to go – directly into John’s upturned crotch. When I said I wanted to put my face in his crotch, God, this is NOT what I meant!

It’ll be weirder if I chicken out. Alexander reached underneath John and placed his hand on the circle trying to keep his head down and out of the way. He couldn’t reach. He was going to have to pick his head up. Well, here goes nothing. Alex lifted his head and pushed his hand the rest of the way, ending eyelevel with John’s, well, you know. Alex was pretty sure his face was redder than it’s ever been before. This is weird. We literally just met a couple hours ago! When Alex calmed down enough to pay attention to what was happening around him, the first thing his noticed was the fact that Lafayette and Hercules were practically in tears laughing. They were both looking at Alexander and John. Speaking of John, Alexander decided to pick his head up slightly at a painful angle to see what John looked like. He could only hold his head there long enough to notice John was even redder than earlier.

John’s next move didn’t make anything better. In fact, it made it worse. “~Right foot green.~” John would have to spread his legs even father and scoot even closer to Alex’s face to get to the only open green circle spot. Alexander was pretty sure his face looked like a tomato. “John there’s no way you can get there!” Alexander said, trying to reason with John. “I can do it.” John replied, voice uncharacteristically horse. Lafayette and Hercules were practically howling with laughter by now. John got there all right, but it didn’t last long. He couldn’t take it anymore, whether it was because of his muscles for the stupid position he picked or the situation itself, John collapsed. Which happened to be right onto Alexander’s arm. Which pulled Alexander down face first into the place he’d been so close to before. That’s right ladies, gentleman, and those unsubscribed from gender binary; Alexander Hamilton fell face first into John Lauren’s penis. Yep. You’re welcome.

John, understandably, let out a screech. Alexander’s face was likely heavy. Alexander, of course, rolled off of him as quick as humanly possible and let out his second undignified squawk of the day, now laying curled up into a ball on his side on the mat. He was so embarrassed he didn’t think he could move. I’m going to have to move out. I’m going to have to move to Australia and change my name. Who invented Twister? What sick person invented Twister??? Lafayette and Hercules were laughing so hard that neither of them could move enough to help either of the other two boys. Alexander was pretty sure there were actual tears in Lafayette’s eyes. When Hercules finally composed himself enough to walk over to the whimpering John who had his hands between his legs and had pretty much resorted to rocking back and forth at this point, he just chuckled and put a hand on John’s shoulder and said, “Let me get you an aspirin.”

“I. Hate. Twister.” Alexander said when they were all finally seated on the(ir?) couch. Everyone else just laughed in response, John’s more of a meek and uncomfortable squawk than a real laugh. “Seriously! Who invented that game!” More laughter. At least they didn’t seem to hate Alex for how badly he’d messed up at playing. In fact, Lafayette and Hercules seemed to like him more. Herc had a comforting arm around Alexander with John on Alex’s other side. Alexander wondered why Herc was comforting him when John was the one who’d gotten hurt. “Uhg. I’m really sorry John.” Alexander said, turning awkwardly to John. John genuinely laughed this time, albeit soft and forgiving. “I already told you it’s okay man. I was the one who fell first! Not like you could’ve done anything.” Alexander opened his mouth to argue, but Lafayette beat him to talking. “It was funny!” They said, still laughing from earlier. Hercules laughed in agreement, and soon, they all were. Four grown college students, two of them red as tomatoes, sitting on a couch in their apartment laughing at seemingly nothing, a Twister mat at their feet.

Alexander sure wasn’t expecting for his homelessness to land him here, but sitting with his three new friends eating Chinese takeout and watching Project Runway (Hercules and Lafayette had demanded they start watching it from the beginning when Alexander told them he’d never seen it despite John’s protests – Hercules told John to drop the act, “You love Project Runway!”) Alexander wouldn’t trade it for the world. And when they all went to bed and said their “goodnight”s (with John awkwardly touching Alexander’s arm when he told him goodnight, unsure of what to do), Alexander Hamilton, for once in his entire life, actually got a full night’s sleep. And bless that he did, because he was definitely going to need it for what was going to happen the next day.

y’all okay, i need help with rick’s college fc so i can actually do college rick things… i mean at first i was thinking ezra miller (but he looks, like… kinda weird ? like a mannequin, almost), but now i’m considering darren criss ????

i mean, he usually has happier icons, but i figure younger rick was less of a mess… and he’s even got the two hairstyles i imagine for him…… would he work or should i keep looking?

haunting-song  asked:

This is going to sound random but I have a question! Have you written fics/inserts that use characters from one game in the story of another? Because ngl, when I was seeing all of the angst votes, I pictured Zen in the Silent Hill games and how awesome it would be! (Like how each monster symbolizes a part of his inner demons he has to go through. Example: some weird, mouthless mannequin creature symbolizing how he fears people only seeing him for his face and not for his heart)

That Silent Hill crossover idea sounds amazing, omg– It sounds like it’d a pretty fun fic to read/write.

As for your question, yes I have, but very rarely. It depends on how much I enjoy the characters/stories and if I think they would fit well in each other’s universes. I’ve once written a somewhat small crossover with Zen and Tales of Bersia.