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Aw I loved that friendship hcs! Can I request more por Yaku, Suga and Iwaizumi?



  1. That “no-bullshit-gonna-give-it-to-you-like-it-is-even-if-you-cry” friend. Definitely no sugar-coating when it comes to advice. It has definitely struck a cord with you more times than you would have liked, but you know his intentions are honest and good and he’s only looking out for you. He also sincerely apologizes after hurting your feelings and offers to buy you ice cream afterwards.
  2. Would literally beat the shit out of someone if they made you cry (unless it’s a girl, then that’s a different story).
  3. The one friend that is never prepared for anything at all and relies on you to have whatever he needs.
  4. Likes to debate a lot and will stand his ground on a certain topic until he’s proven wrong. You both are always up really late trying to decide who’s right and then you keep score. He’s also very competitive, so Iwaizumi is that one friend you always play board games with, having eating contests with, see who gets the highest score on an exam, etc.
  5. Is a literal child when he gets sick; he doesn’t eat the soup you make him, doesn’t take his medicine, and is very grumpy. You’re definitely the mom in the relationship.
  6. That friend that puts ugly Snapchat filters on your face and puts them on his story for 10 seconds.
  7. Iwaizumi is social media-illiterate, so you made all of his profiles on every platform for him. However, you put “_____ is the bestest and sexiest friend in the entire universe” and he doesn’t know how to remove it.
  8. In sum, he’s basically the annoying twin brother you’ve always wanted.


  1. The “hey, who’s your cute friend?” friend.
  2. Posts your face on every social media platform possible.
  3. Picks all of your outfits for every occasion for you.
  4. He prepares gifts for you about a month in advance. Everything he has ever given you is filled with memories of the year and he puts his whole heart into them. Some times if it’s past due, he tells you to wait because it’s not perfect yet.
  5. The “I’m-gonna-go-to-the-bathroom-but-I’m-really-paying-for-the-bill” friend.
  6. The hugging friend! Whether you’re seeing each other, if you’re leaving, if you’re upset, if something exciting happend to you, he’ll hug you. His hugs are always tight and meaningful and they smell like vanilla.
  7. Definitely the mom in the relationship. Knows exactly what you need if you’re feeling sick, if you’re upset, having cramps/soreness, lethargic, you name it. His methods aren’t conventional, either. He has weird liquids and medicines in jars that he has at home, like an apothecary. You questioned if he was a wizard once.
  8. The friend that would fight you if you didn’t agree that House Ravenclaw was relevant.
  9. The friend that likes to punch people when he’s laughing. Your arms get bruised sometimes and Sugawara would be worried that someone was bullying you, but then you yell at him saying that he was the one bullying you and he would be like, “Oh, that was me?”
  10. Like Asahi, he’s very attached to you and is used to seeing you every single day. If you missed a day of school, he would text you all day. In the college world, he would have his laptop out and facetime you with headphones on.


  1. The friend that mooches off of your plate and leaves you with like two grains of rice and half of a spinach leaf.
  2. Probably has the largest first aid kit in his locker you have ever seen. You’ve never gone to the nurses office because Yaku’s your nurse.
  3. Has the ugliest picture of you as your contact picture on his phone.
  4. Anywhere he goes, even if it’s just the neighboring town, he’ll always bring you something back with him. If he’s far away, like in another country or island, he’d get you something that place is known for, but if it’s the neighboring town, he’ll get you like a bun or something with food.
  5. Gets you something cat-related every birthday. There’s the main gift and a side gift with something cat related because he loves cats. It’s weird, but you have about seven cat-related things from him, so you just collect them as the years pass.
  6. Also the mother in the realtionship, although he’s like the stricter, scarier step-mom. He scolds you for forgetting your homework, for getting sick, for not getting enough sleep, etc, but then proceeds to finish your homework for you or bring you soup and medicine when you’re sick. He’s very tsundere about it; “Gosh, you’re so irresponsible and you never take care of yourself! Not that I care!!”
  7. Would also literally fight anyone that made you cry.
  8. The “text me when you get home safely” friend.
  10. Is quite the jealous friend. If he sees you with someone else doing something you two would normally do together, he’d be all pouty and tsundere about it the next day. He’s one of those friends that needs to be validated that he’s special, so he enjoys being the only friend you do special things with.
The Houses As Engineering Students

Slytherin: The electrical engineers; they’re either wearing interview clothes that look nicer than anything you’ve ever owned or wearing jeans and the coziest sweaters they own. They only leave the labs to go out drinking or to play sports in the rain. They always have fruit. In their bags, in their hands, laying around the break room. They’ve had too much coffee, no one knows when they sleep.  

 Gryfindor: The Mech E’s, a casually stylish bunch; you can’t really distinguish their “dressed up” from their everyday looks unless they’re working gov internships then they are the keepers of the khaki and button up style. There’s always pizza on somewhere in the department, no one knows who orders it, no one knows why it’s there. They’ve also had too much coffee.

 Hufflepuff: The chemical engineers; there is always a cool experiment going down, whether they’re making some weird liquid dance on a speaker or running across a pool of some other weird substance, it’s always something. They have two looks 1) lab chic that involves looking like a hot mess but in a way that looks like art, 2) interview: slacks, button-ups, uncomfortable shoes. They have tea in one hand and coffee in the other.

 Ravenclaw:  The civils, they always come up with creative ways to do things that are not related to schoolwork. Wearing eco-friendly clothing, most likely to be vegan.  They know exactly what tear you should be drinking based on the time of day. They’ve done everything except study for their actual exams including build a house or fix things that weren’t broken.

Virgins (Namjoon Smut)

Words: 1135

Anony requested:  Can I get a namjoon scenario plz? U 2 have been dating but r still virgins. And he starts this whole ill show u mine if u show me urs thing so u agree. So when he pulls his waistband down he’s like it’s ok to touch it so u kinda touch and lightly squeez. I dunno. Anyways, u end up showing him urs too and he touches u too. Sorry if its too specific, and u can change anything u want, basically u 2 discovering (?) each other

Warning: Fluff smut

Part 2 here

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You loved Namjoon, and he loved you too. You and he had been dating for so long. You were always kissing, hugging, fondling and cuddling. You were good with that, but for him, that was becoming boring. He wanted to give a step ahead. It is not like you didn’t want that too, but you both were virgins.  

 As always, you were having a nice night together. You loved to spend time with him. You were on his bed, cuddling and watching some TV. At a determinate point, he lost interest and started kissing you. You kissed him back immediately, melting into his arms. Quickly the kiss became rougher, his hands exploring your body. Suddenly you pulled away, realizing what he was trying to do.

“Namjoon, wait” you said, pushing him away from you softly. “We’ve already talked about this” you whispered.

 “I know, but I still didn’t get what the problem is” he said. You both sat up, looking into each other’s eyes.

“You know I’m a virgin too. I don’t know what to do, what to say. I don’t know what you’ll think about my body. I want your first time to be perfect” you said as your cheeks reddened.

“Y/N…the only thing that can make it perfect is if it is with you” he said. You looked at him, his eyes widening.

“I’ve an idea” he said and got up, standing in front of the bed. “I’ll get undressed; I’ll show you my body. And then, If you feel comfortable with that, you show me yours” he said.

What? You lost your breath. You had never seen him naked. You’ve never seen a dick before. But you couldn’t deny how much you wanted it.

“Ok…” you said.

You got up, stopping in front of him.

“You can tell me to stop” he said and you nodded.

He slowly took off his shirt, revealing his belly that you loved so much. He smiled at you. Then, he took off his pants, leaving him only in his boxers. You looked at his clothed dick and gulped.

“Shall I keep going?” he asked, his hands grabbing the edges of his underwear.

“Y-yes” you said. He took off. There he was. Naked in front of you for the first time. You froze for a sec, scanning his body. Fuck… that moment all you wanted was to lick his entire body.

“Jagi?” he said, noticing your look at him. You looked up at him.


“It is your turn” he said.

“Ok…” You started repeating his previous actions, taking off your clothes slowly till you were naked. He looked at your body like you did with his, and you blushed, starting to cover yourself.

“Don’t please…Y/N, you are absolutely gorgeous” he said, grabbing your wrists to stop you from cover yourself.

He leaned in and kissed you, his tongue massaging yours softly. You pulled away, pushing him backwards. He looked at you in confusion.

“I- I wanna touch it” you said shyly. He smirked, obviously happy by your wish.

“Just do it” he said. You kneeled in front of him, your hands running through his thighs slowly, purposely teasing him. He let a low moan let out of his mouth when you shyly grabbed his erections in your hand. You squeezed it softly, testing what he may like.

“Shit, Y/N…keep doing this” He said as you squeezed it a little bit more and started pumping his length. You felt it hardening against your touch, and you had to admit that it was driving you insane. You watched as his length started to drip pre-cum, and you immediately felt the need of lick that. You approached your head to his dick and licked his tip, tasting his juice. You liked the salty taste and closed your lips around his tip. He moaned.

“Am I doing right?” you asked.

“Yes, yes you are” he whispered. Then, you took him into your mouth slowly, running your tongue in every part you could. He hesitantly wrapped his hand on your hair, silently asking your permission to control your speed. He started pulling your head in and out his dick, which was harder and harder. You grabbed his thighs to sustain yourself.

“Y/N, I’m gonna cum, if you don’t want it you should stop now” he said. You didn’t stop, it would have no sense. He cummed inside your mouth, the weird and new liquid making you twist your face. He smirked and pulled you up for a kiss, occasionally tasting himself.

“You were amazing, Y/N” he said. “Now it’s my turn to please you” he said and pushed you onto the bed.

“Open your legs” he said and placed himself between them.

He kissed you again but soon pulled away, just long enough to place his lips on your neck, sucking softly. His hand traveled down to shyly rub your clit that was screaming to be touched.

“Oh, Jom, that’s so good” you moaned. You didn’t have thought that that would happen when you got to his house, and didn’t think you would like that so much.

His lips started sucking you hardened nipple, while his other hand massaged the other one. Pleasure hit you, waves of shiver running through your body. His mouth finally found your pussy, the place you wanted to feel him the most.

 He gave a long lick at first, tasting your juices. Then, he started licking your clit softly, soon licking more harshly. You let out a loud moan when his tongue made contact to your entrance and he started thrusting it in and out, while his thumb was adding pressure to your clit.

“Jagi, are you ok? Is this fine?” he asked.

“Fuck yeah, don’t stop” you begged and he smirked.

His mouth backed its attention to your clit, sucking it as his fingers started teasing your entrance. It didn’t take too long for him to introduce one finger inside you, making you gasp.

He pumped it in and out, earning from you a few moans and groans. You entangled your fingers on his hair as you felt a new sensation growing inside you.

“Namjoon, I think I’m gonna cum” you whimpered.

“Let it go” he said. He added two more fingers inside you, finger fucking you roughly.

You did cum around his fingers, his tongue licking your juices from you. He leveled his head to yours and smirked down at you.

“It wasn’t that bad” he said playfully. You smiled back at him.

“Now I wanna go further” you said as you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer, making his dick make contact to your pussy.

“Are you sure?” he asked once again.

“I’m sure” you said. That was all he needed to hear before slowly push his dick inside you. 

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Who is the SMUGGIEST piece of shit in the elgang?

Well, without a doubt it’s Ain, though Add and Lu comes close to this.

He’s a divine being taking a form of a human vessel to restore the El. It’s a very important mission, and it’s his duty to do it. Ain appears to have his ego inflated as a result of this, being trusted with such a duty…

Not to mention, he naturally seems to look down on humans. After all, they are not like his superior species, showing bias views to creatures of lower tier. Those who are more powerful and live much longer are looked up just a tiny bit.

But overall, he’s claimed dominance to being the more prideful of the El Search Party. He’s even made Add back down due to being highly charismatic and somehow managing to make the self proclaimed scientist take full blame for accidentally spilling a weird liquid on Ain’s coat in Sander.

Dangerous, part 3: Save Me (Barry Allen/The Flash Imagine)

I’m so sorry I haven’t did this part in a few days and fixed the links to the other two stories. I was sick for the past few days and any time I wanted to update, I’d procrastinate. 

Anyways, this is the last part to Dangerous, as a thank you present for 200+ beautiful people who have followed me. You guys are all amazing. 

The next imagine I’m doing is quite a different fandom that I haven’t wrote anything for yet… It’s a Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) imagine. I hope you guys will like that one. After I do that one, requests are going to be open. I promise. But I might not be able to do a lot of them all in one day. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!

Summary: Barry and the reader have had feelings for each other for so long now. The reader never came out and said anything concerning her feelings to him for she thought he was still in love with iris. When she is exposed to radiation, her meta human genes were activated. Along with her newfound abilities, she finds herself being used and manipulated by the Demon. Will her and Barry’s love be her strength to this fight? Or will her jealousy and rage be her downfall and leaves her Dangerous

Part 1

Part 2

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You didn’t know exactly where you were. But it was a dark and empty room. No one was there and the only thing you heard was the Demon’s voice screaming in your head. 

You shouldn’t have disobeyed!

You’re nothing to him! 

He would’ve killed you without a second thought. 

While the Demon had been punishing you for disobeying it, the Team were working on a way to save you. Caitlin held up a vial with a weird liquid inside it. “What the hell is this, Cisco?” She asked. It was a bluish liquid.

“I watched all these different shows and movies that dealt with demons and evil spirits. All their problems were solved with holy water.” Cisco answered, triumphantly. “Since evil (Y/N) calls herself the Demon, I figured it’s work a shot.” 

“Holy water is clear.” Barry pointed out. 

“I used some of that dampening serum that Harry made for Zoom. I altered it to attack the meta human cells that we found off of that glass shard.” Cisco explained. “Right now, compared to everything we found, which is nothing, this seems like the best solution.” 

“What if it kills her?” Caitlin asked. “She’s our friend. We can’t just lure her into some trap just to end her life.” She had glanced at Barry as she said this. No one saw his confession the previous night coming. 

“The most it will do is momentarily pause her powers, making it easier for Barry to fight her, if necessary, and she can’t just shadow-port away.” Cisco stated. “As for the holy water, it’s for the Demon. Now we just lure her out.” 

“I have an idea.” Barry said. “But it requires you to stab me.” 

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