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Kpop groups’ most to least evil maknaes

1. Hyuk of VIXX

  • ?? who the hell did he get so big for
  • used to be awkward around his hyungs but now he throws them around and body slams them into walls and shit just bc he can
  • perfect example of a huge dog who thinks he’s a puppy 

2. Haechan of NCT 127

  • the maknae for the moment…….bet he’ll be so happy once he’s not the maknae anymore smfh
  • no one dares to insult him bc boi he’ll ruin your family wyd
  • he’s just always itching to call out his hyungs on something and make them look foolish just for laughs 

3. Sehun of EXO

  • sassy lil diva who gets spoiled by the hyungs
  • makes himself out to be an angel while the rest of the group bullies him but that’s a dang lie and he’s hella shady I’m here for it tho
  • give him bubble tea or else he’ll be the one spilling the tea binch

4. Yugyeom of Got7

  • you might think he’s all quiet but nah that’s a front listen………
  • just so much slander against got7??? we get it you’re tall b quiet jinyoung is gonna kill you????
  • will probably lie to only save himself tbh

5. Kyuhyun of Super Junior

  • listen man he changed,,,,,I promise (not rly)
  • has been torturing his hyungs for over a decade now they’re over it they’re ovER IT
  • puts the blame on someone else and gets away w/ it bc he’s cute 

6. Sungjae of BTOB

  • he’s just misunderstood tbh if it were any other group, he’d seem normal but nah it’s beetobee man
  • just straight up savage if someone even looks in his direction
  • does not care for any of his hyungs’ existence besides Peniel 

7. Taemin of SHINee

  • shinee’s baby who does not hold back on any given chance to roast his dads
  • the only time he acknowledges their existence is when they support his solo projects assjsjklfgl
  • still expects to be pampered by everyone 

8. Dino of Seventeen

  • pretty normal-ish tbh he’s just weird sometimes
  • is gonna lash out and murder somebody if jeonghan asks him who’s baby he is onE MORE TIME
  • just wants everyone to leave him alone 

9. Zelo of B.A.P

  • tol introverted lil bunny 
  • doesn’t have much to say unless he’s really got something to say
  • lots of shade throwing from only a glance aka he’s judging u

10. Dowoon of Day6

  • loves to mock everyone in sight
  • therefore he’s jae’s no.2 target for all the insults right after wonpil ofc
  • that disgusted™ face u know what I’m talking about

11. I.M of Monsta X

  • is he even human ??? alien ?? ET is it u???
  • hardcore rapper during the day, strange awkward bean by night 
  • will trade all the members for a bag of chips

12. Seungri of BigBang

  • he’s the one who’s picked on tbh it’s been 11 yrs save him
  • plays along w/ everyone’s jokes and laughs thru the pain even tho he’s suffering by the hands of jiyong rip
  • just wants be listened to is that so much 2 ask 4

13. Sungjong of Infinite

  • an angel………honestly…………truly………
  • compliments his hyungs rather than putting them down um unless ur sungyeol
  • will hold a grudge tho and it ain’t pretty

14. Chanwoo of iKon

  • he’s such a sweetheart I ain’t gonna lie
  • they tested all of the maknae line and he proved himself to be the most loyal and :’) I love him
  • he’s like a lil puppy esp when it comes to hanbin 

feel free to add some more and make my day :’))))))

Life Online: Guy Tries Makeup and Beauty Products

Fandom: Star Wars (Youtuber AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary: You persuade Poe to try out some of your makeup and beauty products. He’s scared yet intrigued.

Internet Famous Masterlist

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“Hey guys! So as you can see from the title of this video a guy, aka Poe, will be trying some makeup and beauty products!” You looked at Poe, “So how do you feel?”

“Is it weird that I’m sorta kinda really scared right now?” Poe asked you looking completely scared out of his mind.

You laughed, “It’s not bad! I promise you won’t get that hurt or anything.”

“Oh, o-wait. That hurt? Hol-”

You clapped your hands and exclaimed, “Let’s get on with the video!”

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Beauty and the Beast AU ficbit, for no reason:

‘It’s not a curse,’ said Gil sulkily. ‘My father’s just… overprotective.’

Tarvek raised an eyebrow. ‘You can’t leave the castle grounds.’

‘He wanted to be sure I’d stay put.’

‘And the…’ Tarvek gestured to the seven foot of fur, claws and fangs that comprised Gil as tactfully as possible.

‘The monster thing? I’m harder to kill like this.’

Tarvek considered. Never let it be said he didn’t appreciate the benefits of being hard to kill. ‘That’s still really weird,’ he concluded.

Gil lashed his tail. ‘It might be weird, but it’s still not a curse.’

‘So you won’t turn back if I kiss you?’

‘That’s not… why would you… I mean. Are you likely to?’ Gil sputtered.

Tarvek leaned forward and tugged him down by his ears. Gil’s mouth was not designed for kissing. It was fuzzy and full of oversized fangs with no lips to speak of, so that Tarvek was mostly kissing his teeth. His arms folding around Tarvek with the prick of claws against his spine was most satisfactory, though, as was was the stunned look and thrashing tail afterwards.

Tarvek retrieved his wine so he could sip it smugly. He could handle this after all.


Waiting for the first kiss
Waiting for a boy to jump you
Waiting for him to dm u
Waiting for a text back
Waiting for him to let you be his girl
Waiting to know his friends
Waiting to be able to post a pic with him
(this on loop)

my look can be described as “bedraggled rat” 


I’m just going to drop out of college and do my makeup nonstop