weird japan stuff

Benefits to living and teaching English in Japan: finding the Japanese releases of Supernatural (with both English audio and Japanese dubs with Japanese subtitles. The season one Japanese voice actors are adorable. They sound so young. I haven’t had a chance to watch the later seasons yet.

No but really, guys. They change the titles of so many episodes, since Japanese viewers simply won’t understand the references. It’s hilarious.

a few examples

  • Clap Your Hands if You Believe got changed to スーパーX-ファイル which translates to… wait for it: “Super X-File”
  • Season seven’s Meet the New Boss was aptly changed to… カステイエルの暴走, or “Castiel Goes Berserk.” Well-played, Japan. Well-played.
  • Like a Virgin was changed to ドラゴンの古書… which, depending on context, can either mean “Dragons of the Old Book” or “The Dragons’ Old Book.” Japanese doesn’t do plurals, and their genitive particles can be a little confusing.
  • Live Free or TwiHard… something got lost in translation and it ended up as リビング・ハード, which is, uh… “Living Hard.” That sounds painful. They should see a doctor about that.
  • Some are just really obvious… or spoilerish, like season one’s Dead Man’s Blood, which got changed to 父との再会 or “Reunion with Father.” It really is what it says on the tin, but… still.
  • Time After Time After Time is 時を超える殺人者, or “The Murderer Who Jumps Through Time.”
  • Some just turned out interesting, like Faith and Benders, which ended up as 死神との取引 and 血塗られた家, which are “Deal with a Death God” and “The House Painted with Blood,” respectively.
  • Riveting stuff. Some of them are just hilarious, though. Just a few retained their original titles, but a lot of the time they just gave up.