weird is good leo remember that


I also watched Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. It was interesting and quite fun for me bc it based on one chapter of russian novel “War and Piece” by Leo Tolstoy and it’s a classic of russian literature (we read it in school) and of course I read it. And I should tell you that it was good! It was funny bc russian people always shows like weird optimistic people that likes to drink /for example: vodka and wine/. The music is so good! Well, I didn’t remember some of them but I like it anyway. I really like “Prologue”, “Moscow”, “The Intimate life of a House”, “The Duel” and “Balaga” bc the music is soooo good! Other songs are good too but those are the best for me!

So I draw design of Pierre, Natasha /I really like how Denee sings! Her Natasha is perfect!!/, Helene, Anatole and Sonya! /and yeah, sorry not sorry, it’s Oak’s Pierre bc I like how he looks/

And I also draw Natasha /she’s singing lyrics from “The Intimate life of a House”.

Agents of HYDRA

Daisy’s first morning in Framework and it’s one horrible discovery after another.

That’s not Lincoln in the bed. It’s Ward and it was painful to watch how she shrivels from his touch. And Lincoln is dead. Captured and experimented on like all Inhumans. And Daisy has to help like a good agent of HYDRA.

Because here she is still Skye. In this reality she never learned she was Inhuman. Never got to know her parents. Never learned her name. But if HYDRA has the tech to find Inhumans before Terrigenesis how do they not know?

This was the moment I knew Ward in this reality was secretly working for the Resistance. This was obvious reason for him to behave so fishy. As Jemma said, obviously, he was the mole.

Jemma has much easier time remembering this isn’t real. Not real Vijay or Lincoln. Not a real lady in a car. Not a real kid. But her avatar was dead before she got there so there was no fake life waiting for her to get entangled into. However, that means she is a fugitive with no documents in a totalitarian regime and none of the real people she came to save remember their real lives.

It was fixing May’s regret that messed up this reality. She saved the girl. But it didn’t fix the girl. She was still an emotion vampire. And she went on a rampage and Inhumans and SHIELD were blamed for the massacre. And now HYDRA rules by using fear of Inhumans to take way all the rights. They spread propaganda of fear and suspicion. It worked before for the Nazi  - find a group you can blame for everything and turn people against them and justify oppression by telling people you keeping them safe. When you act like a Nazi…

But the massacre in SHIELD Academy wasn’t even real. Instead of dying from contamination Jemma was executed and put in a mass grave so no one saw that she was shot not poisoned. It’s all as fake as lives everyone has in there. Just a perfect excuse for HYDRA to take over. And for AIDA to get a total control over the simulation - Madame Hydra who rules it all.

May is a dutiful agent of HYDRA out of guilt over bringing that girl and she considers all the Inhumans a threat. If a little girl did that what others can do?

Fitz is building a surveillance state and finding new innovative ways of hurting the Inhumans he blames for the death of Jemma and the massacre in the Academy. Now AIDA has her other creator all to herself.

And Coulson is a teaching kids anti-Inhuman propaganda and misinterpreting history in HYDRA’s favour. With new, better facts. And like all good citizens he snitches on subversives - like a weird woman saying she is from SHIELD.

But Jemma was right. Tahiti - it’s a magical place. And Daisy is like family. This is not Coulson’s first memory erasure so he collected the pieces of his memory and then he remembered her name. 

Good thing too because AIDA has cut off their exit form Framework. Either they all find a way out or no one does.

les amis as zodiac signs
  • Enjolras: I've seen lots of Aries!Enj and that goes really well with the whole "righteous fury" rhetoric and it's generally an awesome interpretation but sth abt him screams Scorpio© to me??? Like idk it's probably the "charming capable of being terrible" and the furious passion with which he does everything, extremely scorpio qualities (note; scorpios are very goal-oriented, not only this, but they tend to value results more than effort, which ties in with how strict enj was with Marius)
  • Combeferre: i was torn between pisces and Virgo and I'll have to go with Virgo - something earthy and meticulous and wildly passionate about education and people, virgos usually love people (in a weird, resigned sort of affectionate way), my next guess would've been Aquarius, which is very compliant w the fanon "ferre loves aliens trope", and very well explains his faith in people, his trust in the good in them, his out-of-place optimism for the world, his hope
  • Courfeyrac: i think i remember seeing a lot of leo for courf and i wholeheartedly agree except not bc consider Libra for a second - sociable, opinionated, idealist Libra. Heart eyes, y'all
  • Jehan: like for one Gemini, intellectual and romantic and really adaptable, but on the other hand Aquarius, which shares many gemini qualities and also a disregard for social expectations
  • Joly: definitely Cancer. I won't even think about anything else. I thought of Virgo or maybe even Gemini, but no. No. Cancer all the way. Just. Sentimental, people-oriented, stubborn.
  • Bossuet: something in him says Taurus to me, the down-to-earth demeanour, and I've always personally associated Tauri with laughing off misfortune, and if that isn't Bossuet then idk what man
  • Musichetta: we don't have a lot to go by for Chetta in canon, so this is all fanon-derived and tbh she just gives me the wildest Capricorn vibe ever. Values resources - material or otherwise, very likeable, wholesome and good™
  • Bahorel: see this is an Aries my friends. Angry and brave in his convictions, but also soft and caring????? The whole "fuck law school, and fuck lawyers too" attitude plays a lot into this
  • Feuilly: see i see Leo here. A quiet kind of leo??? Not the "steal ur spotlight and ur man" leo stereotype, but a silent force of nature, a fire sign, a strong, well-respected voice of reason, my man right here
  • Grantaire: if y'all think it's going to be anything other than pisces u r mistaken ok listen here affinity towards art and language, drama queen af, loves poking at enjolras (hashtag did u know pisces and scorpios are compatible wink wink nudge nudge)+ pisces are OBSESSED with love u heard it
  • Eponine: sagittarius as fuck, stubborn and headstrong and geared towards survival, but also melancholy and emotional??? my other choice would've been leo, except she's the opposite of feuilly's leo, she's the 'steal ur spotlight and ur man' leo lmao
  • Marius: fuckign cancer lmao lmao lmao lmao i don't even wanna HEAR anything else (ok maybe i do,, bc i considered virgo - virgos are a mass of nervous energy, constantly hyperaware, all their feelings begin and end in the pit of their stomach and they're more prone to stress)
  • Cosette: leo af!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u just know it!!!!!!!!!!!!! confident and radiant and captivates every room she walks into???? there's no way she's not a leo
Astrology Key Words

When you first start in astrology, all of the things to learn can get jumbled up in a mess. I know when I first started, I had a hard time with keeping everything lined up together. So, here is a little list I made to help you quickly remember everything in simple terms. DISCLAIMER: everything does go deeper than just one word, but it is a good place to start.

The Signs:

Aries: First

Taurus: Sensing

Gemini: Awake

Cancer: Home

Leo: Self

Virgo: Perfect

Libra: Balance

Scorpio: Intensity

Sagittarius: Wandering

Capricorn: Achieve

Aquarius: Weird

Pisces: Ethereal

The Houses:

First House: Identity

Second House: Value

Third House: Surroundings

Fourth House: Roots

Fifth House: Creation

Sixth House: Routine

Seventh House: Partner

Eighth House: Fear

Ninth House: Searching

Tenth House: Goal

Eleventh House: Community

Twelfth House: End

The Planets:

Sun: Ego

Moon: Emotion

Mercury: Thoughts

Venus: Love

Mars: Energy

Jupiter: Expansion

Saturn: Responsibility

Uranus: Rebellion

Neptune: Illusion

Pluto: Regeneration

The Interpretation:

The way to read a chart is to combine all of these parts together. For example, if we have the Sun (Ego) in Aries (First) in the First House (Identity), the ego is the first expression of the identity. Or if we have a Libra Sun in the Ninth house, the ego is searching balance. Again, this is only a starting point, but it is the way I learned astrology. 

~~Happy Reading!

On Leo...

Leo Valdez Is Not Okay.

Leo Valdez is quite possibly the most fucked up character from HoO

I always see fanart and text posts of happy-go-lucky-teasing Leo 

which is great and fine

because that is a part of his personality

but, it just makes me sad because that line from TLH still rings in my head:

“Humor was a good way to hide the pain”

And then I remember, Leo Valdez is not even close to being okay…

His childhood seems to be alright. I mean, he’s still struggling with the whole deadbeat dad thing.  But he has his mom and a seemingly good relationship with the rest of his family. 

Oh, wait, except for his babysitter Tia Callida (Hera, in disguise) WHO HAD TORTUROUS TRAINING METHODS




He isn’t even eight years old and this crazy lady is making him do all this weird shit.

And then when he’s 8, Gaea threatens him and tries to destroy him causing the fire which killed his mom

And yes, I know, Rick overused an annoying ‘dead mom’ trope

But don’t blame the writer’s mistakes on the character

He thought he killed his mom.

For about seven years.

Think about that - for basically half his life, HE 






Because immediately after, his aunt rosa calls him a devil and gets his ENTIRE family to reject him

An 8 year old kid thinking that he killed his mom booted off to foster care because no one wanted him

So all of his memories with his mom are forever tainted

We know that he had lots of nightmares during his time in foster care and unfortunately, the foster care system in America is not the greatest.

So he constantly runs away from home to home

Never fitting in

Dealing with ADHD, dyslexia, and being a demigod

Being different from everyone else

Finally arriving at Wilderness School and becoming friends with Jason and Piper

But wait, his memories with Jason were fabricated

And Camp Half-Blood probably means a lot to a guy like Leo because maybe he can finally fit in.

Maybe just this once, he’ll be loved. Because this kid is just lonely and he wants to be loved



Because he’s got fire abilities and the LAST demigod who could control fire caused St. Elmo’s Fire

Great. What a vote of confidence.

Leo also describes himself as an overgrown troll, constantly. It’s safe to say he pretty much hates himself. And so yeah, he feels sorry for himself a lot.

Now personally, I read Leo Valdez as bisexual (especially when it comes to his descriptions of Jason Grace, Narcissus *coughs* Nico *coughs*)

And Leo knows his people/emotional skills are shit. He’s already emotionally fucked up and already feels like an outcast. 

And he isn’t quite ready to deal with his sexuality so he just kind of sweeps it under the rug. 

I think his relentless, annoying pining from a girlfriend is derived from his inner desire to just fit in and be normal. He doesn’t see girls as people really. He appreciates their aesthetics but he sees them mostly as 'things’ to represent 'normalcy’.

This goes back to his childhood because let’s take a look at all the people Leo knew/cared about:

1. Mom - dead - still blames himself for her death (although he IS getting over that)

2. Tia Callida - Hera in disguise - made him do weird shit

3. Gaea - Made him use his fire powers to cause the massive fire

4. Tia Rosa - turned his family against him - hated him

5. Father - Hephaestus - deadbeat

So for most of his life, the people (especially the women) he knew or cared about, he didn’t have good emotional rapport with them and he doesn’t like dealing with those feelings

Yet, he still just wants to feel loved solely and entirely

And he doesn’t understand these feelings toward guys too

And he just wants to fit in

And even in Mark of Athena, Nemesis knows this and brings it up. She tells him, he’ll always be the seventh wheel. He’ll never fit in. He’ll always just be alone.

And he can’t deal with this inner turmoil and he doesn’t like thinking about his emotions.

So he just kind of sweeps it all under the rug and throws himself into machinery - something he understands

“Sexuality? Under the rug. Worthlessness? Under the rug. Feeling alone? Under the rug.”

He’s built a humorous, care-free facade to protect himself and also keep his mind off of what bothers him. 

Because it’s a defense mechanism. 

He’s especially vulnerable around Frank. Because like I said in my other post, when Frank first arrives, Annabeth trusts him more than Leo.

And that pisses Leo off so much.



He’ll never fit in - not even among his friends. 

But initially Frank, someone who breaks his view of the 'normal’ personal in that Frank is overweight and unconventionally attractive, is more liked than Leo. At least, that’s what he fears. 

I think Franks stirs the worst in Leo because in Leo’s mind they 'should’ be in the same boat but Frank has a girlfriend (representing 'normalcy’ and love) and Leo’s still the outcast.

And so I think Rick COMPLETELY screwed Leo’s character over by making him 'fall in love with Calypso’.

Because I think Leo needs to recognize the merit of platonic love. He’s so desperate for the concept of romantic love and I think he needs to cherish the friendships he has with the other Seven. He needs to work on how to maintain the balance between humor and insensitivity. I think his insensitivity is derived from the fact that his previous relationships with people always go to shit. And he doesn’t want to get too close, yet, like I said, the boy still wants to be loved. 

He needs to see his own worthiness and other people’s worth apart from his standards of 'normal’. He needs to stop trying to fit into these imaginary, self-constructed ideals and just be. 

Leo Valdez is not okay. 

He has a massive inferiority complex. He’s not conventionally attractive, he idealizes wrong standards of normalcy (i.e. being straight, being hot, etc.) most likely derived from his inferiority complex as well as his preference to machinery.

Machines and things were 'perfectly’ when everything is order. When everything makes sense. But people don’t make sense. People are unpredictable and different and he needs to learn to understand that. 

He needs time to grow and mature as a person and see other people as people too. 

Which is why I don’t get why Rick fucked him over so bad.

He’s my favorite character because boy is so incredibly flawed. He’s the most relatable in that people are so flawed.

But he cares and he tries and he fails a lot. 

And he does care about others - he feels guilty for thinking Hazel is pretty. He makes Frank the fireproof bag. His gestures say more about him than his words do, tbh. 

Now I’m not saying he’s just a ball of angst - I do think he likes humor. But a lot of him and a lot of the things he says are built from his stupid defense mechanisms.

Leo Valdez is not okay. But hopefully, he will be. 

dr. seuss quotes for the signs
  • aries: don't give up, i believe in you all! a person's a person, no matter how small!
  • taurus: if things start happening...don't worry, don't stew. just go right along, and you'll start happening too!
  • gemini: today you are you! that is truer than true! there is no one alive who is you-er than you!
  • cancer: today i shall behave as if this is the day i will be remembered!
  • leo: remember that life's a great balancing act. and will you succeed? yes! you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) kid, you'll move mountains!
  • virgo: think left and think right, think low and think high, oh, the things you can think up if only you try!
  • libra: congratulations! today is your day. you're off to great places, you're off and away!
  • scorpio: i've bought a big bat, i'm ready you'll see, my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
  • sagittarius: today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one!
  • capricorn: you're on your own and you know what you know, and you're the one who'll decide where to go!
  • aquarius: unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not!
  • pisces: be who you are! and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!
The signs based on people I know
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> She is small, but her personality is undeniable. Very warm, very genuine laughter. Loves the nighttime and thinks way too much. She has known great loss, but has also known great joy. Her heart still holds onto that little drop of hope, even though life has dealt her some very trying cards.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> The most contagious smile in the world. Lights up a room when he walks into it. One of the funniest people on this entire world, can make you laugh with a singular look. Just effortlessly cool, but he has a warmth about him.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> Incredibly sweet. Has a voice that warms your toes when she talks. Incredibly gentle and tender. A very open and very genuine person. She might be cracking beneath the surface, but she'll never let anyone know. Loves spending time with books and animals.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Very very caring. It may take a while to know him, but once you do, you'll be wondering where he has been all your life. Fiercely loyal and will be there with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Hella cuddly.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Proud. Refuses to admit when he's hurting. Extremely ticklish and can find humor in any situation. Ambitious but his anxiety gets the best of him sometimes. Not afraid to chase after what he wants. The friendliest god damn person on this earth.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Is an organized mess. Loves to know things, but won't let you know her. Protective to a fault. Black and white thinking. Craves love and intimacy more than you could ever know. Masks the pain with anger.<p/><b>Libra:</b> Intelligent, but this sometimes comes off as superiority. Will defend you to the end of this earth. Very connected to art and doesn't like to admit when she's wrong. Asks a lot of questions, and pretends not to be hurt when she hears the answer. Too trusting.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> Very social, but loves to be alone. Sarcastic and rolls her eyes way too much. Won't admit it, but she's a romantic. Loves to be in love. Ambition is her folly. Desperately wants to feel nothing, but feels everything way too much.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> Incredibly honest. Blunt sometimes. Wants to have fun in life, and forgets her responsibilities in the name of fun. Always wishing for something more. Adventurous but disorganized.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> The quickest to say she's fine. Will do anything in her power to not let her emotions be known and she's good at it. Mischievous. Always smirking. Hardworking and collected.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> Quick wit and a loud laugh. Relishes in her own weirdness. Quieter than you would think. Gets distracted by the sky and was probably made from the brightest of star matter. Wants to feel human.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> Wants to be remembered for great things. Still wishes on shooting stars and dandelions. Believes in you even if no one else does. Smells like Jasmine. Always wants to make sure you're okay.<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

ahhhh do you remember when chloe's birthday is supposed to be? It's for science! (looking at astrology compatibility tbh)

I think it’s July 22?  I’m pretty sure she’s a Leo.

In a really weird coincidence, when I started planning my fic, I chose the birthday November 3 for Beca and July 23 for Chloe, then later found out their actual semi-canon (from Elizabeth Banks’ website) birthdays are November 5 and July 22.  I am a freakishly good guesser, lol.

zodiac signs as buzzfeed quizzes
  • aries: Who Is Your Hollywood Daddy Based On The First Letter Of Your Name?
  • taurus: We Know If You're Hungry Based On Your Reaction To These GIFs
  • gemini: What Would Your "Star Wars" Porn Name Be?
  • cancer: We Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On Which Tissue Box You Choose?
  • leo: We Know Which Hunk Will Make You Orgasm Based On Your Favorite Disney Movie
  • virgo: This Color Test Will Determine Your Sexual Fetish
  • libra: Which Fucking Weird Erotic Novel Best Describes Your Love Life?
  • scorpio: Are You More DJ Khaled Or Miranda Sings?
  • sagittarius: How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" By Will Smith?
  • capricorn: Is Your Dog Really A Bear?
  • aquarius: We Know Which Oscar You Should Win Based On Your Favorite Lady Gaga Shoe
  • pisces: This Color Quiz Will Tell You Which Husky Should Be Your BFF
Signs + childhood memories

Aries: free balloons from their favorite pizza restaurant, Matchbox cars, getting yelled at for talking in class, hanging upside down off the monkey bars at recess, scoring the winning goal in gym class, class clown, taking 5 lollipops when they were only supposed to take one, constantly fighting with their siblings

Taurus: their favorite stuffed animal was a beat-up elephant, always dreamed of traveling, singing their favorite song over and over again in the shower, put on more Band-Aids than they needed to, got up early every Saturday to watch cartoons, was fascinated by dinosaurs, stole extra desserts and ate them in their room, built the best forts

Gemini: getting sick at a carnival after eating too much cotton candy, cat hair all over the couch, constantly smiling in public but crying in their room late at night, spilling nail polish everywhere, loved horses, was more loyal than their friends, sleepaway camp, always keeping secrets, very polite, parents loved them

Cancer: having a seashell collection, falling asleep on long car rides, secretly loved setting the table, cried when their favorite band broke up, getting burned by a sparkler on the 4th of July and refusing to touch one for years, loved camping out

Leo: went through a goth phase, wouldn’t admit to anyone how much time they spent on their hair, extroverted and popular but also quiet and introspective, probably had secret admirers, had a huge shoe collection, played with toys in secret after they got “too old”, comforted friends while they cried

Virgo: constantly being asked “are you ok sweetie”, wrote dark poetry in a notebook they carried around but wouldn’t show to anyone, being pushed off the swings, staring out the classroom windows as snow fell outside, scribbling reminders on their hands, crying the one time they got yelled at by a teacher, knew hundreds of song lyrics by heart

Libra: had a few favorite books that they read over and over again, remembered all their friends’ birthday and brought them gifts, cried when their crush didn’t like them back, couldn’t stop biting their nails, secretly loved long school bus rides because it gave them time to think, tried to plant a garden but forgot to water it, got emotional over the deaths of pet fish

Scorpio: incredibly interested in flirting from a very young age, knew a lot of swear words, once waited years to get revenge on someone, like the idea of fire and played with matches, friend groups changed every year, often one of the oldest in their grade and the first to get their license, once sacrificed something big for their friends, lying a lot and never getting caught, didn’t care whether or not socks matched

Sagittarius: good at math but no one ever gave them credit for it, lips were always chapped, liked hoodies and Converse sneakers, had a “best friend” heart necklace, watching Disney movies over and over again and singing along, running after the ice cream truck, was a Star Wars character for Halloween at least once, waited for their friends while they put on makeup in the high school bathroom, backstabbed a lot

Capricorn: challenged a teacher one time and won, was always being told to clean their room, liked vanilla ice cream, pushed the cart in the grocery store once when they were five and knocked over a display of green beans, was always getting lost in shopping malls, making everything a competition, getting a dog for their birthday

Aquarius: never forgave someone for something they said in third grade, first kiss was somewhere unexpected, built amazing sandcastles, once came to school in pajamas only to remember pajama day was tomorrow, laughing at everything, being honored for something they were really good at

Pisces: tried to run away a lot as a child but only made it to the end of their street, known as the quiet/weird kid, everyone was a little afraid of them, hid their face behind bangs, went to school dances and stood in the corner the whole time, doodling geometric designs all over their school papers, stole a bottle of wine at 15 and got drunk by themself

Because dumb tinybro proposed a superhero + reporter!au  and got me pretty damn excited about it  and now I have 1.7k written in one sitting and a somewhat plot and I cannot wait to write the rest 

tl;dr: where Nico is an edgy dark intimidating superhero and Jason decides he’s gonna size Nico up to be the sweetest lightest and most earnest superhero out there and spoil him to bits even tho Nico told him specifically to STOP SHOWING UP AT CRIME SCENES UR GONNA GET KIDNAPPED AT LEAST FOUR TIMES A WEEK 



by Jason Grace; photography by Leo Valdez

Last night, a Bank of Ameri-

-ca was broken into by the infamous

Stoll Brother duo, better known as SuperStoll Bros.,

who are known for several heists in randomly

selected stores, classes, and/or companies

(i.e. Party City, Gag Central, Hermes

Prank Shop, Gillette World HQ,

Kupkakez Bakery, Minerva’s Sports Pro,

Mars’s Beat ‘Em All Up Anger Manage-

-ment Class, etc.)  

The bankrobbers were apprehended by newcomer

hero, Angel Man. Angel Man has been

said to have abilities such as intangibility,

flight, invisibility, and what several call umbro-

-kinesis. Eyewitnesses have all claimed that

Angel Man is a daunting presence with an

ulterior motive to Manhattan, yet others

 note that Angel Man has a kind heart

and arrives for every crime, no matter

how small.  

Angel Man has stopped several other

criminals, such as the infamous

Augur, who has climbed his way into

becoming Angel Man’s #1 Nemesis.

Angel Man has also been spotted with

Manhattan’s Favorite Hero, Seaweed Brain,

on several occasions in the past two months

since his debut, implying that controversy

with the aforementioned hero may only

be unnecessary scrutiny.

He is suspected to be 6’0” in stature, well-

known for the heroic glow-in-the-dark skull

on his chest plate that welcomes all who are

in need, with a strong jawline, and a winning

smile, along with…

Nico rubs the sleep out of his eyes and pushes his tablet across the kitchen table. The Twelfth Ledger shines at the header—obnoxious and blinding on his screen—with the glittery gold and purple SPQR logo rotating at the top corner of the screen. It’s the first sign of light he sees in the morning—even before the sun—and Nico’s already chanting Kill Me Now in his head before his day has started.


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The Zodiac signs based off of people I know who are that sign

Aries: ur a babe
Taurus: shy and really weird
Gemini: best person in the world. kind heart
Cancer: bitch
Leo: total nerd
Virgo: daredevil who says swag and yolo a lot
Libra: makes funny noises a lot and reads a lot
Scorpio: calm and gentle, very nice
Sagittarius: popular and cute. go you
Capricorn: can’t remember if I know a Capricorn
Aquarius: aesthetic, makeup goals and just generally good
Pisces: super brave and a daredevil, talks to everyone, good singer.

how to love each sign
  • Aries: always remember they're the center of the universe
  • Taurus: wine and dine them
  • Gemini: be smart. or pretty. or both.
  • Cancer: cuddles and wedding plans
  • Leo: compliment them 24/7
  • Virgo: good hygiene and at least try to be a good person
  • Libra: take them to an art gallery
  • Scorpio: be committed yet complicated
  • Sagittarius: always be prepared for random adventures at 3AM
  • Capricorn: talk to them about puppies
  • Aquarius: either be weird or pretend you understand whatever they're talking about
  • Pisces: just spill your guts out like the vulnerable sensitive lost soul you are

The signs as something I like to do:

Aries: Play fights with friends

Taurus: Eating noodles with chopsticks

Gemini: Making new friends

Cancer: Getting surprise hugs

Leo: Small compliments about stuff you usually don’t get compliments

Virgo: Laying on grass

Libra: Hearing a really good song

Scorpio: Someone remembering a small thing about you

Sagittarius: Staying up late thinking

Capricorn: Receiving a package/letter

Aquarius: Weird conversations with random people

Pisces: Painting really messily, doing only paint splatters

Wife and Child PT.4

Previous chapter   Ao3

After Gail’s melt down the two talked. Really talked. They laid out all of their questions and concerns, fears and hopes, and came to an understanding. Gail still wasn’t one hundred percent sure about the baby, or how she would do, but she was going to try and put her faith into Holly. She’d said Gail was just as much a parent as she was, and she was that unless she didn’t want to be.

She had options.

She could stay and cram every piece of knowledge she could about being a mom, and in the next three weeks be one. Her and Holly could figure out what they were to each other along the way. Or she could choose to move out, not be a mom, and try to be friends with Holly. Because Holly couldn’t have her living there, in their home, if she didn’t want their life. She couldn’t bare to see her everyday, helping with the baby but not being apart of them, eating dinner together but it never being quite right because Gail wouldn’t really be home. She wouldn’t be Holly’s, she wouldn’t be mom, she would be a friend. And Holly wasn’t even sure she could live with that, but she didn’t even want to entertain the idea of a life where Gail wasn’t apart of it, not after San Francisco.

So Gail had a lot to consider. A life to choose. And it had to made in the next three weeks, which was when Holly was due.

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The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

Aries: It’s going to be easy to feel like everything is urgent, this week. It’s going to be easy to feel rushed. The world will pick up its pace around you, maybe, and it’s going to require a specific kind of bravery, a strange quiet kind of courage, to move at your own speed, to move slowly and intentionally through even the strangest of days. Try not to let the world chase you off your own path. Try not to let the world make you panic. There’s plenty of time, there’s so much time, there’s all the time you need.

Taurus: Nothing will quite make sense this week. Nothing will be quite normal. This can throw you off balance. It can be such a blessing. Let your eyes adjust to the new light and let your feet find their balance again. The things that you know best can become strange, and the strangest things can begin to make sense. It’s a week to reconsider. It’s a week to be made new. It’s a week to change your mind. Light candles, or watch the moon change. Do whatever makes the air around you feel like magic.

Gemini: The world’s going to be great this week, and the world’s going to be generous, and the world’s going to be ready to offer you so many different kinds of joy. You’re going to see the results, finally, of the things you’ve been working toward for so long. You’re going to see the results of all of your work, all of your energy, all your kindness. Try to appreciate this goodness. Listen to loud happy songs with the windows open. Feel the sun on your face and the bright sky above you.

Cancer: This is a week for honesty, it’s a week for truth that shines like the sun. This is a week that will ask you to make the difficult choices that you’ve been hiding from. You can stand tall or you can shout or you can leave and not come back, but you have to choose. Try to let the sky guide you. Try to call upon every bit of courage you’ve been holding in your bones. Apply for new jobs, or buy a bus ticket across the country, or stay where you and make your life so good.

Leo: You might feel a little lost this week, in new places or old places or the weird deep corners of your own head. It might stress you out at first, but if you can remember who you are, it’s going to be so good to lose your way. If you can remember where you came from, it’s going to be so good to forget where you’re going. Try to feel your way. Try to find your way by the light of the stars. Try to stop moving, and just watch the landscape shift and bloom around you.

Virgo: This is a week to think about other people; it is a week for generosity without bounds. This week, generosity can cure your boredom, it can ease your sorrow, it can remind you how many ways there are to live. Connections with other people can keep you solid, they can keep you honest, they can hold you to this world when you’re feeling lost and unsure. Talk to strangers or call your grandparents or spend your evenings babysitting. Fill your house with so many colors. Remember what it’s like to be needed.

Libra: You’re going to have such a clear head this week, and your imagination is going to spark and glow, and you’re going to find ways to make your world make sense. You’re going to find ways to solve the puzzles that have been haunting you. You’re going to be able to put the pieces of yourself together in ways that feel right. You’ll be able to look straight at the things that have been troubling your dreams, and you’ll be wise enough to find paths to the other side, wise enough to find the way to safety.

Scorpio: This week, the world might feel small or the world might feel dull, and your life might feel like it isn’t enough. Try to give yourself time to sit with the thoughts that won’t let you go, time for the obsessions and preoccupations that structure your life and your days and your thoughts. Don’t let yourself get bored. Don’t let your thoughts get small. Drive to the place you were born, or walk through the streets you can’t stop thinking about, or listen to the songs that won’t let you go. See what your dreaminess can show you.

Sagittarius: This is a week for moving one step at a time, for taking each day as it comes, for trying as hard as you can not to get weighed down by worries, not to get stressed out over your plans. There are so many doorways open to you, there is so much space for you to live. There are songs you haven’t heard yet, there are people you haven’t met, there are whole worlds you haven’t even imagined. You can change your course. You can change your mind. You have so much time.

Capricorn: Living’s going to feel a little bit less difficult, for now. Living’s going to feel a little bit less strange. Your body is going to feel like it belongs to you, and your dreams are going to feel fresh and safe, and you could almost cry, it’s so good. Try to live in these moments, try to live like this gentle sweet world could exist forever. Try to set goals, while the world is being kind, while the sun is shining. Make plans. Draw maps. Write your own future into being.

Aquarius: Nothing much will happen this week, probably. This can feel like such sweet relief. It can feel like heaven; it can feel like magic. It won’t be a week for surprises, but a week for small movements and quiet repetitions, each moment building on the last, accumulating, building a life. Try to remember this as you move through your days, all stressed or bored or happy. Try to remember this when nothing much is going on. Try to do what you can with each moment you’re given. Try to be very kind.

Pisces: As much as you can and as long as you can, try to move slowly this week. Try to move with care. Don’t hurry your thoughts, don’t hurry your speech, don’t hurry your feet. Give yourself space to grow slowly. Give yourself time to put down roots that are deep. The things you need most won’t happen fast but they will happen, and they will be good, and they will be right. This week, just focus on giving yourself what you need. Focus on getting enough water, enough sunlight, enough gentleness, enough sleep.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.