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I’m so glad Shit Guardians Do is canon in destiny, because there is definitely, absolutely, this group of immensely powerful Risen with access to incredible resources and a mastery of space and teleportation only seen before from the Vex.

And this group spends all their time choreographing dance performances set to pre-Golden Age classics, and then ambushing unsuspecting solo Guardians on patrol for the sole purpose of giving them a great show.

Like, Husky Raid are just the absolute best cryptids.

  • i think that it would be cool if antisepticeye and pewdiepie met, since Felix said somewhere that poods is only his persona.
  • but could you imagine
  • pewdiepie: you laugh, you lose!
  • antisepticeye: *literally giggles all the fucking time* shit, he's good
  • yeah it was funnier in my head

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Iwa and Dai not yet living together, and Iwa owns a husky and he has conversations and arguments with the dog, because the dog always responds back with noises, like huffs and tiny howls and all other weird husky noises. And they are normal everyday conversations too like "oh you just gonna walk away huh?" "urrr" "nu uh mister, you put your toys away rn" "*whimper*" "no buts" and Dai thinks it's the weirdest and cutest thing ever. Dog dad Iwa.

random poe dameron headcanons ✧*・゚✧

just some random poe headcanons that i decided to share, enjoy!

  • he loves to draw and write. it soothes him to just draw or write down whatever comes to his mind. he is a great artist too. (although he’s not too anxious about showing people his work bc he thinks its embarrassing) 
  • when he’s working on his x-wing or just messing around, he loves to just play his music as loud as he can (i can see him being a fan of queen or david bowie- just a lot of classic rock and blues music)
  • there has never ever ever been a single person that has met poe and didn’t like him. everyone thinks so highly of him.
  • other than being the best pilot in the galaxy, he would be known for being someone you could always talk to. 
  • a lot of guys are secretly jealous of him because he’s such a smooth talker
  • he loves to dance with his significant other (whether it be just slow dancing or really anything)
  • holding hands is his favorite. he always wants to show affection somehow
  • being kissed on the cheek is his FAVORITE
  • he never sleeps before a mission 
  • lots of spontaneous sex in weird places
  • always has a husky voice in the mornings 
  • taking his significant other on day trips to different places and surprising them with gifts
  • talks in his sleep
  • he’s that type of person where you never seem them mad but when they’re mad it’s really serious (and hot af) poe is always happy
  • definitely an ass guy
Sex Voice - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: So I just lost my voice (I can still talk I guess) for the first time and like it sounds weird and husky (low key think I sound hot) and I can’t talk above a certain pitch so this ask is 100% out of pure selfishness but can you do Jason and reader who loses her voice and she hates it cause she’s never lost her voice before because she knows how to use her diaphragm and stuff okay this is way too long lol thank you! (requested by anon)

“Jay? Can you get me water?” Your voice hoarsely cracked in a whisper. Jason was sitting right next to you but he cupped his hand to his ear to signal that he couldn’t hear you.

“I’m sorry, what was that babe?” He asked with a smug grin. Clearly he heard you, he just wanted to be an asshole.

“I won’t hesitate to send you back to hell, Jason Peter Todd.” You croaked out. Jason laughed at your weak threats and brought his hands up in defeat.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” He said getting up from his seat to go fetch you some water and aspirin. When he came back he wordlessly handed you the glass and the bottle of pills. You took a tentative sip of the water, cringing at the soreness of your throat as the cold liquid came into contact with the burning pain.

“Thanks.” You weakly whispered after you forced down a few pills.

“You sound like shit by the way.” Jason said apologetically.

“No shit.” You coughed out sarcastically. “I have no idea how this even happened. I never get sick.” You whined moving to rest your head on Jason’s shoulder.

“I think Damian was coming down with something last time it was our turn to babysit the Demon.” Jason pondered.

“I’m bathing that boy in Purell the next time he comes over. This fucking blows.” You rasped with a pout permanently on your lips.

“Well, if it helps, I think your voice sounds sexy.” Jason purred seductively in your ear. You playfully glared at him and pushed him away from you.

“Not gonna happening Todd.” You rolled your eyes at his dramatic puppy dog pout.


Seems like Heavenfell and Weird-Husky got some haters recently

I got only one thing to say.

WHERE’S MINE ?????!!!!!!!