weird how that works

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me: aw yeah, big fic work is done, moving crunch is coming up, time to work on promp–
brain: what if andrew was cursed into being an actual fox and everyone thought he was dead
brain: while dealing with everyone’s reactions to his death which affect him more than he’d like
brain: especially as a mourning Neil distances himself from others and the suddenly adrift Kevin, Aaron and Nicky 
me: that 
brain: he’d also have to find a way to communicate his being alive and find a way to break the curse
me: that–
brain:  he could run into other canonically dead characters
me: that sounds like a full length fic
brain: yeah
me:  but the basis makes no sense
brain: yeah
me: why
brain: wouldn’t it be neat

‘’ Roses are red...   Violets are blue... You probably don’t see it,  but God Serena is trying to seduce you. ‘’

this holiday season some of us have no choice but to be in near vicinity of mother/father(s) or close blood relatives who have tormented you your whole life in various ways (verbal mental emotional physical ect). They will probably try to make you feel guilty for how uncomfortable you feel around them and your avoidance of them by playing ignorance and not understanding ‘why you turned out like this’ or 'what your problem is’ and will chalk it up to being something wrong with /you/

you are not genetically obligated to harbor affection let alone love for someone who was not worth it, simply because they share DNA with you.

the fact they made the decision to have a child (you) does not mean you owe them anything let alone continued adoration or tolerance of abuse.

be polite if you need to, but dont give them an inch.

anonymous asked:

i mean like it or not @'ing is an actual function of tumblr that does in fact give a notification which can be easily viewed by... using the functions of your tumblr account....... if tumblr has shitty code how is that that persons fault

I mean, like it or not, for the past 3+ weeks, the person in question has been dodging responsibility for a smear and harassment campaign that has, among other things, outed multiple CSA survivors andthreatened to doxx another CSA survivor for being “a danger to children” all while keeping her little hands squeaky clean. Forgive me if I’m not willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when she tries to again dodge a challenge by someone smarter than she is.

so I’m p much done writing fic. I’m tired and bored and nobody cares anyway so sometime this week I’ll make my wips neater than they are and post them and fill in gaps by summarizing or whatever so you’ll have what I have for the rest of guom and some other shit too probably. I get the urge to write things a lot and sometimes I even start but tbh it’s just not worth it anymore so yeah that’s it. it’s been fairly decent?


  • People can write whatever they want.
  • Other people can call it gross, classless, and tacky.

Play whatever kind of dumbshit character you like but if someone describes something gross, classless, and tacky and your immediate reaction is to be offended?  That is a sign you need to do something else because you clearly feel guilty about what you’re doing now.

My bad for not posting much. It’s hard to draw when I’m busy sleeping.

i was literally just about to go tell the guys beneath me to turn their music down and then i get a knock on the door and it was the guy that lives below and was like “is our music too loud? i jus thought of that.”  and he was super nice about it and gave me his number so i could text him if it got too noisy.