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I’ve traveled to a lot of unique places around the Southwest, and I’ve seen plenty of strange things. But believe me when I say that nothing I’ve encountered so far has made me quite so uncomfortable as this creepy hotel in the tiny town of Tonopah, Nevada, 200 miles from Las Vegas.

What a profound mystery. Is it owned and operated by clowns? Is it open only to clowns and clown truckers driving very tiny trailers? What’s the rate for 16 clowns in one room? Why is it located directly next to a graveyard?

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Have you seen Mune the guardian of the moon? I think you'd really really enjoy it. The art style is very tall and lanky or short and stout and the colors are beautiful. I think you'd draw my babe boy Mune amazing

I have seen it! Though it was a while ago, and I don’t remember much about it besides the fact that it looked really pretty and colorful o:

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my Favorite B99 bts story is that Melissa Fumero and Eva Longoria had a sleepover in the house they used for Road Trip the night before they shot it. It was just them and the creepy dolls


- as u said, that time Eva Longoria and Melissa Fumero had a slumber party at the Weird Doll Hotel

- Stephanie Beatriz snapchatting pics of her and Samberg’s glasses on a table like “the glasses are best friends!”

- Terry Crews constantly talking about how much he loves everyone

- actually tbh everyone always yelling abt how much they love each other

- The Great Chicken Wing Debate circa Johnny and Dora (2015)

- Nobody Told Melissa That Samberg Was Gonna Do The Thing And So Her Reaction Is Genuine

- that time Chelsea Peretti tried to prank Sambs by stealing his name tag tape and he retaliated by sticking /her/ name tag tape on a trash can

- Eva Longoria accidentally made Andy Samberg’s lip bleed in that one scene lmaooo

- Jake’s “cool cool cool cool cool cool” is a thing that he’d actually do on set which they incorporated into the character

- Samberg ruining scenes by suddenly screaming at Fumeros pregnant belly out of nowhere as if Jake only just noticed its presence

- the fact that Samberg actually used to own a pet turtle as a child

- that one picture of Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero and …… The pizza?

- that one that looks like a Renaissance painting okay

- s o m a N y RI d ic u l O U s se l fi es


I’m doing up some Salem inspired blocks for people to print themselves on the Peabody Essex Museum’s roller press at the Salem Horror Festival launch party.
This one focuses on the Lady in Black, said to be the ghost of a woman killed during the Witch Hysteria. There are some photos of her out there, a lady in black with wild hair (or maybe someone was standing in front of a wreath…) so I took that and added a dash of the original Fright Night poster. The house is a real place, the Joshua Ward house, and it is now a hotel just in case you want to meet Her in person.


Room 322 in Hotel Zaza is a very strange room.

For one, it is not listed as a room in the Hotel’s website. It is also a third of the size as the other rooms. There is no carpet, the bed is held up with chains. This is also the only room with a brick wall as well. The mirror on that brick wall leads to the idea that it might be a two-way mirror.

322 is also the number for Skull and Bones Secret Society which explains the numerous skull pictures and stuff. There are other creepy pictures in the room as well, like the two girls in the pink dresses and dead eyes. Also, a picture of Jay Comeaux, who is the Pres. of Stanford Group Company.

Why does this room exist? What purpose does it serve?

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What's your favorite liveshow? Or even just one to recommend to someone who's bored and has time to sit with those two dorks.?

Ahh I don’t really have a favorite because there’s literally so many to choose from. 
But I’ll give you a list I guess;

Dan’s Younow - July 17, 2012
(this is 2 hours long but so worth it, literally took me days to finish)
Dan’s Younow - October 28, 2014
(he was home alone and he finished editing Outlast, you can tell he’s lonely)
Dan’s Younow - December 5, 2013
(Cooking and Questions with Dan. I watch this one too many times)
Dan’s Younow - May 20, 2014
(He educates us all with hedgehog porn)

Phil’s Younow - May 30, 2014
(He grabs his old school tie, his mum calls, and he spins on the chair)
Phil’s Younow - October 5, 2014
(Dan steals his doritos and he gets sassy about it)
Phil’s Younow - January 19, 2013
(They had a bunch of people over and Phil just dips out and sits in the hall talking on younow what a dork)
Phil’s Younow - July 28, 2012
(When they first moved to London and he reads a book from his childhood)

Joint Liveshows:
June 23, 2012 
March 29, 2015
(after they announced the book)
October 12, 2012
(they sing Phantom of the Opera and Toxic what else do you need?)
May 13, 2016
(in a weird hotel that a prostitute would murder someone, in kentucky. even with the horrendous lag it’s still so special)

…I need a new hobby…