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Have you seen Mune the guardian of the moon? I think you'd really really enjoy it. The art style is very tall and lanky or short and stout and the colors are beautiful. I think you'd draw my babe boy Mune amazing

I have seen it! Though it was a while ago, and I don’t remember much about it besides the fact that it looked really pretty and colorful o:

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my Favorite B99 bts story is that Melissa Fumero and Eva Longoria had a sleepover in the house they used for Road Trip the night before they shot it. It was just them and the creepy dolls


- as u said, that time Eva Longoria and Melissa Fumero had a slumber party at the Weird Doll Hotel

- Stephanie Beatriz snapchatting pics of her and Samberg’s glasses on a table like “the glasses are best friends!”

- Terry Crews constantly talking about how much he loves everyone

- actually tbh everyone always yelling abt how much they love each other

- The Great Chicken Wing Debate circa Johnny and Dora (2015)

- Nobody Told Melissa That Samberg Was Gonna Do The Thing And So Her Reaction Is Genuine

- that time Chelsea Peretti tried to prank Sambs by stealing his name tag tape and he retaliated by sticking /her/ name tag tape on a trash can

- Eva Longoria accidentally made Andy Samberg’s lip bleed in that one scene lmaooo

- Jake’s “cool cool cool cool cool cool” is a thing that he’d actually do on set which they incorporated into the character

- Samberg ruining scenes by suddenly screaming at Fumeros pregnant belly out of nowhere as if Jake only just noticed its presence

- the fact that Samberg actually used to own a pet turtle as a child

- that one picture of Joe Lo Truglio, Stephanie Beatriz and Melissa Fumero and …… The pizza?

- that one that looks like a Renaissance painting okay

- s o m a N y RI d ic u l O U s se l fi es


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What's your favorite liveshow? Or even just one to recommend to someone who's bored and has time to sit with those two dorks.?

Ahh I don’t really have a favorite because there’s literally so many to choose from. 
But I’ll give you a list I guess;

Dan’s Younow - July 17, 2012
(this is 2 hours long but so worth it, literally took me days to finish)
Dan’s Younow - October 28, 2014
(he was home alone and he finished editing Outlast, you can tell he’s lonely)
Dan’s Younow - December 5, 2013
(Cooking and Questions with Dan. I watch this one too many times)
Dan’s Younow - May 20, 2014
(He educates us all with hedgehog porn)

Phil’s Younow - May 30, 2014
(He grabs his old school tie, his mum calls, and he spins on the chair)
Phil’s Younow - October 5, 2014
(Dan steals his doritos and he gets sassy about it)
Phil’s Younow - January 19, 2013
(They had a bunch of people over and Phil just dips out and sits in the hall talking on younow what a dork)
Phil’s Younow - July 28, 2012
(When they first moved to London and he reads a book from his childhood)

Joint Liveshows:
June 23, 2012 
March 29, 2015
(after they announced the book)
October 12, 2012
(they sing Phantom of the Opera and Toxic what else do you need?)
May 13, 2016
(in a weird hotel that a prostitute would murder someone, in kentucky. even with the horrendous lag it’s still so special)

…I need a new hobby…

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hey!! u work in a hotel right?? can u talk abt what that's like?? i've got interviews soon for a couple of jobs at motels and i have no idea what to expect from the interview or the job

yes i do!! hmmmmMMm ok i’ve only ever worked at the one hotel i work at now but if you’re going for a front desk position, my advice is:

1. show off what a friendly outgoing people person you are!! you’re the smiling face of the hotel and you gotta make everyone feel welcome

2. know your area! guests will want recommendations on things to do, places to eat, and so forth. it looks really good if you can tell them what’s what without looking it up

3. in the interview, give examples of when you’ve had to deal with some unreasonably wild shit. weird stuff happens at hotels, and you gotta take it in stride without panicking. if you don’t have a true story, make one up. if you’ve ever worked with customers before you probably already have a story or several.

4. it’s a bonus if you’ve handled money before (cash register work, etc)

5. there’s probably some sort of software you’ll need to learn how to use. in my hotel’s case, we use autoclerk. it’s OK if you’ve never even heard of the software before. let them know you’re a quick learner and are familiar with computers. ever used sai or photoshop? congrats you’ve taught yourself a software.

those are the main things i can think about off the top of my head!! hope it helps. good luck!!!!💖💕

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The chocobros are rooming in a cheap motel one night when they suddenly get a notification from management that the hot water turns off at 10. Prompto, whom usually takes a long time to take care of his hair, is still in the shower. With only 15 minutes left, Noct decides he's just going to hop in. How would Prompto react to Noct suddenly joining him in the shower?

Noctis tugged open the door to the bathroom, rolling his eyes at Gladio’s whistle, and pulled it shut. Prompto apparently didn’t hear the sound because there wasn’t a break in the quiet singing coming from the shower.

Noctis stripped quickly and checked there was a towel, grateful for the steam in the room as it warmed him. He slid the shower curtain back and was greeted immediately by a yelp and clattering sound as Prompto tried to simultaneously turn and jump back.

“Astrals Prompto it’s just me! The hot water shuts off in like..twelve minutes. Budge up!”

Prompto’s cheeks turned crimson and he scooted to the side, “Uh I can get out and let you…”

Noctis cut him off with a huff, “Dude, you’ve got soap in your hair, it’s fine. Just, hand me the shampoo.”

Prompto did what he asked, still shaking a little as he tried not to look at Noctis, rinsing his hair quickly and turning back to Noctis to switch places. His eyes widened when he realized that in order for Noctis to get under the stream they’d have to pass each other in the narrow space.

Noctis moved first, calm as Prompto hurried to turn his back to him. They made the switch, barely brushing and he took deep breaths. Grabbing the conditioner and trying to hurry.

As they moved to trade back Prompto closed his eyes, only to feel Noctis’ body press against his back.

“You’re cute when you’re embarassed…I wish the water was warm for longer…c’mon, finish up.”

He nipped at Prompto’s shoulder and the blonde shuddered, turning wide eyes on his friend who simply winked at him.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when we get ready for bed Prom, I’m not stupid. All you have to do is make a move.”

Prompto rinsed his hair double time and this time when they moved to trade he faced Noctis, leaning in to kiss him quickly, flashing him a grin, and getting out of the shower. Thank you, weird hotel policy.

I’m not with room service

I just needed drunk, flirty gratsu, and for Natsu to be naked for no real reason at all.


“Come on,” Sting says, smile plastered on his face, “one more round.”

“I can’t.” Natsu shakes his head, a bad idea with how blurry the world is. “I’m so drunk.”

Rogue clicks his tongue. “After all that bragging you did about drinking us under the table, you’re gonna give up so easily?”

“First of all,” Natsu hiccups, “first of all. We’ve been drinking since breakfast and it’s-” he one eyes the clock behind the bar. “-it’s 4:30!”

“So?” Sting hums, nuzzling his nose into Rogue’s hair.

Natsu jabs a finger in their direction. “So second of all, fuck you! You guys have been sharing these goddamn fishbowls of long island iced tea.”

“So?” Sting repeats. “What’s the problem?”

Natsu snorts. “There wouldn’t be one if I hadn’t matched you fishbowl for fishbowl,” he says.

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John Wick: Chapter Two (2017) Review

When the first John Wick came out, nobody really knew what it was. The trailer was released like a month before the movie arrived in theaters and everybody tought it was going to be this generic action crap that nobody will watch. But holy hell, we were wrong, weren’t we? The movie came out it was one of the best action movies of the last years, along with Mad Max Fury Road and The Raid.

Having this succes, the next step was logical. A sequel had to come as fast as possibile, and it did. So, how does the sequel fare compared with the original? In a very short answer, really well. This film is as good, if not better than the first one. What was so fascinating about the first one, besides the action was scenes, was this gorgeous worldbuilding element. They created this little universe with assassins and their rules set within this weird hotel, the Continental, where you cannot conduct “bussiness” and have to use these unique coins.

John Wick: Chapter Two takes this to eleven. The mythology expands even more, and we get to meet even more organizations and we also see another version of the Continental, the one in Rome. As far as the action goes, goes up as well. We have even more headshots, more gun-fu and even some car action. Clearly they had a bigger budget on this, and it’s well deserved. Chad Stahelski directs action really really well, creating some beautiful shots and angles. It’s great to see the fights and the shootouts clearly, without shaky cam or weird angles. Everything is clear and dynamic.

This the kind of role that Keanu Reeves was born for, thus solidifying his action star status, from The Matrix movies, to Speed or Point Break, and now the John Wick franchise. Even though he is great in this, and does most of the stunts on his own, the character has a less personal stake in this one. He needs to come back for a mission because of what he did in the first movie. Some of the familiar characters return in this one, including Lance Reddick, the concierge of the Continental, and Ian McShane as Winston, the manager of the Continental.

There is also a wave of new interesting characters, like Common who plays another assassin and Ruby Rose, a mute assassin. But the real treat comes in the form of Laurence Fishbourne, who is reuniting with his Matrix co-star. He plays the leader of another assassin faction. I don’t want to give to much away, but you will really enjoy him in the movie.

John Wick: Chapter Two is another fantastic action piece in this franchise, with a more expanding mythology, more locations, bigger action scenes but a more less personal stake for the character. John Wick: Chapter Two gets a 9 out of 10.

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47.4%Hey could u write a fic where other random oc Downworlders react to Magnus loving Alec (a shadowhunter) and having doubts about their relationship initially because Alec is a Lightwood and light woods are known to hate downworlders but then realizing that they are perfect for each other Another one with someone who really likes Magnus and gets jealous of Alec and doesn't think he is good enough for Magnus until Magnus sets the guy straight

It had been forever since he’d been to Pandemonium. Thankfully, the business was developed enough that it could survive without Magnus’ constant supervision. He had clients to attend to, and since Alexander’s arrival into his life, he’d had a range of other priorities to deal with. But Valentine was in jail, Alec was working, and it had been too long. It was a good idea to check in. The place was due to open in an hour, so it gave him the perfect chance to catch up with the staff, and how things had been.

Or so he’d thought at the time.

He’d used to have respect around here. It was his club after all. But tonight, when he walked in, he could hear the murmurs. It was as if they thought he was stupid, that he wouldn’t notice, wouldn’t hear. He hadn’t entirely been sure what the fuss was about until he’d caught two of the girls in the back room, along with the words ‘Shadowhunter’ and ‘Lightwood’.

Enough was enough.

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Room 322 in Hotel Zaza is a very strange room.

For one, it is not listed as a room in the Hotel’s website. It is also a third of the size as the other rooms. There is no carpet, the bed is held up with chains. This is also the only room with a brick wall as well. The mirror on that brick wall leads to the idea that it might be a two-way mirror.

322 is also the number for Skull and Bones Secret Society which explains the numerous skull pictures and stuff. There are other creepy pictures in the room as well, like the two girls in the pink dresses and dead eyes. Also, a picture of Jay Comeaux, who is the Pres. of Stanford Group Company.

Why does this room exist? What purpose does it serve?