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I’m a couple of minutes late for where I am but I hear it’s a certain dog’s bd 👀

Got a decent snapshot of this memelord.


I had a dream that they got drunk and got really shitty like low quality matching tattoos on their hands, so when they did the bird hand shadow puppet thing, it formed a dragon lmao 

(kaiba was like “why tf did we do this” and joey was like “idk i thought it was a good idea” and kaiba was like “that’s because you’re an idiot”)

You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.


Movements are in the making 🙌🏿 

So life ended up giving me that push to go and do something great with myself. That push came in the form of my co-worker.

This is Nathaniel and he likes slow walks on the beach.

He basically came ‘round to tell me about this idea he had banging around his brain for a while. He wanted to start up like a youth club, get it up and running for kids so they had something to do outside of school instead of hanging around the place and getting into trouble or anything like that. Which was understandable, I remember going to one with my brother after school which was just life, it was like an escape from the fuckries going on around us ya know?

His thing was that he didn't know where to start or who to talk to first so found his way to mine to ask for an opinion. I felt semi special. We ended up spending a good few hours researching the steps to take and things we should/shouldn't be doing. I was mad excited when he said that he was serious about getting this done and would have time ago if he had the funding and motivation. I honestly thought it was good little idea he had so asked if I could hop on it. We are now business partners so to speak haha. 

So this marks the beginning of our journey? Eh I don’t know. I just hope that this whole thing works out. I feel like this could really go places…

Also slightly off topic but somebody please direct this man to a decent barber.

But there’s one thing. One thing that caught my eye the first time i saw it in the manga.

When Tatara Fujita is dancing/competing, he literally

turns into Yuuri Katsuki

first time i saw this i honestly got confused and instead of seeing tatara i saw yuuri 

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Misha has some grey hair and he is a dad everyone would want to do.

it’s true. it’s so true.

and i would tag literally everything in this tag with “daddy af” if i didn’t think it would make people uncomfortable


casually makes another stupid mmd video

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alksdflaksd i just biased taetaeee ~

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how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

Hey guess what when you make an art tutorial, you don’t use that as an opportunity to shit talk and bash other people’s choice of art style; you simply inform people of your method on how you do things

And fyi, hair does weird shit. Mine gets anime highlights sometimes depending on the light and where it’s hitting me so IDK why the fuck exaggerating that is such a fucking crime fuck it’s a part of the genre


Sometimes everything I need is a little break from my own mind.

Doodles I made instinctively at dark times. I’m actually happy with how they turned out.

some good touhous if you don’t know what a touhou

reisen udongein inaba - ptsd gun bunny from the moon. she can manipulate waves through her eyes and generally is unfuckwithable but just wants to be left alone for the most part

toyosatomimi no miko - arguably a canon trans girl, Literally Prince Shoutoku, a gay fucking taoist. cool cape. also her hair is weird as shit she looks like an owl. i love her.

shou toramaru - the avatar of bishamonten/vaisravna. a youkai born from people’s fears about tigers. putting a pic of shou under your pillow will bring you $$$. super chill but can kill you with basically no effort because of the whole war god avatar thing

yuyuko saigyouji - ghost princess. loves to eat a food and tried to steal spring once (yes) so she could make the cherry tree that’s planted over her dead body (yes) bloom. acts like a dumbass but is actually extremely clever and not to be trifled with

kanako yasaka - mountain god of wind and rain, snakegoddess6969. kanako is your lesbian businesswoman mother. fucked up a whole bunch of shit because she wasn’t getting enough worship (i know) but everything generally is ok with her now

suwako moriya - kanako’s counterpart who just fucking loves frogs and doesn’t really leave the shrine. while kanako does the “sales” for their religion suwako is the one who actually delivers. she used to be top god but ~3000 years ago kanako fought her for control of the land/shrine and suwako lost (some people think it was on purpose). suwako stayed around and now they work as a team

parsee mizuhashi - snarky sarcastic little shit who guards the bridge between the underground, where all the Bad Youkai live, and the surface. she’s a hashihime (bridge princess), essentially a jealousy spirit, and can find anything to be jealous about in the most extreme ways

play touhou there are 39483629393729 female characters with unique backstories and motivations and designs and i love them all so much.