weird girl dancing

Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


Boyfriend Bambam

A/N - Here is Bambam as your boyfriend! Only one member left after this one and then the college AUs will start~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Yugyeom

  • so now we have literal meme Kunpimook Bhuwakul
  • dating Bambam would be so fun
  • he’s be the kind of boyfriend to make you laugh all the time 
  • literally all the time
  • Bambam would always be doing something extra that just had you in fits of giggles
  • whether he was dabbing or doing some weird girl group dances, it’d be hilarious and you could never stop yourself from laughing at him
  • despite his craziness, you’d love him so much 
  • and he’d return the love even stronger
  • even though he is super outgoing and funny, he’d show you a more serious side 
  • he’d be the type of person to have really deep conversations out of nowhere
  • like you’d be eating lunch or something and he’d randomly say, “(Y/N), what’s the meaning of life?” or “why are we even here?”
  • and you’d be confused as to where that random change of conversation came from
  • but the two of you would connect and grow closer whenever you did have those deep conversations
  • one of Bambam’s favourite things to do whenever he stays the night is to cuddle you and just talk
  • you could be watching anime or listening to music and he’d want to talk to you about anything and everything
  • he’d want to know every little thing about you
  • even the stuff you thought was boring about you, he’d want to know it all
  • Bambam would be the kind of boyfriend who would tease his partner loads but as soon as someone else tries to tease them, he’s super protective
  • he’d defend you to the ends of the earth
  • “you can’t tease them that’s my job” he’d say while squishing you against his body in a hug
  • whenever he teased you though, you’d immediately have a comeback ready
  • basically you two were savage af
  • “hey, (Y/N) your dancing sucks”
  • “well at least my singing is better than yours”
  • “yeah but I look hotter than you”
  • “sure whatever you say” *plays videos of fetus Bambam doing aegyo*
  • “I hate you, (Y/N)”
  • “love you too, Bambam”
  • even though you’re both mean to each other, it’s done out of love
  • seriously that boy loves you so much it’s insane
  • and he really shows that love in the bedroom
  • you might expect him to be super extra in the bedroom since he is on stage
  • but he’s actually much more gentle and loving
  • with Bambam it wouldn’t be meaningless sex, it’d be full of love and care and pure emotion
  • sex with Bambam would be slow and passionate
  • he’d want it to last longer so he could show you just how much he really loves you
  • the whole experience with him would just be amazing
  • and you wouldn’t be able to sleep after because of how much you loved being so close and intimate with him
  • it was like sharing a piece of your soul with his
  • overall, Bambam is a cute af boyfriend who wants to give his partner everything and more
Hayes Grier - Dirty q&a (part 2)

Request:  can you do a continued of the Hayes dirty q and a where Hayes wants to act on the dirty thought then they kinda become fuck buddies then they develop feelings and admit them in another dirty q and a and Hayes asks you out? I understand if ur busy, but I love ur writing so it would be awesome!!!

Part 1


“This party sucked,” I sighed as we finally got home. I threw myself to the couch not even bothering to take my jacket off.

“Yes, I don’t even know why we stayed for an entire hour,” Hayes said agreeing. He lifted my legs, sat down and then took them into his lap.

“Did you see that weird girl dancing in the backyard?” I asked laughing at the memory of the girl. It was one of the most bizarre things I had even seen. That girl had moves.

“Oh my God, yes, she was a disaster!” he chuckled shaking his head. “I should have record it, I could make her Vine famous!”

“Oh, poor girl. You know I miss those time I could enjoy myself like her. She didn’t even give a fuck about what was happening, she just wanted to have fun and she did!”

“You know what I miss?” he asked sighing.


“Having sex.”

“Don’t even start, I feel so bad since I broke up with Steve,” I groaned standing up. I peeled the jacket off me while he lay down to the couch.

“Don’t tell me that he was so good that you miss being with him,” he laughed and I could feel his gaze on me as I took off my boots.

“He knew one or two things,” I shrugged. “But if we are talking about exes, I’m not so sure also that your ex was such a good sex partner,” I said raising my eyebrows at him. He sat up and had a huge grin on his face.

“She had a great body, I can’t complain.”

“Ah, asshole, the only thing you care about is the body.”

“It’s just an important thing,” he defended himself. I just sighed and walked to the TV in order to find something to watch. I was running through the channels when he spoke up and said a surprising thing. “We should have sex.”

I froze and then turned around to see if he really meant it. He looked at me with a serious face.

“What?” I asked laughing putting my hands to my hips.

“You heard me,” he simply said.

“What are you talking about, Hayes? Are you horny?”

“Yes, I am, but that’s not the thing. We can agree that we find each other attractive, we just admitted it in a YouTube video, and now we just admitted that we both want to have sex. Why don’t we have sex with each other?”

I stared at him for a long moment taking it in. My best friend just offered me to have sex with him just because we missed having sex. I felt like it was the biggest joke of my life, but I had to admit that he was hot and I imagined some dirty things with him.

He stood up and walked up to me looking down at me with hunger in his eyes.

“Just sex, nothing else. What do you say?” My head screamed no, because it was a stupid idea, but my lower area won and I accepted the offer.

Instead of just answering him I crushed my lips to his and kissed him hard. It was different from what I imagined, but it definitely turned me on. And him. Yes, I could feel how turned on he was.

We quickly got rid of our clothes and made the beast out of our little agreement. Luckily it was just the two of us in the house so we could do whatever we wanted to. And we totally took advantage of it. First on the couch, then on the floor and we kind of had a third round in my room not even bothering to keep quiet. Hayes surely knew how to make a girl happy, and I think I also did a good job.

I thought it would be super awkward in the morning, but it wasn’t. That night made a change that turned our friendship into a friendship with benefits. And we had those benefits very often.

He would come over randomly and we would have amazing sex, then continue everything like we used to. It was just the best.

We went on like this for weeks without anyone noticing it, and it became our routine. But I started to feel like I needed… more. We didn’t talk about others, but I thought Hayes was seeing other girls and I started to think about it when we were together. I wanted to tell him but I knew it would ruin everything, so I kept it for myself. Until the day we decided on doing another dirty Q&A video.

“Hey guys, we are here again with an amazing dirty Q&A video and we are going to answer your questions you sent us,” Hayes said smiling to the camera.

“Okay, so the first one,” I started and looked down to my phone. “Who is the one who takes the longest to take a dump?”

“It’s me,” Hayes admitted raising his hand.

“Yeah, and I wouldn’t admit it either way because I’m a girl,” I sighed. “Hey there is a good one. How often do you shave, Hayes?” I asked turning to him smiling. I knew he didn’t need to shave that often, and I was curious if he would admit it.

“Um, I surely don’t shave as much as you.”

“You asshole!” I shouted but I couldn’t help and laugh.

“Oh, you love me,” he grinned at me and suddenly kissed. Even though it wasn’t live and we could cut it off I was surprised by it, but I didn’t say anything. We just turned back to the camera and continued the video.

“Okay, my turn now. Here is one,” he said taking a deep breath. “Is that true that Hayes fell for you after starting to be friends with benefits?”

I blinked at him taking the words in. It definitely wasn’t a question, but at first I didn’t even know what it was, but then he spoke up.

“Listen, I know that it’s going to sound stupid, but I thing I might want more than just… sex. I don’t want you to see other boys, I want you to be only with me. But I get it if you don’t feel the same.”

I simply switched off the camera and then turned towards him. He looked so sad and hopeless, my heart was just melting that he felt the same way like me.

“Will you please say something?” he pleaded. But instead of saying anything I choose the nonverbal communication again. I sat onto his lap and kissed him. But it wasn’t like the first time we kissed, because it had emotions in it. It was gentle and sweet and lovely. I run my fingers through his hair pulling at the end as his hands slipped under my shirt to my back.

“Does this mean we are, like… together?” he asked breathless when we pulled away.

I bit into my lower lip and nodded.


“Then I would like you take you out for a proper date,” he smiled at me relieved.

“I’m in. But first, make love to me,” I whispered into his lips.

“I never did anything else. Because that’s what you deserve. Just love.”

so uhhhhhhhh i want to be in a relationship????

Rough (Mature - REQUEST)



Justin and I decided to hit a club for the first time in forever. Since getting himself back on his feet, he’d not necessarily avoided these hang outs - just found other alternatives to a good night.

Zipping the side of my black dress up, I ran a hand through my long hair and looked myself once over in the mirror. I thought I looked pretty good.

Justin entered the bedroom in a pair of jeans and one of his tees, knowing him, it’d probably come off, anyway. His hair was combed to perfection and the smell of his cologne hit my nose. “Damn, can we just skip to the part where I fuck you senseless?” He asked, his voice low.

Tugging on my bottom lip as I looked at him through the mirror, I shook my head before I made an irrational decision “No, we’re going out.” I announced, grabbing my heels. “Come on, the cars waiting.”

Justin’s hand rested on my thigh as we drove down the streetlamp-lit roads. Usually, it was just a sweet gesture because he always had to be close to me, but I knew this time he had other intentions. Clearing my throat, I moved his hand off of me. Two can play that game.

Arriving at the club, Justin and I were allowed to cue jump and head straight inside. Perks of having an A-lister boyfriend.

The bass hit me immediately, as well as the body heat of hundreds of other people. Reaching the bar, we ordered what we wanted before hitting the floor.

Instantly turning my body around so I could grind against Justin, his hands held my waist, holding me closer against him. “I know what you’re doing.” He said in my ear, smirking, I glanced up at him before responding with, “Good.”

Once Justin and I spotted some of our friends, we went to socialise. Walking with my best friend back onto the dance floor, I told her of my plan and she knew exactly what to do. My other friends has always been a little weird about girl-on-girl dancing, but this one had no cares in the world. Practically repeating the position Justin and I were in, we rocked to the beat.

Locking eyes with Justin, he was watching us intently. Winking at him, I turned around, looking away, and left it at that.

When I spotted Justin next, I had noticed he had removed his shirt, a slight glistening of sweat on his body. I bit my lip as I admired his torso. His arms flexed as inflexed as he danced and brought the bottle to his lips. He knew exactly what to do to get me hot and bothered and boy was he doing it. Feeling my arousal pool in my underwear, I had to look away.

Around an hour into dancing, Justin grabbed me away from my friend, holding me against him so I could feel his arousal in his jeans. “We need to leave.” He growled. I had been somewhat fine until this very second, my skin burned and I felt my legs get weak. Nodding, I waved goodbye to my friend, knowing she’d understand what was about to go on.

Avoiding cameras and rushing me into the car, Justin didn’t even speak to his driver before doing up the divider and laying me down on the back seat. “What do you think you’re playing at? Huh?” He asked, hiking my dress up around my waist and rolling his hips against mine. Craving the friction, I closed my eyes and bucked my hips, leaving him with no response.

“Do you think it’s funny to get me hard in public?”

Finding whatever strength I had (because he always knew how to get me like jello in seconds) I sat up and pushed Justin into his seat, straddling him.

“Did I make daddy angry?” I asked, rubbing myself against him. I watched as Justin’s eyes rolled back before he lifted his hips to meet mine.

“You have no idea what’s coming to you, baby girl.”


As the car parked, I got out first, swaying my hips more than usual causing Justin to groan behind me. He was an ass man, that was for certain. Smiling to myself, I reached the door.


Purposely dropping my key, I bent down to reach it. Feeling a smack on my ass before hands at my hips, Justin pressed me back against his crotch, “Don’t fuck around.”

Unlocking the door, Justin wasted no time in slamming it shut and pressing me against it. Pulling my zipper down, I left my dress to fall on the floor. His hands claimed my bare breasts as sucked on my neck. Standing in only my thong, I reached to grab Justin over his jeans.

“Somebody’s ready for me, aren’t they, daddy?”

Justin’s pulled away from my neck, watching how his eyes darkened before he smashed his lips against mine. I fumbled with his jeans before pulling them down, along with his Calvin’s. Feeling his hard on against my stomach, I moaned quietly into his mouth.

Turning me around and lifting me onto the small wooden table we had, it was supposed to hold a vase and some photos but we were yet to do that. On all fours, I turned my head to look at Justin, watching as his jerked his cock a few times, having to stop myself from moaning at the view before me.

Still in the hallway, Justin positioned himself at my entrance before pulling my hair slightly so I would look straight ahead at the large mirror we had mounted onto the wall.

“I want you to watch as I fuck you. I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk. Understood?”

I was practically dripping, his dirty talk always got me off and I found myself unable to talk.


“Yes, what? Baby girl.”

“Yes, daddy.”

Without warning, his pushed himself completely inside of me. A gasp leaving my lips, I let my head hang instantaneously, my body growing weak already, “I said watch.” He growled, slapping my ass.

Tugging my bottom lip between my teeth, I watched as Justin pounded me relentlessly. The sight was just something else – Justin’s face at this exact moment was enough to make me cum. The way his eyes were shut as his head was thrown back slightly, biting his bottom lip as grunts dared to leave his mouth.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He groaned, pulling me back against him.

I couldn’t keep quiet, with the way he was fucking me, it was impossible to keep my mouth shut. No doubt we’d have a complaint from a neighbour or two.


Receiving another sharp pain to my ass, I knew I’d called him the opposite of what he wanted.

“O-oh, daddy… y-yes.” I cried out.

Pulling out momentarily, I whined as I felt a sudden emptiness. “Stand up.” He ordered. But I didn’t, I couldn’t move, my legs were practically shaking.

“I c-can’t.”

Picking me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist before he sunk me back down on his cock. “Fuck!” I screamed, as he reached new depths. With his sex game, I’m surprised he didn’t just pick the porn industry to pursue a career in.

Justin’s lips were situated on my neck as he marked me.

“Oh, shit..” He grunted, picking up the pace.

“I c-can’t much long-ger.” I attempted to speak.

“Don’t cum until I tell you to.” He muttered.

I had no idea what had come over him tonight, but I sure as hell could get used to it. Sure, our sex life was far from vanilla, but it had been a long time since Justin had been rough with me.

“Holy shit.” He groaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

Taking that as my cue, I rocked myself against him as best I could.

“Fuck!” Justin grunted, stilling his movements. “O-oh my God.” I followed, my body growing limp against him.

“That was so good.” He panted. Nodding in agreement, we stayed still for a few moments, trying to regain a steady breathing pattern.

Knowing I wouldn’t be able to walk, with whatever strength Justin could muster, he slowly carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom, my body still slightly spasming.

Finally pulling out of me, he sighed and we laid on the bed together. That was what I loved about Justin, he could be so rough with me, yet back to his sweet self in a matter of moments.

“We need to shower.” I breathed, Justin pulled me against him and kissed my forehead, “Let’s just cuddle first.”

Fic Recs #15

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14

I hope you all enjoy this installment of the fic party! I can’t promise another one until after the holidays, unless I get a lot of notes asking for one! I know the holidays can be weird for some people, so if you need to escape into fanfiction, just let me know and I’ll try to get one out. Or, just send me an ask and I’ll try and find a fic I think you’d like!

Without further ado, let the fic party begin.

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Couch to 5k by @hari-redtoes - Felicity just got dumped, so Curtis – in an attempt to get her off the couch – forces her to come to the gym with him and find her sport. Instead, she finds a really hot gym instructor.

Bake for a Date with Oliver Queen by @oyhumbug - Felicity’s meddling mother signs her up for an antiquated, sexist baking competition under the name Megan to win a date with Oliver Queen. Felicity decides to just bomb the competition. Unfortunately, Oliver knows she’s the one girl not in it for the money or prestige, so he vows to put her through to the end so he can go on a date with a normal person. If Felicity doesn’t give him food poisoning first.

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I Can’t Make You Say You Love Me by @wetsuiton - ANGST ALERT. Felicity Smoak is stuck. She’s trying to live with severe anxiety and emetophobia, but her methods aren’t working anymore. Her best friend, Oliver, is worried. It’s angsty and sad, but I’m loving this look into living with these issues featuring my favorite OTP.

An Unexpected Encounter by @hope-for-olicity - A city librarian goes home for Christmas and makes an unexpected encounter with a super hot, seemingly unattainable news anchor Oliver Queen.

decorating the bunker by @mogirl97 - Felicity overhears Oliver talking about how he has nowhere to hang his stocking in the bunker now that he’s not living in the loft. Felicity takes the matter into her own hands and recruits the team to decorate.

All I Can by @kitchenhoe - I think I’ve recced this before, but let’s all take a big slice of who cares pie and read this fic! Felicity is Raisa’s niece and works in the Queen Mansion, trying to get her degree as fast as she can to outrun her Russian-flavored past. Unfortunately, when Oliver Queen comes home, she realizes he’s got a bit more of the Motherland in him than should be possible for someone stuck on a “deserted island” for five years. Classic Cinderella story! …Right?

I don’t need a hero (I need a partner) by @flareonfury - Felicity’s got a hard knock life, but she’s not going to let that keep her down. She’s working as hard as she can to support herself and Roy, her brother, but it’s just one thing after another. Then, Roy steals Thea Queen’s purse and their lives take a turn.

The Year of Good Things by @realityisoverrated-fic - I know I’ve recced this before, but now my dearest friend has a blog so I can tag her in it! This is the last in The Ties That Bind trilogy, and my personal favorite. Felicity and Oliver are happy, and Oliver has promised her a year of good after the tumultuous time they had before they got together. Unfortunately, the criminals of Starling City have other ideas.

The Girl with the Red Mask by @1strangeness-charm1 - Basically it’s a Step Up, Save the Last Dance-esque AU that I never knew I wanted. Felicity’s the weird ballroom dancing girl at her school, but Oliver thinks she’s pretty cute.

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Let’s try our very best to fake it by @mogirl97 - I’ve recced this before, but y’all WE GOT BONUS SCENES OF CHRISTMAS FLUFF and everyone needs to read them! Go forth and feel the fluff.

Sportsmanlike Conduct: Deleted/Bonus Scenes by @mogirl97 - You thought I was done with Christmas fluff? Think again! Now we rejoin everyone’s favorite hockey power couple as they navigate fluffy Christmas/holiday adventures.

Air Made of Bricks by @machawicket - Summer of Sexual Tension 2.0 (aka hiatus 4.5) featuring Felicity getting punched in the face.

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Tethered by @bobs - Fandom got you down? Did the midseason finale cut out your heart and stomp on it? Never fear, fluffy oneshots are here! Here be all the happiness, heart eyes, and unicorn hugs you could ever want.

can you keep me close? (can you love me most?) by @colorilluminates - Felicity got Oliver a Smoak Tech hoodie, but it turned out way more purple than she thought. AKA: a really adorable 5+1 things you never knew you needed.

Shameless self promotion time!!!

Somewhere With You by ME! - That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite part of the fic recs when I plug a WIP of mine! I just started a new story, and it’s this one. Yes, based on the beautiful and sad country song by Kenny Chesney. I’m a southern girl. It’s a hybrid high school, beach town, coffee shop, and other thing AU I can’t tell you without spoiling the story. Felicity is on the run, and ends up finding a safe harbor with John Diggle, Lyla, and baby Andrea. Then, her carefully laid plans to keep running from her problems are further thwarted when she meets Oliver Queen. Instead of the feckless playboy she’s been warned about, Oliver is kind and genuine. And that’s really not good for her plans.