weird girl and cat

“The Houses in people I know” - A Slytherin with Hufflepuff tendencies


  • Thinks they’re a lion
  • They’re a cat
  • Screams randomly
  • “Fight Me.”
  • Can get a degree in playing air guitar
  • Dog Person (but they have a weird fixation on cats)
  • Likes talking in a valley girl voice for no reason
  • Has trouble asking for help
  • “I won’t stand for the blatant mistreatment of cupcakes!”


  • Dad Jokes
  • Human Personification of a Cat Poster
  • Either procrastinates or works super hard 
  • there’s no in between
  • Passive- Aggressive
  • Bad at confrontation
  • Smol, but strong
  • Literally they can lift me onto their shoulders
  • “Have you ever wanted to open every banana at someone’s house because you didn’t want to confront them about being mad?”


  • Is a cinnamon roll
  • Will shank you with a spoon if needed
  • Throws shade nonstop
  • The only person I know who doesn’t seem super nervous before presentations
  • Really good manners
  • Has tact
  • Until you mess up on table manners
  • “You are eating like a cow. Please just stop.”


  • So many books and reading
  • Extracurriculars
  • No sports
  • Good at art
  • Talks to themselves sometimes
  • Poker face 101
  • Has an organized desk
  • Likes taking aesthetic photos
  • “HOLD STILL! You are in the perfect pose for my nerdy,soft, and depressed aesthetic.

GryffinPuff/ HuffleGrif/ HuffleDor

  • Chaotic Good
  • Will fight you if you hurt their friends
  • Has a bunch of friends
  • Strong Morals
  • Has a lot of feelings
  • Don’t mess with them
  • Everyone loves them and you’ll feel their wrath
  • Protects small animals


  • A living contradiction
  • Slays 25/8
  • Is randomly impulsive
  • Really good at throwing shade
  • Likes outdated memes
  • p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n 
  • but with a capital P
  • Likes to watch cat videos
  • Will not hesitate to destroy you
  • “I’ve been watching videos about judo for 3 hours and I can’t tell if I made a mistake.”


  • Loves to read cliches
  • Wears oversize glasses
  • Knows a bunch of random facts
  • Has a bunch of courage, but thinks before the act
  • Has commitment issues
  • One word: D I S N E Y
  • Is really witty
  • Stands for what they think is right
  • “ So you’re telling me that you threw that at them because your arm twitched? You know, I wasn’t born yestreday.”


  • A mixture of the type of friend you cry on their shoulder and the friend you ask to hide a body
  • Good
  • Is so good trivia
  • Struggles with saying the logical or emotional statement
  • Smol, but tall
  • Roasts me but then apologizes.
  • Likes wearing comfy clothing
  • Curses only in foreign languages
  • “Regina, sometimes you have to make tough decisions.” “… My name is Esther”


  • Is not good at feelings
  • No one would ever suspect them having an ounce of Slytherin in them
  • Is bad a public speaking
  • Can be really cold
  • Has mastered being a hidden nerd
  • Stylish
  • P R O C A S T I N A T I O N
  • Is outgoing, but if you cross them they’ll have so much dirt on you
  • “I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUch… I mean, what was the homework for last night?”


  • Has so many connections
  • So smart
  • Always has a comeback
  • Passes all their classes with no effort
  • All the teachers love them
  • Everything is on point
  • Loves to watch old movies
  • Drinks coffee with a lot of sweetener
  • “One phone call.” “To do what?” “Take a guess.”

Just a bunch of sketches of some cute Weird West characters, wanted to try out a few things. (=OwO=) °♡°

Tzili belongs to @amethyst-lunar-rose-dragon

Mobius, Zero and the au belong to @croctus

Lettie belongs to @puffybunni

Queen belongs to @procrastinatingmod

Monster belongs to @theonceler

Ryan belongs to @sweetredbeans

Dre belongs to @supernaturalcakes

And Shasha belongs to @nekodorei

anonymous asked:

Do any of the yandere guys have a type of girl? like pls pls could you do this with reaper and genji <3 <3

Hell, I’ll do it with a lot of them for you…

Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone in this, these are just head-canons really


  • Loves quirky girls that can put up a fight - if you pull his hair, for example, he’d turn into a moaning mess
  • He thinks brightly colored hair and makeup is fucking hot
  • Following that trend, he prefers the party boy lifestyle, so he loves girls who are full of energy and can keep up with his antics - so if they can handle drink and drugs, that’s definitely a plus
  • Body wise, he loves athletic-built girls who can pin him down as easily he can to them


  • Fucking adores traditional ‘girly’ girls; since Jesse tends to go for ‘Southern’ types, he loves seeing his s/o in dresses or tied up button shirts and shorts
  • This man lives for curves and ‘thicc’ bodies, he doesn’t keep his hands to himself either
  • Jesse is pretty dominant and gets extremely moody when he doesn’t get what he wants.. so more submissive girls are for him

Soldier 76:

  • Tends to go for girls who are much smaller than him, mostly so he can throw them over his shoulder and hold them close to his chest whenever he sleeps
  • He loves protecting small girls, but he also finds it cute it if they’re a little intimidated by him
  • Though he complains about it, he loves to ‘tame’ loud, badly behaved or more bratty girls too


  • He’s a massive slut shamer, and he loves it
  • Though he’ll seem possibly uninterested in public towards girls like this, he adores feisty and slightly promiscuous girls who could probably rip his nuts off
  • He’d adore keeping a girl like this all to himself, once a playbunny, now all his..
  • HOWEVER, he’s also really into seriously innocent girls.. he loves murmuring dirty things in their ear to watch them turn all shades of red


  • Prefers delicate, slight girls who are quite shy or timid.
  • He also likes rather typically feminine women who are very respectable and domesticated
  • Hanzo finds soft voices and girlish mannerisms particularly sweet
  • He doesn’t like being disobeyed, so unless he reckons he’d be able to ’train’ them, Hanzo isn’t particularly interested in badly behaved girls


  • Jamison loves girls who will agree with everything he says - if he suggests that the two of you are going to do something stupid, he’d get seriously sulky if his s/o refused
  • Similarly to Mccree, Junkrat loves curvy girls.. He’d fall asleep curled around them like some weird cat, with his head either on their lap or on their chest
  • He’ll also get extremely, and I mean stupidly protective if he sees anyone talk to his girl. Jamie would curse at anyone who dares touch his girl.. The unlucky individual may even find a little ‘present’ (an explosive) under their bed from the Australian man


  • He likes his s/o to be rather quiet. He doesn’t mind especially timid girls, he loves giving his s/o tons of aftercare because this man is a big softie deep down
  • He’s not bothered really about their body type, he loves big pretty eyes and sweet smiles though..
  • Typically likes ‘littles’


  • He loves smart and sophisticated women. He loves them to be as intelligent as they are beautiful, but they should know when to shut their mouth unless they want him to wipe the lipstick off their pretty little smirk
  • Akande quite likes taking feisty girls and totally domesticating them to his beck and call
  • He expects his s/o to wear fine jewelry and he adores red stain on their lips.. but he prefers the makeup when it’s smeared across silk pillows and they’re a sweating panting mess beneath him.