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Yandere headcanons, my secret weakness! Can I request how Genji, Hanzo and McCree (separately) would react to having a S/O who's a very public figure, a celebrity, which leads to their S/O gaining a few unwanted admirers?

Admin B: Here you are! Hope you like it! Just a warning, McCree’s gets pretty dark, I mean, it gave Admin A shivers.

-Genji is sitting with his s/o one day when they tell him of all the weird fanmail they’ve been getting recently and of all the weird people who’ve been following them around alot.

-Genji is disgusted at these terrible people. He tells his s/o that he’ll deal with it, but they tell him to stay out of it.

-Genji doesn’t listen. He stalks the people and finds out everything he can about them.

-He starts killing them off, one by one.

-First, the people who try to get his s/o to send them lewd pictures. They all get their heads cut off

-Second, the people who sent his s/o gore/gross pics and lewd mail. They get their limbs cut off and shoved down their throat.

-Lastly, the stalkers. Genji kills them all slowly. He tortures them by tying them up then slicing their neck.

-Once the gross people are all dead, Genji goes back to his s/o, knowing that they don’t have to deal with those people anymore.

-Hanzo didn’t mean to look through his s/o’s phone. It was a true accident.

-He looked through their email and grows disgusted at the nerve of these people.

-He doesn’t tell his s/o what he saw, he just keeps quiet. They eventually tell him what’s going on and Hanzo pretends like he just heard it.

-He kisses his s/o’s forehead and leaves to go take care of the problem. He doesn’t say where he’s going or what he’s doing though.

-Hanzo has two advantages. One being he is an assassin, two being the dragons.

-He snipes every single horrible person. Some deaths are more brutal than the others. Some, he doesn’t even use a regular arrow, he uses the dragons and leaves.

-Once the people are all dead, he returns to his s/o covered in blood. He looks exhausted yet accomplished at the same time.

-Noticing all the blood, his s/o asks what happened and he just tells them he got into a fight. He smiles knowing his s/o is safe.

-McCree finds out when he comes along with his s/o to a show/event they’re doing.

-He’s about to go tell his s/o how good they did when some person approaches them. The person starts groping his s/o and saying some pretty lewd shit.

-McCree storms over, pulls the person away and punches them so hard, they start bleeding and he dislocated their jaw. He doesn’t stop punching them until security tell him to leave.

-His s/o is angry at him for doing that and they don’t talk to him for the rest of the night. McCree is upset bit doesn’t yell, he just pleads for them to listen.

-They keep ignoring him, and McCree starts to get angry. He starts to yell at them and pulls them over to him by their wrist.

-He tells them that they should be glad he loves them or else they would be lost. His s/o is scared and angry. They try to yell back at him, but he yells louder.

-He then brings them to a room, deep within the house where there are no windows and the only way out is a heavily locked door. McCree pushes them inside and tells them that when they decide to behave, he’ll let them out.

-He starts to psychologically torture them, telling them that they’re worthless without him. This goes on for months untill they plead to be let out.

-McCree lets them out and they cling to him, scared that if they leave him, he’ll kill them.

-McCree is happy at their descion and tells them that he loves them and that he’ll always protect them.

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ok i couldn’t resist. it’s full of quotes from 15th-19th cent. poets. /orz (i wanted to send this as an ask but the formatting is weird so fanmail instead, sorry)

Elsa’s french sex poetry

Elsa: Oh Anna… ma douce Anna, rien ne vaut l’éclat de… a little higher, yes right there oh my god don’t stop… de tes yeux, de tes yeux verts, lacs où mon âme tremble et se voit à l’envers… telle une rose, qui se matin avait éclose… oh my fffff—
Anna: Elsa! no dirty talk unless it’s in French.
Elsa: …dirty talk? I wasn’t… nevermind.
Anna: what? why? that wasn’t dirty talk?
Elsa: … it was. Very dirty.
Anna: Good. It kind of turns me on, you know. Naughty girl.
Elsa: Yes, right. Une vraie coquine.
Anna: *swoons* 


This is so fucking sweet and hot, omg.
I love the things she said to her, but “ Une vraie coquine.” uhauhauhauhauhauhahua XD
“it was … very dirty” oh honey <3