weird factory

No, this isn’t another planet. It’s Skyline Rim, near Factory Butte in eastern Utah. Massive wrinkles in the rugged landscape give this place an otherworldly appearance, especially in the fading light of dusk. Photo courtesy of Brock Slinger.

Date a girl who has been enslaved into writing about dating weird girls for the rest of her life, even though she has never actually dated a girl, weird or otherwise, because has she ever seen the outside, except through the blurry polaroids of the moon and stars that she found in her pockets the first day she began working. Sometimes she whispers “I love you” to her supervisor, who never notices, or maybe just pretends not to hear, but she says it anyway just to know what the words feel like on her tongue. Date a girl who can only tell you about her plight through a weird girl post that she made when her supervisor wasn’t paying attention. 

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Full Scores 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (NOT WILLY WONKA) 

Evil Dead


Falsettoland (handwritten original score) 

March of the Falsettos (handwritten original score) 

Newsies Vocal Selections

Once Vocal Elections

Single Songs

Falling Slowly - Once

I’m Breaking Down - Falsettos

Letter from the Refugee - Newsies 

Stop and See Me - Weird Romance 

The Games I Play Falsettos

Unlikely Lovers - Falsettos 

Waving Through a Window - Dear Evan Hansen 

What More Can I Say - Falsettos

What Would I Do - Falsettos

When He Sees Me - Waitress

You Gotta Die Sometime - Falsettos