weird face expression

  • Beca: what are we doing here?!
  • Chloe: were bonding, you seem tense do you need a back rub?
  • Beca: several body parts are rubbing my back right now thank you.
  • Chloe: you know beca we are very close but I think this retreat is gonna let us discover everything about eachother.
  • Beca: is that right?
  • Chloe: *nods head*
  • Chloe: you know one of my biggest regrets is that I didn't do enough experimenting in college

I love love love this shot of my Hera taken at SWCO by @FuryZhil on twitter.

This was right as Celebration was shutting down on the last day and we were slowly inching our towards the exit

BTS reaction seeing mean looking girl but actually she’s friendly

anon: Could you do a long BTS reaction to them seeing a girl look mean and cold but when she starts talking with friends she looks nice and friendly? Hyung Line first than Maeknea(?) Line. Sorry, English isn’t my first language.

Hope that it’s long enough >    


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Jin walk through the park after practice. He saw attractive girl sitting on the bench. At first he thought that she’s waiting for someone to sock that person because she looked so offended and in nerves. He wanted to come and talk with her but fear that he felt was too hard. When he was thinking about this, still looking at the girl, she catch his sight. She came closer to him and with the most sweet voice which he hear in his life, she asked if she can help him. He didn’t know what to think. Her cold face dissapear and in place of it showed ball of cutness. He couldn’t take his sight away from her. Then she laught because of his weird face expression. Jin slowly backed to his mind. He laught too and realize that maybe it will be nice to start closer relation with her.

“I’m sorry, my name is Jin. Are you waiting for someone?”

Girl: Nah. I were just sitting when I saw you observe me. I’m Y/n

“Yeah sorry. I just thought for a little bit that you are in nerves and….”

Girl: you mean that I look cold,right? Everyone tells me that.

“No,no,no—– Okay. Yes. But now I see how kind you’re. Maybe you want go drink coffee with me?”


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Yoongi was working on new song in his favourite café . It was already 3rd hour and he stalled. His ideas ended and for the worse, group of girls comes. This few girls were making more noise than boys in the dorm. But one of them catch his eye. She came last and she stand alone behind her friends. She have cold looking face and her all black outfit didn’t help to not think that he can be kind of rude and presumptous. But Yoongi liked her style. He was looking at her for few seconds waiting when she’ll be alone to go and talk with her. He hope that maybe you won’t kill him when he would try to talk with you. For his surprise girls started to coming closer to him. They wanted to sit with him in the table becasue rest was occupied. When they started to talking he to liked her even more. She was cute, nice and the kindest girl that he met. When girls stand up and heading to doors, he quickly, softly took her arm and ask about phone number. When she gave Yoongi her charming smile and number, he felt like all his inspiration back.

“I know that you can think that I’m some kind of freak but how about exchanging our phone numbers? Btw- I’m Yoongi.”

Girl: “why not? My name is Y/n. Nice to meet you”


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Group of girls. No great shakes. But one girl captured his attention. She had style, moves like she is walking on catwalk, all proudly and beamed with  class. He couldn’t take away his eyes from her, amazed with everything what she had (lol, it sounds so badly). When Hoseok do steps to go and talk to her, she turned to him and looked deeply in his eyes. He frozee and turn on his heel like nothing happened and come back to his previous spot. He couldn’t believe what he did. He saw attractive girl but he couldn’t believe that her glare and rude expression made him leave. ‘Why the fuck I’m like this?’. When he scold himself in his mind, he hear cute and soft voice behind him. ‘Excuse me? I think that few seconds ago you wanted to come to us,sorry my friends are too shy to ask you’. Then he frozee again. Is this the same girl? He turn to see her and ….. yes, it was her. He didn’t know what to say. After awkard minutes staring at each other  he finally spoke

“Sorry, I just mistake you with somebody”

Girl: “owh. Sure.

“Okay. Tbh I wanted talk to you but I freak out. I’m sorry that I’m saying this”

Girl: no, no. It’s okay. A lot of people are telling me that I look rude but when you meet me closer I’m really nice girl

“Do you want let me meet you closer?”

Girl: that’s why I send my friends to home. I hope for it.

“So from now on I can be your hope.”


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One of the members which don’t care about look. So when he saw cold looking girl he wouldn’t mind it. If he will feel something to girl which make a first impression like- “don’t even come closer ‘cause I’ll kill you with my glare”- he wouldn’t mind it and come talk to her. This day he decided to spend some time alone in ice cream parlor because why not? Hhe catch his eye when she was walking in to place. Atmosphere of winter night which she emit just couldn’t be not noticed. She stand behind him, waiting for her turn to order ice creams. Namjoon was thinking how to speak to her. He was affraid that girl may take him for some kinf of the “player” and that he is always flirting with random girls . When he was deep in his minds he suddenly felt someone small hand on his shoulder. He turn back to see this girl with the most adorable smile that he saw. He forget about his first impression of her being ice hearted person. Monnie awkardly wave to her and saw his chance to ask you out or for phone number.

Girl: I’m sorry that I’m bothering you but I found this wallet on the floor and maybe it’s yours?

“Owh. No, it’s not“

Girl: Aish my bad. Sorry… *pause* Okay, tbh it’s mine wallet. I just wanted to talk with you.

“You too, huh? So maybe we’ll take a seat and meet eachother?”

Girl: Sounds like a nice plan. I’m Y/n.


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Standing in the shop looking for products that Jin wanted him to buy. Two girls stand next to him talking, laughing and making plans for something. One of them was enjoing this conversation the most. Mochi would find this girl pretty and attractive but her face and her eyes that were telling to everyone to better don’t come closer or she’ll bite, slightly deter him. He doesn’t want to eavesdrop on her and her friend but they were speaking really loud. Girls speak about voluntary organization and a charity fundraiser which this two’ll be organizing for kennels. Jimin felt intrested in this girl. Outside she looks cold, mean and pugnaciously but inside she comes across as  really nice person and worth get to know her. Chim eavesdrop when and where will be this fundraising. When this day come he took Tae with him-because this boy love dogs. While Tae was all fascinated with this event, Jimin was looking for girl from shop. He saw her standing alone, asking people for money to her charity box. Jimin go to her, giving money and shyly starting a conversation.

“So how long are you volunteer?”

Girl: It’ll be three years.

“Do you want me to help you?”

Girl: why not? More hands to help.

She go to bring Jimin charity box for him. He turned back and looked how alive angel steps on the ground. *gif*


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Fansign. One of the best way to meet your bias. Taehyung was enjoying fansign more way then ever. Among the crowd of his fans he saw girl with unusal beauty. She looked sad and deppresed for him. Sometimes her face made him felt shudder. Cold looking but attractive and mystery. Still he was intersted in her. Waiting till she will come to meet him and for autograph, he was making scenarios how to talk to her and make her laugh.  But when he was trying, girl just looked at him, slightly blush and go away. He couldn’t forget about her even after fansing. When no one were watching, he quietly slip out unobserved outside. He saw her with 2 others girls from fansign. Taehyung heared how girls were talking about their experience from fansign and reconstruct it over again. Girl, which catch his eye, showed her real nature. She was too shy to make any move when Tae show to her attention. Her cute side make his heart stopped. When she smiled, her dimples showed and she softly blush thinking about that situantion.
Tae without hesitation came to her and started to talk.

“Hii. I think that you’re soo cute. You look like ice queen but in real you’re the cutest angel ever. Let’s go for a walk.”

girl: oh. yeah. Thank you? I can go for a walk with you.


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Day like other ones. It can be like this but now he’s sitting in restaurant, surrounded by girls, all screaming and talking in the same time giving him headache. He wanted to be invisible this time. Telling them to shut up or to leave him alone but he didn’t want to  hurt them and in internet could show articles that fame make him self-important and cocky. When he sadly smile to one of his fans, one girl shouted “Ya all better go home and leave him. This boy can’t even breath”. All of girls looked at her. Her face looks killingly and intimidate. Fans bowed and go away before she’ll frezee them with her sight. Then her friends come to her and start to talkinf emotionally about what she did - “damn girl it was the best action ever! You can be a security guard. This is a positive thing in rude looking girl!” She smiled and started to laught. Kookie still being in shook just stared at her. When he manage to say something, he shyly said “thank you”. Girl smiled and with victory on her face, she go to the door. Jungkookie woke up from his shook and call out her.

“Heey. Wait. Maybe there is something that I can do for you as a thank-you for help?”

Girl: I would really loved to. How about dinner?

Finally!!! I actually had more drawings along with this one but I’m not done with them and eh, it’s been a while since u guys have seen Danny so here they is!!!😚💕💕💕

(Yes ik they look terrified… Or at least that’s what someone said… Idk yeah this is a weird face expression I guess, I really didn’t know what I was going for while I was drawings this so)

I’ve been thinking of changing their design but egh agh u tell me guys idk but eh ya know.

Alec Lightwood - A Weird Question

A/n: because of a tragic accident, a shadowhunter is placed to another Institute, where she meets Alec. He helps her to be happy again. The GIF is when the reader and Alec have a conversation about weapons. Also, he might be gay in the movie and serie, but here he is bi, and his weakness is you!

Warnings: Mentions of death, one of the readers parents died, so if you can’t handle that, please don’t read this!

Word count: 1210

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‘Okay, everybody, Jace, Izzy, if you please could stop talking? And where is Alec?’ A guy of the Institute stood for the little group of Shadowhunters next to you. A handsome, dark haired guy stepped into the room, making you smile a bit as your eyes met, but he just looked a bit grumpy at the ground. ‘Alec, finally. Okay, everyone, this is Y/N, your new bud. She comes from another Institute, but after an, um,’ the man looks at me for a moment, ‘after an accident with her family she had to come here because-’ ‘you can just say my father was brutally murdered and that my sister, my mom and me each were taken to another Institute to protect us. Please talk to them as an adult, because they are, and they will understand.’ I spoke to them, and looked at them, one for one. Suddenly, the whole Institute sounded more quiet.

'Okay, yeah. That was all I had to say. I’ll leave the rest to you.’ the man said and walked off. 'Sorry about that,’ you said quickly after he had left, 'I know it’s not the most fun way to introduce yourself, but-’ 'but we get a view of what’s going on in your life and that’s the point of an introduction. Don’t worry about it,’ the Jace guy said. You smiled slightly. 'Thanks,’ you exhaled, 'I was a bit worried about meeting you guys. My parents were also my best friends and now they’re gone and away, and just not here-’ you began to tear up, and you quickly turned away from them and started to unpack your things. 'It’s really tough, but sorry for bragging. I shouldn’t… Do you…’ You sighed, and wiped a way one tear. 'What is our mission?’

‘Hey!’ Jace said, and turned you back around, ‘you have every right to talk about it.’ He smiled, took a step back and you saw Alec giving him an irritated look. ‘Also, I find it very hard to believe that no one has offered you some coffee. Shall I get you some?’ You nodded. Yes. You needed coffee. The sweet taste of caffeine. You and your father used to- fuck, don’t think about it, you told yourself. ‘If it’s not too much effort, of course.’ you said hurriedly, don’t want to think about yourself just too much. ‘No problem, I’m Isabelle, but you can call me Izzy. That,’ She pointed at Jace, ‘is Jace, and this-’ she hit Alec on his shoulder, ‘is my big brother, Alec. Jace, shall we get the coffee?’ She winked at Jace behind Alec’s back. ‘Sure.’ The two went off, leaving you and Alec alone.

‘I’m sorry about what happened.’ He said, toneless, like he was obligated to say it. I smiled vaguely. ‘I’m sure you are. Everybody is. Can we just… Talk about something else?’ You took out your weapons. Alec sighed, trying to think of something. ‘Okay then, what’s your weapon of choice?’ ‘These,’ you said while you took your bow and arrows out of your bag. ‘Definitely.’ His eyes widen and he smiled. His smile was beautiful, it was like he was glowing. Too bad he didn’t smile that much, he was gorgeous. ‘Yes! I like you!’ In exitement he raised his hand for a high five. I slapped his hand as he looked at my bow. ‘What a beauty!’ I chuckled. That was something I hadn’t done in a long time. ‘Yeah, I know. They wouldn’t let me keep her, at first, but after I showed some tears, I could.’ He giggled slightly. ‘Maybe I would cry too if I couldn’t keep this one.’

Alec and you turned out to have a really nice conversation, you really felt relaxed around him, and it looked like he did, too. When Izzy and Jace came back, they gave some information about the next mission, but it was too late to do it and the mission could wait, so you all went to bed early. As you were looking for your room, you overheared a conversation between Izzy and Alec. ‘So admit it, you like her, don’t you?’ ‘What? No.’ ‘Oh, come on. I saw you laughing with her. Laughing. My grumpy big brother, who never laughs, or even smiles. Admit you think she’s pretty’ ‘Izzy, stop it.’ ‘Oh yes, you are so caught! That look in your eyes, I can see when you’re lying, big brother!’ Eventually, you had to walk past them to get to your room, so you decided now was your chance. You quickly walked past them, saying a shy ‘hi’ to both.

As you tried to get some sleep, memories kept haunting you. You wasn’t used to being alone, and you hated it, especially now. You found yourself crying in a matter of seconds. You tried to calm down, but after a couple of minutes you couldn’t help but get up already. You needed to see someone, it didn’t matter who.  You quickly walked up to the commonroom Izzy had showed you earlier that day, and you saw Alec sitting on the couch. ‘Hi,’ you said. Alec jumped up. ‘Hi, uhm, did you overhear my conversation with Izzy by any chance?’ I lied, and shook my head. ‘No, why?’ ‘Oh. Uhm, nevermind. Are you okay?’ He said, looking at my wet cheeks. ‘Well, actually, no. I have er, this weird question.’ Alec’s face expression said: “what?” ‘I can’t sleep and I really need someone with me right now, so, uhm, can you…’ You stared at the ground as a tear runned down your cheek, ‘can you please hold me?’ Alec nodded with a friendly smile. You took place on the couch and you felt his strong hands surround you, you could hear his heartbeat beat in rythem. You closed your eyes for a second, and almost immediately a flash of the past crossed your mind. You started to sob, but Alec whiped away the tears. ‘Sshh, it’s okay… I’m here. You’re safe.’  he spoke out the words so slow and carefully, so thoughtfull as his hands went trough your hair. ‘You’ll be fine, I promise.’ You nodded slowly. ‘Try to sleep, you’ll feel better.’ ‘But I’m so afraid that I’m going to have nightmares and if I wake up in the middle of the night I’ll be alone again.’ ‘You wont be alone, I promise. I’ll be there, if you want to.’ I nodded again, unable to say something because of the lack of sleep, you hadn’t slept in days.

Alec suddenly lifted you up like it was nothing, saying ‘it will look so weird if people walk tomorrow morning. It will be better to go to your room.’ He brought you to your room, lay you down and put you and him underneath the blankets. Then he put his arms around you. Your head rested on his chest and you felt so much better, like he had scared all the bad thoughts away. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here. And I’m going to be here for a long time, if you want.’ You nodded one last time before falling asleep. He kissed your forehead. ‘Okay. then I promise.’

You couldn’t say anything, couldn’t move, do not anything but laying there, being held by Alec untill your eyes closed.

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My first high-end/designer/french made/ expensive ass/lamb skin bag, bitch I’m crying!!



First off, BITCH HE’S DEFINITELY A FUCKING WHALE! $4,125 total for my lambskin CHANEL PURSE didn’t even flinch! Just pulled out his black card and paid for that bitch, the goddesses are being so good to me yo!

I want to get another thing out too.  I trust this man and we’re in an exclusive long term arrangement, he’s not one of my many SD’s, he’s my only one.  So I invest my time to just this man, trust that your girl is being very well taken care of.  I’m going to call him Genie because he always says he’ll make my wishes come true.

So I stayed with Genie for a night and the next morning while I was packing my bags and fixing the stuff in my purse I took advantage of the fact that the fucking strings on my purse are coming out.  

(This is happening on all the little straps.  Calvin Klein/Ross/$80 like that’s what I’m used to.  Took a pic just now at my workplace haha)

We were trying to figure out whether or not we’d hang out for the day.  So I was like, “Aww my purse is coming apart,”  he was doing work on his laptop and looked up and said, “Really? let’s go get you one.” Seriously, I was starry eyed at the possibilities of owning my first high end designer bag!  I got excited and I said “really?”  Then he was like, “I think there’s a Kate Spade store in San Francisco we could go check out, you could come with me so I can get my suit tailored too.” Kate Spade’s stuff is cute but not for me. In my mind I was just thinking I really hope there’s a Louis Vuitton or some shit because I’m not about to get Kate Spade.  If I have to I will.  Bitch I’ve never really explored San Francisco like that and I didn’t know what brands would be there.  We parked the car and he suggested we look for something in Bloomingdales.  As we walked there I saw Chanel, Louis Vuitton,  Hermes, like all of that right? So when I’d see the stores I was like “Chanel mmm, Louis mmmm, Hermes hhmmm.” He just laughed,  so we went into Bloomingdale’s and while he went to the restroom I explored and was looking at the Kate Spade stuff because I was like why not give it a shot.  I just didn’t like anything and nothing really suited me.  I looked at the other brands that were around Kate Spade and I didn’t like anything.  There was no LV anywhere so I asked an associate and she pointed me to the direction where the high end brands would be LV, Gucci, Moschino, Burberry, blah blah.  So I went to look and nothing caught my eye.  He came looking for me and asked if I had found anything and I said no.  I just really didn’t want to get a purse I didn’t like.  He asked me if I had anything in mind and I said Chanel.  He said okay and we went there and honestly I was never a fan of Chanel because I thought it was too girly.  This day Chanel was calling my name and when I walked in and the nice advisor asked me like two questions, BAM! she started pulling purses out and  she knew exactly what the fuck I was looking for.  I narrowed it down to two purses one that was casual and one that was more serious and businessy. ANYWAYS BITCH I GOT THE CASUAL ONE AND WHEN SHE RANG IT UP IT CAME OUT TO 4,125 AND BITCH I BEEN BROKE MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE I’M NOT GOING TO PAY 4K FOR A DAMN PURSE BUT HE DIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!! HE PULLED THAT FUCKING BLACK CARD OUT WITHOUT FLINCHING, WITHOUT ANY WEIRD FACE EXPRESSIONS, WAS LOOKING AT HIS DAMN PHONE WHILE HE HANDED THAT SHIT OVER LIKE GHAAAAADDDD I WAS SCREAMING INSIDE AND THINKING OF ALL MY SUGAR SISTERS AND THE VETERANS THE SPOILED GIRLFRIENDS ALL YOU HOES!!!

We sat where this picture of the bag was taken, it was a mini lobby.  I was on my phone and he was like, “Haha are you telling all your friends now?” and I was like “no” bitch I was taking this picture! haha and he was like “delete your tinder and all that other stuff ha” and I looked up at him and guys I’m his second arrangement and he didn’t do the stuff for her like he does for me and she did some gnarly shit to him.  So this purse was an investment in ME.  I know he got nervous but I reassured him I didn’t have SA anymore or Tinder.  I brought it up later at night and told him he could trust me and that I wasn’t seeing anyone and that I have a lot of respect for him and I would never do anything that would cause me to be untrustworthy.  He is sooooo into me girls and I’m so happy he is!  He’s married in some kind of agreement with her and I know we could never go past what we have now but if my first SD is going to be him, I DO NOT MIND hahaaa I genuinely care about him but I’m protecting myself from falling in love……. I think…………. anyways………..

The packaging and shopping bag for this thing is HUGE!  Going back home and having to carry that around my hood WAS NOT going to happen.  I had to park across the street from my apartments and thank god I had my son’s blanket in my car and I covered this baby up.  I screamed during my walk home.  I couldn’t believe I was carrying this gem and that it was mine!!!

I can’t even really express how I felt.  I value money and I am humbled and I just can’t believe I have a luxury.  It just pushed me to really take the time to think about my goals and I just want this forever.  Not to be a SB forever but to one day be like him.  I got a drive, I’m ambitious, and I fucking deserve it damn it!   I had a goal coming into this and best believe I’m going to achieve everything!  One step at a time though because we’ve been together since January.  This lifestyle has changed my fucking life.  I was able to pay my sons $2,500 dental procedure, I’m able to give my mom money, I’m able to peacefully pay bills without stressing that I can’t save because the system doesn’t allow me to.  Like life is soooo fucking good right now and I can’t wait to see where all this goes.  I’m so happy and proud of myself!  I’m taking this SB shit so seriously ain’t no one fucking around when it comes to serious money and serious goals.  Fuck you hoes that do this for fun, I’m hating. :p


We are gonna make it, the sound that only we can beat !