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We are gonna make it, the sound that only we can beat !


Kurapika smiling and laughing ヽ(≧ω≦)ノ


“They introduced him as Theodore Davenport,” Westley answers Maddie’s lingering question with a sleepy yawn. “Why? Do you know him?”

“No,” Madeleine shakes her head, but her eyes remain glued to the television screen. “I mean, I thought I did once, but I was wrong.”

West raises an eyebrow curiously. “Really? What happened there?”

“Nothing,” she shrugs and glances away, realizing that she’s already said too much. “Nothing at all.”


“Just drop it!” she snaps and pushes his hand away angrily. “Nothing happened, so just forget I ever mentioned it!”

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this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?


Hot Toys SDCC 2015 Booth: Quarter Scale Iron Man Mark XLIII with sculpted Tony Stark head based on Robert Downey Jr.’s likeness [x|x]

Reason why I preordered this–

They’ve finally gotten close in getting RDJ’s face correctly. It only took seven years, four Iron Man figures (with interchangable unmasked head sculpts), and five Tony Stark figures to get it right.

(PS– If you preorder now, it’s only $60/month until March 2016)