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You should make a sea angel mermaid! They're my favorite :)

Here ya go : D 

Can’t say I’m happy with this design but iwaoi lovechildren twins 

AAAAA I!Naturetale Ara boiii- to much detail oh my gosh what have I done

Naturetale @lavender-sans (no tag bc likeee, eeh)

I guess when he does this stuff, the wholeee new-au-new-look stuff, he gets some new abilities. Like heeeeere he can control vines and stuff


I kinda redesigned Ko (the kitty bby) and Uni (panda bbbYYyY)

Unko is rlly tall ok- He’s the oldest CLEARLY, Ko is youngest, and Uni is the middle chiLDDD


“I finally—for once in my lifeI could see something, something real

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