weird eaters

Third series running, Doctor Who’s done a lovely, odd, experimental episode right before the finale stuff begins.

I love them all. In the Forest of the Night and Sleep No More both really work for me, though I get why they don’t for the fandom at large. I’d suggest The Eaters of Light is probably stronger than both, and will probably be more well-regarded, but I really do love that Doctor Who keeps making a space for weird, off-kilter episodes like that. Space for that kind of storytelling is what Doctor Who is all about.


SOMA WEEK 2017 - DAY 3 : Clothes

They swapped clothes ! Maka looks cool in Soul’s coat but Soul looks kinda weird with Maka clothes… But he will never be “uncool” in the eyes of his Meister ♥

Day 2

i usually don’t draw au’s, so this is kinda out of the ordinary… 

but before i knew it, i was sketching this unlikely pair- Maka Albarn, who’s involved in (or president of) almost every extracurricular at school, and Soul Evans, slacker extraordinaire. blegh it’s so cliche, i love it. 

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> *comes closer*<p/><b>Me:</b> Who are you?!<p/><b>Person:</b> Your worst nightmare..<p/><b>Me:</b> *gasp* YOU ARE FROM THE FUTURE AND YOU WILL TELL ME THAT MY SHIP ISN'T CANON?!?<p/><b>Person:</b> what the- no! The hell is wrong with you?<p/></p>

but i’m pretty sure you already knew that.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please try to find positive things about my patronus? it's an aardvark. My friends got cool things like wolves, cats and dogs and birds. One of them got a Thestral! Then there's me, with my weird potato-looking ants eater.

  • let’s be real aardvarks are weird looking, they kind of look like a bunch of other animals matched together
  • might mean you’re versatile? I might be reading too much into this lol
  • sometimes called ant bears which sounds way more adorable 
  • eat 50,000 insects a night. living the dream
  • aardvark is the first word in the english dictionary
  • their claws are as strong as a pick axe??? and when they get attacked by lions and stuff they sometimes just flip onto their backs and lash out with all fours which is mildly hilarious
  • apparently the life span of aardvarks in the wild is unknown. it’s 2017 someone should really get on that
  • it’s tongue is 1.5 ft long imagine how hilarious that would be for a patronus
  • like the dementor is coming towards you and your aardvark just attacks the dementor with its tongue #iconic
  • without aardvarks there would be no arthur memes
  • aardvarks are the only species in their order. I don’t really know the science but apparently it means there are no other animals like it on earth. shows your originality (also aardvarks aren’t anteaters! apparently they’re different…I don’t know how just go with it!)
  • “aardvarks are not social” #relatable

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Do you do platonic hcs? If so can you do Sidon with an equally positive friend? :D

My asexual heart blesses you

Positive besties- Sidon

- Did you mean; his twin

- They spread positivity all across the expanse of Hyrule, and are two balls of sunshine that everyone loves

- They sometimes collaborate when they praise/compliment/encourage someone Mostly Link

- They tend to do it to each other too- Sidon has more than once seen his friend giving him two thumbs up or holding up a fun little sign with an “I believe in you!!” on it while doing princely duties

- They in return have Sidon being their cheerleader whenever he can relax, and they hear him from atop shouting encouragement at them

- The Domain has started tallying up how many times they hear praise being shouted back and forth and it’s some Zora’s favorite things to document in the day

- The soldiers also have high morale because of those two, and children are left happy and bright for the rest of the week should they play with them

- They’re there for each other during their lows, when Sidon deals with his sister’s passing, and his friend’s losses, they’re there for each other

- Should they ever fight they have the cheesiest reunion, like that weird scene in Soul Eater where Soul and Blackstar try to fight Death the Kid and end up failing look it up it’s so fucking hilarious

- Listen Muzu they’re never not gonna be friends

Sometimes I just think of little baby new Shibushen student Soul wandering around looking for his intro class and he sees arrows for Intro to EAT and he goes to check it out, and he gets there and he’s like “dang I thought maybe this was a gastronomy club” and he’s about to leave, but then little baby Maka comes up to him.

And she’s like “HEY oh wow are you a scythe? That’s awesome because I’m actually looking for a partner who I can help make into the most powerful Death Scythe in the world so that I can spite my stupid, horrible father. Does either spiting your parents or being super powerful interest you at all?”

And Soul’s just like