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I saw @otherwindow ´s gorgeous Incubus McCree, so I decided to draw him, but I got a bit carried away. 

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Dio scribbles asdfghjkljlf;sdj

Tony gets a scooter

@reioka ​ because I couldn’t let go of the scooter idea.

Tony riding the scooter how I used to ride the scooter. And also that vague squiggle is Iron Man. Tony has an Iron Man scooter. 

Tony goes to his best friend. 

Steve says “Tony, no.” Well nobody asked you, Steve.

Rhodes says “Tony, Yes.”

Kool Kids Ride Skooters. (The proportions are fucked up but I literally don’t give a shit right now)



They got caught by Pepper. Steve you snitch Totally by accident. 

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Basically, start with the main shapes and add extra strands and splits & gaps in the chunks of hair! If you plan ahead, hair works as a great mediator to control the rhythm of the picutre.

Going back to the anon’s comment about the way I draw hair being ‘free flowing yet cohesive’ (thank you btw!), the 'cohesive’ part probably comes from how I keep the sense of direction and overall shape in mind, and 'free flowing’ part from all the extra strands and empty spaces I add in.

Another thing I keep in mind is that hair follows the body’s movement with a delay because…gravity and physics…… I’m not sure how to explain this BUT ONE OF MY BOOKS SAYS SO AND IT’S TRUE OK

(If it’s hard to understand, grab a scarf and twirl it around to see for yourself!  The end of the scarf will twirl at a later timing than where you’re grabbing (the source of the motion).)

Of course, there’s a bunch of different ways to draw hair! This is just how I do it. I hope it helps!

(I’m somewhat shy to give any sort of tutorials…and honestly not sure if what I wrote makes sense at all AHAHA please go easy on me)

“How long were you in the dark?

For Episode Prompto, I just want the intro to be this scene. You know, as it actually happened. Up to the point where Prom falls off the train, fade to black. And then we can start on the train wreck of a ride that Square Enix has in store for us



some seamless tinyDragon patterns for your seamless tinyDragoon patterning needs 

please note that the dragons on the last one are transparent