weird dialog

I’m so excited for Hiveswap. I really feel like it’s a return to Homestuck’s roots. I feel like batshit hijinks and funny prose only subliminally laced with characters’ true emotions was lost in the back half of Act 6 to these large, jarring swathes of dialogless action and characters just standing around doing nothing but feeling Sad™. I’m so pumped for fresh faces, for fresh dialog, for weird sylladex bullshit, for crazy, quirky guardian shenanigans. I’m excited for lore, and plot, and this pitiful emotion called Friendship. I’m excited for the 90s setting. I’m excited for true sibling characters. I can’t wait to meet all of them. I can’t wait for Hiveswap.

Based on the tags @amgkatt​ put on this video XD(if they all lived together during like, their college/uni years i can imagine their house being vaguely chaotic lol)