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So this happened today!
Robin is such a sweetie pie!! Like. So sweet!

I mentioned I’m a Nygmobblepot shipper and how much I loved that 53 second staring scene in the last episode. He said I’d enjoy the rest of the season. And he said the next ep is his favorite in terms of Ed and Oswald interactions. Not exact words, because I was freaking out at the time and my memory sucks. But yes. Reeeeally looking forward to Monday’s ep!!!

Still can’t believe I actually met him…


Robert W. Chambers (May 26, 1865 – December 16, 1933) 

American artist and fiction writer, best known for his book of short stories entitled The King in Yellow, published in 1895. (Wikipedia)

From our stacks: Cover detail, frontispiece, spine detail, and excerpt from The King in Yellow By Robert W. Chambers. New York: F. Tennyson Neely, 1895.

x-i-l-verify  asked:

More of that fic idea where the Duke and Chuck both get captured and have to work together to escape, perhaps?

I was going to illustrate more of the actual happenings in the fic but it’s mostly Chuck and the Duke sitting in a cell tied up and sniping at each other SO

“Hwell fine.” The Duke rolls his eyes again and recites, almost sing-song, “—no parents, lived in a dump, ran drugs for a gang, stabbed a cop on my eighth birthday.  Are we good?”

“What happened to your parents?”

The Duke looks frankly taken aback, like the question that haunted most of Chuck’s early life never even occurred to him.  “Hell if I know,” he says, and then blinks and frowns.  “—and none of your business.”

“What kind of drugs?”

“Nothing you’ve heard of.”

“Which gang?”

“The Stars.”

Chuck has never heard of The Stars.  For a second he tries to reach out to the network and look them up, but the dampers are still in place and he can’t reach.  "And….?”

“Did whatever for whoever,” says the Duke, who has apparently decided the best way to get through the onerous process of actually genuinely talking about himself is to make every sentence as brief as possible. “Climbed the ladder until I was running errands for Germanotta, got her to make me second in command, got dirt on everybody, killed her and stepped in.”

He says it so matter-of-factly, it almost doesn’t register for a second.  Chuck stares at him, mouth hanging open, and then manages, “—wh—how?”

“Overdose.”  The Duke grins.  “Woulda gone that way anyway, eventually.  I just helped her along.”

“No, but—” Chuck is perfectly aware that people get murdered.  It’s not a hard concept, people die in Motorcity every day, but— “—how…old were you?”



Being cute and interacting with fans, Detroit, 8/29/15


Sometimes we come across some very bizarre things here at the library, and sometimes there are weird books too(!)  To commemorate a wacky day, we have decided to institute #wtf wednesday.

Our first installment begins innocently enough with a promise of ‘Funny Stories and Pictures for Very Little People’. “Oh, nice, let’s look inside…oh, oh, wait, wtf? I thought you said these were funny stories and pictures? And for Very Little People, no less! These aren’t funny, these are horrifying! The poor children that were sucked in and scarred for life by this book!”

Merry Pictures for Little People: A Treasury of Pictures and Stories, Comical and Instructive. From the German. With 115 Illustrations by the First Artists of Germany. Philadelphia: Willis P. Hazard, 1853.

BS 3.0 Part 3- Context

Starting from Liam’s birthday concert in Detroit, weird things started happening.  

  • A bit before, on Aug 25th in Milwaukee, Rainbow Bondage Bear had an upset red sticker.  Since Liam’s mic color is red, this is theorized to be referring to him or his narrative in some way.  Thanks to larry-s-smile for pointing out this should be added.
  • Liam got the 3rd in a series of very rapidly done tattoos on his arm, in a similar area to Zayn’s tattoos on the opposite arm.
  • Larry held hands and Harry started getting a rainbow flag up on stage at every concert.
  • Liam and Zayn tag teamed similarly posed black and white Instagram photos.  This marked Zayn’s return from inactivity.  Articles and pictures started appearing frequently.
  • There was a series of articles about fans being mad at Liam smoking. There was only a handful overall, they were mostly lower tier publications, and all were either UK publications or US publications known to carry 1DHQ’s narratives.
  • Liam had a bearding stroll in the mall with Sophia and later posted pictures of him braiding her hair.  However, he also wore a leather jacket similar to one we saw Zayn in recently and answered a tweeted question in a shady way.
  • Liam posted a picture with the caption “real eyes, realise, real lies” which has previously been associated with Harry and closeting.  Louis also responded to the quote when Liam tweeted the link.
  • Zayn followed 15 Instagram accounts, including Tupac (the author of Liam’s quote), then unfollowed all of them.
  • Articles about Briana needing to have a paternity test continued to trickle in through low tier publications.

Then, yesterday, the announcement of Liam having a cover for Attitude happened.  Several weird things happened around that.

  • The articles about the announcement were very blatant about linking Liam with being on a “gay cover” or “gay magazine”.  If someone read only the titles, those articles send an interesting message.
  • Some of the articles about the announcement claimed there are long standing rumors about Liam’s sexuality, which there aren’t really outside of the fandom. They also called Sophia a “rumored” girlfriend.
  • Dan Wootton and The Sun was the first to break the story despite how it doesn’t align at all with the types of narratives we’ve seen them run in the past.
  • Simon Jones was also very vocal about promoting the cover.
  • There was no official word on when the cover and interview would be out. At least not anything clear.  Some people were saying November, some were saying September 11th, some were saying September 16th.
  • There were burgeoning rumors of a possible surprise One Direction album drop very soon.
  • Despite being active through the day before, Zayn’s Instagram was completely quiet yesterday, just in time for when Liam’s cover was being promoted.

Then, within the course of 48 hours, a teaser video was released, the cover was released a day early, the issue was announced to be available on the 16th, and then the interview was suddenly circulating online.

There are several other things that happened today that should be noted.

  • An article with new pictures of Zayn came out claiming he was on a date with Rita Ora.  Zayn was also wearing one of his OTRA stage shirts in the picture.
  • Niall followed Zayn on Instagram as did Ben Winston.  This is the first time Niall has been involved in any significant action related to the stunt.
  • Attitude followed a Ziam Update account on social media.  Apparently it was the only or close to the only follow of a fan account.
  • Zayn started posting a series of selfies on Instagram late in the day, at least 8 or 9 hours after Liam’s interview came out.
  • Rumors of a One Direction EP or album drop became more prominent. There was a denial of an album drop anytime soon in Fuse.

I’m going to sort of make sense of these events and what they mean when put together below.

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