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This started as a future batfam headcanon with community college professor Jason. 

Not an AU – the joker, the red hood, etc, it all happened. He’s just…got an alias now who wears a lot of sweaters. The name’s fake, but the degree – and the job – are real. More on that later. 

But this public persona can actually interact with his siblings. He runs some community service research projects for his students (he teaches sociology), and they get funding from Wayne Enterprises. Once the CEO, Tim Drake, came to speak at the school. 

His colleagues wonder about that – did Jason really just write a great grant application or was there another connection? – and they especially wonder how Jason knows celebrity rich kid/heartwarming tragic story Dick Grayson. What came first? Wayne funding or Dick Grayson? 

In my head, Jason got pulled back into school because he had to stalk/play-bodyguard for another batkid (one who was actually enrolled). Actual-student!batkid would rather be crime-fighting, and Jason ends up doing all their fucking homework for them. They didn’t ask him too, but they were going to make Bruce pay $$$$$$ for this shit and be okay with a fucking C average, jesus christ. They don’t deserve their theater discounts and free bus rides and gym access.

(like, imagine if it’s Dick – he doesn’t have the attention span for this. there’s a reason he dropped out the first time, ok, he’s too proactive for lecture, just let him get back to doing something. Tim would be deeply interested in a lot of things, just none of them the topic of the class. Steph would be antsy for all the same reasons Dick is, but she actually wants the degree. She can’t just be an air headed billionaire’s heir as her day job.)

I love Jason working his way through academia because 1) he loved school more than any other robin, and 2) with his anger and frustration and the way he argues methods with Bruce, he’s the only batfam member I can imagine with a PhD, wanting to really know the why behind bad things. 3) It would mean he transitioned from using his methods to hurt Bruce to asking what works and looking for answers outside of Batman. He studies sociology, in particular how communities become safer or less safe, and he’s at a community college because he hates the isolated bubble of academia. (Also, let’s be real, he doesn’t have time to publish AND be a vigilante.)   

But I couldn’t figure out how to capture that in a picture, so here’s Dick and Jay in their daytime casual.  :D



Say what you want, but Jenissi is a remarkably kind person who has shown nothing but love and gratitude toward his fans. Yes, he made a mistake, but he owned up to it and apologized. 

Jenissi loves Toppklass just as much as we love him, and no amount of hate or misleading articles vilifying him and the rest of Topp Dogg is going to change that. Sorry about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯