weird car thing

Okay, I had a glitch in the matrix moment ...

So, I was dropping my husband off to work, and I was making a right hand turn onto a main street. I drive a silver Suzuki. I look to the left and see a darker grey car coming down the street towards me. It’s a fair distance away, so I decide to make the turn. Suddenly, I have a bizarre thought about being in the car with my two girls - one 8, and one 3 - and that car hitting me. I feel the car hit us, I hear them screaming in the back seat. I look at my shirt. It’s pink. 

Edit*** Ah! Tumblr cut off the rest of the story xD How confusing …

But I’m not wearing a pink shirt. My shirt is blue. The car didn’t hit me. My girls aren’t with me. I’m still making that right hand turn. Okay. Weird. I drive down the block, making up lists in my mind and doing my thing. I go through another intersection and BOOM! A silver Suzuki runs the light making a left hand turn and gets hit by a dark grey car. They both look okay, and I can’t really help either of them, so I go on my way. It’s a busy afternoon, and I hear sirens and emergency vehicles almost immediately behind me, so I figure they’re taken care of. I stop off at Kinko’s, I try to send a fax, but I discover that I can’t do it without my husband’s signature, which I don’t have. So, I have to pack it in and leave. I go to my car, go out into the intersection, where I have a view of the accident being cleaned up. I’m at the red light long enough to see emergency vehicles removing the occupants of the silver Suzuki - a Hispanic woman wearing a pink shirt, and two girls - one around 8, the other around 3.

And that was my matrix glitch moment. 

the day after anxiety attacks and urgent care

we decided to ADULT

we got the houseclean for the landlord to do a walkthru

(mostly the husband, while I was sleeping, he has evil insomnia, but now our house is so pretty?)

and then we got a realtor

and actually went and looked at a house

with a horror movie room, istg 

it made me think of that twitter spiel that’s been wandering around, with the lady who said she suddenly realized she was every dumb white lady in every horror movie ever and all because of some roses and a porcelain tub? I mean, we actively noticed the creepy, but still

for one thing the place didn’t smell right

the realtor was all, dogs maybe?

but I’ve been in scuzzy pet stores and shelters, I’ve known people who had sick pets or sick people and got behind with the pets

it was not dogs

(speaking of, they just had the dogs in the backyard, running around while no one was home, so not only is that not safe for the dogs, we the people viewing the house couldn’t actually look at the back of the house, or the foundation, or the yard, or the fence, because free-range unknown dogs jumping about.)

the smell also wasn’t, you know, oh we forgot to take the trash out and it sat for a week, or oops we should’ve shampooed the rugs this was

unpleasant and yet completely unidentifiable

(I mean, I don’t think it was a dead body smell, to judge from previous experience with roadkill and that one time we got squirrels in the walls when I was a kid? but it was not a good thing either)

and one of the bedrooms was locked

both doors 

including the one from the bathroom, like, have you ever seen a bedroom-to-bathroom door that is lockable from inside the bedroom rather than the bathroom?

and no one was home, but both doors were locked so like … how did the owner get in there?

why would you lock a door when you have an appointment for a realtor to show your house so people have to be able to walk through it?

what were they hiding?

so yeah, we’re definitely not getting that one

anonymous asked:

i know Roach did a Chuck/Dutch fusion but tbh i'm so thirsty and i want More? it's too late for more Art Science (lol at that tag) but if it's not too much to ask if you could try to do your version?

I WILL DO MY BEST.  It’s been a while since I saw Roach’s cutie last, so if I just try really hard not to think about her design, hopefully I can avoid ripping it off!  >:O  OKAY.

Dutch and Chuck are both kind of weird personalities because Dutch is The Quiet One until he’s pissed off and Chuck is The Anxious One until he has the means to fight??  So I could see those levelling each other out, OR he’s quiet and intellectual and anxious until he EXPLODES and then LASER-GUIDED RAGE.  >:I ????

Regardless!  Here’s a tall, smart, artsy sweetheart.  Builds cars with one pair of hands and then programs their software with the other.  I tried to figure out a compromise between my cyborg headcanons and Dutch’s art and got cyborg light-painty fingers!

  • He wanted four arms but only got two so he built himself another pair.
  • His fingers and palm are RGB additive, the better for light painting move over Thomas Kinkade, actual Painter Of Light coming through
  • The eye on his hat changes colors.  ((So do his actual eyes probably, not that you can ever see them!))

Also!  After I was done drawing these I went back to Roach’s Dutch+Chuck fusion to see what hers looked like again because he’s super cute, and then I Made An Attempt.

He Cute! >o<

After like 6 hours driving, the boy and I are safely in college town in our hotel room. Sleeping soon, and orientation tomorrow!


my dad tried to install an app on my phone and ended up deleting my home screen instead

tiny-booty  asked:

I can imagine steel maxie being a metal head with tounge, lip, and eyebrow piercings all around

Headcanon accepted, sorry I didn’t have the willpower to finish this, so have a wip! I could only think of this the entire time sketching this omg.

Weird Detroit thing for the day: The car in front of me on the freeway onramp used it to make a U-TURN.




Nobody likes I-94, but you can’t cop out if you’ve already made it to the end of the diving board!

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What would happen if Frisk called upon the power of their stand, Fallen Determinaton?

((Well I could have taken the easy route and just made their Stand power the reset and save abilities but that would have been too easy. Instead I ended up thinking way too much about it and uh, well, have this Jojo mess under the cut.))

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