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Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 12

Where the Signs should spend Christmas Eve                         (or: weird christmas traditions around the world)

Aries - Great Britain; stirring a christmas pudding

Taurus - Estonia; relaxing in the sauna

Gemini - Sweden; searching an almond in a rice pudding

Cancer - Canada; writing letters to Santa and getting a reply

Leo - Catalonia; feeding a decorated log

Virgo - Czech Republik; tossing shoes and getting hitched

Libra - Ukraine; decorating the christmas tree with spider webs

Scorpio - Iceland; receiving new cloths (otherwise a giant cat will eat you)

Sagittarius - Japan; eating KFC meals

Capricorn - Norway; hiding brooms

Aquarius - Venezuela; rollerskating to the church

Pisces - Slovakia; flinging pudding at the ceiling


they have the same hair color.

my favorite things about mon’ studio

so namjoon posted this photo on twitter. and im literally in love with him. a few of my favorite things about it.

his fancy ass neon lights. fits right in with the dark urban aesthetic,

he has little figurines of himself through the eras. if that aint the cutest thing. 

gotta keep the studio smelling fresh. this is a yankee candle in clean cotton. 

and of course, gotta have a spare. when that other one runs out.

a spoopy snoopy. who knows what’s in there

just this little label that just says RM. as if anyone’s gonna forget whose self this is.

this fancy weird ass calendar + a zippo lighter still in the box. guess the light fits the aesthetic? lmao

a glass skull bottle, just perched on that edge. an accident waiting to happen. i’d suggest moving it in more, nams.

an #Aesthetic basketball. 



boxes from watches, cause they Fit the aesthetic and maybe cause he’s like me. i just cant throw away pretty boxes.

this lego the dark knight batman set lmao. he’s literally such a nerd i cant handle this.

in summary: namjoon’s a nerd and i love him

So I may have an idea of why it said “Jennifer Calendar” on Jenny’s grave.

It wasn’t because someone screwed up, or no one bothered to look into Jenny’s real name. It was because Giles was probably in charge of things like a funeral after her death, and seeing the name of the first person he’d loved and lost carved into a tombstone would give her death a sense of finality that I don’t think he was in any way ready for, especially since it must have been a very quickly planned funeral. 

That would also explain the missing birthday/deathday thing; Giles didn’t want the grave to seem like Jenny’s grave, he wanted it to seem like Jennifer’s grave, because then at least a small part of him could pretend it was someone else’s. 

Also, names were kind of a very personal thing with them, if you’ll recall. You never hear anyone else call Ms. Calendar Jenny but Giles (just like you never hear Giles get called Rupert–affectionately at least–by anyone but Jenny). Jenny would be a name with a lot of meaning for Giles; he was given the privilege to use it, and he wouldn’t want it carved into a tombstone for the entire world to see. Their first-name basis with each other was reserved for each other alone.

So I’m being followed by a bunch of newb accounts so I’m assuming you’re baby lawblrs! Hi!

Because you all probably went to the tumblr tag for “law school” hoping to find some comfort, I’m here for you to give dubious advice and introduce you to the #lawblr crowd.

1.       Royalty

You’ll undoubtedly follow @12b6 and @lawschoolruinedme because at least 85% of lawblrs follow them and they are importante. Honestly why are you even on my blog go to them you’ll learn more there.

[I tried to find a cool royalty gif/pic but I failed sorry]

2.       The Tags

There are 2.5 communities you can hop into here: the #studyblr kids, the #reallawblr crew, and he halfhearted simple #lawblr.

Studyblr is all about multi colored pencils and weird printable calendars even though they all own $40 planners?

[This is literally the first thing that comes up if you google studyblr so OP if you’re out there I didn’t mean to offend you]

Studyblr is great if you want to feel motivated to write in your best penmanship and create mind maps, bullet journals, other nonsense. However, if you’re here as a law student you’re probs suffering and therefore need the #reallawblr tag

This is where you can suffer. Shout into the void. Discuss your alcoholism. See some excellent gif usage. But if you post pictures of your latte while you study at Starbucks, you will be mocked. Life is too short to clog up the real lawblr tag with the idea of happiness.

The aforementioned simple #lawblr tag is a limbo land. Post your accomplishments, post your sadness. Just know we’re all in this together

types of calendars the signs would have

aries: a meme calendar
taurus: an advent calendar
gemini: a personalized, doodled with hearts and stars and colorful circles on friend’s b-days.
cancer: a family calendar (with pics of family members in the month of their b-day, etc.)
leo: a calender with themed shoes every month
virgo: a motivational calendar
libra: a themed cupcake calendar 
scorpio: a sexy calendar with their fave celebrity/singer, etc.
sagittarius: a “travel” calendar with the best destinations of every time of year
capricorn: a calendar with every single holiday, national and international and famous birthdays
aquarius: a calendar with weird facts every month
pisces: a kitty calendar

Posting another Tatara calendar drawing because I’m just in a Tatara mood I guess. This time with neko ears. And Hakatori too! And I think those are the Bin Brothers in the back.

Speaking of Hakatori, I hear they get a sort of mini profile in the calender listing their height, real name, and a confirmation of their gender as female, but i cant confirm this


The Weirdness Of Our Calendar Explained In Rap Form

I had no idea that this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart about why February only has 28 days had already been explained in rap form! 

A commenter named delivrex turned me on to this track by K-RINO called “Surface Dwellers” that lyrically lays waste to the strangeness of the calendar, asking such things as why October is month #10 when its root means “eight”.

The whole song is an amazing look at the power of thinking for yourself and asking questions about exactly how things got the way they are today, but this second verse is what made me say wow:

Take months of the year - September is the 9th month but I’m driven
To inform you that the root word ‘Septo’ means seven
So how did it get to be number 9? Somehow it don’t equate
How can October be the 10th month when 'Octo’ means 8
Like an octopus or octogon - 8 legs and 8 sides
Artificial names invented through mythological lies
All named after so called pagan Gods in heaven
See 'Nova’ means 9 but November’s month number 11
To the unfathomable abyss of knowledge I delve
D-E-C 'Deca’ means 10 yet December’s month number 12
See before you try and test me I insist that you
Try to research and see that your calendars been misconstrued
See March was the 1st month, April used to be 2nd (listen)
May and June was 3 and 4 so now lets do some checking (listen)
See 2 months got removed - Quintilis and Sextilis
It’s time to get this knowledge now before the effects kill us
Quint meaning 5, Sex meaning 6 - it don’t stop either
They added July and August named after Julius and Augustus Caesar
That’s 5 and 6, September was 7, Octobers 8, November was 9 now you see, it’s all back in line
December’s 10, January’s 11th so go report this
February was the 12th and the last month plus the shortest