weird bookcase

phanfic: Secret Room

Dan and Phil have some fun in that secret room Phil found ;) 

“Dan look at the room I just found!” Phil’s smile made Dan’s heart flutter. He strutted forward, carefully holding the cookie he just bought. 

“How can you just find a room?” he teased, laughing and looking inside anyway, “aren’t they all just-" 

His thoughts were cut short when he saw the old red sofa and the tiny dressing room behind the wall.  

"See.” Phil said smugly, hanging on the weird door/bookcase. 

“Whatever.” Dan said, smirking at Phil and walking in, “do you think this is for VIPs or something?" 

"Probably, which doesn’t include us… Dan!” Phil laughed and pretended to be scandalized as Dan laid down on the sofa, stretching out like he owned the place. 

“What?” Dan looked up at Phil, his brown eyes warm while meeting Phil’s worried blue ones. “I’m just sitting down, you should too." 

Phil swallowed nervously, Dan had that naughty look in his eyes. He shuffled closer, his hands in his pockets. They were both in their suits, clean and pretty smart looking. They had been doing interviews all day.

"It looks kind of dirty Dan. You just got that suit, our producers will kill us if you get anything on it." 

"Anything?” Dan bit his bottom lip, giving Phil his idon’tgiveanyfucks look. He looked his boyfriend up and down, the silence turning into something else. 

“Daaannn.” Phil protested, but smirked anyway, moving closer. His stomach was clenching and he could feel himself getting excited. He could never resist Dan when he got this way. 

“Phil.” Dan answered calmly, sitting up but stretching his legs out in front of him. He was so tall that he looked adorable sitting on the small red sofa, his long legs and waist falling off it. 

“That looks like a compromising position.” Phil smirked, moving in between Dan’s feet gently. Dan’s eyes widened in surprise at Phil’s bluntness, his cheeks reddening a little. 

“Yeah well, my butt is just too fabulous for this sofa.” He thrust his hips upward playfully, his hands gripping the sofa cushions for stability. 

“oh god Dan, don’t do that.” Phil groaned, closing his eyes briefly to try and control his erratic heartbeat. How did Dan have this power over him? 

“Do what?” he grabbed Phil’s waist, pulling him closer, “this?” he whispered, moving his hips upward again slowly. He watched Phil’s face, wanting a reaction. 

“Jesus, yeah that.” Phil scowled, trying to pull away, “Dan we’re working.”

"It’s our lunch break.” saying that made Dan remember his cookie he’d been eating. He looked around and noticed he’d placed it on the wooden arm of the sofa. He picked it up and broke a piece off, “are you hungry Phil?”

Dan slowly bit off a piece, the white chocolate melting in his mouth. He licked off the chocolate left on his lips, never breaking eye contact.

Phil glared at him. He was towering over Dan, looking down at the teasing boy who was half on the sofa, half off. 

“I hate you.” Phil giggled, letting his naughty smile break his facade. He lunged forward, kissing Dan hard and tasting the cookie on his lips. 

“You’re such a tease. We’re working right now, I can’t believe you.” Phil whispered, kissing and biting Dan’s lips hungrily. 

“You’re the one who found the secret room.” Dan breathed, victory in his voice. He rested the cookie on his leg, kissing Phil back slowly. He loved it when he could convince Phil to touch him in public, even if it was only for a moment. 

“You’re gonna get cookie drizzle on your trousers.” Phil grinned, looking down at Dan’s crotch, breathing labored. 

“Oh fuck.” Dan grabbed the cookie, his heart doing a flip. There was definitely some white stuff smeared on his trousers from the white chocolate. 

“That just looks wrong.” Phil supplied, voicing exactly what Dan was thinking. 

They giggled, looking in each others eyes. Phil touched Dan’s cheek gently, tracing his fingers down his profile. There was small moment where Dan thought he was going to kiss him again, fuck work, but instead he softly, 

“We better get back." 

Dan smiled, agreeing with his mind, but not wanting to with every other part of him.