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Another set of outfits, this time featuring the Steampunk apparel. I’ve already uploaded the Silver one before (back when the Seraph apparel first released) but decided to include it since it meets the challenge perfectly.

Sci-fi Cowboy - Decorated Steampunk
Sci-fi Mage - Tattered - Rusted

More of my outfits can be found here! If you want to see anything specific, or want to know the pieces for these, send me an ask!

Marauders and Social Media


-instagram addict

-seriously, he takes pictures of everything

-(specifically Lily)

-constantly taking pictures of his friends

-in the most random of positions

-always has surprisingly good photos tho

-sirius once punches him in the face for taking a picture of him before he’s brushed his hair

-sirius is another star of his instagram since hes such a camera hog

-seriously, he has over a thousand pictures of hogwarts and his friends


-Runs a youtube channel

-and he loves it

-he posts whatever hes in the mood for

-but typically its makeup tutorials or prank videos

-once posted a prank he and james pulled on Mcgonagall

-they filled her office with soap

-she found them out and used the video for evidence

-to this day he brags that she follows his channel

-(Also, Remus makes a lot of appearances)



-just tumblr! remus

-occasionallywrites random I hate the moon posts

-but mostly its just the most random shit ever

-three a.m posts about bodies basically being meat bags

-he tags everything as a stupid shitpost, but he has over ten thousand followers

-cause damn….

-his posts are funny

-non of the marauders know about it, until sirius accidentally finds it in their sixth year

-he never tells, because Remus might stop and they make him laugh


-makes stupid twitter accounts

-seriously, he has multiple random ones

-has one devoted entirely to Ms. Norris

-its really weird, mostly blurry pictures of her

-and photoshopped pictures of Filch making out with her

-(pretty much everyone in Hogwarts follows that one)

-(Filch hates it)

-also has one devoted to Dumbledores beard

-and a muffin he found under james’s bed

-for some reason none of the marauders can figure out he gets his fair share of followers on every account, tho

Lily: (because yes shes a fucking marauder, thank you)

-snapchat goddess

-seriously, she has an amazing snapchat

-gorgeous pictures of nature

-incredibly aesthetically pleasing

-after she and james hook up, she makes a lot of stories about them

-also, she starts to use the doe ears filter a lot

-(wink, wink)

-posts a lot of selfies, and after she becomes friends with sirius make up tutorials

-seriously, they are the most amazing make up artists ever

Just, come on! I refuse to believe that in modern day aus, the marauders would ignore social media. They would rock it!

Being Donghyuk’s girlfriend means
  • hiding out from hanbin in a closet or the bathroom and getting caught because every time you guys look at each other you laugh
  • and donghyuk thinks your laugh is adorable so he just laughs harder and you two are basically a mess
  • and hanbin finds you and he’s like wtf
  • taking him home to meet your family and friends
  • and everyone loves him and thinks he’s the cutest thing and won’t shut up about him even weeks after they meet him
  • and you tell him about it and he gets all proud like he’s about to put it in his resume
  • “donghyuk can you get me a blanket?”
  • “sure baby”
  • *leaves the room*
  • *comes back with nothing in his hands and topples on you*
  • “i’m your blanket”
  • and you start laughing and try to push him off you and he just pulls himself around you tighter like “no no have to make sure you stay warm”
  • snapchats you first thing in the morning from his bed when he wakes up 
  • and you think it’s the sweetest thing so you send him cute snaps back
  • and you get like twenty snaps of bobby talking weird selcas and blurry pictures of donghyuk chasing after him
  • you guys talking about deep stuff and him taking you totally seriously and not once making you feel stupid even when you can’t figure out how to say what you want to say
  • and he toys with your hands while you’re talking
  • you looking at him like he poops rainbows which he may as well and him acting all confused like he can’t understand why you’re looking at him like that
  • but that’s how he looks at you