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A "Brief" Story about my time at Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour

To say that me and my family were excited would be an understatement. We were ecstatic. We live in Austin, Texas, and this morning we drove 4 hours, checked into a hotel and had VIP tickets.

My mom and I were a little nervous because my younger brother has trouble in crowded spaces and loud noises. He’s autistic.

All his life the only thing he’s really been passionate about is Video Games, or technology in general. He doesn’t talk to us much, or anyone really. In fact, he only really talks to me when it’s about Mark and youtube/games. But that changes tonight at your show.

I have never, EVER, seen my baby brother so happy. When we went to get our merch packs we freaked out over Kathryn and Amy being there. My brother, though high functioning on the spectrum, was being quite obvious that he was special needs. Which isn’t wrong at all, but can throw people off. And let me tel you a thing about Amy.

I didn’t think it was possible to love her more and then I saw how she was with my brother. Despite him acting what most would deem “weird” she didn’t even blink an eye, gave him a hug and took a picture. And that made his day.

And then this show. It was fantastic and energetic and so damn funny! I don’t wanna spoil anything about it for those who haven’t seen it.

But my brother. He screamed with the crowd, he talked proudly. He was enthusiastic and engaged and so passionate and happy. He was so happy. Though he didn’t get picked from the crowd, for once in his life, he was ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and talk. All because he was there with you guys.

I’ve always loved Mark, Bob, Wade, Tyler and Ethan. I always will. For my own personnel reasons. They inspired me to save myself in the darkest of times. They’ve made my life happier and better. But I didn’t realize it was possible
to love you more. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. For bringing such joy to all audiences.

You’re amazing. And we love you.

@markiplier @crankgameplays

you know whats bad? eye contact is bad. don’t fuckin look at me during a conversation, what the fuck is that all about even. top 3 things that make me feel super awkward. eye contact. 

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Could you rate exo on who would be the first-last to survive in a horror movie? Ot12 or ot9, whatever you prefer.

I’ll do ot9 because krislutao cover the entire chaotic alignment spectrum and that doesn’t fair well with horror movies. Anyway so the first to go is my favorite blockhead Yixing. At the first sign something is going wrong, he’d tell everyone that he’ll be the one to fight it and not to worry. And everyone is like “Yixing don’t” and he’s like “Yixing do” and he goes out to 1v1 a full-on demogorgon and it does not go well. Then next would be CBX just as a collective. Hear me out. Baekhyun is a lost cause in any kind of dangerous environment. He really is. His worst enemy would be the stairs before you even get into the haunted house. And because CBX would stick together, Jongdae really isn’t much better. Baekhyun would be hiding under the sink with the others and in his loud Baekhyun voice he’d be like “I hope the awful monster doesn’t find us, here, in our expert hiding location under the sink.” And Jongdae would be on his phone reading a wikiHow page (which he found pinned on pinterest) about how to perform an exorcism and he’s ready to give it a go with full sincerity. And like Min, he has everything he needs to survive. Smarts, stealth, and he can outrun a monster, but his big soft heart would keep him with Disaster Dude 1 & 2, and you can guess what happens to the whole lot of them. Chanyeol would survive a while until his big ole bear legs start a-stomping and the monster is like There He Is. Suho, he would do absolutely EVERYTHING right. When the house is clearly haunted, he’d get the hell out. When the weird doll starts blinking on its own, he’d get the hell out. Then he’d be the one who gets bodied out of nowhere by a clown to jumpscare the audience. Ksoo would make it. Like he just would. Everyone knows he would. Jongin would also make it just by being endearingly aloof at the right times. Like he would bend down to pet a dog at the exact moment the ghost tries to snatch him until all of his wacky shenanigans lead him to safety. Sehun has been safe the whole time. Vogue flew him out to fashion week the day HE brought the ouija board into the dorm to ask what hair color he should try next which started the horror in the first place.

Another WIP of the Modern Male Witch Kitchen! I’ve been working on it a lot lately.

I’d love to hear your opinions! 

The color scheme is brown/orange/green. The main lighting will come from the window. 

Animation ideas: orange slices turning, coffee dripping, cauldron fumes, pumpkin carvings glowing, smartphone blinking, weird red stuff in drawer flying around, basil plant floating, kitchenaid mixing.
Not sure if I’m gonna use all of those. Suggestions are welcome!

pillow talk, #3: lower standars

Being in a relationship it’s not only constant and good sex, it’s meaning in the sack and late night conversations of the weird kind. Hyde blinked a couple of times after realizing, with an arched eyebrow, this new level he had reached with his chick today.

“Wait, wait, wait… your feets are cold… Jackie!”

Her giggle filled the room, Hyde rolled his eyes and cuddle her to his chest as she moved her feet from between his legs. They were damn cold, alright.

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I remember seeing this post a while ago (before ch129 even came out) that speculated on what Our Ciel’s real name could be

Where the person suggested that he was named after Claudia Phantomhive, so that his name would be “the masculine form of Claudia.”

And it really shook me to the core because I was like….that’s Claude. You just suggested that Our Ciel’s real name is Claude.