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Marching band + Ravenclaw = ???

  • extremely good at the geminio spell despite warnings that ‘it’s illegal to copy this music’
  • you know ravenclaw would be full of people on ridiculous instruments
  • like there’s apparently nobody in the whole house who plays the trombone but it’s full of people playing bloody accordions, harps and bass flutes
  • insisting they get more exercise than the people on the quidditch team
  • place bets on how many times they’re going to be told ‘just one more time’
  • flitwick insists on joining in and he’s so small that they honestly can’t tell if he’s there or if the base drum is being held up by magic
  • hogwarts would have weird ass band uniforms
  • sneak out to practise in an empty classroom and yet can still be heard all around the school

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how do you not know ween their name was on every spongebob episode lol

sorry that i didn’t remember the name of some weird 90′s band that played songs on a show i watched when i was 7 years old! stop sending me asks about it :)


they’re at some emo band concert

inspired by @lanceytown‘s emo keith and belieber lance x