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Supergirl Characters as Goths

badass goth. lethal and smart. listens to bring me the horizon and slipknot. has that megan fox from jennifers body vibe. everyone wants to sleep with her

party goth. wild and smashes things. probably listens to MCR and the pretty reckless. will burn ur truck. also intense that even cops fall for her. rumour has it she made 8 girls cum at the same time with three knuckles alone

some kind of goth-hippie hybrid. head of the parents association of carter. daily snarks and roasts jessica who is a homophobe about her pies. sells weird and mystic antiques. has own book. gives huge donations to burning man. you will be enthralled by her wisdom.


image credits to twitter user supermelissa

This might not fit your site standards, as I bought it at a yard sale, not a thrift store. Here’s a short version of the story that goes with it. “ TheClone and I bought this at a yard sale (from someone who bought it at an auction for unpaid storage units). You can’t really tell in this picture, but it was a pretty old medical school item, with brass fixings holding all the bits together. I sold it on eBay and part of the deal was I would deliver it for basically the cost of gas (which one could afford back then). So my mom and I went on a road trip to Florida with Skully, here.

Luckily we had a swell time. Because about an hour after we dropped our pal off at her new home, the transmission blew out in Brownie the pickup. It cost almost exactly the same amount as I’d gotten on the deal.”

Now and then I toy with making business cards where I list myself as a dealer in human body parts. Skully here is NOT my only qualification!


@sixpenceee i don’t usually make posts but when I visited a local Antique Mall in Oviedo, Florida and saw these items throughout the store I instantly thought “that’s some sixpenceee shit.” In addition, the creepy teddy bear kind of gave me the most paranormal vibes. It was the only item i actually touched to get better lighting for the picture. I feel like it didn’t like being touched. Now that I just left the store, I should have bought it! Who knows what would have happened once I got home with it?