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to all my closeted bi peers:

hello, i love you, i support you, and i hope you are all having a lovely day. it is your choice to come out, and it’s okay if you never come out. it’s okay if it’s not safe for you to come out. it’s okay if you’re not ready to come out.

and i promise you– you are a welcome member of the lgbtqia+ community. you do not have to be out for your sexuality to be valid.

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]

I’m seeing a lot of young transgender or non-binary people out there freaking out or going completely silent and removing all their info from their bios in light of the recent news in America. And I get that, I really, truly do.

But I also want you guys to know that it’s safe to come talk to me if you’re feeling pressured or scared or angry or whatever you’re feeling. If you’re comfortable with talking to me, go for it. :)

Secondly, if you’ve spoken to me about your gender for whatever reason, and are feeling scared about someone else finding out or you being being outed for any reason, please know that I will never reveal anything we have spoken about, anything you have sent to me or asked me about (as an anon or not) to anyone. What we discuss is private, and unless you give me permission to respond publicly or speak about it to others, it will stay between us. Always.


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Source:  【OVER LORD】 人気投票まとめ by  惡道GAZARI
Full resolution:

Middle School Headcanons

-Alphas using way too much scent enhancing spray because they think they will be more appealing to Omegas but really it just makes the air around them kind of suffocating and people low-key avoid getting too close to them

-Some kids, mainly Omegas and Betas, try to conceal their dynamic because they are worried about being picked on or made to feel uncomfortable about it

-An Omega just starting to wear makeup and pleading until their Beta friend allows the Omega to practice on them…then freaking out because the thickly applied blue eyeshadow makes it look like they were beat up and it doesn’t completely wash off for a few days

-Rumors spreading about who has scented who when really nobody has scented anybody…intentionally

-Accidental scenting can happen though, because young Alphas, Omegas and even Betas aren’t used to being able to scent each other yet so they’ll go to hug a friend goodbye and accidentally press their neck just a little too close to the other person’s…and it’s super awkward every time it happens, especially if it happens to an Alpha/Omega pair because then everybody talks about whether or not it was actually accidental

-Female Omegas getting their male Omega friends to try wearing feminine clothes to school for the first time, it’s not an uncommon thing for male Omegas to dress that way but middle schoolers tend to make everything into a bigger deal than it is

-Bathroom gossip where an Omega lies about having had their first heat over the summer because they think their friends will think it’s cool that they were the first in the group to experience it

-Teachers having to make sure no Alphas sit beside each other in class because they are too disruptive when put too close together, most Alphas have to be seated with a Beta because they become to distracted when seated next to an Omega

-A group of friends trying to guess the dynamics of students they don’t know based on their appearance alone

-Alphas being overly obnoxious and loud because they want Omegas to pay attention to them but when the Omegas actually do acknowledge them the Alphas insult them because they don’t want the Omega to think they actually wanted their attention even though they did

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Hello! I'm a new army and was wondering what exactly a bts festa was/what they did last year for the festa?? (:

festa is like a countdown to bts’s debut anniversary on the 13th of june where they release content every day starting from the 1st of june in celebration. this was last year’s festa schedule: 

  • 06/01: i know by rapmon and jungkook 
  • 06/02: baepsae dance practice
  • 06/03: festa 2016 photos
  • 06/04: family photoshoot
  • 06/05: hobi’s dance practice
  • 06/07: series of throwback bangtan bombs 
  • 06/08: self-written profiles 
  • 06/09: profiles written by other members
  • 06/10: offical fanclub shooting vid
  • 06/11: eatjin episode
  • 06/12: kkul fm radio show
  • 06/13: livestream of 3rd anniversary party on vlive + young forever unplugged version

(i dont have a link for the 06/10 video bc it was uploaded on the fancafe or the 3rd anniversary party bc it was paid content but this is the highlight video)

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For the time travelers wife au was there a point where a young Jyn (before or shortly after she looses her parents) met an older (maybe 20 or older) Cassian?

(The AU in question: 1 | 2 )

When Jyn is eight her mother is dead and her father disappeared into the Imperial machine. Saw Gerrera finds her in the basalt cave with a fading lamp in her hands on Lah’mu and whisks her away to Onderon where he teaches her not only to survive but to bring vengeance. 

But before that, it’s Cassian who helps her to mourn. 

Jyn time jumps in the night when the rest of the Partisans are asleep or on patrol. No one knows that she’s missing. But even if they were looking, they wouldn’t have noticed. Who amongst them would have noticed then an orphan girl with big teeth and no skills yet for destruction? 

She appears before him on Jenoport, and he’s twenty-three, the oldest she’s ever seen him. But she knows his face anywhere and walks up to him, white flowers in her hand. His head is bowed and he is, for the time alone. 

“You’re crying,” she says, kneeling before him when he looks up, wonder in his face.

“Jyn!” he says, hastily wiping his face with the back of his hand. There’s a blaster in his hand. He puts it aside.

“I’m here.”

“You’re crying, too,” he says, answering her question and not.

“I am?” and she touches her face, feels the wet tracks of tears that have wandered across her skin. She had been too afraid to cry since Saw had found her, afraid to appear weak and expendable. Among his cadre of war-hardened soldiers, there was no room or patience for people who cried like children, even if they, like her, still were. And she wanted to make her place. She wanted to be welcome. She had wanted a home again.

“What’s wrong?” Cassian reaches out to her and pats her head, his fingers running down her left braid that’s been coming apart since her mother had last hummed a song while she had plaited it. And Jyn, who is only eight, breaks down in the circle of his arms and cries and tells him about her mother and her father. 

He exhales like he already knows. He just hadn’t known that this would be the time. “It’s okay to cry, Jyn,” he tells her, and she sobs until she stops.

“If he is still alive,” Cassian says when she is no longer shaking, “I will help you find your father.”

“You promise?” she says.

“I promise,” he replies.

“Why were you crying?” she asks him now, rubbing her face raw with her hands, exhaustion overtaking her little body.

He huffs a laugh and tucks in his chin. “For a moment I had forgotten why I was doing all of this,” he says, though Jyn won’t exactly understand what he means until later. “Why I fight.”

“Do you remember now?” she asks in the way of children, and Cassian nods, putting gentle hands on her cheeks and smiling at her.


“Good,” she says, yawning. “I’m so tired, Cassian.”

“Sleep a little then, I’ll keep you safe until you have to go again.”

“Do you promise?” she says.

“I do,” he replies. “I promise.”

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i hav a feeling that the het songs were put not coz they were personal to him but coz they hav really good beats n are catchy(according to what ppl r saying) n they rolled with the" harry wrote the songs honestly" angle coz it makes him look straight coz he n his partner r still in the closet

and i can’t wait to listen to them and jam!!!!!!!what i want to say is that i don’t care he signs about fucking groupies (which makes me lol but that’s it), harry is not straight,harry didn’t fuck groupies nor prostitutes harry is not “shading louis with starbucks references”, harry is in a committed relationship for 7 years now, he signs about his sweet creatures and how it was when they started to iron closet both of them and how bad they had it but how GREAT they are together and how much they love each other. He is also closeted, unfortunately, and he’s a singer who writes different things for different people, albums with a mix of everything, real, fake, persona, real Harry, etc. and sings songs for the audience. It’s not that hard. 

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there there, its okay buddy,,,, its all good 

b  r  e  A  T he,,, 

ha its nice to see how excited people are over the new trailer! 

about him being the galra in the weblum though i just?? dont know that i see it? like, their armor looks kinda similar in style and color, but its still different 

i do think the similar armor was on purpose though, and they probably know each other! we’ve also seen that lotor doesnt have claws like this guy. so, i don’t think lotor’s mr weblum. i do think maybe that could be one of soldiers or something though?? and hey, maybe now that he’s free–there’s a good chance that he could go back to lotor and tell him about their meeting with keith and hunk ya know? that could be neat

as for being altean, yes!! he certainly looks like it and i am sO HAPPY. and you know who else he looks like?

anyway im glad we’re getting back lotor and i really really hope that means ryou and romelle will be a thing too soon 

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what are the weirdest things that have happened to you here in tumblr dot hell

i have a fuckn list omg

  1. that one time some random anon went around telling my mutuals that i had died in a car accident and made a few of my friends cry, all while i was asleep
  2. that one time so many of you started submitting my name to akinator that i actually turned out as a result for a few weeks but i’m probably not there anymore 
  3. that one time someone made a literal hate blog for me, saying i was a bad influence bc i was promoting pedophilia bc i was 18yo dating a 26yo (i wasn’t)
  4. that one time someone made a callout post for me because i was appropriating mexican culture when i’m mexican
  5. that one time i got nominated for the prettiest on some fandom “awards” (never asked anyone to do it and never asked ppl to vote) and got so much hate for winning that i had to turn off anons for a month and still got hate afterwards
  6. that one time some anon claimed to be stalking me, saying they could see me through my windows and shit
  7. that one time some random anon started submitting my selfies to porn blogs lmaooooo
  8. that one time someone accused me of not being mexican and lying about it for attention and so many people believed them that i had to post a long ass snap story showing i live in monterrey, and still got hate for it
  9. that one time someone made a fake blog pretending to be me ??? they didn’t do anything “problematic” with the blog but it was still very very weird 
  10. that one time some anons kept messaging my irl friends asking for my nudes, private information, etc, and sent them hate when they refused lol


see the entire fanbase thinks of them as sex animals. Every single fan thinks like that. So who am I to go against that?

I do believe Yoh gets kinda derpy and maybe a tad careless of the strength he puts into things. Maybe Anna gets really horny but I see her more as a GIVER than a RECEIVER if you know what I mean.

Of course you know what I mean I’m talking to tumblr for god’s sake.



But Anna as a mindless vagina crazy for Yoh’s cock mmmmmm not at all. Sorry, fandom.

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The weird finger counting anon returns with yet another question. How much time hasn't passed since frisk first fell? They refused the pie, so is the poor bean hungry? I don't feel like they'll get much in the way of food in the coming pages.

Between Frisk falling and being imprisoned, it’s been just shy of 2 hours. Frisk should probably have something to eat, but it’s hard to work up an appetite when you are fighting for your life.

Hotties in haute couture ( preview :P )

Don’t mind the legs. I started making effort cuz Pepper’s in pants and I forgot Tony was in a dress, and like I need to draw more people in dresses. It hides so many sinssssss

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I was just thinking how harry and fionn remind me of harry and niall and i cant belive that people could ship them.but then i remembered that there are actually people who ship narry

Oh, anon, we’re one

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i love ur blog! i was wondering who ur faceclaims for next gen are? i can never decide on how i see them. thanks! XD

Thank you so much! :) 

So for Al, these are my two favorite pictures for him, but sadly, I don’t know the models’ names

That’s exactly how I see him- wild, curly hair, delicate features, long, thick lashes, lush lips, freckles, and radiating a soft sweetness that draws you in

I also really, really love Matthew Clavane for him!

Francisco Lachowski is a cutie too

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