weird angle i know


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

When you meet your fave and he is every bit as nice and adorable as you thought he would be and you’re both really un-photogenic (and sleepy)  at midnight but it’s okay because you had a nice talk and good things happened for you and everything is great and nothing else matters.

Kakyoin ranking


A cool and relatable teen. Can look a little weird sometimes with Araki’s inconsistent art style, but very expressive, and nice colors. I dig the pink hair. 4/5

Manga - Debut

No. 0/5


Too wrinkly. Does not look 17 at all. Also what the fuck is that haircut? Too much detail but not shaped right. Bad. Also not as expressive, but he is still a good boy. 2/5


Who is this man. This is not Kakyoin. Too big, and the black hair is not a good look for him. He’s nice, and certainly expressive, but I’m judging Kakyoins here and this guy is just… not Kak. Also his earrings scare me? 2/5

All Star Battle

Alright, I guess. Not bad, but not especially exciting either. Hair color is a little too dark. 3/5

Eyes of Heaven

Holy FUCK this man is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. No weird face lines, colors are nice and pleasing to look at, actually looks his age, generally looks like a goddamn fucking model. 5/5 he’s too beautiful for me

Diamond Records

A low-poly boy. Seems we’ve gone back to the obnoxious face lines, but at least they’re more subdued this time. Noodle could use more volume tho. 4/5

Heritage for the Future


Heritage for the Future - New Kakyoin

No. Scary. This is not my boy. Please bring back the real Kakyoin. I’m very afraid of New Kakyoin. Hierophant Green looks like he’s going to kill me. I Do Not Like New Kakyoin please put him back. 0/5

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure SNES RPG

Weird… just… Looks weird from every angle. I mean I know it’s SNES sprites, but seriously, it could have been better. I really don’t know what they were trying to do with the shading on his face. 1/5


Too bishie. When I said he needs to look more his age, this isn’t what I meant. His head is shaped like a fucking dorito. Still though, he looks nice, at least. 3/5

can’t keep her hands off


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.


As requested by isabelleofrps, here under the cut there are around 100 small/medium, HQ GIFs of Theo James appearing as though he was in a zombie-apocalypse-type-scenario. None of the following GIFs are mine. If you see yours & would like it taken down/to be credited, please message me !! Please like/reblog if you found this helpful.

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anonymous asked:

HEY i dont know if this is a weird question or something but.. since you are The makeup goddess™ i wanted to ask you.. how do you do your brows? i've always wanted to know how to do so since mine are kinda ugly as they are.. do you have any beginner tips?

Okay, so for the time being I’ve been using eyeshadow for my brows! I use the darkest shade of brown in the NYX Natural pallet! 
I brush my eye brows in the desired direction with a brow brush, and then wet an angled brush in some contact solution (weird, I know but it works!), and then start at the base of my brow and use one single movement to create the line on the bottom, following my natural shape. I do the same with the top section, but round the end a little higher than natural. After that, I use the angled brush vertically to create the illusion of straight hairs at the inner most part. 

If you can follow that, that’s basically how I do it! I can add a picture to this post that might help? Who knows? I could make a video sometime in the future as well and post it on IG. IF you don’t know my makeup Instagram account, it’s @peachyprincess_ ! 
Thanks for the ask! :)