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His eyes were narrowed in that way people do when they’re trying hard to appear casual, but it was obvious this story was anything but casual to him.
                                       They were just such small hurts, you know?

A small part of Gansey suspected what hearing his own name really meant. He knew it, probably, by the time his friends came to his car’s rescue an hour later. He knew it, probably, when the psychics at 300 Fox Way read a tarot card for him. He knew it, probably, when he retold the entire story to Roger Malory in person. 

look i’m just saying that pre series! pre niall’s death! gansey definitely had some kind of crush on every single member of the lynch family besides matthew (because he was like… a middle schooler or something) so hanging out with ronan at the barns as a 15/16 year old boy at the height of puberty was a special kind of bisexual purgatory 


get to know the members challenge: favourite characters → adam parrish -carly

❝back at the psychic’s house, adam woke up. according to maura, he swung his legs over the sofa, walked into the kitchen where he drank four glasses of pomegranate juice and three cups of one of the more noxious healing teas, thanked maura for the use of her couch, and then got into his tri-colored car and drove away, all in the space of ten minutes.❞

Here’s my piece for the The Raven Arcana a trc fanzine! I’m a bit late posting this but I’m so glad I got to participate in this project. My card was the chariot and although it may have been a bit of an obvious interpretation I really wanted to draw the pig, because to me it embodies that ageless feeling of endless summer days. You can check out most of the other artists pieces at @trcfanzine, thanks so much to all the other artists and the organizers for putting together something super cool <3

4x01 Recap - Echoes (The 100)

Alright folks, it’s time. My show has returned, and I am throwing myself back on this ride with wild abandon.

I’m adopting my Discussapalooza style from here on out. Which is to say that this recap is going to be very long. If there are any sections that you’d like me to pull out and post seperately, let me know. Otherwise, you have been warned - I like to go in depth.

We ready? LET’S GO.

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