When my heart was lost n I was trying to figure shit out 😹😩😹😩😹
I cut my hair
Lost 20lbs (stress n a broken heart😩🙌🏽)
You could see my bones Lmaooo look at my shoulders smh lmao
Crazy that this could happen frm just being emotionally hurt lol I loved to hard to young clearly lmao

So too all my young beautiful followers😘
Love yourself first‼️ lol Word
These times taught me that💋
I know better now tho 👸🏽
Just wanted to share so you could know better too 😘
Happy Throw back Thursday 💕 #istillwasaniceslimjohn 😌☝️
Thank you Derrick for reminding me how much I’ve grown 😘🙏 #Creditstoyou n #Weinthemix 💕 #Love

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