weinstein party

Career Moves

This week has presented a good opportunity for Sam and Cait to be seen and to network in LA. Cait has attended a pre-Oscar party and the Oscar Wilde Awards at which she was honored and Sam has attended the Piaget/Weinstein pre-Oscar party.  It is a smart career move for Sam and Cait to attend these events separately. They are working on furthering their careers as individual actors, not a package deal. They are wisely putting some distance between themselves and the Outlander roles for which they are best known. They are not widely known in the entertainment industry so it is not the time to be seen as “that rumored couple from that show set in Scotland”.  To be seen as a real life couple could work against them as some might think their acting prowess and chemistry is due to their personal involvement. What has transpired this week is about their careers, not their personal lives.

And, so, I continue to wait and watch and believe In Sam and Cait. ♥︎

anonymous asked:

She walked solo as well. The pictures are on Getty. Why not together?

They both walked solo. They attended solo as per the captions. And most likely arrived solo as well. There are many pics of Sam from the party that do not include her. It certainly seems that those two interior shots featuring her and him were done for a purpose and that is most likely to gain her some exposure since she did not interest the photographers as an individual (this was a very high powered party- Harvey Weinstein was in attendance as were no doubt many others worth meeting) The only interior shots of her were the ones taken with Sam. If he had not posed she would have nothing but the single red carpet shot. Not such a good look.