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This week has presented a good opportunity for Sam and Cait to be seen and to network in LA. Cait has attended a pre-Oscar party and the Oscar Wilde Awards at which she was honored and Sam has attended the Piaget/Weinstein pre-Oscar party.  It is a smart career move for Sam and Cait to attend these events separately. They are working on furthering their careers as individual actors, not a package deal. They are wisely putting some distance between themselves and the Outlander roles for which they are best known. They are not widely known in the entertainment industry so it is not the time to be seen as “that rumored couple from that show set in Scotland”.  To be seen as a real life couple could work against them as some might think their acting prowess and chemistry is due to their personal involvement. What has transpired this week is about their careers, not their personal lives.

And, so, I continue to wait and watch and believe In Sam and Cait. ♥︎

Here's a full list of Harvey Weinstein's accusers and their allegations
By Nardine Saad

Heather Graham

The “Boogie Nights” star’s alleged encounter took place in the early 2000s, when Weinstein summoned her to his office and said he wanted to put her in one of his films, she told Variety.

“Later in the conversation, he mentioned that he had an agreement with his wife. He could sleep with whomever he wanted when he was out of town. I walked out of the meeting feeling uneasy. There was no explicit mention that to star in one of those films I had to sleep with him, but the subtext was there,” she said.

Graham said she later declined a follow-up meeting at his hotel because she didn’t want to be alone in a hotel room with him.

Angelina Jolie

The Oscar winner said the producer made advances in a hotel room during the release of her film “Playing by Heart” in the ’90s.

“I had a bad experience with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and warn others when they did,” Jolie told the New York Times. “This behavior towards women in any field, any country is unacceptable.”

Rosanna Arquette

The “Pulp Fiction” actress told the New Yorker that she went to the Beverly Hills Hotel in the early 1990s to get a script from Weinstein. According to her, he showed up at the door in a bathrobe and asked for a massage, then placed her hand on his erect penis. She says her career suffered after she rejected him.

Ashley Judd

Judd, whose personal account was a key part of the New York Times investigation, told the newspaper that while she was working on the 1997 thriller “Kiss the Girls,” Weinstein invited her to the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for what she thought would be a breakfast meeting. 

Instead, he had her sent up to his room, where he appeared in a bathrobe and asked if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower, the newspaper said.

“I said no, a lot of ways, a lot of times, and he always came back at me with some new ask,” Judd said. “It was all this bargaining, this coercive bargaining.”

The outspoken actress was applauded by her colleagues for coming forward and also said that “women have been talking about Harvey amongst ourselves for a long time, and it’s simply beyond time to have the conversation publicly.”

Rose McGowan

The “Charmed” alum, who appeared in the Weinstein Co.’s “Scream” franchise, reportedly reached a six-figure settlement with the producer in 1997 for an alleged incident in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival.

The settlement, however, was “not to be construed as an admission” by Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to legal documents obtained by the New York Times.

McGowan has been a vocal on Twitter about Weinstein and has publicly condemned him, his brother and the Weinstein Co. board, along with actors such as Ben Affleck who claim they were unaware of Weinstein’s behavior.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Weinstein was credited with launching Paltrow’s career, aiding in her Oscar win for 1998’s “Shakespeare in Love” and turning her into the “first lady of Miramax.”

Before that, though, Paltrow claimed that the film producer assaulted her when she was 22 after he summoned her to his hotel suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills for a work meeting about 1996’s “Emma.” There, according to Paltrow, he placed his hands on her and suggested they go to the bedroom for massages.

“I was a kid. I was signed up; I was petrified,” she told the New York Times.

Paltrow said she confided in her boyfriend at the time, actor Brad Pitt, who later confronted the producer. But she said Weinstein threatened to fire her if she talked about it again. The two managed to carry on with a professional relationship.

Mira Sorvino

The actress told the New Yorker that Weinstein tried to give her a massage and “chas[ed] her around” a hotel room at the Toronto Film Festival in 1995, and later showed up at her New York apartment in the middle of the night. She believes her rebuff of his advances damaged her career.

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anonymous asked:

She walked solo as well. The pictures are on Getty. Why not together?

They both walked solo. They attended solo as per the captions. And most likely arrived solo as well. There are many pics of Sam from the party that do not include her. It certainly seems that those two interior shots featuring her and him were done for a purpose and that is most likely to gain her some exposure since she did not interest the photographers as an individual (this was a very high powered party- Harvey Weinstein was in attendance as were no doubt many others worth meeting) The only interior shots of her were the ones taken with Sam. If he had not posed she would have nothing but the single red carpet shot. Not such a good look.