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You claimed in that long diatribe against rose, mulderswaterbed etc., that Gillian and Peter didn't hold hands at the golden globes and that the hotel room they were photographed in was reserved for 'the crown' crew. firstly, they did hold hands as they left the Weinstein's after-party; in the video footage you can clearly see Peter hold his hand out ready for Gillian to take it as she walks towards him, which she does. Secondly, how would you even know who the hotel suite was reserved for?

PM grabbed for Gillian’s hand.  Her purse was in her hand and she switched it to her other hand to let him take hers.  We couldn’t see if they held hands because it wasn’t visible.  You can either choose to believe that they did, or that PM, who originally grabbed for her hand, was still holding on to either that or her wrist.  But it certainly didn’t seem like (to me) that they linked hands and walked to the car like that..  If anything, it looked like PM was holding Gillian as they went along and she was trying not to trip.

As for the hotel room, here’s what we know Gillian’s hotel room has looked like in the past:

That was her tweet from last January when she was preparing for the GG after-parties.  That’s a normal-sized hotel room.  Even the one she was in, in her colouring video while filming The Fall, was a normal-sized hotel room.

The one in the picture posted from the night of the GGs (with PM in the background) was a luxury hotel suite.  Every network and studio rents one for the night and that’s where their people are located. Their makeup artists, stylists, reps, and it’s also a check-in and pick-up point.  It’s where the actors get ready, have their final touch-ups and take any photos they need.  Every year, there are pictures taken in the same set of rooms by actors and stylists and agents, and that’s because usually, the suites in the hotel are reserved for the studios and networks to use.  They need that space to hold a lot of people. There would be little point in Gillian booking a grand suite for herself, and it definitely doesn’t seem to be her style, either.